Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 6

The Avatar and the Firelord

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode took a look back into the earlier years of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin. We learn about how to past of the two men affects the current lives of Aang and Prince Zuko.

    This episode was amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that people from all age groups will truly enjoy this episode. It has deep and serious plots combined with just enough action to keep you on the end of your seats. Aang and Zuko's pasts are closely related and this episode explains it all. Zuko learns that he is at a fork in his life. He does not have to accept the destiny his father has chosen for him; he can correct the past and help Aang end the war. But Zuko's inner battle is far from over. Exposing the truth doesn't mean accepting it. This episode also creates a stronger bond between Roku and Aang and explains some of the friendships he has today. It is also symbolical to anyone who chooses to look deeply into it. In a flashback in a previous episode, Zuko fought an inner battle that was depicted by a red and blue dragon arguing within him. These two dragons appear in this episode. The red dragon and the blue dragon belong to Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin, both the Great-Great-Grandfathers of Prince Zuko. This means that Zuko and Aang are relatives. Zuko has a tough choice ahead of him, and after this amazing episode, I can't wait for the outcome.
  • Among Avatar episodes in Season 3, this has to be one of my most favorite episodes. Great flashback episode that discusses about Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin's conflict on the war.

    Definitely a great episode that many Avatar fans should witness if you want to learn on how the 100 year war started. We learn that Roku and Sozin were best friends before their destinies will be revealed. Roku will be the Avatar and Sozin will eventually take over as Fire Lord. Roku sets off in a twelve year period in which he is being trained from the other three elements. After training, he returns to the Fire Nation to find out Sozin has become the next Fire Lord. Even though Sozin welcome him back in open arms, conflict on the world's fate will eventually happen between the two of them. The fight in the throne room pretty much details that conflict. Unfortunely despite sparing Sozin's life twice (the throne room and volcano), it wouldn't stop Sozin's ambition in taking over the world. Leaving Roku behind without helping him, he will eventually lose his life from the poison gas and ashes from the volcano. With Roku dead, Aang was born and becomes the next Avatar.

    Aang and Zuko both learn about Roku and Sozin's past from different resources. Aang learns the story from Roku himself and Zuko learns the story from reading the scrolls written from Fire Lord Sozin. After learning the story, Aang tells his friends that anyone even the Fire Nation itself can do good and bad to others. As for Zuko, his part was shocking to know. Hearing from Iroh for the first time, he learns that Fire Lord Sozin is his father's grandfather and his mother's grandfather is none other than Avatar Roku. Iroh explained that this is the reason Zuko is dealing with good and evil inside of him. Iroh tells Zuko that if he can find goodness in his heart, he will be able to restore balance to the four nations (a role that is similar to the Avatar). All in all, a great and interesting episode for fans to see.
  • We get a glimpse of Roku's past.

    Wow, what a great episode. The animation was excellent, the voicing was good, the music was perfect, and the storyline was well written. I especially enjoyed the Sozin vs. Roku fight. A lot is revealed in this episode. Iroh speaks for the first time this season, light is shed on Roku's fate, and we learn of Zuko's heritage. It was great to see how Roku lead an ejoyable life, had the best training, got married, and was good friends with Sozin. And finally, we learn the cause behind the war. It started with the best intentions, meant to bring prosperity and peace to the entire world. Roku was betrayed to his death by Sozin who then proceeded to start a genocidal war.
  • Best episode so far!

    In this episode, we go into the past lives of both aang and zuko. in this episode we see how things in the past affected them so much and how their fates are intertwined. this episode tells us how and why the fire nation attacked the other 4 nations, and how they were able to wipe out the entire air nation(except for one of course). this episode was by far the greatest because it took you on a journey that u don't expect to go on, and see how avatar roku had to deal with all this stuff and battling one of his best friends.
  • History lessons are great.

    I loved this episode, because they finally discussed and introduced the fire nation lord that started the war, plus we got to see how and who was involved. I also enjoyed the timeline on Aang's story and Zuko's story. Hopefully this will change Zuko for the better. It is quite sad to see two friends who loved each other having to fight, and kill at the end. I almost think the fire lord started this war because his friend became the Avatar, and he was jealous and lonely when they were seperated, so he wanted a type of revenge and to show his strength.
  • avatar roku contacts aang and tells him he needs to know roku's history. aang then goes into the spirit world and is taken on a trip through roku's history which also is entangled with firelord sozin's past.

