Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 18

Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Mediocre finale

    With the scene where Zuko attacks Aang out of nowhere, to every word that comes out of Sokka & Toph's mouth. Zuko still agonizing over his betrayl and group hugs! I knew this was going to be a bad finale. Is Aang going to kill the firelord? Of course not! Its a children's program! Even my 5 year old nephew thought the outcome was predictable. The only thing I liked was the battle scene between Zuko & Azula, not Aang & Ozai. Also when Aang talks to his past lives and tell him he most go against his beliefs. But they don't say what Aang wants to hear, so he talks to "lionturtle" a demigod like spirit with a strange voice who gives him the power to energy bend. That was incredibly stupid. The meeting between Zuko & Iroh didn't pull on the heartstrings for me. And the Old People joke was juvenile. The kiss between Aang & Katara didn't shock me, but I never wanted them to have a romantic relationship because I saw the relationship between them as more of a brother-sister relationship. I hated that ended with the kiss, the scene said it was all about them (Aang & Katara)! Even so, I was sad that the show finally ended. I will miss Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Iroh, Appa, and even momo. I will miss them all. =(.
  • Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King

    Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King was a superb episode and begining of the series finale. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we learn more about Fire Lord Ozai's plans for the world and the gang continue their journey. I thought this episode had a great start to the final story line that will take place. There was a lot of character development in this episode as well as plot development. I thought it was interesting that Azula has been named the new Fire Lord as Ozai proclaims himself the Phoenix King, King of the World. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • the gaang have to attack the firenation earlier than planned.

    whoa one of the best episodes ever. the gaang, other than zuko, are having their vacation in ember island. when zuko finds out, he attacks aang. then he teels the gaang that the firelord is gonna wipe out the earth kingdom just like firelord sozin wiped out the air nomads. now aang is kinda nervous like he was before in the day of black sun. but this time, aang goes missing. when i first saw this episode i thought, "whoa there was an island there before and now its gone". so yeah aang is missing and he is not in the spirit world.
  • Best. Movie. Ever.

    I really don't have the time or energy to write a review for all the parts, so I'm putting them all together:
    That was the best movie I ever saw!!!!
    Dead serious! I mean, I watched it again and again and.. wow. I kept yelling in the movie: kill him! But.. he didn't.

    Well, almost all my questions were answered, but one: what happened to Zuko's mother? I mean, I waited the entire show, and then what? I was really disappointed, but overall, the movie was awesome!!!!! I was gonna get it on DVD, but my mom said no. Altogether, it was the perfect end to a great show.
  • A Great start to a great ending..

    First off, this episode started out good, with Aang training, and Zuko being his instructor. But while training, Aang and the rest of the gang show their laid back and lazy new life style. While in the middle of Aang's firebending session Sokka deiceds to throw a beach party, so Zuko becomes angry thay Aang is goofin off instead of focusing on the comet coming in three days and begins to attack Aang. after his attack, Aang reavels that he is gonna wait till after the comet comes to defeat Ozai, but Zuko explains the Fire Lord Ozai has a plan to defeat the Earth Kingdom, burn it down. Aang now more worried that ever begins formulating a plan with sokka, when they face Ozai, but when it is time to stike down "The Melon Lord" a dummy they use, Aang is unable to do it. that night at dinner, Katara finds a picture of Ozai as a toddler, and turns in to uncomfort for Aang who does not want to kill someone, and goes off to eat alone. Later an island appears out of nowhere and Aang swims to it. The next morning when they are all ready to leave they realize that Aang is missing and spread out to find him, but when they fail to find Aang, Toph points out that Momo is missing too. everyone turns to Zuko to find him so they journey to the eastern Earth Kingdom to find jun the bounty hunter.
    At the capitol city, Fire Lord Ozai is about to leave for the Earth Kingdom, and decides to leave Azula in the Fire Nation, and crown her Fire Lord, and declars himself "Phinox King" Else where Aang wakes up to think that swimming to the island was a dream but realizes in was not.. Overall this was a great starting point to a great ending.
  • Aang is worried when he learns he must face Fire Lord Ozai earlier than he planned, especially since Sozin's Comet is coming in three days. As Aang struggles with his morals, Fire Lord Ozai launches his horrid plan and declares himself the Phoenix King.

