Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 6

The Avatar and the Firelord

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Ohhh nice twist

    I thought this episode was the best of the season. I said that last week about the beach, but forget that. This episode was amazing. The plot line, and the scenery was really good.I really liked the twist at the end how Avatar Roku is Zuko's great grandfather. I'm sure he'll turn good. I thought he would last season but he fell into the bad side of his family, but now that he's having doubts, and he can see that there's a good side to his family too, he will choose good. I am begining to think Zuko might be Aang's firebending teacher.
  • The Pandora's box of surpirse, secrets and genology been busted open and after this nothing will ever be the same for Aang or Zuko! Or the world!

    What this Pandaora's box will reveal as Zuky dives head first in a long and complax jourany to his past and how he's deeply interconnet to Aang will shock him and change everything about them forever.

    To both their shock Sozen and Roku where best friends and they both see how they went from being the best of friends to enemies and how Sozen ultimante betrayed Roku.

    Both are shocked by the story of, friendship, love, hardship, mercy and betray. Plenty of action, dramra and a lot of tramantic events yet none are ready for the finaly secret.

    The one Uncle Iroh has. The fact Zuko is the Great Grandson of both the Fire Lord Sozen who start this war and Avatar Roku who failed to prevent it. This is beyond bizzar. I've personaly alwasy wonder if the Avatar was allowed to get married and have kids and if so how do their descendes deal with the new Avatar if they meet?

    Since souls have a way of finding one another the chance are very high!

    It was beyond words to discribe that Aang last life as Roku was best friends with Sozun and yet blinded by the grand illsiouon of power and aggorce a very speical friendship was lost.

    Can it be revived and if so can it heal a war torn world and the many souls that have lost so much from a broken friendship?

    One thing for sure Zuko won't be able to look at Aang the same way again.

    It defently makes me think about my favoirt episode "Blue Spirit"

    When I finaly tape that episode I watched 3 times a day for a week no lie!

    This is one of the strangest geneolgiy disovery ever! One thing for sure Zuko won't be able to look at Aang the same way again.

    It defently makes me think about my favoirt episode "Blue Spirit"

    When I finaly tape that episode I watched 3 times a day for a week no lie!

    It's a lot to swallow. Nothing will ever be the same now for either Aang or Zuko. We've choice we make it life and we must live with their conquices of those choice. No one is pure evil or good unless they make that choice everyone desreve a chance.

    To really end the war they must change how many of the Fire Nation think and show them and the world that this war has destoried them all and must stand uninted to rebuild to regain what was lost. This is by far one of the best episodes ever!
  • Aang and Zuko find out about their past and how they are linked, even do they dont realise it

    This episode was very interesting, once again it hink itwas another episode made for showing aang's and zuko's connection, even do this time their link is shown through their past.

    The episode tells us the story Roku and Sozin shared. They were best friends since their early years. In the day of their birthday (which was the same they for both) is reaveled to Roku that he is the avatar, so he had to leave in order to master all the elements, and by the time he was back, Sozin had changed a lot, and became the firelord.

    Roku finally was able to marry the girl he loved and called Sozin to be the bestman, and that day is when Sozin reveals he's plans for the future.
  • Very good!!!

    In this episode, Zuko and Aang learn more about Sozin and Roku's pasts. Sozin and Roku were best friends growing up, and they even had the same birthday. Once Roku was told he was the next Avatar, he went away to master the other elements. When he came back, he was still Sozin's friend, even though Sozin was now Firelord. Roku married the girl he had had a crush on. That night, Sozin told Roku of his plan to take over the other 3 nations. Roku rejected that plan, but didn't know that Sozin would go through with it anyway. Much later, Roku told Sozin that if he steps out of line again, he will meet a permanent end. Even later, Roku's island erupts, and he tries to stop it. Sozin comes to help him, but ends up leaving him to die. Sozin later destroyed all of the Air Temples because he knew the next Avatar would be and Airbender. But Aang eluded him. At the end of the episode, Iroh reveals to Zuko that Roku is his great-grandfather on his mother's side.
  • Aang and Zuko learn about more about their past generations with Roku and Sozin.

    Wow, this was a real high quality episode more than usual though. With a few suprises thrown in too as well as some action and a little comedy. Better then most flashback episodes I've seen from different shows, actually much better. The plot was mostly about Avatar Roku's past along also his friendship with Fire Lord Sozin, but we also get to see a hint at what Zuko is supposed to do in his "destiny".That and more on Rokus training to become an Avatar and see him use his super bending. We also get to finnaly hear the new voice actor for Iroh and he did a pretty good job though I still miss Mako doing it :(. Overall fantastic episode and better than last week's which I thought wasn't really that good.
  • Best episode of the season so far. Finally a return to the quality we've come to expect from this amazing show.

    Up until now, the third season has been slightly disappointing when compared to the previous two. This episode, however, is more reminiscent of the best Avatar episodes we've seen so far. While it was a flashback episode, and nothing new actually happens, the insight gained and the general entertainment value make this a must-see. The episode examines the life of Avatar Roku and exposes the viewer to the path of an Avatar without Aang's special circumstances. This insight is both entertaining and revealing as the viewer has lacked such knowledge up to this point in the series. The episode also provides insight into Roku's and Aang's relationship with Monk Gyatso as well as a look at Zuko's past and the connection they all share. The best part of the episode, however, is Roku's relationship with Fire Lord Sozin. The writers do an excellent job of expressing the complexity of the relationship in such a way that the final betrayal by Sozin is emotional and unexpected, yet entirely believable. The episode overall is best characterized as informative and highly entertaining, resembling the Avatar episodes in the first two seasons that won the show so much acclaim.
  • Avatar has finally returned - to the real plotline and charcter issues.

    A welcome break from the episodes that preceded it, this episode brought focus back to the plot and main characters. Aang and Zuko are given valuable information regairding their own pasts that will be pivotal in their near futures.

    Aang is visited by Avatar Roku once again and learns his origins, trials and demise in his former life.

    Zuko is left a mysterious message and soon learns a previously unknown dark secret of his family history through the records and from (finally) uncle Iroh.

    This epsiode remineded me exactly why I am a fan of Avatar, something I really needed after the previous episode.
  • Aang and Zuko learn that they are closer than they'd like to think.

    Awesome episode. Aang has a dream or vision that Roku wants to speak with him on his island, so they head to Roku's resting place and Aang meets with Roku. Meanwhile, Zuko gets a note that tells him to learn about his past and tells him where all of the scrolls are, so he goes to the place, and reads about Sozin, his great grandfather. We learn that Roku and Sozin were friends from way back, and that Roku had a crush on a girl when he was young, and love was tough for him too, like it is for Aang. Anyway, Sozin and Roku shared many things, including a birthday. As they got older, many new things occured. Roku was told he was the Avatar, and he had to set out on his own journey to learn and master the elements, while Prince Sozin became Fire Lord Sozin. 12 years had pasted, and Roku finally returned to see his old friend, Sozin. Sozin welcomes him with open arms, but then, at Roku's wedding to the girl he always had a crush on, Sozin tells Roku of his plan to unite the 4 nations as one. Roku hated the idea, and leaves. After Roku saw that Sozin went along with his plan for a few colonies, Roku confronts Sozin and they argue. Their friendship was breaking.

    Many years had past and one night, Roku and his wife heard something. The volcano on the island where they lived had erupted, and Roku did everything in hiw power to hold it off, but it was too much. As everyone on his island escapes, Roku fights off the elements. As he is becoming weak, Sozin arrives to help, but Roku then takes in the toxic fumes coming from the volcano and holds out his hand for Sozin to help, but Sozin says that without Roku, he could carry out his plan. Sozin betrayed Roku, and left him to die. Fang, Roku's dragon, stays with Roku, and they both perish beneath the ash. Such a sad death. Just as Roku died, Aang is born and the cycle of the Avatar is continued. Sozin, knowning of the Avatar cycle, first carries out his plan on the Air Nomads, wiping them out, but the Avatar eluded him, and he spent his last days searching for the Avatar. The story ends.

    Zuko wants more to read, but the scroll ends. He realizes that only 1 person could have wanted him to learn this: Iroh. He goes to his cell and Iroh tells him that it was not Sozin he wanted Zuko to learn about, but his other great grandfather from his mother's side. Zuko is confused, and does not know who he is talking about. Iroh tells him that Avatar Roku is Zuko's great grandfather from his mother's side. Wow, jaw dropping moment. Zuko and Roku- related?! That means that Zuko was trying to kill one of his family's reincarnations. I can't believe it. Aang coems back from the Spirit World and tells the gaang about it, and they re shocked about how such friendships stay alive through such a long time.

    Great episode. 10/10
  • my opion on this episode

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!! This is why I love this show. I have to admit that they were losing me. Can you believe it?? Sozen and Roku were best friends. I guess you can say that the friendship is over. They have me as a fan for life. I almost cried when I saw that sozen left roku to die. I found it especially touching that fang curled himself around roku at the end. I wonder when the avatar dies... whenever that is are the companions, for lack of a better word(fang, appa) required to die with them or can they live on? Is anybody wondering how the uncle got out of the cage and who's doing the bidding if the uncle didn't get out of the cage...I mean he may be looking fit with all that weight he lost, but he's still an old guy. Can anyone explain that??
  • it was great how ang and zoko could see the past.it kinda shows how friends will always be friends unless one of them want power.unlike avitar rhoko who at first seemed like he didnt want it just like angsame

    it was great how ang and zoko could see the past.it kinda shows how friends will always be friends unless one of them want power.unlike avitar rhoko who at first seemed like he didnt want it just like ang but in the end he was glad.it was sad the way he died ! i hope zoko dont make the same mistake and choose s peacfulness unstead of war . i was shocked when zoko s great grandpa was rhoko too . i hope ang can defeat the firer lord with the help of his friends . i love this episond .
  • The tragic episode that shows the good and evil of great power and ambition

    Truly there are numerous words to describe this series, yet only one simple word can truly sum it all up: remarkable. And this episode is the prime example of that word.

    Showing the pasts of Avatar Roku's and Fire Lord Sozin's rise in power and age, the idea of how two very similar people can be drastically altered by destiny.

    The great powers which both Roku and Sozin possesed made them see their once single view of life different. Roku wished to keep the balance of the world while Sozin, having good intentions at first, brings the balance of the world into chaos.

    Friendship was tested time and time again until the final blow was struck. Only then did one rise and the other fall. Tragedy befell the world.
  • This show was sick! Avatar Roku is pretty cool. The history between zuko and aang is pretty edge. This is exactly why I watch this show.

    In "the avatar and the fire lord" I found the transitions between zuko's learning experience and Aang's learning experience to be what makes this show so great. The artwork and plot gripping, especially when Roku was battling the volcano. Coupled with the music, at the time during the show when The second volcano revealed itself in such a manner that it gave me goosebumps. But then it was a tragedy when Sozin would not help Roku after Roku was blasted in the face with poison gas from the volcano. And Who knew that Roku was zuko's grandfather?!!

    I seriously suggest watching this show. Missing it would be a total bummer, if you really like avatar. It is one of those episode that makes everything after it a little bit cooler.

  • Oh My God...

    My reaction to this episode? Holy Cow!!

    I mean seriously, this is THE best episode by far.

    Iroh speaks, his new voice is weird, I guess I will aways like Mako better.

    Fire lord Solzan is voiced by Ron Perlman! -le gasp-

    The whole Roku and Solzan thing was so awesome, they were such great friends... and then Solzan just left Roku there to die?! WTH?!

    And then, when Iroh basically told Zuko that Roku was his great great grandfather on his mother's side.. he was in shock.. and I was too.. because that meant that Zuko and Aang are, in a strange way, related! =D

    I'll say it before, and I'll say it again... Holy freakin' Cow!
  • Very revealing episode very important episode

    This episode rocked. Eventhough it didn't progress the present day story, it is a very important. Though I got the idea about Roku being Zuko's great grandfather, at the beginning when I looked at the girl he married. She looked like Ursa and sounded like Azula. I wonder did they get new Sages, last time we saw them they were prisinors, I guess they got aquited, at least the 4 that didn't aid Aang, I never liked Zhao's way of justice. Did Iroh bust out of jail to give Zuko that scroll, than just sneak back in? I wonder what Zuko is going to do now? Once he again, he is in between the two sides torn, if you wanted the season 2 Zuko, he is back, I don't think he ever really left.

