Avatar: The Last Airbender - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang
    Aang unleashes the full power of his long dormant Avatar State to fight back against Ozai, but can he end his reign of destruction without taking his life? Can Sokka, Toph, and Suki escape the fallen airships? Will Katara be able to defeat an unstable Azula in time to save Zuko's life? and will everyone be able to save the world and finally end the century long war?moreless
  • Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno
    The group splits up to face their ultimate challenges. Sozin's Comet finally arrives and the final battle of The War has started. Zuko and Katara head to the Fire Nation capital to stop Azula from becoming Fire Lord and the two siblings begin a comet enhanced Agni Kai. Sokka, Toph, and Suki try to stop Ozai's airships from burning the Earth Kingdom to the ground, the Order of the White Lotus battles the Fire Nation army in Ba Sing Se in order to liberate the city, and Aang finally confronts Ozai in the battle that will determine the fate of the world.moreless
  • Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters

    Zuko takes everyone to June the Bounty Hunter, hoping that she can find Aang. When her Shirshu, Nyla, can't find Aang, she reveals that he does not exist in their world anymore. They decide to find Iroh instead, and they wind up at Ba Sing Se. There they meet up with the Order of the White Lotus and Zuko finally reconciles with his uncle. They try to convince Iroh to face Ozai, but he says that only the Avatar can. Despite not knowing where Aang is, everyone leaves to go face their own respective battles. Meanwhile, Aang winds up on a moving island, where he consults the past Avatars about what he should do when he faces the Fire Lord.

  • 7/19/08
    Aang's Firebending training is coming along well, but he begins having second thoughts on what to do when he faces the Fire Lord. Zuko reveals Ozai's special plans for his victory over the Earth Kingdom. As the gang gets ready to leave to face their ultimate battles, Aang disappears. Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation Ozai and Azula prepare for the final battle and Ozai crowns himself as The Phoenix King, the ultimate ruler of the world.moreless
  • 7/18/08
    With only a few days until the arrive of Sozin's Comet, the gang decides to stay at Zuko's family's summer home on Ember Island. They find out that there is a play about them and all their past adventures, and decide to atttend. Meanwhile, Aang tells Katara how he feels about her, but the response is ambiguous.moreless
  • 7/17/08
    Azula attacks the Western Air Temple, forcing everyone to flee. At the next campground, Zuko asks Sokka about the day his and Katara's mom was killed. He reveals that he knows who killed their mother. He tells Katara, and the two set out to find him. But will Katara be able to keep her cool when she meets him or will she go too far?moreless
  • The Boiling Rock (2)
    Sokka has found his father, but with one escape plan failure, he doesn't know if there's another way off the island. Luckily, with his father, Suki, and Chit Sang at his side their new plan soon comes together, but will they be able to execute if before Azula arrives? Meanwhile, Mai arrives at the prison and confronts Zuko about what happened on the day of the invasion.moreless
  • 7/16/08
    Sokka is haunted by the decisions he made during the invasion plan, and feels the need to regain his honor. With the help of Zuko, Sokka travels to the highest security prison in the Fire Nation, The Boiling Rock. Disguised as guards, they search the prison, until one of them is revealed. With time running out, Sokka needs to decide if he should cut his losses and leave, or try to finish what he started.moreless
  • 7/15/08
    While teaching Aang Firebending, Zuko finds that he has lost all of his Firebending skills. Now, to regain his powers, Zuko and Aang must seek the original source of Firebending within the ruins of a lost civilization.
  • 7/14/08
    Aang and his group finally arrive at the Western Air Temple. There, they meet a repented Zuko, who offers to join their ranks. But acceptance of their former enemy's intention is not in their plans. Zuko has a hard time trying to earn everyone's trust, however, another unexpected encounter might change his chances.moreless
  • The Day of Black Sun (2): The Eclipse
    As the invasion force fights their way to the Fire Nation capital, the kids help Aang to find the Fire Lord in time for the eclipse, but there are a few surprises waiting ahead. Will Aang finally complete his mission or will he lose the battle against the forces of the Fire Nation?moreless
  • 11/30/07
    The day of the eclipse has arrived, and the invasion force gathers together to make last preparations. As the eclipse draws near, they launch their assault on the Fire Nation Capital and begin their long struggle with the Fire Nation Army. Will they be able to survive the battle with the Fire Nation? Meanwhile, Aang enters the Royal Palace and searches for Fire Lord Ozai.moreless
  • 11/16/07
    Four days prior the invasion, Aang becomes nervous over his soon-to-come confrontation with the Fire Lord. His anxiety gets the better of him as he begins to suffer from outrageous nightmares and hallucinations. Meanwhile, Zuko becomes upset to learn that he was not informed about a war meeting.
  • The Puppetmaster
    Episode 8
    The gang meet a waterbender who lives in the Fire Nation after being captured years ago. Katara becomes her pupil to further develop her waterbending, while Aang, Sokka, and Toph discover she might be connected to a bunch of disappearances. So can this mysterious waterbender be trusted?
  • The Runaway
    Episode 7
    When Katara expresses her disapproval to Toph's new way to make quick cash, the group finds her too motherly, and tension grows between Katara and Toph. When Katara finally decides to participate in this scam to disprove Toph's accusations, the gang is left vulnerable and are forced to face dire consequences.moreless
  • 10/26/07
    The tale of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin is revealed to Aang and Zuko by different sources. Both learn about themselves and are shown the origins of the war. But will Zuko and Aang learn anything from this?
  • The Beach
    Episode 5
    Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee take a vacation to Ember Island. In the process, they come to learn more about themselves and each other, as well as their desires for the future. Arguments rise and fall. Will the group learn to become friends and trust each other? Elsewhere, Aang and others face off against a new adversary. What will this lead to?moreless
  • Sokka's Master
    Episode 4
    Feeling as though he isn't contributing enough to the group, Sokka seeks out an elusive swords master from whom he can learn the ways of the blade. But, Sokka soon has doubts whether or not he is worthy. Can Sokka pull himself together or will the gang lose an important team member and friend?moreless
  • The Painted Lady
    Episode 3
    When the gang arrives at a suffering fishing village, a mysterious spirit appears to help the villagers. Aang decides to seek out the spirit for her help, but she may be more familiar then he thought. Can Aang solve the mystery of this cryptic spirit and help the town from the Fire Nation?moreless
  • The Headband
    Episode 2
    To better blend in as Fire Nation citizens, Aang enrolls in a Fire Nation school, giving himself an opportunity to learn more about the Nation while at the same enjoy life as a normal kid for the first time since he discovered he was the Avatar. Meanwhile Zuko, growing more and more paranoid about the Avatar's false demise, brings himself to confront his imprisoned uncle.
  • The Awakening
    Episode 1
    Aang awakens to find himself aboard a captured Fire Nation ship with a full head of hair and with serious injuries from the battle in Ba Sing Se. At his side are Toph, Katara, Sokka, and their father Hakoda who recount the events that led the four to the ship and together they contemplate their next move. Aang struggles with the fact that the world thinks he is dead and his own desire to face the Fire Lord before he is ready. Meanwhile, the once exiled Prince Zuko deals with his own issues as he makes his long-awaited journey back to the Fire Nation, and wonders what is now in store for him.moreless