Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 5

The Beach

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 19, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • this episode was awsome instead of the orginal Aang and gang it was zuko and gang as the main part of the story gotta love that

    This episode is indescribable but I will try to explain it..the episode starts out with zuko and gang being forced to go on vacation at ember island because ozai wanted to speak with adviser alone when they get there it is not what they remembered but they make the best of the situation they ended up going to the beach and enjoyed themselves especially azula she is too competitive and I found that azula has a heart in her it is small but it is still there...anyway they ended up getting invited to a party and zuko we find is a jealous person and azula is trying to be more girly per say but really messes it up...the Aang gang finally meets the guy that blows up things with his mind but that fight was really quick was that aang trying to firebend towards the end of that scene?
  • Better

    This heart of the episode impressed me. We look into the hearts of the antagonists. You find out why Mai and Ty Lee act the way they do. Azula's sadness over her mother resentment also impressed me. This episode really dwells into the psyche of Azula. She is anti-social and megalomaniac. In the end she basically reveals she is a sociopath. She sees a simple game as a battle and acts awkwardly in the simplest conversations. The party scene was painful to watch and dampens Zuko's character as he is seen as just a hothead. Zuko's confusion and inner conflict is still never addressed in a clear manner. The battle between Combustion Man and Aang & the gang was paled in comparison to other pervious Avatar battle scenes.
  • It was great getting to know the Fire Nation gang.

    I watch this episode more than the finale. What I like about the Beach episode is that we get to learn the stories of Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, and Zuko...even though Zuko's story is pretty much in the bag at this point of the story to me.

    It's nice seeing Azula act like a typical young teen, instead of a crazy tyrant. I especially like the scenes when she comforts Ty Lee after insulting her...it shows that Azula has some gentleness within her---just some.
    Overall, this episodes shows that Azula, despite being a hot headed monster, has the ability to be a happy young woman...if she tries, that is.
  • This episode was about Aang and the group going to the Air Temple and meeting Zuko who asked to teach Aang firbending.

    This episdoe is my favriote. It's well written and proved that Zuko was good. It was suprising to me when Zuko asked Aang if he could be his firebending teacher. When Zuko said " Hi, Zuko here." It cracked me up! This episode is funny and exiting. I never thought that Sokka could defeat " Compushtin Man. " I think it's cool how the Western Air Temple is upside down. I called " Compushtin Man " a three eyed cyclops. This episode rocks! I love this show alot. Thats why i named my account Avatar My Life. Buh bye bye.
  • The Beach

    The Beach was a superb episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of character development for the Fire Nation gang of Azula, Zuko, Mai, and Tai Lee. I thought this episode had a great story and gave us a lot more info on these characters. This episode also moves the season forward with a little plot development. I found the character revelations fascinating and even Azula showed some humanity. I thought it was interesting how Zuko is going through some self realization. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee take a vacation to Ember Island. In the process, they come to learn more about themselves and each other, as well as their desires for the future.

    This episode was my favorite episode on the Avatar: The Last Airbender. I like it because this episode did not focused in the Team Avatar but in the villains sharing their thoughts and feelings to each other. In this episode, we can see the character development to the villains. We can see also the other places in the Fire Nation. My favorite character is Mai in this TV show, that's why I learn something about her past and her childhood. This episode made me laugh,touched, and learn about their past lives. [Not really reach 100?! xD] That's all, guys!. LOL!
  • A decent start gives way to a weak finish.

    I had high hopes for this episode. Given the massive amount of drama seen thus far in season 3, some lighthearted filler was called for.

    The humor in the first third or so of the episode seemed to fit well enough. Zuko's possessiveness of Mai and seemingly constant anger, coupled with Azula's comical inability to interact with other teenagers, highlights something the audience has always known - these kids are not normal. It soon becomes clear that Zuko's increasingly hot temper has its roots in something far deeper than the daily drama of teenage life. He breaks into his family's old beach home, and the audience revisits a few flashbacks from earlier in the series. His sister interrupts the moment with uncharacteristic gentleness. All this builds to a single message - at one point (presumably before the disappearance of Zuko and Azula's mother), they were an actual family. The most compelling moment in the episode comes soon after. As the four teens are sitting on the beach, unsure what to say to one another, Ty Lee complains that she is cold. Zuko smiles and offers to build a fire; he looks back to the old beach house and says, "There's plenty of stuff to burn in there." Given how fondly Zuko seemed to be looking in on the relics of his past, his reaction is like a punch to the gut. Well done, writers.

