Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 2

The Avatar Returns

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Feb 21, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Avatar Returns

    The Avatar Returns was a perfect follow up to the series premiere of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because this is where the journey really begins for all of the characters. I think this episode shows that there is a good deal of character development and complex plot lines. I was breathe taken by the scenery where Appa was flying in the sky. I think this is one of the best cartoons of recent times. I really like the characters, the story is interesting and there is a good mix of action, drama, and humor. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!
  • Aang accidentally sets off a Fire Nation trap and draws their attention to the Southern Water Tribe. Will he be able to save them?

    For the second episode of the series, this was a very impressive episode. When Aang and Katara stumble on a Fire Nation ship, they accidentally set off a trap. Since Zuko is in the area, he sees the trap, and goes to confront the Water Tribe. Aang is banished from the Tribe while the men and women work to defend the people. When the Fire Nation ship arrives at the Tribe, the people turn out to be no match for Zuko and his cronies. Sensing this, Aang returns and wards off the Fire Nation. To save the people of the Tribe, he allows himself to be captured by Zuko. Katara and Sokka plan to save him, and pack up to leave with Aang on his journey. They steal Appa, and fly him to the ship. Aang is already fighting with Zuko to escape. This marks the first time we see him use the Avatar State to fight a battle. And boy was it amazing!!! This allows Aang to escape and begin the journey to defend the Nations with Katara and Sokka.
  • A notch worse compared to the introduction episode.

    While this was still a pretty decent watch, it is no pilot episode. Although there is some action to be found and the fight scenes were entertaining no doubt, it regressed in the other categories that made the first episode of this cartoon such a great watch. First episode was noticeably funnier. In this episode there are some gags here and there, but nothing that really will make you giggle, much less smirk. And the writing isn't as good, although the opening scene where Aang gets banished from the village was an effective and emotional part. All in all though, it was an average episode, no more or less.
  • As a Fire Nation ship approaches, Aang departs the Water Tribe to avoid trouble. When the ship, commanded by Prince Zuko, attacks anyway, Aang turns himself over to protect his new friends. Katara and Sokka decide to rescue him and the adventure begins.

    Like the first episode, this one establishes a bit more of the characters' motivations, particularly this year's villain Prince Zuko, as well as getting a better look at Aang's abilities with his airbending mastery and a glimpse of just what an Avatar can do. This episode sets up most of our Book 1 A-Team, with Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Appa deciding on the journey they will take that will drive the rest of the year (as well as justifying a number of side episodes ;D) and Zuko gets to see just what he is up against. This episode really serves as an extension on the pilot, something a good two parter will often do, building on the ideas and characters of the last episode and presenting the show's first action sequences. That extra action, done in a pretty exciting fashion puts it a notch higher for me than the pilot episode and gives a good taste of what's to come.
  • Aang attempts to escape the ship he is now held on. After Katara and Sokka depart and save Aang, they realize he is the Avatar and their journey begins

    Just Amazing. As i said in the other review which overlapped into episode, only bad part was how Zuko captured Aang. Now to the meat of the review. Aang is captured and thrown into the prison. I love how Aang espcaped because it seemed like he was having fun even though it was a life and death situation and had fun with the guards very funny. This episode also had a lot more humor than the first half. It was funny how Grangran seemed to care about Katara and just said bye to Sokka and to take care of Katara. Poor Sokka! Another funny part, probably of the whole season was when Sokka got Appa to fly. He was like "Katara look hes flyin!!!.... eh no big deal...". Oh Sokka....

