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  • This is legendary

    Every so often there comes a show that changes everything. It becomes a huge hit and everyone talks about it, its stories are talked about by the fans talk about it and even take life lessons from it, it revolutionaries the we think about TV. I am proud to say that Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of these shows.

    I mean it this show was just unbelievably awesome in every way. The characters were very well written and developed, they went through changes as the show went and which is like real life. They had their good characteristics and their bad ones which made them more relatable. They gave Zuko, the main villain for the first seasons a very good backstory and a lot of honor which is rare in a villain for a kids show. All of the main and some of the side characters have awesome backstories, it showed how much the creators wanted to gives us something memorable and it worked.

    This show had humor, I mean really funny stuff, stuff that still makes me laugh and laugh hard to this day. It was humor that was generally well thought-out and matched the characters personality, they did not go for the low brow humor that I see all too often in shows now, the humor seemed genuine, it was not forced and was done to lighten the mood which is what humor is supposed to do.

    It had action, I mean like top notch action. I couldn't believe half the stuff they put in there. They went and meet with martial arts users and they used their moves in the show that shows that again shows that the creators put a lot of work and thought into this. This was pulse pounding stuff that made you go wow that was awesome and every character; both villain and hero had them. They even gave minor characters their moments of awesome

    It had a lot of heart too I mean some really sad and really inspiring stuff. In the sad stuff no one could blame you if your cried, that is how good and genuine it felt, in the inspiring stuff you could learn a lot, it gave you life lessons on never giving up, that you should not let your past actions control you, that you can forgive people for what they did. I mean is some powerful stuff. And all from a kids show! That is very impressive.

    Honestly I can think of very little wrong with this show, I meant there were some episodes I likes better than other but that it natural and I can't hold that against it. Most if not all of the characters were very likeable in their own way.

    I loved that show did not talk down to its audience, it did not treat them like they were idiots who couldn't handle life's problems. It portrayed life problems and made the characters go through them and something things did not turn out ok which is life. The good guys did not always succeed but they did ultimately win is a sign of a show that really gets what people want and can handle.

    This show is by far the greatest thing nick had done in a long time, maybe the best thing they have ever done. it is better than many of the show I watched and unlike other shows on nick it did not get worse over time, in fact it could be argued that it got better.

    The characters were awesome, the idea was awesome, The humor, action, drama and flow of the show were awesome. It was just a beautiful piece of work. Future writers and creators of cartoons should watch this and take notes. Nick thank you for giving use this amazing piece of work whoever or whomever created this show or worked on it should be very proud of it. it was just about perfect.

    I will remember this show forever and I think that it will go down as one of if not the greatest show that nick had ever shown as well as one of the greatest shows in TV history.

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