Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 4

Sokka's Master

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Aang and the group are lying down watching a meteor shower. Everyone is impressed except Toph, who cannot see it. Suddenly, one of the meteorites shoots by closely toward a valley. Upon impact, it quakes the area from a few miles away.

They then investigate the meteoropic impact and fly there on Appa. They discover that the meteorite started a fire upon impact, surrounding the crater. Aang, Katara and Toph use their bending to extinguish the fire. Sokka wants to help but since he can't bend, Aang tells him to watch Momo. Katara rides Appa to a nearby river to collect some water to exterminate the fire. Toph and Aang use earth bending to stop the fire from spreading any further. A few sparks and flames land around Sokka and he frantically trie to extinguish them with his boomerang. Katara returns with the water and dampens the wildfire with a spray of fire. She then passes the rest of the water to Aang. Aang then creates a giant dome of water and snow and finishes the fire.

In the Fire Nation prison, the door to Iroh's prison is opened. The guard drops a bowl of food on the cell floor and Iroh scrambles forward to it and starts eating off the floor. The guard is disgusted and says Iroh has become a disgrace. As soon as the guard has left, Iroh sits back and eats properly.

In the town, Aang comments on how no one knows how close they came to being toasted last night by the fire. Toph wishes that they could be recognized as heroes. Sokka scoffs at Toph saying "Ooh, poor heroes." Katara asks what is wrong and Sokka admits that he feels like he is not able to do anything for the group because he is not a bender. The others try to cheer him up. Katara says they don't think of him as useless. Then, she gets an idea..."I know what will make you feel better."

"SHOPPING!!!" Sokka claps excitedly.
They go shopping and Sokka gets a smile. He ponders about 'reinvigorating' his battling Aang, meanwhile, surprises Katara when he appears before her in exubruent and stylish armor. Sokka experiments with all the weapons he could see, injuring himself occasionally. Finally, Sokka turns and notices a magnificent sword hanging on the wall. When he examines it, the shop owner takes notice, and informs them that it was made by Piando, the greatest sword master and sword maker in Fire Nation history. Then, the gang figures out what Sokka really needs-A master.

In the Fire Nation prison, a guard passes by. Once he is gone, Iroh opens his eyes and starts doing sit-ups.

Sokka walks up to the doors of the master and knocks. Impatient, he knocks wildly, which apparently brings the butler to the door. Sokka catches his breath and tells him he has come to train with the master. The butler cautions him that Piando turns almost everyone away. Sokka enters the castle estate with the man to see Piando, who was busy working with his brushes. Sokka introduces himself and asks to be trained. Piando asks him incinuating questions suggesting Sokka's arrogance. But Sokka understands, kneels, and says that he knows he has a lot to learn. The master contemplates, then walks up to Sokka. He agrees to train him.

On the first day of training, Piando talks about the sword and its endless possibilities. Meanwhile, Aang and the others are lying around bored. Without Sokka they don't know what to do.

In the Fire Nation prison, Iroh keeps training in secret.

Sokka is told by his master that he must practice arts to keep his mind sharp. He is told to write his name but he gets nervous and ends up painting his face. But then, he decides to sign the paper with his face. In a practice match later on, Sokka is quickly defeated by Pi En Dow's butler.

Next he is taken blindfolded to a grassy clearing that overlooks a beautiful waterfall. He is given a few seconds to look, then told to paint what he saw from memory. When he finishes, Sokka drew a simple landscape and added a rainbow. In his next practice battle, he does better but is still defeated.

In a rock garden, Piando tells Sokka that he needs to manipulate his surroundings to his own advantage. Sokka moves a rock and puts a blanket of grass on it. When the attendant sees him lying down he is shocked. Sokka asks for a drink and Piano requested one as well.

At the Fire Nation prison, Iroh continues to act like he has gone crazy to fool the gaurds. He does push up claps until he hears approaching footsteps. The guard looks on in on him and sees him with a vacant look clapping his hands. The guard mutters to himself and walks away.

Piano congratulates Sokka on his first day and tells him it is time for him to have his own sword that he must make himself. The next day, Sokka is given a choice of different materials and told to choose one for his sword. Sokka looks at them all, then asks to leave and get a special material for his sword.

After hearing familiar footsteps, Toph tells the group that Sokka is coming. He arrives and everyone gives him a hug. He tells them he needs their help to move the meteorite. They drag the large space rock to the door of the estate. After knocking, Piando answers the door and Sokka presents the rock. Piando says they will make a sword unlike any other.

Over the next while, with Piando's guidance, Sokka works on his sword. Piando watches Sokka's hard work, looking pleased. After hours of patience and hard labor, teh blade is finally finished. Piando congratulates Sokka on his hard work and says that he was not impressed by Sokka's skills, but his creativity and intelligence. That those are the traits that define a true master.

Feeling guilty for lying, Sokka apologizes and says that he is not worthy. He reveals that he is from the Southern Water Tribe. Piando says he is sorry too, then rapidly swings his sword at Sokka. Sokka avoids it and blocks with his own sword. Aang and the others prepare to fight, but Sokka tells them that it is his battle.

At the prison, the guard walks in and talks about Iroh's former glory, and how disgraceful he is now. Iroh grabs his food through the bars and watches the guard leave. He then takes off his robe and reveals his new fit body. He then exercises some more.

Sokka and Piando begin their battle while the others watch. Sokka is hard pressed to win, but he must avoid all stikes and lunges from Piando. As they fight, Piando compliments him on his agility and his use of the battlefield to his advantage. As the battle rages on, they go through a bamboo forest and Sokka tries to slow Piando down.

They exit the forest and Sokka narrowly avoids an attack. He then is able to disable Piando's eyesight by flicking dirt into his eyes. Sokka tries to sneak away but he steps on a twig. Piando was keen to his wherabouts and knocked Sokka to the ground.

Aang and the others rush forward. Before they can do anything however, Piando stops fighting and congratulates Sokka as he sheathed his sword. He then comments that he is probably too old to fight the Avatar. Aang wonders how he knew, but Piando says "I pick things up" (things referring to ideology and news). Piando says he knew all along that Sokka was Water Tribe.

When asked why he still agreed to train Sokka, Piando explains that learning the ways of the sword is not something belonging to any one nation. It is for everyone. Piando tells Sokka to keep training so that he may become an even greater sword master than he is. They bow and the gang leaves.

On their way out, the butler gives Sokka a small bag telling him that Piando wanted Sokka to have to remember him by. Sokka opens it and pulls out a White Lotus tile. He turns and sees the same emblem on the doors of the castle. Sokka remembers to give Toph a chunk of "space earth" from the meteorite. As they walk away, Katara and Sokka started arguing.