Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 4

Sokka's Master

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Finally! An episode about Sokka!

    If I have a chance, I would totally watch this episode! I really love it!

    Okay, So Sokka feels useless to the fact that he can't bend so they go to a shop and found out about a master "Piandao" so he goes to the master to be trained, It's really about time Sokka gets a master in The group. it was awesome and funny how he trained with Piandao. Along the way we see how important Sokka is in the group, he keeps the humor, knows how to read maps, and makes the gaang happy. We also see a very exciting battle of Pianda vs. Sokka fight. I love the backgrounds of this episode, it's beautiful! bryke really knows how to make it beautiful. Great episode
  • Just keeps getting worse

    When did Sokka ever doubt himself. He never showed hints of that in the previous seasons. Sokka, as everybody knows is the strategist, planner and inventor of the team. Even Aang, Katara and Toph have told him. Sokka's suddenly now feels worthless even though he helped stop the drill siege of Ba Sing Se. I also wanted to know when Sokka's sarcasm have led people to laugh. The Swordmaster was ridiculous character who spouted generic lines such as "This is going to be the best sword ever" and "You failed in a special way". The scenes that showed Aang and the gang trying to be sarcastic was pointless and it seemed they didn't know what sarcasm is.
  • Sokka's Master

    Sokka's Master was a perfect episode of Avatar The Last Airbender and had a lot of character development for Sokka. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a great story, was full of wisdom, and it really contributes to the season. This episode may have little to do with the over all story line, however it certainly delivers to true fans of this show. I think this was even a classic episode as Sokka is a main character and this episode focused on him. It was also interesting to see Iroh's secret transformation and I thought it very clever to play the crazy old man card!!!!!!!
  • Training episodes are always good.

    If there's one thing that will never get old, it is watching people train. One of the oldest cliches in shounen manga, there really isn't a way to measure how good training episodes are, because watching people train hard is always a reward no matter the variation. This episode did a great job of training Sokka--even if it is bs that he learned all of this in just a single day--and also showed how valuable he is to the team outside of battles with his snappy comebacks and witty remarks. Plus we were treated to an awesome fight between him and his master. In addition to that, although he said not a single word, it was also awesome seeing Iroh do training himself, and it was even more badass to see him take his shirt off all buffed up. Signs of things to come?
  • In this episode Sokka gets a decent weapon to fight with.

    This is a good episode that for once the benders don't do all the work. It has a more serious side of Sokka when he learns to use the sword. He feels that all the benders do all the work and he does nothing to help out. He sets off to a Fire Nation town and learns from a master how to use a sword. He gets his own sword which was made out meteorite. At the end there is a swordfight between Sokka and his master. I thought this episode was quite good because it had a great plot and showed a different side to Sokka.
  • an episode with swords awesome

    It all starts with Sokka feels that he is less maybe he sure learn how to waterbend because maybe he will make it more funnier man then Sokka finds a master to show him the ways of the sword. I love sword I got to own one but not fake ones it use to be legal not it is not dang Then Sokka makes a sword made out of a metor awesome and the Sokka's Master battles hima and Some how Master Piandao knew that aang is the Avatar and for some reason Master Piandao gaves Sokka a White Lotus Pai Sho tile that thing is been on the show too much whats up with that
  • sokka feels that he is pulling the group back so he finds himself a sword fighting master.

    this episode was one of the best episodes in season three, it focuses on sokka and how insecure he is about being a non-bender, it's a big change and shows that sokka too has matured throughout the series,he used to depend a lot on the others it's great to see him wanting to be someone they can depend on too,also it's demonstrated what a quick learner sokka is;he managed to learn all the basic forms of sword fighting in just one day.
    honestly there's nothing to dislike in this episode, true it's somewhat scary seeing uncle iroh buffed up and hulked out, but it just the writers way of saying:"iroh's back baby!"
    all in all 10 out of 10!
  • Sokka get;s another episode.