    I wonder what Aang took from this lesson, does this mean when fights Ozai, he is going to say "Since your grandfather and the last Avatar were friends, maybe we can be friends, and forgot about this war, put it there", and offers his hands in friendship. If he does, that is suicide. 10 / 10
  • I didn't see that coming!!!

    Over two hundred years prior to the current time, the all the nations were euphoric and utopian and everyone seemed to enjoy each other's company- the Avatar and the Firelord included. Sozin, as we already know, was a prince but at this time Roku was nothing more than a commoner whose only closeness to power was his frienship with Sozin. After he discovers he's to maintain balance in the world, Roku travels the entire world, mastering all the elements and as he did, his comaraderies included (this inlcuded Monk Giatso)
    Sozin took the wrong turn and Avatar Roku went the opposite direction and this anihilated their friendship. In the end a shocking twist is discovers and that you'll have to watch to figure out.

    A very important installment in the series that answers multifarious questions.
  • The history of the Firelord and Avatar Ruko are looked into.

    An amazing episode! On watching the episode before this "The Beach" I was highly disappionted and thought the series might have hit a snag, not to say the title of THIS episode didn't intrigue me. Whatever "The Beach" didn't do, this episode did. I loved it. Maybe it's because I like knowing the past of older characters, I don't know, but this episode did it for me. Could it be the best episode of the season so far? Yes! Not only does it give us insight into the Avatar's past it reveals something about the enemy. Zuko's headstate is finally explained as that of having Avatar Roku's genes through his mother and Firelord Sozin's through his father. The blue and red dragon are also explained. Red (Roku) and blue (Sozin). Not only is this series one of the best written animated series to come along in generations, it also develops a story that you have to see to believe.

    Roku wants to talks to Aang about his past. Roku shows that he and fire lord Sozin were friends and when he went to train in the other elements Sozin came up with the idea to seize control of the whole world. Roku didnt like this idea and warned Sozin that if he challenged him that their friendship would end. When a volcano erupts on Roku's home island Sozin seems to want to help Roku and mend their friendship. When Roku gets a face full of toxic gas from the volcano Sozin betrays him and says that his dream of uniting all four nations under the fire nation is now a possibility. Zuko gets a mystery letter about his grandfather's death and after reading it knows that his uncle sent it to him and Uncle revels that Roku is his mother's father. Uncle gets his first lines of season 3.
  • the past life of the old firelord and the past avatar

    In the sixth episode of avatar the last airbender, aang and zuko learn about there past. in avatar roku's past, he was very close friends with fire lord sozin. the played a little battle with fire and sozin usally won. when roku was annouced avatar, their friendship didn't change. even years later, they were best friends, and later fire lord sozin was roku's best man. then sozin had a plan to take over the world. roku didn't like it. sozin went through with it. one day, roku's home island went into peril. all the volcanoes went off. roku couldn't take it alone, then sozin helped him out. then roku dies and sozin didn't even help. aang learns that everyone has a little evil. zuko learned something really big, that fire lord sozin has his grandfather, he knew that already. the biggest thing was that he found out that avatar roku was also his grandfather. overall, this is a very revealing episode that shows you the past of the fire nation, fire lord, and avatar roku.
  • Excellent!!

    This is the best avatar episode yet !! It was cleverly elaborated and very revealing, and has a great twist zuko is related to both avatar roku and firelord Solzin. This can explain why, even though he is a bad guy, he has a hard time to be that way, and the reason of those mixed feelings. Now if channels it the right way, he can end it by joinung up and stoping the stupid war thats destroying the world. In the other hand it was nice to see that the avatar got married, which can give hope for those kataang fans. One thing though, the voice of iroh is an ugly one, the guy who used to do it did a better job!!
  • wow i would never have expected the end twist!

    to think that Zuko is related to both Sozin AND Roku!? no wonder his mom was so against the war! i also like how it kept alternating between Roku and Sozin so you weren't just stuck with one point of view. It was also nice to finally hear Iroh speak, but he sounds so different, i have to admit i was slightly dissapointed. this episode left me anxious for the next episode with Zuko, i can't wiat to see whaich side he chooses now that he has two destinies, two ancestors to choose to follow. i also thought it was sad how Sozin just betrayed his lifelong friend like that...
  • Zuko and Aang discover that they are more connected than they could have ever imagined. Great episode!