    Finally The gang meets up at Zukos ship. When all hope seems lost, Aang goes into the avatar state and does the most insane Waterbending and defeats Zuko... As a pilot, this is something that keeps a series going, awesome action with the waterbending i was just wowed by this, everything in the episode was funny, and entertaining at the same time. This is the beginning of the Zuko, Aang rival too, which goes through alot of twists and turns throughout the series. Another good part of this episode is the very deep and amazing ending when Katara asks Aang why he didnt tell her he was the avatar. Aang responds "Because i never wanted to be". Perfect ending to a pilot, and you see why he says this throughout two full seasons until he finally accepts it. It has more to it than Aang just being a kid not wanting to protect the world. Amazing episode... This is the start of one of the best series ever.
  • Great episode

    after learning of being frozen in ice for a 100 years I can't think of being in ice for a 100 years and then Zuko attacks Katara's home and everybody learns that Aang is the avatar master of all 4 elements thats awesomed and Aang battles the Zuko and I thinks is so cool how Aang makes his eyes and tattos grow thats what catch mean to watch Avatar the last airbender I love that kind of stuff man. Then plans to master water then earth and fire for last and I appa Aangs bison that can fly how cool is that yip yip I need a flying bison
  • Our second-half to the beginning episode!

    This episode was great too! Before Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Appa are ready to go and travel to other parts of the world on their adventure, they are hanging around Antarctica seeing if they are ready to fulfill their destinies, Gran Gran though is concerned abotu them at first, but after Zuko shows up and tries to capture the Avatar to bring to his father, who is the firelord, trouble begins to start. Sokka tires to stop Zuko, but his fighting skills aren't good enough yet, as Zuko easily avoids him and uses slef-defense attacks to bring him to the ground. (Zuko actually gets hit though by the return of Sokka's boomerang.) Once Aang and the gang start to head out, we see more of Zuko and uncle Iroh, Aang escapes Zuko's clutches for the time being, but after seeing his power, Zuko won't underestimate him again.
  • great Great great

    Another great episode after "The boy in the iceberg" now Aang sacrifice himself to Prince Zuko to stop the Fire Nation to destroy the Water Trbie Village i love the part that Sokka fight Zuko and the boomerang :):):)
    I love Aang fighting Zuko and Waterbending!!!

    Really nice episode continuation of the first episode i feel this TV show is up-hill really fast really really fast i love this episode
    Aang fighting Prince Zuko was an excelent battle and its obvious that Aang need training because he get tired everytime he Water Bend but excellent episode this TV show is "Yip-Yip" to the top
  • Pretty good for the second episode.

    For a kid that seems so wise, is just so silly. Aang escapes with Katara out of the ship, but they don't know that the Fire Lord's son, Prince Zuko, knows that they are being hunted. When Zuko and his soldiers get there, Sokka tries his best to take down Zuko, but with two kicks from Zuko, Sokka is down. Zuko threatens the village with fire to give up the Avatar. Then, Aang comes. He admits that he is the Avatar, then gives up so that he doesn't hurt anyone in the village. He tries to escape, and wounds up destroying Zuko's whole ship. He goes into the Avatar state to do it. He tells Katara and Sokka who helped Aang by getting Appa to come to the ship that he is the Avatar. They were shocked that Aang was the Avatar. They planned their whole adventure and then took off to their next adventure, the Southern Air Temple, home of where Aang was born and raised. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5.
  • Will Prince Zuko fulfill his destiny and capture Aang?

    This episode is a great following for the pilot episode.This episode has more air bending and fire bending action that the first one. Katara even does a water bending move herself. This episode also put in a little bit of comedy. This episode deserves a ten because there is nothing that could be better than this episode. We learn the plot of the season in the episode. The episode started where it left off. Aang has accidentally signaled the fire nation to the water tribe. Aang has to save the water tribe, however; Zuko must capture Aang and return home.
  • The more action packed second part of the first episode. Aang comes back to save the village, gets captured, and escapes from Zuko destroying his ship along the way.