    this episode helps tell roku's past and how sozin came to power. it connects firelord sozin to the avatar and tells us that zuko is their great grandchild and why he is so conflicted all the time. this episode shows that the firelord was a friend to the avatar. it also insinuates that friendships/relationships of the avatars follow them throughout their lives. this episode shows that the avatar can also lead a normal home life with a wife and kids. this episode is also the first time that uncle Iroh speaks to zuko since being incarcerated. we also learn about the fire sages, and how they keep the real history and not the propaganda the fire nation has been spreading.
  • So we now know about Roku....not all firebenders are jerks

    Roku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang fartingRoku's past unfurls and sheds light on aang's turmoil. Sozins betrayal...aang farting jk
  • Finally it's time for Roku's story. The long awaited episode, and there's a lot of surprise to come with it.

    Roku's story is a good one; it's not just about fighting, as I might've expected, but it's even more about friendship. Effect is this episode containing lovely action frequences, epic 'cinematography' and settings, and most of all; emotional impact. The way Zuko's 'journey' in the story from Sozins perspective and Aang's 'journey' from Roku's perspective interlinked was great to watch. And there are a lot of extra aspects to be revealed. With the epic taste of the episode, it contains some old avatar charms too (the toiletjoke and the charming end), which just makes this episode complete. Definately a must see within this season.
  • Best episode in Season 3, if not ever! If you haven't seen this episode yet, it's a definite must!

    Best episode in Season 3, if not ever! So the episode has already aired in the UK, and it's probably the best one yet. It has everything to make a great episode, it has great fights, as well as loads of "bending", and with loads of history told from two sides where it explains loads of stuff we didn't know before but also leaves us with more questions. After watching this episode I became even more eager to watch the rest of the season. I love Avatar and this episode is just perfect and will keep me watching the show for as long as it's on. If you haven't seen this episode yet, it's a definite must!
  • Wow, i didn't know they would show the history of Avatar Roku and Sozin.

    This show is a suprise for me. I had no clue that they would show the history of Avatar Roku and Soziz, and how they were friends, or at least till Roku dissed at Sozin and he got mad. I had no clue that Zuko would be related to Avatar Roku( as a nephew ). This shocked be good! Maybe this is the reason why Zuko, when he was in Ba Sing Se, and woke up looking like Aang, in his dream, which was kinda weird. I thought he might be like a second avatar or maybe a relative or something to Aang, and I guess I was kinda right. You should watch this episode if you want to learn about Roku, and his death, which was very sad.
  • An amazing episode that answers some questions of the past and of the future.

    This episode explored the past of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin and gave the history of how the Avatar faield to stop the Fire Lord from begining his war against the other nations. Aside from the great scenes of amazing bending, this episode explains how and why Zuko can be both kind hearted and evil at the same time. As the great grandson of the previous avatar and fire lord it will be Zuko's mission to come to terms with the war inside himself and maybe assist the avatar in bringing balance becak to the world and overcome the past sins of his family. Unlike last season when Zuko had his crisis within himself he now has the understanding as to why he will suffer until he is able to bring balance to himself and maybe the world.
  • Single best episode this season!

    Looks like Avatar is ready to step-up for this season, I hope it lasts though because I'm really looking forward to Aang taking down the fire nation soon! But oh yeah, he hasn't even learned fire bending yet, so we'll wait for that.

    We go through the life of Zuko's great grandfather who was apparently best friends with Avatar Roku. We see their good times together, but we also see the moment where there was betrayal and deceit, so that was very interesting to witness. Also, some blanks are filled up with answers that are very well explained. There were also some laughs here and there, but it was an awesome episode overall!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Katara): Do they have bathrooms in the spirit world?
  • Its amazing the things you learn to explain the characters and to understand them. Zuko learns in-depth of his great-grandfather and at the end, Aang and Zuko have a greater understanding of themselves and their places in the future of the world.

