Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 1

The Awakening

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Sep 21, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Aang wakes up, heavily bandaged and, unaware of it, full of hair, and finds himself on a fire nation ship. He tries to get out but can do nothing but limp. He limps out and finds two fire nation soldier. He tries to blow them away with airbending, but they don't get blown away. He limps out of the ship very fast but trips and finds himself in front of two soldiers petting Momo. He wonders what is going then Toph calls out to him and everyone gathers around him. Aang wonders if this is a dream and Katara assures him this isn't a dream. Sokka then greets Aang happily. And Aang suddenly faints.
Meanwhile, on another fire nation ship, Zuko stands out looking at the sea and Mai comes to him and asks him if he's cold. Zuko starts telling that he's been banished from the fire nation for three years. Then he wonders if things have changed. Mai interrupts by saying she was only asking if he was cold not to hear a life story. She approaches near him and tells him to stop worrying and kisses him, then walks away.

Aang asks why are they on a fire nation ship and why is everyone dressing as a fire nation soldiers and why Aang doesn't know about this. Katara tells him to take it easy and explains that he got hurt pretty badly. She mentions that she likes Aang's hair. Aang is surprised to hear it and asks how long has he been knocked out. Katara answers by telling him that he's been knocked out for a few weeks. Hakoda, Katara's and Sokka's father asks if everything is okay. Katara replies with a slight tone of anger that everything is fine. Hakoda introduces himself to Aang, but Katara tells his father that Aang knows who he is because Katara called him dad with the same tone. Aang replies to Hakoda it is nice to officially meet him. Katara interrupts impatiently that they know each other and asks for privacy. Hakoda walks away and Aang asks if Katara is mad at her father, Katara replies she isn't and asks Aang what made him say that. Aang replies he doesn't know and soon clutches his ribs in pain. Katara suggests that she should start healing him. They go into the same room and she starts healing Aang at the area where Azula struck him. Aang starts telling where it hurts the most. He soon gets a flashback of what happened to him. Katara finishes healing Aang and removes the healing water out of Aang and at that moment, Aang remembers what happened. He remembers that he was gone. But Katara brought him back with healing. He told her that she saved him. Katara tells him that he should get some rest.

Meanwhile, Lo and Li announces about Azula's greatest conquer of Ba Sing Se. They also announce that both Azula and Zuko had returned and slain the Avatar.

On the fire nation ship, Sokka explains to Aang what happened after the escape in Ba Sing Se. They flew to Chameleon Bay and met up with Hakoda and the other water tribe warriors. The Earth King decided to travel into the wild with Bosco. When the Bay was overrun by the fire nation ships, they manage to board one of them and traveled in disguise. Since then, they traveled west; crossing through the Serpent's Pass and have successfully passed the fire nation ships without being discovered. They also continued to modify Sokka's plan of invading the fire nation on the solar eclipse. They plan to fight with only their old allies, such as Pipsqueak and the Duke. But to make things worse for Aang, their secret to the plan is that the whole world thinks he is dead. Sokka sees this as an advantage as the fire nation won't be looking for them, but Aang doesn't approve of this secret. As a fire nation ship floats by, Aang prepares to fight, but Katara assures him that they'll talk their way out or their cover will be blown. As the rest hide, including Appa, Hakoda and Bato confronts three fire nation soldiers. Hakoda tells that they're from the eastern fleet so they would be delivering cargo instead of helping occupy Ba Sing Se. The leader almost falls for it. When the discussion ends, one of the soldiers tells the leader a piece of evidence that they could be lying. They plan to sink the ship after they make it to their own. Toph discovers that they know that Hakoda was lying and metalbends the gangway down. The fire nation ship fires a giant fireball at the Aang and his friends.

Meanwhile, Zuko is seen at the pond feeding turtleducks like in "Zuko Alone." Azula approaches to Azula and sees that Zuko is feeling a bit worried and Mai is in an unusually good mood. Zuko confesses that he is worried that Fire Lord Ozai won't restore Zuko's honor because he didn't capture the Avatar. Azula assures him that Avatar is dead but asks him suspiciously that the Avatar could have made it out alive. Zuko recalls Katara telling him about the Spirit Oasis Water with healing power. Zuko lies that there is no way Aang could've survived. Azula looks at him suspiciously and tells him there isn't anything he needs to worry about. She then walks away.

Back at the ship with Aang and his friends, fireballs are still being hurled at their ship. Aang's friends start fighting back and Toph asks how are they doing. Sokka comments that things couldn't get worse. Just then, the serpent from the Serpent's Pass appeared making Sokka say that the universe loves proving him wrong. A fireball is hurled at the serpent and starts attacking the enemy fire nation ship. After they manage to get away, they dock in the port. Sokka, Katara, and Toph comes in and asks if Aang is hungry. Aang wants food but doesn't want to go out there if he can't wear his airbending arrow proudly. Katara tells the others to go and talks with Aang. Katara starts off telling she knows how Aang feels about being a secret. Aang confesses that he doesn't like being a secret because he feels that he did fail everyone who needed him. Aang tells Katara that he should face the fire lord alone because he doesn't want his friends to fix his mistake. Katara leaves and Aang says that he needs his honor, making him sound like Zuko.

Zuko is seen walking to the fire lord's chamber. He hesitates to go in there but soon he does and faces the fire lord.

Katara walks into Aang's room bringing him food only to find he's gone. Katara knows why Aang has left and runs out of the room while Aang is seen flying off.

Zuko bows to his father and his father says that Zuko has been gone for three years. He tells Zuko that he has redeemed himself and welcomes Zuko home, with his face finally seen.

Aang is seen flying across the sea with his glider. Katara is running to her father and tells what Aang has done and the reason was because he was being selfish. Hakoda knows that she is also describing himself. Hakoda confesses that he was sad and lonely because he misses Katara and Sokka during his time at the war.

Fire Lord Ozai says that he is proud of Zuko that he and Azula conquered Ba Sing Se and that he captured Iroh, considered a traitor, but most importantly, Zuko has slain the Avatar. Zuko knows this is a lie and asks where he heard from it. Ozai tells Zuko he heard it from Azula and compliments him.

Aang is still flying over the sea and manages to pass the fire nation blockade. He manages to speed up his travel using a log and his glider as a windsurfer but loses his glider.

That night, Zuko comes into Azula's room, while she is sleeping, and asks why she told their father that he killed the Avatar. Azula tells that she wanted Zuko to have some glory so that he had nothing to worry about. Zuko knows that she is planning something but doesn't know what. Azula asks what she could gain for giving the glory to Zuko that he killed the Avatar unless he survived. The glory would turn to shame then. But she recalls that Zuko told her that there was no way the Avatar survived. Zuko goes out of Azula's room.

Aang is stranded at sea, without any hope. Aang believes he has failed. Suddenly, Avatar Roku appears to him and confesses to Aang that he is the one who failed, because he couldn't stop the war before it began. Aang still isn't confident, but Yue also appears and tells him not to give up. Aang says that she is right and he won't give up. He waterbends the ocean to make a wave to travel. Yue speeds up Aang's travel by helping to build the wave. Aang is seen at the shore of the island where Roku's temple was destroyed. He finds Momo on top of him and Sokka, Toph and Katara finds him too. Aang's friends tell that they will help Aang on his quest to invade the fire nation. Aang agrees. Then Toph finds Aang's broken staff and gives it back to him. Aang decides that he can't have it or their plan will fail if the Fire Nation knew the avatar was alive. He puts his staff on top of the mountain and lets it burn, ending the chapter.