    Avatar the Last airbender,
    Sokka's Master,
    The episode starts off when a metoer. Touches down. Aang Katara and Toph. Stop the fire and destrutive power. Sokka feeling like he isnt doing much for the group. Decideds to go find a sword master and learn to become more useful in the group even though he isnt a bender. So he finds a master. And leanrs the way of sword. For three days he learns the way. After the few days. Sokka wants the metorie to turn in his sword. After telling he wasnt from the firenation. Sokka and his master have a deul. In the end it was just a final test. Overall this episode was ok. But it was great to progress sokka character that was the point.
  • sokkka learns sword skilss from a master,

    it was a special episode for sokka. he has his own master finally/
    toph had one (although he tried to capture her for money)
    Aang has katara, toph, and pakku
    Katara has pakku
    sokka kinda felt left out because of that.
    and he learns how the sword is really handled.
    from boomerang he turns in to a master space-sword.
    it was his creativity that earned him stripes.
    not his skills.
    even the master says! XD
    it was not your skills sokka, certainly not your skills"
    he really says that!
    and the gang misses sokka and cracks up lame jokes in place of him.
    all of their jokes are horrible, it explains how much sokka means to them
  • grate

    I gave this a 10. Book 3 of Avatar is continuing the awesome streak of awesome episodes with "Sokka's Master". To me though, I guess I was so excited about the episode that it seemed really short... it seemed less than 30 minutes long. But it was still very good. Sokka in the weapons shop was funny... he wasn't very good at any of weapons... but his training with the swordsmaster really helped, as you could tell at the end of the episode.

    Him using the meteorite to make a sword was cool... a black sword is very unique, but when he said that he wanted to use a special piece of metal I though he was going to use his boomerang... melting it down and using it in the sword.

    I liked the preview of "The Beach" too. There was plently of action as I could tell and whatever game they were playing on the beach looked interesting... I wonder what playing on the beach could do with... anything... like advancing the plot? Guess I'll have to wait and find out. Maybe Nick will leak the episode and I'll find out sooner than I should.

    Overall, very, very good.

    And I wonder what the lotus tile from Sokka's master could mean? Do you think it will connect the gaang to Uncle Iroh, eventually resulting in him training Aang? He does need to learn firebending soon, right?
  • sokka learns how to use a sword

    ah what to right , what to right , lets see i could write . the whole time but i like doing that when i got about 20 or less more words to do so im gonna wait till i reach 80 words then im gonna do . . 30 more words to go umm umm umm umm ugh ugh ugh uhh uhh uhh ehh ehh ehh ahh ahh ahh who who who. now all i got is seven words. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Very nice episode starring Sokka

    This is a great episode that for once the benders don't do all the work. It has a more serious side of Sokka when he learns to use the sword. He feels that all the benders do all the work and he does nothing to help out. He sets off to a Fire Nation town and learns from a master how to use a sword. He gets his own sword which was made out meteorite. At the end there is an epic swordfight between Sokka and his master. I thought this episode was quite good because it had a great plot and showed a different side to Sokka.
  • Finally Sokka gets some of the lime light!

    In the fourth episode of avatar the last airbender, Sokka is finding someone that can train him to be a master of the sword. toph, katara, and aang using there bending to fight all the time. sokka felt really left out, so he decided to go to one of the best swordsman out there.

    When he finally is allowed to learn from the master, he makes many, many mistakes. with the meteor rock they found before, sokka breaks it up and uses it to make a new sword for himself. then the master starts to attack him, in the end, sokka wins.

    The master is pleased with what he seen and knows that sokka as learned everything that is needed for the sword. from the start, he knew sokka was from the water tribe and that they were traveling with the avatar. Overall, this is a really good episode that gets more with sokka then the other characters.
  • Sokka is now training with the masters and is working on being a sowrdsmaster

    this was a fantastic episode to watch. it had character development, plot development, and more. Sokka thinks he isnt useful in the group anymore so he gets sad. the gaang takes him shopping so he could be happy again like he was before. he sees a sword and decides that he should go train with the master. there the master agrees to train him and they go through some tests that sokka usually messed up on. he had to do calligraphy, painting, and manipulate his surroundings. at the end, he becomes better at it and makes his own sword. however, soon sokka tells the master he is not firenation. what will happen now? btw this is a very bad review. the actual episode is much better than this
  • Sokka finally gets in the game!

    Feeling down about not being a bender. Sokka decides to ask the greatest swordsman in the world to train him. After telling him that he thinks he's not worthy the great master decides to train Sokka. After extensive training Sokka finally gets a new sword but denies it and tells his master about his true identity and where he's really from. The master decides to fight Sokka but at the end of the fight declares that the way of the sword belongs to all nations and if Sokka stays on his path he will become a greater master then him. When the gang leaves the Master gives them a white lotus peice which may later be very useful. Meanwhile Iroh is gearing up for an escape.
  • Sokka's master

    in this episode Sokka thinks that he doesn't contribute anything to the group so when Sokka hears about a sword master who only teaches a select few Sokka goes to the sword master to prove to his self that he worth something in the group. When he first arrives the sword master agrees to teach him because he doesn't think he is the best. After training Sokka gets to make his own sword and he chooses to create it from a meteorite that had landed the previous day. Finally now Sokka can wield his own sword but Sokka tells the truth about his true identity and the sword master challenges him to a duel. But can Sokka take on a master of swordmanship.
  • sokka can fight now!!