    In this episode you start with seeing Roku guide Aang to his past and Prince Zuko receives a mysterious message telling him of his great-grandfather's death and that the secret lies within the dragon bone catacombs. Through the episode, you are introduced to Roku and Sozin before they put their mark on the world, and the events leading up to it. On their 16th birthdays (which are on the same day,) the sages come to announce that Roku is the new Avatar and that he must start his journey. Sozin is excited for his best friend, and gives him his prince crown to wear on his journey. The next time they see each other is 15 years later, once Roku is a fully-realized Avatar and Sozin is the Fire Lord. Sozin is Roku's best man at his wedding, and pulls him to the side during the wedding to tell Roku of his plan to expand the Fire Nation and to share their great Empire. Roku was light-hearted going into this conversation, but immediately responds to his first true test as Avatar, and tells Sozin to forget about this and that he never wanted to hear of it again. Sozin goes on in secret with his plan, and Roku finds out of this and fights Sozin and shows him mercy and lets him live but warns him next time will result in his "permanent end." 25 years later there is a great volcanic explosion on Roku's home island in which everyone is put in danger and he helps evacuate. He then stays to try to control the volcanoes and Sozin comes to his aid, only to end up betraying him before the battle with the volcano is over, telling Roku that with him gone, all his plans become possible. Fire Lord Sozin realizes that the next Avatar will be born into the Air Nomads and destroys the temples, only to have the Avatar evade him. He spends the rest of his life in the endless search for the Avatar. Zuko goes to his uncle and very angrily tells him that he already knew how his great-grandfather lived up until his end with the search for the Avatar, but then Iroh tells him that he has TWO great-grandfathers. Fire Lord Sozin was his father's grandfather, but his mother's grandfather was Avatar Roku. This frustrates Zuko and Iroh explains that this should better help him understand the fight inside himself and that he has the power to redeem the fire nation and the past mistakes made and to bring balance to the world. Aang realizes that in order to bring balance to the world, he needs to realize the fire nation deserves a chance - because not only is there extreme bad, but there is also a chance there is amazing good inside.
  • Anng travels to the spirit world to meet with Roku who tells him about how the war began. Meanwhile, Zuko reads about his great grandfather. When he finishes, he goes to see his uncle, who reveals to him that Avatar Roku is Zuko's great grandfather.

    This episode cleared up a lot of confussion in the series. It helped the viewers to understand why Prince Zuko seemed like he would turn good at the end of season two, then become bad again. He has inner conflict due to the fact that he is both the great grandson of Firelord Sossin on his father's side and Avatar Roku on his mother's side. Because of this, the conflict of good and evil within him is always active. His uncle does give him some things to think about, but we dont really know what effect they had on Zuko. Only time will tell which side of his heritage he will follow.
  • good flashback episode

    first of one of the best flashback episode since the episode "the storm" we dident get enough info of roku in season 1 and 2 and we finnaly get to see an episode all about fire lord sozin and avatar roku and we finnaly got to see how roku died this is a good episode to season 3 and also in this episode iroh finnaly talks in prision we get alot of info of this episode so i think this episode is a good one for season 3 this episode is why i watch this series and i think that if this was the first ever episode i would have ever seen then i would be a huge fan of this show (like now) so cool episode i give it a 9.7/10
  • Best episode so far of season 3.

    Ever since I've started watching this series I was hooked. I loved the plots and the way things happen without you expecting it to. After season two I wondered how would the writers carry on the series, and how will they try to keep their viewers interested. After this episode I can officialy say I'm more hooked than ever with avatar. I never expected anything. Like the Avatar being able to marry and have kids, Avatar Roku being BEST friends with Sozin, or even him knowing Monk Gyatsu (spelling?). However, I know most people would agree that Zuko being the grandson of Roku was the biggest surprise of all. I was shocked. All in all this episode was the best of the season and I look forward to the rest of the series. I will forever love this series and hope others loved this episode as much as I did. :)
  • avatar roku brings aang into the spirt world to revel their past, while zuko reads hidden scrolls that show secrects of his familie's past

    (spoliers)ok, so i thought this episode was going a little slow, with everything being focus on Roku, but then at the end i find that the inoformation and this episode was very necassary. We dig into the passed of aang, and the family history of Zuko, and how both things are very closely related. I almost died of shocked when it was reveled that avatar roku was zuko's greatgrandfater. and now if you think of it, Zuko has be chasing the reincarnation of his great grandfater all this life!!!! the ending was very sweet too, that friendships could last more then one lifetime. Oh yes, just thought i would say speaking of thing lasting more then one life time, didnt roku's wife look very much like Katara, i guess that could just be a coincidence....
  • Aang and Zuko learn about the shared past between Roku and Firelord Sozin, and learn things that no one could possibly see coming.

    I personally believe this episode was genius! I'm glad we finnaly got some insight on how the war began, what happened in Roku's past, and even what Sozin is like. I got a whole new perspective on the fire nation. To think, the nation that we thought was totally evil, started with someone who had a good heart. It's mind blowing.

    I also liked that there were alot of connections in this episode. Monk Gyatso knowing avatar roku, Zuko being the grandson of Avatar Roku, it's amazing, and it makes alot of things finnaly make sence in the series.

