Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 20

Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The comet arrives and streaks across the sky. Zuko is concerned. Katara asserts that they can defeat Azula, but Zuko is worried about Aang, and wonders if he will truly face Ozai.

Azula is calmly eating cherries as servants pamper her. However, she notices that there is a pit left inside of one of the cherries, and angrily scolds the servant, as she could have choked. The servant asks her to show mercy. Azula agrees, and banishes her.

Suki, Sokka, and Toph are riding towards the airship fleet. Suki remarks that the comet actually looks beautiful, and Toph laments that Ozai will use it to destroy the world. As they approach the fleet, however, they find it taking off. Toph propels the three of them towards one of the ships, and they sneak inside.

Azula's Dai Li agents come before her, responding to her summons. However, Azula chastises them for taking five minutes to get there, and banishes the entire group.

Sokka finds the helm of the airship. Toph metalbends to subdue the soldiers in the cockpit, while Sokka tricks the others into going down into the bomb bay, and opens the hatches, plunging them into the sea. He then increases the ignition to catch up to Ozai's airship.

Lo and Li come to see Azula after hearing that she banished many of her palace servants. Azula responds that they could not be trusted, and would turn on her like Mai and Ty Lee. When Lo and Li attempt to speak their concerns, Azula is angered, and orders them to Agni Kai. When they protest they are not Firebenders, she banishes Lo.

At the gates of Ba Sing Se, Iroh and the White Lotus prepare their assault to re-take the city. With the aid of the comet, Iroh destroys the walls of Ba Sing Se, and his forces advance. Azula prepares her hair, however, she tangles her finger in a ribbon. Angrily, she grabs a pair of shears and slices some of her bangs. A voice tells her she had such beautiful. Azula looks in the mirror and sees Ursa is the speaker. Ursa tells her she wouldn't miss Azula's coronation. Azula rebukes this, stating she knows what Ursa thinks of her. Ursa responds that Azula is confused because she used fear to control everyone around her, like Mai and Ty Lee. Azula responds that fear is the only way, and that even Ursa fears her. Ursa responds that she doesn't fear Azula, she loves her. Infuriated, Azula throws her brush at the mirror to destroy it. After it is destroyed, Ursa is not seen in the room.

The airship fleet advances towards the coast, and Ozai begins his plan, starting to burn the lands. Aang is waiting for him. He uses Earthbending to destroy the motors on Ozai's ship. Ozai removes his vestments and propels himself towards Aang with firebending as the ship crashes. Aang pleads with Ozai to stop, but he refuses and attacks. On the airship, Suki asks if they should back up Aang, but Sokka refuses, deciding to take out the airships instead. As the ships start the attack on the Earth Kingdom, Sokka increases the speed of his ship and steers it to collide with the top of the other ships while his group escapes to the roof. As they run across the roof, part of the airship breaks, and Suki falls. She recovers onto another airship, and Sokka continues without her. However, Sokka's platform crashes onto another airship.

Azula is about to be crowned as Fire Lord, but Zuko interrupts the ceremony, stating that only he will become the Fire Lord. Zuko and Katara prepare for battle, but Azula stops them. She challenges Zuko to Agni Kai for the throne, and he accepts. Katara states that he will need help against her, but Zuko notices Azula's mental instability, and notes that he can take her alone, and that way, no one else would get hurt. The two siblings begin their duel.

Aang is still battling Ozai. Aang manages to successfully evade Ozai's fire, so he switches to using lightning. When he strikes Aang, however, Aang redirects the blast. Faced with an opportunity to blast Ozai, Aang refuses and instead directs it away harmlessly.

Zuko and Azula are continuing their Agni Kai, the comet building both of their power to extreme proportion, causing much of the city to burst into flames. Azula however, is tiring, using large and wasteful blasts. Zuko uses a low ring of fire to knock her to the ground. He taunts her that she is not using her lightning, to which Azula charges up a massive blast of it. However, she aims towards Katara instead of Zuko. Zuko moves to intercept, and, although he redirects the blast, he becomes severely injured and unable to fight. Katara moves to help him, but Azula laughs madly and turns her assault upon Katara.

Aang flees from Fire Lord Ozai, and wraps himself in a shield of earth. Ozai begins to immolate the shield, stating that the Air Nomads were weak and did not deserve to exist in his world, and soon, Aang will join them.