    wow, best one so far this season. check out iroh man he is buff! huge, thats just, wow. cant wait for kick a** iroh to bust out! this is the first episode where i thought kataang was cute, you know when aang was like "look at Katara's hair, What's up with that?" and kataras all like "What� What's wrong with my hair?". so funny and that is the first time i thought hey they might be good together. which that kinda sucks for me cuz now i see old episodes and things that i thought werent kataang i can watch now and see kataang, but that is ok i still like zutara more and now i think i know why, before it was just cuz i like the whole oppisites attract thing but now i also like it cuz i think to fall in love you need a little conflict, kataang is to simple too easy, its like the creaters are just going the easy way out, but that is ok im not totally against kataang i just like zutara better. OK enouph with my rant about kataang/zutara. so poor sokka i felt really bad for him but man he is a really good now, his fight with his master was awsome! i only had one problem with this episode, when sokka painted his face, i think he could have written but whatever. oh and the hint at tokka annoyed me i am not a tokka fan, and fyi i dont like taang either i think i might have said i did when toph first joined but i dont anymore. ok but yea i cant wait to see sokka fight someone now!
  • Sokka was pretty sad and full of disappoitment when he felt he couldn't bend, how ever, is it always to be like that: Non-benders are useless in a world full of powerful benders?

    In this episode, Sokka finally got a chance to enhence his fighting skills with a swords master. He finally frove to everyone that he is worth and is a powerful fighter just like other. Though Sokka didn't have the born gift of bending like Toph or Katara, but just like the swords master Piandao said, Sokka has something other don't, and they never have: Creativity, versatility and intelligence. Though Sokka didn't know how to bend, his wisdom will help him greatly in the battle field just as other have their bending. "God is always fair, when one door is closed, another door is deemed to be opened."
  • Finally an episode about Sokka.

    This is a very special episode to me. This is the first episode that is based on Sokka. It wasn't perfect, but I liked the plot. Was this a filler episode? I think it was. Well, it was a good filler if it was one. Great episode. However, Iroh is still in prison and is working out! He is now stronger than he has ever been before. I wish he could've gotten out of prison quicker. The thing is that this didn't have that much action. It was still magnificent. Overall, this was a very special episode because it was based on Sokka, I give it a 9.5.
  • Nice one. I'm with you Sokka.

    In this episode, we finally know that Sokka is not just an addition in the group. Even Sokka could prove himself as a good warrior. And the best thing is Sokka got a new sword. Unfortunately, we don't know the detail of Sokka's learning progress. example, we don't know how many days Sokka has been trained in Piandao. I think Piandao gave one lesson and one test for one day. So, Sokka has finished it in a few days.

    The best part is the fighting between Sokka and Pi Yan Dao. As we could see, Piandao was motivating Sokka while he was fighting him. A strange method. However, this is the best non-bending fight in the Avatar TLA show. And actually, Sokka's friends need him very much. They are nothing without Sokka.
  • Sokka's master.

    Loved this episode! Loved it, loved it, loved it! We finally got to see Sokka improving in his fighting, making him even more valuable to the group, and we got to see him get a new sword as well. This episode brought out Sokka's character more and made me love him about ten times more then I already do. I was surprised at how well Sokka could fight at the end, I was seriously impressed. One thing that irked me in the episode was the fact that Toph blushed after saying she didn't miss him. I'm a really big fan of Sokka + Suki so Toph blushing was not really a thrill for me. Although I wouldn't mind it if they got together. I guess. I still loved this episode.
  • My sixth favorite Chapter of the series.

    Not only for the amazing amount of Tokka-ness in this Chapter, but also for Sokka finally becoming a master at something other than his boomerang. While it was hilarious to the point where I once could not breathe for thirty seconds straight, it was also mature and a great episode. I may or may not be biased by the amount of Tokka in this episode, being a huge Tokka shipper myself, but it was still great. Iroh's "transformation" (though the change was so vast that it could be referred to as a mutation) was, in two words, extremely surprising. I could never have guessed Iroh was capable of getting as many fangirls as he now has. (Insert amazing concluding sentence here, 'cuz I can't think of one.)
  • A great, but slightly flawed, episode.

