Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 21

Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Following Ozai's defeat, Zuko is crowned Fire Lord, and he begins to help the world rebuild. Aang begins to wear traditional Air Nomad monk clothing, Katara and Sokka are reunited with their father, Katara and Aang finally become a couple, Toph reunites with The Hippo and The Boulder, Mai and Ty Lee are released from prison and Zuko and Mai become a couple again while Ty Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors, Iroh reopens his tea shop in Ba Sing Se, Ozai loses his Firebending and is put in the capital city prison, and Azula is taken to a mental health institution (as stated by Nick.com). Zuko also finds out the fate his mother, though it is not stated on-screen, nor is she shown.

    • When Suki is reaching out for Sokka's hand while her airship descends, the yellow lining on her belt is gone.

    • When Aang stands on stage, before we see Katara, his sash is yellow but the dangling part is still red.

    • When Katara and Azula are waiting to attack at the grate, a door can be seen at the end of the hallway-like structure around them, but when Azula rolls to dodge Katara's attack, the door is missing and the coronation temple is enlarged.

    • When Katara falls onto the grate, the waterskin strap that stretches from right shoulder to left hip is colored white like her collar.

    • When Ozai leans in to check if Aang is alive or not and Aang grabs his goatee, his red hairband turns brown like his hair.

    • While Aang is seeing his past lives, an Air Avatar with a droopy whiskery mustache, a stubby goatee, and a drape over his left shoulder can be seen following a female Fire Avatar, but later on when the same Air Avatar appears once more, a male Fire Avatar with a large hat appears before the Air Avatar instead.

    • Before we see Suki's return, Sokka is seen frowning and clutching his leg, during which his eyebrows are colored like his skin.

    • While Zuko criticizes Sokka's drawing, Katara's hair is missing from between her side and left arm.

    • Zuko's topknot band changes from red to orange at random points in his coronation.

    • The top gold ring on Zuko's topknot band continuously disappears and reappears throughout his coronation.

    • Ty Lee says that she and the Kyoshi Warriors had bonded in prison, yet Suki stated that she had been sent to the Boiling Rock alone, and Mai and Ty Lee were also held at the Boiling Rock, so they couldn't have interacted with the other Kyoshi Warriors.

    • This episode and series ends with a title card saying "The End" in Chinese.

    • Zuko gets a scar on his lower chest, in the exact same place as the one on Aang's back.

  • Quotes

    • Zuko: I can't believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down...And now...
      Aang: And now we're friends.
      Zuko:Yeah...We are friends...
      Aang: I can't believe a year ago I was in a block of ice...The world's so different now.
      Zuko: And it's gonna be even more different...When we build it together. (they hug)

    • Zuko: Today, this war is finally over!
      (The crowd cheers) I promised my uncle that I would restore the honor of Fire Nation and I will. The road ahead of us is challenging, a hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided but with the Avatar's help we can get it back on the right path and begin a new era of love and peace. (he gets on his knees and the Fire Sages crown him Fire Lord)
      Fire Sage: All hail Fire Lord Zuko!

    • Aang: No! I am not going to end it like this.
      Ozai: Even with all the power in the world, you are still weak.

    • (Sokka and Toph are hanging off an airship and surrounded by firebenders)
      Sokka: I don't think boomerang is coming back Toph. It looks like this is the end.
      (The fire nation soldiers suddenly disperse away as another fire nation airship crashes with the airship that Sokka and Toph are on)
      Toph:How did that happen? Did boomerang come back?
      Sokka (Clutching his legs):No Suki did.

    • Lion Turtle (after Aang speaks of his doubts about the upcoming battle with the Fire Lord): The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being hard. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purified light.
      (The Lion Turtle touches Aangs forehead as a green glow emanates from its paw)
      (referring to the Fire Lord) Wait for him . . . he will come.

    • Ozai: (sarcastically): I should count myself lucky. The new Fire Lord has graced me with his presence in my lowly prison cell.
      Zuko: You should count yourself lucky that the Avatar spared your life.
      Ozai: Hmph!
      Zuko: Banishing me was the best thing you could've done for my life. It put me on the right path. Perhaps your time in here can do the same for you.
      Ozai: Why are you really here?
      Zuko: 'Cause you're going to tell me something. (in a serious tone) Where is my mother?

    • Katara (about Sokka's painting): That's very thoughtful of you Sokka. Wait! Why did you give me Momo's ears?
      Sokka: Those are your hair loopies. (Zuko walks over)
      Zuko: At least you don't look like a boarcupine. My hair's not that spiky!
      Mai: I look like a man.
      Suki: And why did you paint me Firebending?
      Sokka: I thought it looked more exciting that way. (Momo comes up and screeches) Oh you think you could do a better job, Momo?
      Iroh: Hey, my belly's not that big anymore. I really trimmed down.
      Toph: Well, I think you all look perfect!

    • Mai: You need some help with that?
      Zuko: Mai, you're okay! They let you out of prison?
      Mai: My uncle pulled some strings. And it doesn't hurt when the new Fire Lord's your boyfriend.
      Zuko: So does this mean you don't hate me anymore?
      Mai: I think it means, I actually kind of like you.
      (Mai kisses Zuko)
      Mai: But don't ever break up with me again.

    • Sokka: Well look at you, Buster. Now that your firebending is gone, I guess we should call you The Loser Lord!
      Ozai: I am the Phoenix King! Uh... (falls over)
      Toph: Oh sorry. Didn't mean to offend you, Phoenix King-of-getting-his-butt-whooped!
      Suki: Yeah! Or how bout King of the... guys who... don't win?
      Toph: Leave the nicknames to us, honey.

    • Ozai: What...what did you do to me?
      Aang: I took away your firebending. You can't use it to hurt or threaten anyone else ever again.

    • Suki: So did you... you know... finish the job?
      Ozai: I'm still alive!

    • Zuko: (After Katara heals him) Thank you Katara.
      Katara: (Crying) I think I'm the one who should be thanking you.

    • Aang (In Avatar State): Fire Lord Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world. And now, you shall pay the ultimate price!

    • Sokka: Have I ever mentioned how sweet it is that you invented metalbending?
      Toph: You could stand to mention it more.

    • Lion Turtle: In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements but the energy within ourselves. To bend another's energy, your own spirit must be unbendable or you will be corrupted and destroyed.

    • Aang: (About Fire Lord Ozai) I took his bending away.
      Toph: Wow. Who taught you that?
      Aang: A giant lion turtle?
      Toph: You have the craziest adventures when you disappear.

  • Notes

    • According to the commentary, Zuko and Aang's interaction near the end of the episode was added in later on when it was realized that neither of them had any time onscreen together after "Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King".

    • This episode aired along with "Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King", "Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters", and "Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno", as the TV-Movie/Series Finale: Sozin's Comet: The Final Battle.

    • According to an interview with the creators, there had been a scene that showed Zuko meeting his mother again, but it was cut from the episode.

    • This episode is available in the Book 3: Fire, Volume 4 DVD, along with, "The Southern Raiders", "The Ember Island Players", "Sozin's Comet (1): The Phoenix King", "Sozin's Comet (2): The Old Masters", and "Sozin's Comet (3): Into The Inferno".

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