Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 18

Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Aang's Firebending training is coming along well, but he begins having second thoughts on what to do when he faces the Fire Lord. Zuko reveals Ozai's special plans for his victory over the Earth Kingdom. As the gang gets ready to leave to face their ultimate battles, Aang disappears. Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation Ozai and Azula prepare for the final battle and Ozai crowns himself as The Phoenix King, the ultimate ruler of the world.moreless

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  • Mediocre finale

    With the scene where Zuko attacks Aang out of nowhere, to every word that comes out of Sokka & Toph's mouth. Zuko still agonizing over his betrayl and group hugs! I knew this was going to be a bad finale. Is Aang going to kill the firelord? Of course not! Its a children's program! Even my 5 year old nephew thought the outcome was predictable. The only thing I liked was the battle scene between Zuko & Azula, not Aang & Ozai. Also when Aang talks to his past lives and tell him he most go against his beliefs. But they don't say what Aang wants to hear, so he talks to "lionturtle" a demigod like spirit with a strange voice who gives him the power to energy bend. That was incredibly stupid. The meeting between Zuko & Iroh didn't pull on the heartstrings for me. And the Old People joke was juvenile. The kiss between Aang & Katara didn't shock me, but I never wanted them to have a romantic relationship because I saw the relationship between them as more of a brother-sister relationship. I hated that ended with the kiss, the scene said it was all about them (Aang & Katara)! Even so, I was sad that the show finally ended. I will miss Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Iroh, Appa, and even momo. I will miss them all. =(.moreless
  • Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King

    Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King was a superb episode and begining of the series finale. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we learn more about Fire Lord Ozai's plans for the world and the gang continue their journey. I thought this episode had a great start to the final story line that will take place. There was a lot of character development in this episode as well as plot development. I thought it was interesting that Azula has been named the new Fire Lord as Ozai proclaims himself the Phoenix King, King of the World. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • the gaang have to attack the firenation earlier than planned.

    whoa one of the best episodes ever. the gaang, other than zuko, are having their vacation in ember island. when zuko finds out, he attacks aang. then he teels the gaang that the firelord is gonna wipe out the earth kingdom just like firelord sozin wiped out the air nomads. now aang is kinda nervous like he was before in the day of black sun. but this time, aang goes missing. when i first saw this episode i thought, "whoa there was an island there before and now its gone". so yeah aang is missing and he is not in the spirit world.moreless
  • Best. Movie. Ever.

    I really don't have the time or energy to write a review for all the parts, so I'm putting them all together:

    That was the best movie I ever saw!!!!

    Dead serious! I mean, I watched it again and again and.. wow. I kept yelling in the movie: kill him! But.. he didn't.

    Well, almost all my questions were answered, but one: what happened to Zuko's mother? I mean, I waited the entire show, and then what? I was really disappointed, but overall, the movie was awesome!!!!! I was gonna get it on DVD, but my mom said no. Altogether, it was the perfect end to a great show.moreless
  • A Great start to a great ending..

    First off, this episode started out good, with Aang training, and Zuko being his instructor. But while training, Aang and the rest of the gang show their laid back and lazy new life style. While in the middle of Aang's firebending session Sokka deiceds to throw a beach party, so Zuko becomes angry thay Aang is goofin off instead of focusing on the comet coming in three days and begins to attack Aang. after his attack, Aang reavels that he is gonna wait till after the comet comes to defeat Ozai, but Zuko explains the Fire Lord Ozai has a plan to defeat the Earth Kingdom, burn it down. Aang now more worried that ever begins formulating a plan with sokka, when they face Ozai, but when it is time to stike down "The Melon Lord" a dummy they use, Aang is unable to do it. that night at dinner, Katara finds a picture of Ozai as a toddler, and turns in to uncomfort for Aang who does not want to kill someone, and goes off to eat alone. Later an island appears out of nowhere and Aang swims to it. The next morning when they are all ready to leave they realize that Aang is missing and spread out to find him, but when they fail to find Aang, Toph points out that Momo is missing too. everyone turns to Zuko to find him so they journey to the eastern Earth Kingdom to find jun the bounty hunter.

    At the capitol city, Fire Lord Ozai is about to leave for the Earth Kingdom, and decides to leave Azula in the Fire Nation, and crown her Fire Lord, and declars himself "Phinox King" Else where Aang wakes up to think that swimming to the island was a dream but realizes in was not.. Overall this was a great starting point to a great ending.moreless
Nick Jameson

Nick Jameson

General Shinu

Guest Star

Jennie Kwan

Jennie Kwan


Recurring Role

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Fire Lord Ozai

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Toph: ... And then when I was nine, I ran away again.
      Zuko: (nonchalantly) Uh-huh
      Toph: I know I shouldn't complain. My parents gave me everything I asked for. But they never gave me the one thing I really wanted: their love. You know what I mean?
      Zuko: (sighs) Look, I know you had a rough childhood, but we should really focus on finding Aang. (continues walking)
      Toph: (stops) This is the worst fieldtrip ever...