    ...And then you get to the campfire scene. Alas, poor unloved teenage villains. How I weep for thee. Delving into a character's past can be a great way to deepen his or her development - episodes such as "The Storm" and "Zuko Alone" did so brilliantly. But having the kids sitting around the campfire and talking out their problems was not only deeply out-of-character (given what we've seen of the four of them before), but played like an episode of Oprah. The writers usually do a good job of revealing the characters' pasts in a realistic and genuinely dramatic way. Here, that drama spirals into melodrama. The same history that usually makes Zuko so compelling a character now sounds like nothing more than adolescent whining. The B-plot, on the other hand, was strong throughout. "Combustion Man" (despite the silly nickname) is absolutely terrifying, precisely because we (and the protagonists) know so little about him. The fight scenes were extremely well done; their abruptness actually heightened the sense of urgency and terror.

    In sum, a strong start gave way to a weak finish. Given how well-written the rest of the season has been, I expected better.
  • An attempt at character development that goes completely wrong

    I usually enjoy character development episodes, but this was anything but enjoyable.

    For some reason the writers of the show tried to integrate honest character development with overdramtic humor, an attmept which fails miserably.

    Try to show a human side for Azula, and she ends up looking dumb.
    Ty Lee fianlly gets some backstory, but its still minimal information.
    Mei also gets some backstory, but once again its compressed and rushed.
    Zuko, well, nothing new. We already know most of his issues and past, his moments in this subject were mostly redundant.

    Funny, I spent the last two epsiodes wanting to see more of Zuko, A zula and the others, but I sepnd this epsiode wanting to go right back to the Aang's group.
  • Even monsters have hearts.

    An interesting concept for an episode; concentrate on the character developments of the four main enemies. It started off really really good, showing the obvious flaws of the four; Tai Le being an attention whore; Mai who has closed the world off from her; Azula whom was breeded to be nothing but a soldier dog with no social skills; and Zuko who has this deep hatred and takes it out on everything he sees. The beach scenes and the party scenes showed great promise, but then the aftermath of the part, where the four are discussing their problems at the fire, is what ultimately brings this episode from excellent to just great. It was a great sequence; we figure out the root of each of these four teenagers problems, but it felt forced...very very forced. There wasn't any flow to the conversation. If not for that this could have been a top notch episode. Plus the stuff with Aang's pursuer is cool.
  • A decent filler episode with some character development.

    In this episode, Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee are sent away to an island while the Fire Lord makes his plans. The island is a place where the Zuko and his family used to spend their time at a long time ago.

    The episode is nothing more but a filler episode, but contains character development for the characters mentioned above. It delves into the pasts of these characters, and reveals their flaws, and how they all get to know each other a little bit better.

    While the character development and the writing for it was nice, I wish they could've done it in a better way, instead of the characters talking around a fire. Like what they did in some scenes with Azula, which showed she isn't really a social person in a pretty humorous way. When the characters were talking about their pasts, I wish they would've shown flashbacks to some of these scenes to make it more interesting.

    The fight with Combustion Man and Aang and group was too short and seemingly random. It wasn't really interesting. I would've liked it if it was replaced with more clips at the island, or if a minute or two of scenes was added on to Aang and group.
  • zuko, azula,ty-lee, and mai go to ember island and discover more about themselves and each other.

    not one of the best episodes, but a good one nonetheless, i'll start with the dislikes of this episode:
    - mai seemed really unfaithful to zuko in this episode, but when he reveals he doesnt know right from wrong anymore, she tells him she cares about him, which really has nothing to do with anything!
    - the sudden character development, it was nessecary for zuko to figure out his feelings, and azula's part wasn't bad, however finding out out of nowhere that ty-lee has some kind of attention seeking complex and mai was told to be unfeeling by her parents, who in (return to omashu) seemed like very nice and caring parents, seemed like a bit too much character development, at least too much for my tastes.
    now for the likes:
    - azula was hilarious, i didn't start liking her up until her craziness in this episode.
    - finding out that azula has a soft spot for ty-lee, she was always viewed as unfeeling up to this episode,
    - you get to see sokka with his hair down, even if it was a brief appearance.
  • Well written but no much else

    Avatar the last airbender,
    The Beach,
    In this episode the Zuko Azula mai and ty lee go on a vacation to ember island. Were they not much fun learn about each other.While the gaang has fun in a water place. Then are attacked by zuko's asing. Which is sent to kill aang. In the zuko part we learn that zuko is confused more than ever. Like we didnt know that. And tht azula feels like her mother though she was a monster. Overall i really didnt like this episode very much. I felt bored and by knowing that zuko is feeling into the same were we were in the first episode. :(
  • Ember Island is a magical place that helps people better understand themselves and their friends. When Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Zuko travel there for a respite, the island works its magic on them and helps them better understand themselves and each other.