    A little more adventurous than the first episode but just as good. Character development, talk about destiny, beginning a long journey, and Kung Fu Action Jesus goodness. Sokka gets humiliated at his first attempt to be an actual warrior. Aang takes away the glory of defeating a 12 year old boy from Zuko because he is destined to fail. Katara and Sokka come to save him Funny moments like Katara freezing Sokka, combined with action, Avatar state Aang make the episode a continuation of Avatar awesomeness. Wish I could do these reviews fast but i just keep wind up making them good.
  • The avatar has returned, aang saves the southern water tribe village form prince zuko's firebenders

    This episode continues where the last one left off, katara and aang set of a trap which alerts prince zuko to the village. the village doesn't like aangs wreckless actions and they banish him. This frustrates katara because she wants to learn waterbending and aang was here only chance.

    This is the episode where we get to see the avatar show his stuff. The village comes under attack by zuko but the avatar comes back to protect the village. Aang cleverly draws the fire nation away from the village by becoming a prisoner and single handedly defeating the crew.

    This episode has the best fight so far in which aang battles zuko. on first impression aang seems to fast for zuko and comically beats him by using air to launch a bed matress at him. We learn some new things in this episode such as aang turning into a super powerful state where his eyes and tatooes glow and his bending becomes more powerful. There are also some hilaroius moments especially sokkas reaction to the flying bison and sokka getting owned by zuko.

    This episode sets up what is to come with aang and katara finding a waterbending teacher at the north pole
  • Just a funny story I wrote about Katara's biggest problem. Read and ENJOY!!!!!!!! It's fake though.

    (Katara is water bending the waves slowly, more slowly than usual. Seeing the waves wash and splash into eachother made her legs twich for the running water made her bladder fill, when finally.)

    Katara:Whoops, better get to the bathroom, quick!

    (Back at their water tribe teepee, Aang let out a hundred years of poop clogging the toilet completely.)

    Aang:Oh no, Sokka, help quick.


    Aang:We have a problem

    Sokka:Jeez Aang, I-

    Katara:Sokka! You home.

    Sokka:Crap, I'll stall her, you unclog it in the mean time.

    Aang:Got it, don't let her in.

    (The bathroom door is shut and locked with Sokka outside it guarding it and Katara runs up to it.)

    Katara:Move over Sokka, I gotta get to the toilet.

    Sokka:Um sorry but, ofcourse, Aang's occuping it now wait for him.

    (Sokka then leaves leaving Katara standing there with her hands on her hips squriming a little.)

    Katara:Oh...Aang, you almost done in the lavatory.

    Aang:Uh, no just wait a while.

    (Katara stands there with her hands holding in front of her flipping her thumbs and she's blushed.)


    (Katara is standing there still with her legs crossed and one up, her arm around her waist and one hand picking her teeth.)

    Katara:Aang, I gotta get in there, please, I gotta gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Aang:Um just one more minute Katara.

    (Katara becomes testy and is squirming all around.)

    Aang let me in the restroom, I really need to use the toilet or I'm gonna burst.

    (The door opens and Aang walks out.)

    Aang:There you go.

    (He runs and Katara enters ready to pee, but the toilet was blown out.)

    Katara:NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! GGGGGGggooooooootta gggggggoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Katara explodes with pee.)
  • A good follow-up to the pilot, and superior in many ways...

    The episode starts where the first left off. The Southern Water Tribe saw the flare sent off by the Fire Nation ship and banished Aang for going to the ship, which was off-limits. Shortly after Aang leaves, the Fire Nation ship comes to the tribe and attacks. Sokka has prepared for this, but is easily defeated by Zuko. Aang then comes back and fights Zuko for a bit, but realizes they might hurt the innocent and surrenders himself, revealing that he is the Avatar; the master of the four elements. Through a series of events that are unlikely, Aang finds a way to escape the ship, which Katara and Sokka have followed with a boat of their own. The three fight Prince Zuko and his hedonistic uncle for a while and then escape, being questioned by Katara about being the Avatar.
    Though nowhere near as flawed as the previous episode, it has some problems as well. It shares with it's predecessor lack of character and a thin plot.
    But it's exciting, and the brilliant animation should be enough for anybody to want to see how it is followed up.
  • sokka and katara find out aang is the avatar!

    zuko (a fire nation prince who has been seeking for the avatar for some time) finds out where is the avatar. sokka finds out where katara and aang has been and the trap that aang set off could have made a fire nation ship attack the village. now aang is banished and zuko attacks the village. zuko says he is only looking for the avatar. aang goes back to the village to rescue them. he willingly gives himself to the fire nation as long as the village would not be destroyed. then aang breaks out and now aang, sokka, katara, and appa are going to the north pole to master waterbending.
  • fangasm!!

    After Aang accidentally sets off a Fire Nation trap, he is banished from the South Pole. Soon after Prince Zuko attacks the Southern Water Tribe seeking to capture the Avatar. Aang returns and surrenders to save the Water Tribe. But can Sokka and Katara save the world's only chance at peace, or will Zuko keep his ultimate prize? i though that the most epic part was when aang went in to the avatar state. i was so surprised when i was like 10 or 11 and watching this. i was like wow this will be a great series for nick .
  • great touch to the backstory and characters

    Things start to heat up (no pun intended) when Zuko finally finds his way to Aang and wishes to reclaim his honor for his capture. Katara and Sokka follow, showing their friendship and respect for the Avatar. The action starts to unfold as Aang trys to escape and we start to see Zuko obsession with the Avatar unfold. Uncle Iroh is comedic and wise as an adult mentor toward the young Zuko and is a calm to Zuko's storm like attitude. The animation is excellent from all the amazing bending fighting to its exact consequences. Everything is done well, and nothing is overdone, overused or never used at all. Finishing off a great introduction and two parter, "The Avatar Returns" is a fine episode
  • A satisfying ending to the 2-part series kick off. If The Boy in the Iceberg was the set up, The Avatar Returns delivers the goods. If you weren't hooked in Episode 1, Episode 2 clamps you and drags you into the Avatar world.

    It is difficult to be objective with my reviews, as I am reviewing old episodes after watching almost the entire series. However, after going back and watching these episodes again, one thing is clear. Avatar is a great work of art. I remain amazed at how so many different entertainment options can be presented in a single half hour, so-called children's show.

    As with Episode 1, the mythology of the series is exhibited for the first time and portends many good things to come. Perhaps the key aspects established in Avatar Returns are the exciting bending battles and the mysterious Avatar State. Both will feature prominently in episodes to come, and both are incredibly exciting to watch.

    While the action was definitely dialed up in this one, character development is not ignored. We get a good look at Katara's independence, Sokka's loyalty to his sister, Aang's innocence in the face of great power, and Zuko's obsession. All in all, this episode ranks with the best.
  • The thrilling conclusion to the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode of this thrilling series.

    So we've seen the first episode of the series, and we're all set to see the first ever confrontation between the two main characters, Aang and Zuko. We're slightly dissapointed at the beginning when Aang decides to give himself up, but we get paid back later.
    The loose threads created in the previous episode are tied up, Appa finally proves to the siblings he can fly, Sokka decides that Aang's not such a bad kid and Aang reveals to Sokka and Katara that he's the Avatar.
    After an amusing scene where Aang escapes the firebending grunts that hold him captive on Zuko's ship, he goes to get his staff, only to find that Zuko has it in his cabin. At the same time Katara and Sokka have said goodbye to their Grandmother and are ready to fly on Appa to help Aang.
    Once Aang's inside Zuko's cabin the first real fight of the series happens. The fight scene music we all know and love is played and Zuko tries to attack Aang, failing comically as Aang dodges his every shot. Eventually Aang gets his staff and crushes his foe under his matress in a hilarious way.
    After a heroic rescue by Sokka and Katara, they amost literally fly off into the sunset, with the intention of crossing the globe to get to the North Pole, setting up from the very beginning the plot for the first season, and so the epic adventure begins.
  • As Aang leads Katara to search an old fire nation ship, they set off a trap that leads Prince Zuko to find them. Aang gives himself up to protect the water tribe village, but Zuko finds out too late that this young Avatar is not to be taken lightly.