    This episode was absolutely amazing. No doubt at all! First off, the music and animation was wonderful and blew through the standards I was accustomed to. It was great! This episode was more of an introduction to the entire series finale. There was not a lot of action, but the writers did a good job of introducing us to the epic finale. What I liked about this episode was Aang's problem. How can everyone expect a 12 year old boy to actually kill a man? Aang struggles with his morals and values since it goes against the Air Nomad's teachings, which I thought was a wonderful concept to put in the finale. What was also interesting was to see how Aang was nearly hypnotized and swam in the water. I was very confused, but the music during that scene was excellent (More about this will be discussed in my review about The Old Masters)! We also got to see June in the series finale! It was great to see her again along with Nyla. What was suspenseful and scary was that June claims Aang is no longer on Earth, although the viewers know he is. That was very interesting and to me, frightening, since so many thoughts were going through my head! The last scene was very amazing. Seeing Azula almost fight with her father was interesting, and the way Ozai declares himself Phoenix King set shivers down my spine! His plan (or actually Azula's plan) to burn the world is just horrible, but its a great Avatar villain scheme! Part One of the series finale was exactly what I expected: freaking amazing!!!
  • The beginning of the end to a wonderful cartoon!

    It's almost depressing knowing that the end is almost here. Although things are starting to wrap up, it feels like there is a lot more that hasn't been covered yet, and this episode leaves even more questions than originally with its end. Like how Aang is going to even come close to defeating the Fire Lord with the almighty comet coming soon, and then with the announcement of the Fire Lord as the Phoenix King and his conquest across the world, and now Aang's mysterious disappearance! This episode is just the footstep to even greater episodes in the near future and it's doing a great job of its role so far!
  • The ending is starting

    Starting off the series final Aang is starting more of his firebending and Auko learns that Aang is planing to battled Ozai after the comet comes and zuko tells a plan that when the sozin's comet comes ozai is going to burn down the whole earth kindown he going to turn it to hell a whole land of fire. Then Aang wants to find a way to beat the fire lord without killing him I feel for aang no person sure die like that way no matter how evil it is then no where Aang is gone in a weird place
  • Sozins comet

    Sozins comet was in my point of veiw the best episods of the seasons. And a little bit unsuspected for me. Zuko became fire lord. and the zuko v.s asula was great. Iroh and Zuko huged Aang and Katara huged Toph and the Duke huged. Sokka lost his space sord and boomarang. Asula whent insane. Aang unlocked his chakla alowing hhim to pass into the avatar state. oh and Aang took Ozis fire bending away. iroh reconerd his tea shop. Sokka did a panting but no one liked it beacuse it didn't look anithing like them.Aang and Katara kissed. The END
  • The weakest of the finales

    Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King
    So the end is in sight for the show. In this episode aang is going over some firebending moves. But stops to have a beach party. Angered by this Zuko attacks aang. After the short battel aang tells zuko why he wants to wait until after the coment to defeat the fire lord. But zuko tells aang of what the fire lord plans to do on that day. Attack the earth capital and insure victory in the war. Sokka then plans to do a fake fire lord attack which aang is unable to do. Zuko teaches aang how to redirect lighting. Aaang angered by not wanting to kill the firelord goes on a balcony and then sleep walks into a werid forest. Toph is the first to figure out aang is missing. They go on a search to find him but fail. So they plan to find Jun the bounty hunter to help them find aang. Mean while the fire lord becomes the phoenic king and azula becomes the new firelord. I wasnt into this episode much although i did enjoy the parts of when aang goes missing.
  • Fire Lord Ozai takes the name as the "Phoenix King".