    This episode may not do much to further the plot, but it is a good episode. This episode is interesting because of its exposition into the personalities and relationships of what I like to call the "Fire Nation gang" (Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Zuko). We get to see why the members of the FN gang act the way they do. I like it specifically for its brief, but informative insight into Azula. For the first time in the entire series, us viewers get to see some of her vulnerabilities and insecurities. We also see her and Zuko share nostalgia and depression whilst visiting their family's old summer house. In addition to the events involving the FN gang, we get to see Combustion Man's introduction to Team Avatar. It is interesting to see Team Avatar deal with this hitherto unknown and unique foe. Whilst this episode is seemingly one of the fandom's most disliked episodes, I enjoyed it.
  • nothing happened to the story line

    it was just a night out for the firenation girls.
    just a day of playing volleyball and ruining parties and looking at hot girls.
    and it really shows how azula crazy azula is.
    she is really crazy enough to almost kill a person playing volleyball.
    i dont know if you call that competitive or crazy.
    your choice.
    and we learn more stuff about ty lee and zuko, and mai.
    mai's past and ty lee's past.
    i had a thought that ty lee might be airbender but i will throw that one out.
    it was a great episode still.
    still, nothing happened but still great
    you know what i mean?
    and that it !
  • This really brought out the insanity of Azula

    Horrible moment for Zukkae fans but relieving for Zutara fans giving some light until the end of the episode when they got all lovey dovey on the beach. I thought them playing volleyball was hilarious, even at volleyball Azula was truly insane. The thing that I like most about this episode is that Zuko finally understood his uncle and was coming to regret Ba Sing Se. He was so twisted up inside until he finally noticed that it wasn't his Uncle he hated for ending up the way he did it was his own doing. Azula looked like she was sad that her mother thought she was a monster but quickly got over it by saying "of course she was right..." which i found to be funny
  • my favorite ep of season three

    I laughed , I cried , I was on the edge of my seat . I think Dante Basco had a cold or something. Anyone else notice the change in his voice? Anyway, Azula dominated the laughs in this episode.

    "That's a sharp outfit Chan, be careful, you could puncture the hull of an empire class Fire Navy battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea....because...It's so sharp...." Now she's evil AND akward! Yay. Azula =/= flirt and kissing

    & Zuko dominated the drama (like always) It was really sad to see him go back to his summer house, & hear him admit that he is angry at himself.

    The Gaangs fight with CM was good too, but alas, just a side note to the anti-gaang's adventures.
  • we learn more about azula, ty lee, mai, and zuko

    ill try to review this chapter or episode how ever you call it. ty lee looks hot in this episode or chapter how ever you call it. ok im done reviewing. now i have about 45 more words to go till i finish it off with . . a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z . dam i still didnt reach 80 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai are sent on a forced vacation to Ember Island, where they learn more about each other.

    the character development in The Beach was awesome. we finally got to learn why azula is the way she is! the family life of ty lee and mai was finaly revealed as well. in addition, it seems that zuko is coming close to changing sides. the combustion man brings new possible plot threads into play for avatar the last airbender.I don't understand why some people complain about the bathing suits. You can see way more bare skin at a real beach. This was a great episode, well-balanced in that it had equal parts action with the combustion man scenes and character development in the zuko/azula/ty lee/mai scenes.
  • We all know the real reason that you like this episode.