    I enjoyed most of this episode. I really did. The opening was cute and set up the scenario well. Sokka wanting a master is a great idea, and I'm glad he got an episode to himself for a change.

    Still, there are so many strange and unbelievable things that happen in this episode. Sokka being accepted by the master in the first place wasn't all that convincing...I mean it was good and all but I didn't really buy it if that makes any sense. Sokka doesn't even fight with a sword, for one. He's also never forged one before, so I find it hard to believe that on his first try ever he managed to craft such a fine weapon (even with the master's help).

    Taking a break from Sokka and heading to the others - I loved how Katara tried to fill in for Sokka as funny-line-guy for the group. It was very entertaining. Most of these little scenes were entertaining and took away some of the annoyance I was feeling at the episode for not being very convincing.

    Here's something interesting: Sokka was furious when Katara wanted to stick around and help that village, yet he had no problem taking a few days out of the schedule to train while the others did nothing. Hypocritical? Yup. Does anybody care other than me? Spose not.

    …I told myself I wasn't going to do this, but I have to point out the oh-so-rare-and-special Tokka moment (even if it is kinda one-sided). It deserves an "awwww".

    Did anybody else think that it was weird that Sokka – Mr I-don't-trust-anybody-from-the-fire-nation – decided it would be a good idea to tell his master who they were? I mean honestly…whaaaaat? I'm really glad that it worked out that he did, but still…let's be realistic here…he could've ruined everything.

    I will give major bonus points to the mad sword skills in this episode, because man…it was just great.

    …And as a final piece I just have to say that, because I really am a huge Toph fan, the badgermole comment was just bizarre. I have no idea how you can explain a master earthbender learning from animals. Seriously. If it's all about stance, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that she could have picked everything up from watching them. Sigh. I guess I just have to let it go.

    So it wasn't a bad episode at all, though it was hardly perfect.
  • Sokka looks for a master to help him prepare for the invasion.

    A good episode of season 3. Sokka feels saddened that his friends are benders, but not him. So he looks for a master to help him prepare for the invasion. He finally meets a master who is willing to train him. There he teaches Sokka the art of sword fighting. After many tests, Sokka is now able to create his own sword, made out of a meteor. But then, Sokka tells his master that he is not from the fire nation, but from the southern water tribe. Sokka then does battle with his master. Suddenly, after the fight, his master reveals that he knew Sokka was from the water tribe, and gives him a pai sho token.
  • This is a very important episode.Sokka actually has a master!!!!!!!His master is the best swordsmen in fire history.Anyway its really exciting as well.Lots of funny stuff also goes on.Really funny.Trust me!and surprising a little.

    It really is.SOKKA almost dies from his master because he reaveled his secret that he is from the southern water tribe.He also finds a metiorite which he uses to make a sword.As the master said"This will be the greatest sword in the world".{THIS happens before fighting his master}.Later on after he fights his master he finds out a secret about his master.That secret I shall not tell you only because I want you to see this episode and I dont want to ruin it for all that are reading this.I love avatar and I hope you do too.So watch this episode and see what Im talking about. p.s.you will be as suprised as I was if you really like this show.
  • Sokka feels inadequate compared to the other three as they are all benders and he is not. He decides to train with a master as a swordsman and learns alot about himself in the process.

    This is a fantastic episode. It allows all Avatar fans a much deeper insight into the sarcastic and witty character that is Sokka. An episode devoted to Sokka is a fantastic idea as he is central to the Gaang as both a swordsman and the brains of most of their plans. The Master that Sokka trains under is the perfect match for him as he is able to understand the complicated mind that is Sokka and because of this he understands just how Sokka fights and how to train him. This episode is is a fantastic episode that enables character development of Soka in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Was this a filler?

    Sokka's master was a the best episode of the season before "The Avatar and the Firelord" came out. It had the perfect combination of funniness, action, and shock. I was stunned when Sokka told Piandao that he wasn't from the Fire Nation. I choked on the chicken tender I was eating and my jaw dropped. The funniest part of this episode was when Aang had all of that armor on. The glare that came off of his helmet was so bright that I couldn't really see his whole outfit. As many have said before on the boards, I think that that was the best non-bending battle yet. I really hope that he gets some more time in the spotlight with that sword, maybe he'll get to stab people during the invasion! Something else that has also been mentioned on the boards before is if Toph can bend the space rock, which is a meteorite, then why can't she bend Sozin's comet. Aang could get her close to it and then POOF the comet is gone. I think that Iroh's buffness and Sokka's newly acquired white lotus pai-sho tile have something in common. Maybe once Iroh breaks out of prison, he will take the gang to a secret headquarters of the little White Lotus Association and they could get on the inside of the Fire Lord's Palace and attack when no one is looking.
  • Among episodes detailing Sokka's character, this episode really shines in its depiction and character development of Sokka.