    • Toph: Err... what about me?
      Sokka: For now, you're the Melon Lord's forces.
      Toph: So I get to chuck flaming rocks at all of you.
      Sokka: Whatever makes the training feel more realistic.
      Toph: Sweetness.

    • Zuko:There's one technique you need to know before facing my Father. How to redirect lightning. (Aang grins with anticipation) If you let the energy in your own body flow,(Zuko traces out a path through his body to the show the path of the energy flow) the lightning will follow it. You turn your opponent's energy against them.

    • (Aang waking up on the lion turtle)
      Aang: I just had the strangest dream. (pause) Wait, where are we?

    • Zuko: My whole life I struggled to gain my fathers love and acceptance, but once I got there, I realized I lost myself getting there. I had forgotten who I was.

    • Zuko: If you want to lounge around like a bunch of snail sloths all day then go ahead.
      Sokka: Maybe Zuko's right, sitting around the house has made us pretty lazy... but I know just the thing to change that. (jumps up and tears off his robe revealing a swim suit) Beach party!

    • Zuko: The people of the Earth Kingdom are proud and strong; they can endure anything as long as they have hope.

    • Katara: Who wants a nice cold glass of watermelon juice?
      Aang: Ooh, ooh, me! Me! Me!

    • Toph: I'm not Toph! I am Melon Lord! Mwa ha ha ha!

    • Sokka: Team Avatar is back! (zoom to Aang) Air! (zoom to Katara) Water! (zoom to Toph) Earth! (zoom to Zuko) Fire! (zoom to him and Suki) Fan and sword!

    • Aang (trying to find a way to stop Ozai without killing him): Maybe we could make some big pots of glue, and then I could use Glue Bending to stick his arms and legs together so he can't bend anymore.
      Zuko (sarcastically): Yeah, then you could show him his baby pictures, and all those happy memories will make him good again.
      Aang (sincerely): Do you really think that would work?
      Zuko: NO!

    • Aang (about killing the Fire Lord): This goes against everything I learned from the monks. I can't just go around wiping out people I don't like!
      Sokka: Sure you can. You're the Avatar.

    • Katara: I was looking for cooking pots in the attic, and I found this. (unrolls a portrait of a baby boy) Look at baby Zuko! Isn't he cute? (everyone laughs except Zuko) Oh, lighten up, I'm just teasing.
      Zuko: That's not me. It's my father.

    • Zuko: What's wrong with all of you? How can you sit around having beach parties when Sozin's Comet is only three days away?

    • Katara: What should we do, Zuko?
      Zuko: I don't know. Why are you all looking at me?
      Katara: Well, you're kind of the expert on tracking Aang.
      Toph: Yeah. If anyone's got experience hunting the Avatar, it's you.

    • Toph: Hey wait a minute. Has anyone noticed that Momo is missing too?
      Sokka: Oh no! I knew it was only a matter of time! Appa ate Momo! (opens Appa's mouth and looks in) Momo, I'm coming for ya, buddy!
      Katara: Sokka, Appa didn't eat Momo. He's probably with Aang.
      Sokka: That's just what Appa wants you to think! (climbs into Appa's mouh)
      Zuko: Get out of the bison's mouth, Sokka! We have a real problem here.

    • Katara: Get over here, Zuko. Being part of the group, also means being part of group hugs.

    • Aang: Get a grip before I blast you off this roof!
      Zuko: Go ahead and do it.

    • Katara: What happened?
      Sokka: Zuko's gone crazy! I made a sand sculpture of Suki and he destroyed it!
      (Long pause)
      Sokka: Oh, and he's attacking Aang.

    • (Aang and Toph walk up to Sokkas sand sculpture)
      Aang: Is that a blubbering blob monster?
      Sokka: No, it's Suki!

    • (discussing Aang's mysterious disappearance)
      Katara: Then he's got to be somewhere on Ember Island. Let's split up and look for him.
      Toph (zooms over and clings to Zuko's arm): I'm going with Zuko! (Everyone stares at her and Zuko blushes) What? Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko. Now it's my turn!

    • Fire Lord Ozai (To Azula): And for your loyalty, I've decided to declare you the new Fire Lord.
      Azula: Fire Lord Azula, it does seem appropriate.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode aired along with "Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters", "Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno", and "Sozin's Comet (4): "Avatar Aang" as the TV-Movie/Series Finale: Sozin's Comet: The Final Battle.

    • The plot for this episode, along with the other three parts of the finale, was revealed a few months before the episode aired in a children's book called Sozin's Comet: The Final Battle.

    • This episode is available in the Book 3: Fire, Volume 4 DVD, along with, "The Southern Raiders", "The Ember Island Players", "Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters", "Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno", and "Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang".