Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 19

Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters

    Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see some familiar faces from the past, there was lots of action, drama, and intrigue. I thought it was cool how all the old masters came together through the White Lotus. Zuko learns more about his destiny as the gang learns that only Aang can face the Fire Lord and end the war peacefully. I enjoyed the ending of this episode where Ozai is ready to start his campaign. I look forward to the series finale of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • aang talks to the past avatars and the rest of the gaang meet their teachers

    aang talks to 4 past avatars. the one we all know, avatar roku, the avatar before aang. then he meets avatar kyoshi, the avatar before roku. she created kyoshi island. we see her in 2 episodes "the warriors of kyoshi" and "avatar day". then he meets a water tribe avatar, avatar kuruk. he is the avatar before kyoshi. we have never seen him in any other episodes. we only see him in a game called "escape from the spirit world". when aang still couldnt decide to kill the firelord, he had to talk to an air nomad avatar, avatar yangchen. we have only seen her in "escape from the spirit world"
  • Surprisingly emotional.

    With the planning of the first invasion, we thought that all of the allies of the Avatar were already gathered and captured, but an even stronger underlying force has been revealed to be hiding in the shadows; the old masters. These kinds of stuff, turning tides within a battle and hidden twists that greatly shifts the power struggle of the war, just makes your adrenaline rush! Plus Bumi single-handedly taking back Omashu by himself was a sweet sight. Though Avatar might have also served itself its finest emotional scene, one that deserves an award! The reunion between Iroh and Zuko was truly sweet!
  • Sad that it is getting closer to the end, but episodes are getting better..

    The thing I like about the episode, was for one, Zuko finaly catches up with Uncle, 2 anyone who did not see the short "Escape from the spirit world" got to see the past Avatars one more time Roku, kyoshi, kuruk, and yangchen before the show ended, and three - after all this talk about a lion turtle, we finaly get to see one. point's I like were that Zuko kept uncle's sweaty sandle from Book 1 water Chapter 7 Winter solistce part 1 the spirit world, which I found funny. June remembering Zuko from season 1 and thinking that Katara was his girlfriend, getting to see paku, jeong jeong, bumi, and master piando again. Over all this episode is a great episode, but is not the last.
  • The gang finds themselves near Ba Sing Se at the camp of the Order of the White Lotus. As Zuko reunites with his uncle, Aang wakes up on a deserted island. Aang soon realizes he is on a lion-turtle, and the wise creature gives him significant knowledge.

    This was another amazing episode of the series finale. We start off by finding the Order of the White Lotus. I've been dying to find out who they are and what they do, and we finally find out! Piandao, Bumi, Iroh, Pakku, Jeong Jeong, and Iroh are all members! It was such a shock finding out that Bumi, Jeong Jeong, and Pakku are members of the White Lotus! I kind of knew everyone else were members. It was also so funny to hear that Pakku is Katara and Sokka's grandfather; Pakku finally married Gran Gran! It was funny yet so heartwarming to hear that. The most touching part of this episode was definitely when Zuko reunites with Iroh. It was so heartwarming and just so touching. It was so sad to see Zuko trying to say sorry, when all of a sudden Iroh just turns around and embraces him. It was touching! What was also interesting was to see how everyone splits up: Zuko and Katara head off to face Azula, the White Lotus plans to conquer Ba Sing Se, and Suki, Toph, and Sokka try to disrupt the Fire Nation airship fleet from burning the world. What I also loved about this episode was seeing how Aang talked with his past lives. It was wonderful to see Roku and Kyoshi again, and it was such a treat to see new Avatars, Kuruk and Yangchen. It was interesting to see their advice, and my favorite was Yangchen's advice that the Avatar is attached to earthly problems and must "do whatever it takes to protect the world." What ticked me off was that it was so hard to understand the lion-turtle's voice. I was still able to fully hear it, but it took some effort. The lion-turtle provided an interesting piece of amazement for me. As the lion-turtle said, they lived long before the Avatars and told Aang to fight the darkness. Although I was confused, it all made sense with the next two episodes. This seriously a touching, beautiful, and knowledgable episode. Part Two of the series finale was exactly what I expected: freaking great!
  • Pakku, Iroh, Bumi, and others are member of white lotus

    this was a great episode. its amazing how they gathered all those masters in to a group. its admirable.
    its brilliant how the whole series finale flows like a river.
    it all adds up and makes sense.
    i was surprised about Iroh trying to take back Ba Cing Se.
    he tried to capture that city but his son Lu Ten died.
    he was humiliated at the battle.
    im proud of what nickeldeon did with the avatar.
    hope the movie is good.
    andd they shuild have season 4.
    to tie up all the loose ends.
    wheres zuko's mother?
    what will happen to fire nation?
    when they grow up?
    too many questions.
    plzzz make another season
  • We meet the "Old Masters" from past seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    NOTE: Please read my review for Part I: The Phoenix King, before reading this review. Thanks!

    Kinda a very special episode for Avatar. Since this is Part 2, Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Toph and Appa meet some "old masters" for Aang, after Aang's disappearnce with Momo.

    I was freaked out (Again, :P) with the lion turtle, that scared me (alot). It was weird, how they put that in, but that was one way that Aang could have not killed the fire lord. Maybe, they shouldn't have put that in, and maybe put in, the first episode or so. That way Aang would have a flashback kind of thing.

    Overall, 9.7. Good episode.
  • A wonderfully emotional episode with a burning question answered.

    After a lackluster part one, part 2 of the finale did not disappoint. This episode mainly focuses on the re-introduction of the mysterious white lotus. The reason i enjoyed this ep so much was because Iroh is back baby! The moment between Iroh and Zuko was absolutely beautiful. I even cried. A wonderful moment that shows that Iroh really is the Father Zuko despiertly needed. I also thought the return of Bumi, Paku, Joeng Joeng, and pandoi was very nice. In a time where adolence are expected to save the world some real experienced masters could provide the needed guidance and wisdom. On the FN side Azula's obession with her power has grown to an all time high. She begins to banish everyone in sight. This continues the mental lapse of Azula. The end of the ep sets the stage for an incredible finish.
  • Part 2 of 4.

    "Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters" was an episode of the great television show, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" that was part of the mind bending two hour movie that ended the series, "Sozin's Comet" which aired in the premiere week of episodes that showed the final 10 episodes of the series called "Countdown to the Comet" and it was pretty great. It wasn't the best of the 4 part 2 hour finale, but I'll say it was still pretty awesome, and the 3rd best of the 4 episodes. It was so great, it had alot of great action. Great episode 9.6/10
  • Whoa. Second episode of Sozin's Comet.

    Part 2 of Sozin's Comet, Chapter 19, The Old Master, was very revealing and shocking. After gang's attempt to find Aang is not going so well, Zuko thinks his Uncle Iroh might know. They consult an old friend/enemy to help them. They lead up to Ba Sing Se. They're they rest outside, camping in the night. Soon, it is revealed that the White Lotus, is there. Members of the White Lotus are alos revealed. Meanwhile, Aang and Momo are thinking of a way to stop the Firelord peacefully. Aang refers to his past lives, including Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, and Yangchen. Aang finally comes to the deciscion that he has to kill the firelord. Overall, this episode was very surprising and revealed a lot of things on the gang's mind.
  • Part 2 of the Epic Series Finale

    In Part 2 of Sozin's Comet Final Battle, they are going to find June and see if she can help them find aang. but when she comes there, she gets the scent and she says that he's not here anymore, but not dead too. So they go to find Iroh to see if he can help them with the fire lord.

    Mean while, Aang finds himself on an island in the middle of no where. it's not the spirit world too. Aang goes and then connects with this past lives to see if they have advice for how to take down the fire lord without taking his life. all of them say that the avatar must do whatever he can to help the world.

    The rest of the gaang find out that Iroh is in the Ba Sing Se area in a secret place with the Order of the White Lodus. Zuko finds his father and his father forgives him and is proud of what he has done so far. They tell them that they are going to over take Ba Sing Se in the name of the Earth Kingdom.

    Mean while, the Island Aang is on starts to move and he see land. he looks to see what is moving it and it is a Lion Turtle. he gives him the knowlegde he needs to help him with the fire lord defeat.

    Overall, this is another great episode and will live on as a creative episode bringing back odd faces that we love. also, it's great how they brought the lion turtle in too.
  • This part of the finally I enjoyed alot.