    This is was a very good beginning for the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fire Lord Ozai, decides to be the "Phoenix King", and Azula becomes... the fire lord?? It was freaky, for Azula to be the next fire lord, because in the finale she was all crazy in all. This is a lesson to all the viewers of Avatar: The Last Airbender, never put Azula as fire lord. I was also freaked out at Zuko trying to kill Aang, but it was for a lesson. But I knew that, before he was trying to teach him a lesson (:P)

    My final score for ATLA "The Phoenix King" will be 10.0/10.0!
  • A good start for an amazing end.

    I thought that The Phoenix King was a great beginning to start the four part series finale because it started out with Aang's Firebending training and showed the characters get ready to battle the Fire Nation and set up little training exercises. I thought that Aang shouldn't have been so worried about whether or not he was going to take the Fire Lords life, but I also like the way he found a solution that made it so he could stay true to the world, and himself. I thought it was cool how they brought back June to the series one last time and how Aang was able to contact his past life and how we got to see the past Avatars, and I think that making the last episodes in a four part series was a great decision from the creators and got them lots more viewers and made people buzzed. Altogether I thought it was a great start to an awesome ending, and that the creators did a wonderful job with this one, and the other three parts of the finale. Stamped: MUST WATCH
  • The Beginning of the end.

    The anticipation going into the 4 part finale was at an all time high. For such a hyped up finale the beginning started a little slow. I thought i really started when Zuko revealed the firelords deadly plan. This threw a hitch into the plot. Because of the stress aang found himself under he ran away to a small island that appears out of nowhere. His whole time on the island was a bit boring because nothing of importance seemed to happen. Meanwhile the search for aang by the rest of his friends was much more entertaining. The re introduction of Jun was a nice touch. The episode ended on a very high note. Ozai declares Azula firelord and declares himself the Phoenix King. He also reveals his intentions of pursuing his plan alone. Azula's response was a indication of her mental downfall and played a key contribution to her inevitable downfall.
  • Part 1 of 4 in the finale.

    "Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King" was an episode of the great tv show, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" that was one of the final episodes. It aired as part of a week long premiere week of episodes that lead up to the series finale, "Sozin's Comet" called "Countdown to the Comet" and it was pretty good, but not the best of the 2 hour 4 part finale. I'll say it was the 4th best, but they were all awesome. Aang gets stressed about killing the Firelord, and tries to find a way to beat him without taking his life. Good episode 9.4/10 really no action.
  • First episode of Sozin's Comet.

    Part 1: The Phoenix King, Chapter 18 of Book 3: Fire, was cleverly plotted.In the beginning, Aang and Zuko are training with their firebending. Aang wants to rest, but Zuko says that the comet is near, coming in a couple of days. Sokka devises a plan for practice, but when the time comes to kill the "melonlord"; for practice, Aang still thinks that there must be a better way to end the war, a more peaceful way. Unfortunatley, Zuko tells the gang that they have to kill Firelord Ozai earlier, because he reveals that his fater is going to burn down the Earth Kingdom with his fleet, without Azula. Overall, this episode was very revealing and was cleverly plotted.
  • Part 1 of the epic finale

    In Part 1 of Sozin's Comet final battle, Aang and the gaang are on ember island still. aang is practicing with zuko, but after they are finished beach partying. Zuko attacks aang, but then he says they shouldn't just sit around because his father is planning to attack the earth kingdom with the comet's power.

    So aang and the gaang practice on how they're going to take out the fire lord. but one problem, aang doesn't want to kill him or take his life. so aang leaves for some sleep. in the middle of the night, he wakes up and gets off the island.

    The next day, they are ready to leave, but no one can find aang. so they go and search for the day. if they don't find aang, Ozai will be to powerful to beat. Overall, this is a great episode and one of my favorite of the whole series.
  • Aang finds out that he has to face the Firelord earlier than planned, but will he be willing to take his life?