    Bottom line, this episode gave me a whole new perspective on the avatar world, it's a great episode, and one that I personally think every avatar fan should watch.
  • Wow, I never saw that coming!

    Wow, the ending of this episode was so unexpected! I never saw that coming! My mom likes Avatar too, and we were sitting there watching this and Iroh says, "No, not Sozin. He was your father's grandfather. Roku was you mother's grandfather." And me and my mom gasped. It was like WOW! I have a theory. Mom doesn't believe me, but I think it could possibly happen. Since Aang is the reancarnation of Roku, then could Zuko possibly be the reancarnation of Sozin? Mom thinks it can't be, because she thinks that to be reancarnated means that you have all the memories of your past lives. I can see where she'd get that, but Aang doesn't have all the memories of his past lives, does he? If you can answer my question, please PM me!
  • In this episode we get a glimpse of the Avatar and the Firelord. In this, we further understand the past and character developments of both Avatar Aang and the crowned prince Zuko.

    This is by far, the best episode I've ever seen of Avatar!!! I absolutely loved it! I haven't been this excited about the show for a while. We finally know about Avatar Roku's past. And sure enough, we finally learn of Fire Lord Sozin's appearance and past. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised. We're led to believe that Fire Lord Sozin was a callous, ruthless, murderer who only cared about his ambitions and yearns for imperialism. This episode clearly explored Sozin's character adeptly. Oh, and adding the element of friendship between Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin was ingenious. In addition, leaving a cliffhanger for Aang and Zuko was well thought out. It just goes to show how everything, even in the world of Avatar, isn't black and white. I honestly don't know how this episode could've been better.
  • Wow... major plot twist...

    Wow... this episode was amazing!!! It has really brought Avatar back for me, as I have been losing interest, kinda. The whole past thing was interesting, and I kinda saw the friendship between Roku and Sozin coming, but seriously, the whole thing was really nice. And sad. The ending was so sad. I wanted to see if Ursa was alive, or a picture of her younger. Is Ursa alive? GAH! Well, anyway, the ending when Iroh says that Roku is Zuko's grandfather from his mother's side made me go "O M G" and drop my algebra that I was working on at the time. Yes, it was that shocking to me. Niice. And on the Gaang's part, the ending with Sokka and all of them holding hands was funny and sweet. Very nice episode... again!
  • This episode explored the past to understand the present. It is an episode that can easily grab fans. Great episode showing the connection bewteen Zuko and Aang. Powerful messages at the conclusion about individuality, free will, and not being prejudice.

    One of the best episodes. Every appearance of Roku is ispriring. His appearances causes everything to make sense. Every Roku episode teaches lessons to ALL. This episode was written superbly.
    Sozin was always there for Roku, until the end. The connection between Zuko and Aang gives us fans something to look forward to in the future. We can make our predictions and let the show confirm or reject them. This episode has activated parts of the brain the previous 5 episodes of the season did not.
    Classic moments! Especially when the sages announced Roku as the new Avatar!
  • The past of Avatar Roku

    I didn't know what to expect of this episode, I then figured out it was about Roku's past which I wanted to know everything about. I was very glad to learn about the history of Roku and Sozin, I thought this episode was interesting as well as good. I'm glad they didn't devote the entire episode to just Roku's past, this episode also showed what was going on with the other characters too. This episode had a very good plot, I never would have guess Sozin and Roku to be friends which turned into conflict. Roku's death was finally revealed and a good climax as well.
  • the past of the avatar roku

    Ok i like this epi .it reveal what happened to roku . I can't not believe that he was the best friend of sosin the woerst man of the world.but he was not bad went he was young.went he take the power of his country then he became crazy with the power an domination of the world. I tinka that the power can broke everinthg including the best friendsheep. can be destroy by it.

    what i learn in this epi ... that have mush power can corrupt us. in cluding trhe best man ofr a nomal guy can change. like sozin, be stated a war that not have end. for me he killed roku . but he just runaway he was a coward.
  • Wow.

    It would appear this season is looking up. This episode, we finally get some much-needed history about the Fire Nation. Aang is taken to Roku's past where we learn that Roku had been friends with a young Fire Lord Sozin. They part ways after Roku is revealed as the Avatar, and during their separation Sozin develops his god complex.

    I thought it was kind of weird how elderly Sozin helped Roku out when the volcano erupted, only to turn on him a minute later, realizing that Roku's death would help his goals of expansion. I don't understand why Sozin even bothered helping him in the first place.

