Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 20

Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • It was a decent ending though I have to say the end of book 1 & 2 where better... .. .

    ~First this is a review of the ending as a whole meaning will be addressing things from all four episodes not just the very last one. Second this first review and is just on the fighting, to see the other second part go to the next episode.

    ~One last thing the score 9.5 is for the episode 20 itself and doesn't necessarily say that I think the the way the series ended overall should get such a score.

    When it come to what was good, I have to say that the fight with the Avatar (Aang) and the Fire Lord (Ozai) was really good, and I also liked the short flashback fight of Bumi retaking his city (Omashu) back on th Day of Black Sun. Though were good fights that just had to be in there.

    I also like the idea of the Order of the White Lotus showing up and freeing Ba Sing Se and the attack on the Fire Nation airship fleet and there were some good and interesting (in a good way) fights and moves, like Toph making a suit of armor out of the inters of the ship and then attacking.

    BUT it seemed that when all the hype that the comet had about the fire benders being so powerful and pretty much being unstoppable it seemed like they still were pretty easily defeated by Toph in the battle, yes she's a "great" bender but still...

    Also I didn't like that fact that three kids where able to take out the whole flee, I mean come on I know they have taken on quote impossible odds and won before but again are the fire bends extra powerful so should it been more like the Day of Black Sun where it was a large scale/group attack.

    Sure one could argue that everyone else was busy with Ba Sing Se but that really doesn't make sense since it was people of the White Lotus that fight there and there is no evidence that Hakoda or any of the others are part of the group or where even at the city to help during the fight.

    In addition it seemed that Zuko and Katara were able to enter the capital to easily, sure Azula got ride of much of here guards and there could have been fighting off screen but still it just looks like they just entered the scene/capital with no resistance, there should have been at least some.

    But to be fare to the show it would have been hard to add an extra fight or series of fight to an already full episode/s and I have to say the actual fight with Azula considering she was kind-of off her rocker (if you understand the saying) was quite good and I enjoyed it a lot!

    Overall when it came to the fighting during the actual day of the comet, it seemed like the one-on-one fighting with Azula and Ozai where great, but the others seem to not give the fire benders not enough credit and just seemed like they weren't as powerful as one would have expected them to be.