    Throughout the series, we know Sokka as a comedy relief, intelligent guy, getting girls to fall in love with him and a experience boomerang user. When a meteor somehow hits earth, the gang succeeded in putting the fire out with their bending. Unfortunely, Sokka hits a depress state in not helping since he is a non-bender. The next day, Aang told Sokka he should seek a master in order to teach him to become a better warrior. Liking the idea, Sokka and the gang head for a weapons shop to get Sokka a new weapon. Taking interest in a sword, Sokka heard that it belongs to a swordmaster named Piandao, who was heard to be among the best in fighting with swords. Deciding to go seek training alone, Sokka and the gang separate for now.

    After meeting Piandao, he agrees in taking Sokka as his student after Sokka's reassurance that he isn't really sure if he deserves this training. As expected for pupils starting, things don't get off to the best of starts with Sokka. Tests would include Sokka sword dueling with his servant Fat, painting that tests visualization, and survival. Sokka grows better in due time with a little humor related to the training.

    After the training exercises, Piandao feels Sokka is ready to use a real sword but his next test is to make his own. After looking up the materials, Sokka thought about bringing the meteor in order to make his sword. With Piandao's agreement, Sokka returns to the campsite. During the times Sokka was gone, the mood wasn't exactly enlightening and Katara telling corny jokes didn't do much neither. Sokka returning to the campsite turned out to be a great scene in this episode, because we realize how much the gang misses Sokka along with his humor of saying something funny. Good example of detailing friendship in the episode.

    With the gang retrieving the meteor, they return to Piandao's home. Sokka then gets to work in making the meteor and it eventually becomes a finely crafted black sword. With his sword done, Piandao detailed to Sokka that he may not be the most fearsome warrior he seen but his balance of intelligence and skill helps him make a great and honest warrior. However, Sokka downplay that he was honest because he lied to Piandao in where he came from. Realize being lied to, Piandao decides to fight against Sokka. The gang wanted to help, but Sokka told them that this was his fight. During the fight, Sokka try using advantages in the fight and Piandao obviously was impress in how much he learned. After a brief and creative swordfight between master and pupil, Sokka eventually was corner and in trouble from Piandao. However instead of taking out Sokka, Piandao stop the fight as it was all a test for Sokka. Piandao told Sokka he would have to continue training on his own but he wishes him the best of luck and if he continues to work hard he would become a great swordsman. Just when the gang was about to leave, Sokka notices a White Lotus Pai Sho being given to him from Piandao's butler Fat. While the gang doesn't know about the White Lotus Pai Sho, it is very likely that Piandao is a member of the White Lotus Society like Iroh. Toph also receives a gift from Sokka called Space Earth in which she can shapeshift the rock with her earthbending. Iroh also had a small part in the episode exercising in his cell. It looks like the Dragon of the West is making a comeback. Definitely one of the best episodes of Season 3. If you haven't seen it, you are definitely missing out.
  • A big step in the season.

    In my opinion, "Sokka's Master" is the first episode to actually have a step forward into the third season. It gives much to the character of Sokka and the continuing plot. Sokka realizes much about his agility to do things and we get a glimpse of the White Lotus, which appears to play a bigger part in Avatar than most people think. In this, Sokka goes to learn the ways of the sword, whilst his friends and sister miss him more than they realize at the beginning. Katara attempts her brother's humor, but fails. Toph complains, wishing Sokka would hurry up learning. And Aang shows us he has a very sarcastic side, when it comes to Katara's poor efforts to be humorous. Sokka learns very much and is told he will become a great sword master.
  • Sokka seeks the way of the sword

    I was very excited about this episode and when it finally aired I was overjoyed. I liked the plot of this episode, it was humorous and really did capture that Avatar feeling. We find out that Sokka's normalness gets to hima dn he feels bad that he can't do more to help fight. Katara cheers him up by taking him shopping, I thought this part of the episode was very funny and entertaining. Sokka stummbles apon a sword made by a master swordsman that lives in the town the gaang was currently in. Sokka decides to go train under this master to better his weapon skills.
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