    Wow. This episode is amazing. The animation makes your eyes buldge and it even still has some great humor in it even though these episodes are serious. The emotion with Aang when he finds out that he probably has to kill Firelord Ozai just absolutely makes you want to cry. He has to go against everything has has learned from the monks because he has to keep the world's balance. And this episode definitely shows how much more powerful Aang is getting, especially with his firebending. The characters also prepare to face their impending doom and train to fight to the finish.
  • This as well as the next two episodes brings the epic story to an end. Just like the promos said "Spirits will be revealed!" A satisfying end to the saga...that is with it having to end. I love this show!!!!!!

    I found this episode to be ABSOLUTELY FRIGGING GREAT!!!!! I hate the fact that this was the beginning of the end. For those of you who haven't seen the full ending I am reviewing all four episodes that made up the series finale. I thought that most if not all of the story lines were wrapped up pretty well. The only thing I wondered about were what happened to Azula. And where is Zuko's mother. He asked his father where she is, but no answer was shown. I for one am really curious about that. I understand that the show had to end with there being a deadline already established, but I don't have ANY complaints. Aang with Katara FINALLY!...They make the cutest couple as well as Sokka and Suki. What abpit Toph??? Who's she with?? The last 30 minutes was just jaw dropping for me...everything that happened just blew me away. I hope that they continue with the series with made for tv movies..depending on the theme. they could probably do something with the Air Nomads
    I mean if things go as it should wouldn't when the next avatar thats supposed to be from the air nation not appear wouldn't that break the cycle?? This way they could do a movie like every couple of years...I can't wait until the series DVD comes out...that is on my wish list....Long live Avatar!!!
  • the gratest 2 hours i spent watching tv in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    one word can only describe the finale.. and that is "EXCELENT" from beginning to end the movie was great.. the bending, the action the story.. absolutly great.. there was no flaws exept i wonder what happen to azula and the where abouts of zuko's mother. my favorite part was the fight scenes between Aang and fire lord Ozi and Zuko and Azula. when ang went into the avatar state.. that wass thhhhhhheee besst scene everrrrrr. the whole movies was just the gratest. i would see it over and over if i could. it was bitter sweet that thhe show is comming to an end. but that the creators made such a good movie. bottom line i love avatar.
  • Another great episode

    The beginning was really funny. First Sokka wants a beach party when the comet is only 3 days away and Aang must continue his training and Zuko goes crazy and starts atacking Aang with his firebending. Sokka did this really funny and he made Suki out of sand and it looked so not like her and that was really funny. Fire lord Ozai wants spoiled brat Azula to be the fire lord. This was a great episode and it was also funny and some parts of it totally cracked me up like crazy. This episode gets a 10 out of 10.
  • Series finale part 1

    Wow this was a cool ep i liked it A lot. Training in the beginning of the ep Zuko makes him do that roar thing at first it was a baby roar then a Adult roar i found it funny. Then Sokka says something like beach party. Then they are at the beach Katara is waterbending surfing, Aang makes a sand sculpture of Appa, Toph makes sand sculpture of Ba Sing Se with the king and his bear in all that takes skill with sandbending! Sokka makes a creepy looking Suki it was really funny. I thought it was cool how Zuko was trying to show Aang that he should be working not having "fun". i thought it wa dumb that Aang was going to wait till after the comet came to fight Ozai cause Roku said something like before the comet comes but o well. Then Katara finds a baby picture of what she thought was Zuko but it was Ozai, and Katara said something like but hes so cute and innocent then Zuko says that kids turned out to be a monster and worst father of ALL TIME! Then Aang defends him sayen that he is human. i don't want to kill the ep for every1 so im not going to say more lol
  • I wouldn't have had it any other way.*spoilers*

    I have to say, I'm really sad that the series is over, but I'm really happy that it ended without being rushed or overly done. Having it be two hours instead of one was awesome, i had two friends over(who were both Zutarians and even turned my own brother into a Zutarian)I was the only Kataang left standing in that room. Throughout the whole movie, they kept pointing out the Zutara parts, and up until the last five minutes, i was afraid that Kataang wouldn't happen. But I was wrong! I loved how they saved the best for last, and Zuko becoming Fire Lord, how awesome! The only thing I didn't like about it, was they didn't reveal the whereabouts of Zuko's mom, and they didn't tell us what had happen to Azula in the end. All in all, it was amazing.