    I was going to say that this episode was most defined by the character development that it had provided for Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Zuko. However, I've come to realize that this episode was actually defined by one thing: cleavage. That's all that people seem to talk about in the various episode discussion topics that I've read, but instead of running around and telling these people that they need to get their mind out of the gutters, I'm just going to give in and recommend this episode for the boobies. That's really the only thing people seem to care about, but hey, there's actually some character development on the side of those boobies, or in-between them. This episode shed some new light on the four fiends, revealing their personal stories and bits of their history, which helped explain why they are the way that they are. I particularly liked hearing what Zuko had to say, as even though we all knew what he was going to say, it's refreshing to have him step forth and actually admit it. This episode also marked the true introduction of Combustion Man, who was a great villain for Aang and I really liked the scenes that involved him. All in all, I give this episode my highest recommendation and I hope that people will take the time to watch it; however, when you finally pry your eyes off of Ty Lee, be sure to remind yourself that she's barely a teenager.
  • People really needed to see the importance of this episode

    When Firelord Ozai wants to meet with his advisors alone Azula and Zuko are sent on a forced vacation joined with Mai and Ty Lee. They meet up with Lo and Li at there summer home at Ember Island. The group is invited to a house party where some of the most important teenagers in the Firenation are. Azula gets guy advice from Ty Lee and would rather keep her and Zuko's identities a secret to see how people would treat her. After Zuko gets kicked out for becoming angry they all meet up at the beach where they all reveal a deeper part of themselves. Meanwhile Aang and the gang have conflict with Zuko's hired assasin
  • What's the other side to life....

    In the fiveth episode of Avatar the Last Airbender, the episode starts off a little different. It's starts off in ember island where none other then zuko, mai, ty lee, and azula are on vacation. when they are there, they do what they use to do and just have fun. when they are invited to a party, they totally crash it and later kicked out.

    On aang and the gang's side, they are enjoying from relaxing times. but someone sees them and sends a message to the fire nation. they send sparky and he attacks, but they get out with success.

    Overall, this was a really great episode and i love to see more of what zuko and the others actually do for fun.
  • The intentions of this episode are not subtle. It is about seeing the girls in bathing suits, Zuko shirtless and have everyone talk about themselves and their problems.

    When creating a character in a story, a good way to keep things straight and consistent is to write out a character profile. Start with their basic appearance: height, weight, hair, eyes, clothing, etc. Then, with their appearance in mind, start outlining their personality. Are they sarcastic? Are they a smooth talker? Anti-social? Bubbley and talkative? If needed, change the appearance to fit the personality better. Once that is done, then create a backstory for them. Make it as elaborate and detailed as you want it to be. (in other words, how much effort you want to put into it)

    After you have done all that, you can write for the character. Adhere to the set boundaries that you have. Remember that they will behave a certain way not just because of their personality profile, but because of their backstory. A skilled writer will dance around their backstory, always there but never explained. Less subtle writers will grab hold of it and shove it into the audiences face.

    That is kind of what this episode feels like. Everything is thrown in your face, and much of it is not palatable. The very beginning has the line of "finding yourselves" and everyone just deals with their problems. The party at the beach house could have been fine, but came across as too modern in teenage behavior and more then once instigates the cringe factor. (You know, when a scene goes so far south that you want to skip it.)

    The campfire confessional was tough to sit through, if only because you know this was the climax of the story and you didn't want to just skip it. Everyone just sat back and very literally whined about their sad pasts. It felt like they had pulled out their own character profiles and read them out loud. The only thing that saves it is Zuko's outburst about how his anger hasn't subsided since he returned home, but he has only been more frustrated with himself. This works only because we have been following his story next to Aang's, and his actions at the end of season two obviously wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

    For a surprisingly strong comparison in this same episode, Combustion Man's appearance works entirely because we know nothing about him. You get the feeling that if you did, he would still be a scary guy. The intensity of that action sequence was beautifully done, particularly Aang's redirection of the combustion blast. These kids have reached superhuman abilities beyond a world filled with superhumans, and this man forced them to escape by the skin of their teeth. The fury of that moment was best described by Sokka, "He's blowing things up with his mind!"

    A handful of good character revelations and an impressive action sequence can not redeem a mediocre story with mediocre backstory explanations. Although, if you liked Ty Lee's bathing suit and the doves that fluttered at Zuko removing his shirt, maybe this wasn't such a waste.
  • awesome episode. definently good

    Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee take a vacation to Ember Island. In the process, they come to learn more about themselves and each other, as well as their desires for the future. Arguments rise and fall. Will the group learn to become friends and trust each other? Elsewhere, Aang and others face off against a new adversary. What will this lead to? The last scene was very important since it showed how they all connected and that everyone has problems. i loved that part. it was an either you hate it type of episode, or you love it type of episode
  • loved the depth we find out about the characters

    When Firelord Ozai wants to meet with his advisors alone Azula and Zuko are sent on a forced vacation joined with Mai and Ty Lee. They meet up with Lo and Li at there summer home at Ember Island. The group is invited to a house party where some of the most important teenagers in the Firenation are. Azula gets guy advice from Ty Lee and would rather keep her and Zuko's identities a secret to see how people would treat her. After Zuko gets kicked out for becoming angry they all meet up at the beach where they all reveal a deeper part of themselves. Meanwhile Aang and the gang have conflict with Zuko's hired assasin.
  • Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee and Mai chill at the beach and reveal their conflicts and personal issues at each other. The Gaang is attacked by a mercenary Zuko hired who blows things with his mind.