    This episode is one of my favorites simply because it sets up all of the upcoming action in the series so well. I thought Aang's character was beautifully portrayed as he gave himself up for people he did not really know, and Zuko's character can be clearly seen as desperate. The initial fight scene between Aang and Zuko was directed so nicely, that it is still one of my favorite scenes to watch.
    And finally, the introduction to the powerful Avatar State was beautifully executed. The audience can clearly see the immense power it gave Aang. The scene where Aang falls into the water and then his eyes turn bright white still gives me chills. This was so unexpected, and the power he has with the water was truly amazing to watch.
    Also, i'll add that the music is truly inspirational, and added a whole lot to an already amazing episode.
  • Aang and Katara get spotted by Zuko. Aang gets banished from the water tribe. Zuko attacks the village captures Aang and Katara and Sokka go after him and help him escape.

    Aang and Katara get spotted by Zuko. Aang gets banished from the water tribe. Zuko attacks the village captures Aang and Katara and Sokka go after him and help him escape.

    The part where Zuko just knocks over Sokka is great and the boomerang. Dramitic reveal: Aang is the avatar! Aang beats nameless fire nation henchman 1 and 2 with his hands tied behind his back. Appa`flys!! Aang goes into the avatar state and easily beats Zuko then Aang trashes his ship and than Katara and Sokka decides to go with Aang to the North Pole to learn waterbending from a waterbending master.
  • Aang is discovered to be the Avatar.

    Things start to heat up (no pun intended) when Zuko finally finds his way to Aang and wishes to reclaim his honor for his capture. Katara and Sokka follow, showing their friendship and respect for the Avatar. The action starts to unfold as Aang trys to escape and we start to see Zuko obsession with the Avatar unfold. Uncle Iroh is comedic and wise as an adult mentor toward the young Zuko and is a calm to Zuko's storm like attitude. The animation is excellent from all the amazing bending fighting to its exact consequences. Everything is done well, and nothing is overdone, overused or never used at all. Finishing off a great introduction and two parter, "The Avatar Returns" is a fine episode.
  • The second episode is more exciting than the first.

    I loved this episode. It was quite admirable to see a kid like Aang choose to be Zuko's prisoner in order to keep the Water Tribe from getting harmed, though Aang had no problem dealing with the Fire Nation after he was captured. We got to see The Avatar State for the first time in this episode. Everything was really great. And I was happy to see Sokka willing to work with Katara. That made me really happy. =)

    Aang's airbending skills are amazing, but Aang really does have a lot to learn. I enjoy seeing Aang develop and improve his skills. He is an exciting hero.
  • The continuation of the last episode!

    These two sister episodes (The boy in the ice berg and this one) are meant to be watched together, which is (thankfully) what Nickelodeon premiered them as. The action in this episode is subtle compared to future episodes, but the humor is just starting to pick up. Avatar is known for a couple of things, memorable characters, creators who have done their homework in creating the Avatar world, and animation quality. (Action and humor is sprinkled justly on top)

    And this episode buds all three (or five) of those things. If you know much anything about fighting styles, you'll be mesmerized by their fluidity.
  • In the ruins of an old Fire Navy ship, Aang accidentally triggers a trap which gives away his position to the relentless Prince Zuko. Determined to capture the avatar, Zuko closes in on the all but defenceless Water Tribe villiage.