    I liked this episode. They brought back all the old characters and had there path meet. I was cool for them all to be in the Order of the White Lotus and to have that piece of the puzzle filled in. They included all the characters I wanted to see again and had them all fighting together. I thought that they did a nice job tieing the loose ends and bring back all the masters. I don't know about you but this part of the finally was a good build up to the climax. I also thought that the creators did a nice job with bring in past avatars. It was kind of cool to see and learn about more than just Roku. The best moment in this episode was definatly the ruion of Zukko and Uncle Iro. The creators did a nice job with this one.
  • Series final part 2

    This part i liked a lot more then the first part cause it was more exciting. Like Aang on the island (thats really a lionturtle) it reminded me of Aladdin and the King of Theifs lol. but Aang talked to his past lifes to see how to defeat Ozai with out killing him they say something like; First Roku and Roku wished he would have killed Sozin before the war began. The Avatar Kyoshi who says something about Justice, then Aang says he knew he shouldn't have asked Kyoshi. Then he asked Avatar Kuruk he says that he was an Avatar that went with the flow and by doing so he left his guard down so Ummi was taken to the Spirit World by Koh to punish him for his arrogance, but he takes full responsibility and regrets it. So far all his past lifes tell him he has to kill the Fire Lord to make peace in the world, so he asked the Airbender Avatar before him cause she knowns were he is coming from. Avatar Yangchen says something like he must do what is right to keep balance in the world at no cost. And the rest of the gang meet The White Lotus which consist of past master (hey double meaning to the name of this part lol). There is Master Pakku (now Sokka and Katara's grandpa), Jeong Jeong (Aang's first firebending teacher), Piandao (Sokka's Master and the only one with black hair out of these old ppl lol)King Bumi( who says someone very important is missing... wears MoMo? i stared laughting my buttt of lol)and Iroh(he isnt with the group at the moment he is sleeping in his tent) I thought this was an amazing episode 10/10
  • Aang tries to find a solution to his dilemma while the rest of the gang gets introduced to the members of the White Lotus.

    Since the gang couldn't find Aang, they attempt to find the next person who could possibly defeat Ozi: Uncle Iroh. To find him, the gang uses the animal that can find anyone with their scent. As a scent, Zuko lets the animal sniff Iroh's sweaty sandal; which he kept with him all this time (XD) The search led them to Ba Sing Seh, where they meet 4 old friends: The Earth King, Sokka's Master, Katara's waterbending teacher (and new grandfather), and Aang's very first firebending teacher. When they were introduced, the Earth King said there was someone missing in their group - someone important. Instead of saying Aang was missing, he said Momo (XD) On the island, Aang is trying to get advice from past Avatars. He ends up feeling worse than he did before, so he looks towards the horizon. He sees mountains moving. It took him awhile to realize he was moving and not the island. When he searched for the cause of the moving island, he found it was actually a lion turtle. He discussed his dilemma with the lion turtle, and it gave him the power to remove bending powers. Back at camp, Zuko confronts Iroh and apologizes. Iroh forgives him and gives him a back breaking hug. It was so emotional that I thought I was going to cry! At the end of the episode, the lion turtle leaves Aang on a mountainous island to await Ozi, Zuko and Katara head out to the Firenation to fight Azula for the crown, Sokka Toph and Suki head out to take down the fleet, and the White Lotus stay behind to take back Ba Sing Seh. Talk about a cliffhanger! (XD)
  • Both Aang and the gang, going on different journeys, meet old masters of the past.

    I like the fact that Aang doesn't want to kill the Firelord. Stop him, but not kill him. It speaks to his character and to the wise choice of never taking a life, no matter how wicked. Still he looks for guidance because even though he doesn't want to kill the Firelord, it seems the only way to bring peace. He asks for advice on his past lives and through all their different messages (I liked that they added stuff from the Avatar internet adventure: Spirit World) they give him the same one:"Do what is necessary to protect the world." In the end it's amusing, poetic, and ironically spiritual that Aang gets the best advice from a sealion turtle, a huge one. This reminded me of the old Chinese legends. I also liked the gang finding the White Lotus group, Zuko reuniting with his Uncle, and even Pakku becoming Sokka's and Katara's grandfather, though I wouldn't have minded a flashback on that part. What a great second part to this finale.
  • The Old Masters, a double meaning.

    Not as humorous as the last chapter, but this finale wasn't meant to be fully funny. Still a great part though.

    Jun agrees to help the group. She reveals that Aang is gone. Not dead, but gone. She even says if he was dead he could still be found.

    Zuko convinces her to help them look for Iroh. They wind up outside Ba Sing Se. And we finally meet some of the Order of the White Lotus. Master Pakku (who is now Grampakku, such a squee moment!), Jeong Jeong, Bumi, and Piando. Nothing short of expected. After all, all old people know each other.

    My favorite part of the finale belongs in this chapter. My heart melted with the Zuko and Iroh reunion.

    As for Aang, he speaks with his past lives, back to the Air Avatar before him, Yangchen. She pretty much tells Aang he's being selfish, not wanting to kill the Fire Lord. It's a very revealing episode. It seemed nearly everyone had something to reveal.
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