    Oh and I forgot to add, the secret about the White Lotus tile was AMAZING! I mean, the part where Zuko goes into Iroh's tent and is apologizing, was so emotionally sweet.

    Congratulations to the Creators and writers and everyone who was involved with Avatar: The Last Airbender, you all out did yourselves! This is THE best series finale I've ever seen.
  • Aang gets nervous when he discovers he has to fight the Firelord the day of Sozin's Comet.

    This episode was amazing!!! It started off decent: Aang and Zuko are training. When Katara comes with fresh cold drinks, he gets distracted and tries to run away to get one. Zuko gets mad and tries to hold him back; suspending him in midair. It was hilarious (XD) The beach party was cool too. The gang makes sand sculptures of each other, but they were destroyed by Zuko. Zuko blew them up and chased Aang around the house and beach because he couldn't understand why he wasn't training for battle. Aang revealed to Zuko that he was going to wait until after the comet to defeat Ozi, but Zuko told them they had to do it the day of the comet. Seeing their puzzled expressions, he tells them that Ozi is planning on using the comet to destroy all Earthbenders. The gang gets scared, so they attempt to try a battle tactic to get Aang prepared. Toph was guarding the "melon statue" that was Ozi. When Aang made it to the "melon statue," he found out he couldn't do it; he couldn't destroy him. Sokka and Zuko got mad, so Aang went away to think. He sleptwalked to an island and the gang couldn't find him. They searched, but with no luck. It was funny because Toph wanted to go with Zuko thinking it would be her "life-changing field trip" (XD) She didn't get it though. When the gang couldn't find Aang, Sokka came up with the conclusion that Apa ate Aang and Momo (XD) With no place else to turn to, Zuko takes the gang to the girl who has the animal to track anything faster than anything. It was funny how the girl though Zuko and Katara were together (XD) The animal got the scent, but he couldn't find it, which meant Aang didn't exist. Meanwhile, Firelord Ozi declared himself The Pheonix King and ruler of the world and declared Azula the new Firelord.
  • The beginning to a spectacular finale.

    The Phoenix King. What a title. What an episode. Not the greatest episode ever made but it works for a beginning and leads us down the path to the end. The Firelord we learn is not only a ruthless leader but an almost insane one as well. With Sozin's comet he wishes to destroy the Earth Colonies, taking out another culture and race of people as his grandfather did. Yes, we've heard this before from leaders in the real world, but the animators and storytellers do it well here. The race is on. Azula, whom seems just as insane, is made Firelord, while the Firelord appoints himself, the grand ruler of the world to be, the Phoenix King. Oh, the ride has only just begun.
  • Beautiful beginning to a decent finale.

    A somewhat light hearted beginning to this episode doesn't quite set the mood. But it is a final lark before fighting Ozai, which is three days away. Not to mention the sand Ba Sing Se was beautifully done.

    Zuko pushes Aang to train, knowing that he isn't ready to fight Ozai. Aang reveals he wants to fight Ozai AFTER the comet arrives. A very stupid choice on his part. Zuko then reveals that Ozai wants to burn the Earth Kingdom to the ground.

    Aang, again, runs away. He isn't ready to fight Ozai. A yawner. How many times has Aang ran again? After search for Aang, and finding him nowhere, Zuko leads the group to our first reunion. Jun. A very decent beginning and very cute moments. Including Toph wanting to go on a life-changing journey with Zuko as well. Wonderfully done.
  • I love this show!!!

    what is there to say this is the best show on tv. I have been a really big fan since the day it started I rushed home from school to see the first episode. I have been in love with ever since. I was so happy to see it when it finaly came on air this is my favorite show ever I hope they might.
    make a new series with the next avatar in it. this will always be my favorite thing on tv!!! avatar the last airbender If I was some kind of crossover anime king I would give my throne (I just said that to fill the hundred word limit.)
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