    It's so cool to see how Roku lived and how he was connected to fire lord Sozin. Never thaught they could have been friends. It's just fantastic to see how powerful Roku was. The fight between those 2 was just to short but it shows you what Roku was capable off.

    Offcourse it was quite obvious that Sozin was adventually going to betray Roku. Allthough i think he didn't intend to but in the end that doesn't really matter. Also soooo nice to know that Roku was also family of Zuko. First episode 2 were Iroh talks. Just great stuff, keep it coming.
  • Cool and exciting episode!

    Great episode! Now I can't wait to watch the next one. It was actually a little weird: I don't think we got enough information about the rest of Aang's gang, (Sokka, Katara and Toph), and it was a little confusing. But beside that, it was a great episode. It's great that we saw the story from two different points of view, both Avatar Roku's and Firelord Sozin's. I think this episode were most for the adult watchers, and that's the epsiodes I love! For example: "The Painted Lady" was NOT a good episode, boring actually. I also like very much when Zuko put one his long cape with a hoot and everything, it make him look mysterious. But it was weird to hear Iroh speak to Zuko, just like that! I mean, it was like they he'd forgiven him ore something. My favourite scene was in the end with Zuko and Iroh in the prison. They were both SO cool down there. Great scene! But at least we know what will happen next time: Iroh and Zuko will run away, now that Zuko knows his destiny. After all, the next episode IS called "The Runaway", so I think it's pretty obvious, right? And the last thing: I KNEW IT! Zuko's scar HAS something to do with Sozin's Comet, as I wrote in my last review on this page.
  • WOW

    This episode reveals so many critical points in the past history of avatar roku. It showed how he was the best of friends with fire lord sozin. they shared everything including birthdays, hobbies , and it is a very revealing episode in which we learned so much. I liked how they developed the character of avatar roku. I really liked this epidsode because it showed the episode from two points of view, avatar roku and fire lord sozin and also through aang and zuko. it was cool to see iroh talk for the first time and it was also cool to see that roku was zuko's ancestor
  • GREAT Episode.... Zuko will have a different view of the avatar as he never did before

    This episode was great.... one of the best episodes of series. It gives us insight on life before the world and events surrounding when and after it started. Zuko sees life through both of his grandfathers. And Aang understands the war a little more and knows his true friends and love span over in lifetimes. Great life lessons and a surprise I didn't see coming... This episode depicts Roku's life and ~death~ which was surprising to see shown.... We kataangers are given a new hope for kataang even though i disreguard what the guru said anyways... one final note the long awaited voice of iroh is finally heard
  • Aang and Zuko learn about their pasts... and how it connects them to the future.

    This was an awesome episode. We see how Roku and Sozin were good friends before Sozin became Fire Lord. The one thing that broke their friendship was when Sozin decided to expand the Fire Nation. Roku, fresh from his Avatar training, knew that this would only bring war and terror upon the world, and tried to convince Sozin that "The four nations are supposed to be just that; four." However, Sozin goes along with his plan. When Roku comes back and sees the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom, he becomes enraged and storms into the palace. He warns Sozin to not continue. Years pass, and Sozin and Roku have taken their separate paths. After Roku marries, he goes to live on a small, volcanic mountain. But tragedy strikes when the volcano erupts, endangering his village. Using all the bending abilities at his disposal, Roku attempts to stem the flow and lead it away from his village. However, the volcano persisted. Suddenly, Sozin arrives to help him. But at the moment of truth, as Roku chokes on the poisonous gases, Sozin simply looks at him, then flies away, leaving Roku to die. (which he does.) It is later revealed, by Iroh in his first dialog of the season to Zuko, that both Sozin AND Roku are his Grandfathers. Quite revealing indeed.
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