    To start off the Gaang story was not the focus of the episode they were the B-plot. The actions sequences as Aang battled combustion man was awesome and wicked. This was well done. Now the main focus of the plot was kind of out of character and felt a bit awkward, but I liked it. This was definitely something fresh ad new in the series so that was welcomed. The only thing that really bothered me was that this turned into a teen drama that felt a bit annoying. I don't mind teen dramas that much but I don't think it worked out as well as it could have. Though the ending when they trashed the dudes place made up for most of it, along with the fan service. Good and decent despite its flaws was one of the better episodes of the first few episodes in season 3.
  • I don't think I've ever been so embarrased to be watching a TV show before.

    Wow, now this one hurts. The Beach is supposed to be one of those episodes that shows us the feelings of some characters we love to hate, such as Azula. They apparently want to take some kind of vacation or something and come to a very nice beach to relax. But, as usual, nothing ever goes right. Tell me, if things always went right, would shows be any fun? Maybe, because this episode sure isn't fun. And, without any explaination, the Gang pops up at a pond somewhere....sorry, I don't have any details since the episode explained absolutely NOTHING. But, Combustion Man shows up and does the same attack over and over...and..yawn..over again.

    So, let's get on to the "expressing" at the end of the episode. Without any warning, everyone goes OOC and starts talking about their past, and they start shouting, and pretty soon everyone is letting out their secrets. I laughed. I laughed harder, and then I started wincing. Then, I hoped nobody would see me watching this mess of an episode, because I don't think I could show my face to them again. Why? Because the once great show Avatar: The Last Airbender, which took it's time with characterizations and development has now resorted to rushing things, and allowing the characters to act like they're entirely different people. And the end result is one extremely painful to watch episode, and what (in my opinion) is the worst episode of Avatar to date. Ty Lee is now saying how mis-treated she was in the circus, but why can't we have an episode that shows her past, like Zuko Alone, and make us feel for her, instead of some shout-fest which includes her going from happy-happy-bubble-gum mood to sappy-sappy-emo mood. Everyone did this (and by everyone I mean Zuko, Mai, Azula and Ty Lee). I want to watch Avatar, not an episdode of Dr.Phil.

    And Combustion man is, well, there. People say he's not developed because he's a minor character, and that might be true. But, as a villain that is supposed to pose such a threat to the Gang, you would think we would have at least an idea of where he came from, or how he got the third eye on his head, and how he got the mechanical arm. He's like a wooden box, you can decorate him on the outside, but inside, it's just a bunch of empty space.

    The action seqeunce is tedious. Combustion Man fires his laser (or whatever the heck it is, see what I mean by not the show not explaining things?). The Gang blocks his laser. He fires his laser again. The Gang blocks his laser again. The Gang gets away. The end.

    I sure do hope the show stops giving us these gimmicks (Combustion Man, counseling sessions with Azula, Zuko, Mai and Ty Lee) and start giving us some real character development, some real action, and some real villains. I just won't settle for five minutes of people sitting around a campfire "expressing" themselves. We were only given an overall summary of what happened in their lives. We got the apetizer. Now where's the main course?

    All in all, this episode just plain SUCKED.
  • They really focused on the relationship between Zuko, Ty Lee, Mai and Azula and their motivations. The Gaang is also attacked by the fearsome Combustion Man, an assasin hired by Zuko.

    This was a different kind of episode to the usual one. It was more dramtic. It made an interesting change to see it focus on Mai, Azula, Ty Lee and Zuko. It gave a lot more background on Ty Lee and Mai but not really enough to flesh out their characters.The whole thing also seemed somehow scripted and unnatural since they seemed so out of character. The whole beach setting also seemed quite coincidetial and didn't really seem to work. The development of the anatgonists characters and motivations was really a nice change but I felt they didn't really explore that fully. Another good point was the ending. The end was original and funny. It capped it off really nicely when they showed their real personailites. It was also nice to focuse on others apart from the Gaang.
  • This episode reminds me of middle school. And I really don't like drama.