    The most interesting tidbit was the fact that, not only was Sozin Zuko's great-grandfather, but Avatar Roku was his other one. Thus, Aang and Zuko are related. Kind of creepy and almost a bit cliche, but interesting.
  • Amazing.

    Wow, for some reason, I love the flashback episodes. This was one of the best I've seen.

    Well, Aang has a chance to see Roku's past, and he obviously accepted it. Meanwhile, Zuko is curious about Fire Lord Sozin's past. Turns out, Roku and Sozin were good friends and had quite an intertwined past.

    When they were teens and young adults and even just plain adults, Roku and Sozin were the best of friends. They had a lot in common, including a birthday, and they were both firebenders. They grew apart as Roku got avatar training, but their friendship was rekindled afterwards. Sozin was even Roku's best man at his wedding. (We never knew avatars could get married, but that's cool!)

    But with Sozin's plan to take over the world to spread the Fire Nation wealth, they grew apart. Roku then led his own life for decades probably (We have no clue how many) and at some point in his life, had a child, who had a child who turned out to be Zuko's mother. Very shocking that Zuko is somehow related to Aang.

    But on the island Roku lived on, there was a volcano that erupted one night. The rest of his little village was safe, but he wanted to stop the volcano. Sozin offered to save him, but he refused, similar to how Zhao refused Zuko's help in "The Siege of the North." Then, as we should know, Roku, and his dragon who is now revealed to be named Fang, died a non-graphic death.

    This had to have been the best flashback episode ever. The whole "enemies were once friends" plotline is overused, but this episode executed it so flawlessly and perfectly that it seems all new. 10/10, great episode!
  • I found this episode to be the finest installment in Season 3 so far. And from what I saw yesterday, including next week's episode and the week after that, those of you who haven't seen it, I can tell you it's only gonna get better.

    Wow. I mean, what else is there to say? This episode was truly awesome, no questions asked. In this episode, we get some further insight into Avatar Roku's life, as well as Sozin's reason for starting the war. Plus, we get to see Aang as a baby! (OMG FEAR THE CUTENESS) Although, it made me wonder why Aang never wondered who his mother was or whether or not he remembers anything about her, but I digress...

    Anyway, like I was saying, this episode really brought back some of the elements that attracted me to this show initially. The Reincarnation cycle of the Avatar, who they were and what happened, what they accomplished, etc. I was really glad an episode like this was produced.

    I also liked the shocking bit of information we received at the end with Roku turning out to be Zuko's great-grandfather, (but how did Iroh get that crown thingy?) This further fuels what we thought might have been the outcome of Season 2, with Zuko joining the GAang and making a change to good.
  • The writers of this show are always on top of their game.

    This episode was one of my favorite's this season so far. It gives a good idea on where the story of Zuko may be going as far as being good or evil. He now knows that what he always thought of as being "right" my not be so anymore. With Avatar Roku being his great grandfather I think he'll start to see things differently within the fire nation. Also this episode had Greg Baldwin actually speak for the first time as Uncle Iroh. I think he actually did a better job than I thought he would've considering the fact that I almost stopped watching the show when Mako (may he rest in peace) passed away. Also the show takes you through both Aang and Zuko learning about the beginning of the war at the same time, which I thought was interesting. And at the very end we get a good moral lesson and that is that friendships can be forever.
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode has got to be one of the most shocking episodes of the series!!!! Learning that Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin were best friends when they were little was shocking enough, but the news that Avatar Roku is Zuko's great grandfather is just.....wow! I don't know what to make of that. All I really have to say is the final battle between Aang and the Firelord will be very interesting. We finally heard Uncle Iroh speak! You can tell his voice is done by a different person, but there really isn't that much difference. For that I am grateful. This whole episode was amazing. I can't wait to see where the plot goes from here :D
  • How happy I am when I can give a big 10 score! Rare moments, my friends, I'm too strict I suppose... But this episode worth it! Informative moments, good allusions, great visuality, no more frippery, that's what I like. The story goes on...

    Aang comes to know his predecessor's life, Roku shows him how he became an Avatar and how he lost his friend Sozen, who chose his war instead of friendship. During this Zuko also finds out something about his great-grandfather with the help of a secret scroll. The lines divide and join again: the friendship of Roku and Sozen, the battle between the Avatar and the Fire Lord, the final moments on the top of the volcano and finally their descendant, Zuko, who also has his struggle in his hearth between his two sides. Wonderful plotting, that's what I like in this show, not the silly childish moments. More from this!
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