    While the first episode tells what Avatar is going to be about, this one really shows it. Aang's destiny as the avatar is revealled; it is up to him to end the war which has eveloped the world in his absence. The fight scenes are very well done, and the conclusion of these is bordering on epic. In every sense, this is an excellent follow up episode which sets itself apart from other cartoons by way of scope and continuity. If, after watching the first two episodes, you are not gripped by the story and action of Avatar, then clearly it is not the show for you.
  • The Avatar Returns

    The episode is a continuation of the first episode 'The Boy in the Iceberg' i really liked this episode because it reveals alot of informaion in a little amount of time making it jam packed of good exciting action.
    The main plot of this episode is whilst Aang and Katara are on the old fire nation ship, Zuko ( a young firebender ) is awaiting a sign of the Avatars return. With a trap setting off a fire work from the old fire nation ship Aang and Katara quickly escape the ship and return to the villiage. Zuko is now on the route to the Avatar. Will the villiage survive Zuko's rage and a secret about Aang is revealed.
    Overal is episode is really fun to watch and a secret is revealed which i didn't think was coming.
  • Good follow up to the first episode.

    This was a good follow up to the first episode. It was almost like a two-hour premiere because the two are so closely related. This episode left off directly where the last one did. Although there is less humor in this episode, it makes up for it in developing the plot of the show. When Katara and Sokka decide to leave and help Aang, it really starts their adventure. I also thought this episode was really exciting becouse it gives us our first experience of the Avatar state. The first time you see it, it really catches your intrest because we have no idea what Aang is or what he is doing. I think they did a great job writing this episode.
  • This episode was a continuation of the last one (The Boy in the Iceberg). It was the episode where Katara and Sokka find out Aang is the avatar, and the episode where Zuko and Aang first met. It was well written for a mixture of comedy and adventure.

    This episode was back to back from episode 101: The Boy in the Iceberg. This episode is nice and all, but still, like 101, it wasn't my favorite. In this episode however, the creators/ writers of this episode Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko made it so that Zuko will meet Aang, Katara and Sokka will find out Aang is the avatar, and everything is introduced. Sokka finally believes that Appa can fly, but still doesn't trust Aang as much as Katara does. This episode was a series classic because it had a true meaning for avatar. It was definetly not filler, and it was a master peice. (STILL NOT MY FAVORITE!)
  • The second episode, great character development and good action.

    This episode was a lot better than the first episode. The character developement was great in the two episodes. In this episode, they Sokka, Katara, and the rest of the Southern Water Tribe find out Aang is the Avatar. But more importantly, Zuko knows. At one point, Zuko captured him, but Aang got away. Now, Katara and Sokka are now joining Aang and Appa to continue his quest. And since Zuko found out, the whole entire Fire Nation found out. Which led to Admiral Zhao to find and capture the Avatar. Which he did, but lost him. Overall, great job with the character development and it's a 9.
  • After Aang and Katara escape from the Fire Nation ship, tney have to face a new problem. Prince Zuko knows where they are and is heading for the Southern Water Tribe.

    The thing that is most impressive about this episode is the first great action scenes among many that will be seen later on in the series. Just watching the bending sequences should get anyone to watch the show. One stands in awe as we realize the awesome power of the Avatar. This power is realized in the best scene/climax of this episode which was when Aang entered the Avatar State and fought back against Zuko and his crewmen. This episode furthers the character development of all of the main characters. By the end, it successfully makes the viewer feel like they "know" the characters. One can already tell that Sokka is the sarcastic humorous character, Aang is the naive boy on the "Hero's Journey," Katara is the caring supporter with unrealized talent, and Zuko is the persistant, ironwilled prince. The feeling of suspense was very well executed. The impending encounter with the Fire Nation can be felt as one feels the fear of the villagers and the sequence, where Sokka and Zuko prepare for battle, enhances the atmosphere of inevitability. This episode is predictable in certain ways though. The hero is banished, and he/she is the one that eventually saves the day? How many times has that been used in past stories? Keep in mind, it is only the outcome of the episode that is predictable, not the all the sequences in the middle and the beginning. The ending was very good in the fact that it made the viewers want more of the show. Now that the goals of the characters are known, it casues the audience to speculate, and that only makes them return to find out what happens. Great shows/episodes causes the audience to speculate, while poor shows/episodes do not. Overall, this episode is very solid and will keep anyone interested.
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