    This episode is a weird, but tells you about Zuko's, Ty Lee's, Mai's and Azula's childhood. I just hate the part when Azula kisses the boy. Total GAG!! And I saw Toph in a bikini, well sort of. Zuko and Mai surprisingly had a fight. To be honest, I think they make a really bad couple. And Azula should just stay single till she knows how to talk to boys beside her dad and Zuko. Ty Lee was the only one who is interested in boys! Zuko isn't in to girls either. Which is weird because he is matured. Probably because he has no mother now...
  • drama drama drama

    i cant understand why so many people like this episode so much, i mean it wasnt horrible but as far as im consered it was in the lower half of good episodes, anyway enough of that. the two old ladys... well lets just say we saw a different side to them... lets start with maiko... oh i was so happy that they broke up so so so happy, i was all like yes! and my room mate looked over at me like i was crazy, i nearly cried when they got back together! i mean zuko was tring so hard to be good to her, he gave her a shell and tried to give her ice cream and then at the party she sat like a bump on a log and zuko went to get food for her and still? still he likes her? i dont understand it. the beach part was funny as was the party. ty lee having all those guys pretty unsuprising. zuko taking off his robe was hot. i bet anything that that was fan service and i am just fine with that, made me laugh too. the volly ball game was interesting, zuko and azula seem to work well together. azula has a major power complex its a bit rediculous. azula inviting herself to the party was funny also, who knew she would be such a loser? "That's a sharp outfit, Chan...careful, you could puncture the hull of an Empire-Class Fire Nation Battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea... because it's so sharp" lol how lame! hated zuko being jealous for no reason... never saw him as that type. back to azula! so it seems that azula acctually cares somewhat for ty lees feelings, she said sorry and amitted she was jealous, where went my crazy unfeeling princess? her laughing crazily like that was halarious though! her with chan was funny also, he so wasnt funny and then when she went all crazy he fled, i love azula like that a loser wow i never thought i would have something in common with her! lol! azula getting zuko at their old house made it seem like she sorta cared about him... the by the fire scene was a bit unbelievable i think, people just dont all the sudden spill out all their feelings but i guess it needed to be done but still not believable to me. so tylee has lots of siblings, well i would like to see them sometime. seeing her angry was nice, when mai said something about haveing so many boyfriends. "I'm sorry, what?" i like that additude though i could have done without her crying so easily. mai had a controling childhood, the personality i get from her is that she doesnt care so why would she listen to her parents anyway? i suppose she could care about what they think but then if that was the case then she wouldnt have given up her brother. "She just called your aura dingy. Are you gonna take that?" loved that line and when mai to azula to leave her alone! ha! bad news for my zutara though cuz if mai betrays azula then zuko will never be free of her cuz he likes her for some reason. have zuko finally relize that having his daddy love him didnt make him feel better was good and i am glad he realized hes an angry fool. azula was laughing at all of them the whole time, so much for me thinking she had a heart, even when she went into her sob story i just didnt care. them crashing the party i thought was stupid, there was no point in it all they suceeded in was looking like a bunch on spoiled thugs. seeing sparky sparky boom boom man in action for the first time was cool but all in all not too impressed with him... to slow i guess and kinda boring. i was impressed with how aang handled him though...
  • An exciting, frightening episode where Aang is close to being discovered, and we get to see a little more of Fire Nation Culture.

    This episode was informative; With a different director, a different episode was made for the viewer. In this episode we understand more about the destiny of Zuko. I felt that Zuko had definetely had an unfair life, and that was shown through revealing his character. His feelings for Mai are real, but Azula keeps interrupting their relationship. But as you will see later on, this proves to be a disadvantage to Azula. Or is it? Only time can tell. But if they keep postponing the show, people will forget it.

    Anyways, Aang gets close to being discovered. Two lookouts see him near a waterfall. They sent a message by hawk, but the mechanist's Vulture Hawk apparently was trained to attack other hawks and steal their messages. I noticed that when (for the sake of naming him) combustion man inhales deeply through the diaphram, he is able to shoot fire through the cortex of his brain. Why type of martial arts is that? Not that I doubt this character and it's believability or it's power: he's a good character.
    Curiousity compells me to ask why he can do that-his history and training would interest me.
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