Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 13

The Blue Spirit

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jun 17, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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After Sokka and Katara get sick due to being in the storm, Aang seeks out a cure and discovers he needs some frozen frogs in order to get them cured. Meanwhile, Zhao has been promoted to Admiral and he is using the Fire Nation's best men to capture Aang, and he eventually succeeds. All hope seems lost for Aang and his friends, but there may just be a glimmer of hope when a strange blue spirit masked figure comes to Aang's rescue, but who could it possibly be?moreless

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  • The Blue Spirit

    The Blue Spirit was an amazing episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character building for both Aang and Zuko. I could have sworn that the Blue Spirit did some Waterbending, however I will have to double check that. I thought the story of this episode was entertaining and intriguing. There were some unanswered questions and revelations at the same time. I liked seeing more of the Fire Nation at their strong hold. There were a lot of cool action scenes. I look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!moreless
  • While Aang seraches for a way to cure Katara and Sokka from a cold, he is captured by Zhaous men. With no hope of escape a mysterious masked man frees Aang, but what are his intentions, and who is he?moreless

    One of THE BEST avatar episodes. Everything about it was perfect. It was clever and had a very serious tone. The one thing i love about this series is that it knows when to be serious and when it can goof off. It doesnt just throw comic relief in at every turn. I was hooked in the beginning. Sure his friends getting sick wasnt exciting, but the great thing was that i knew some crazy stuff was going to go down once Zhaou got his hands on the archers in the beginning. The herbalist was funny and crazy. There was a good laugh when she was making the soup for Miuki and not aang. And when aang just flat out called her crazy. The scene where aang gets captured is pure awesome, those are some damn skilled archers to be able to pin the avatar. Another thing i liked about this was how fast everything moved, it was quick, but smooth and eloquent unlike most episodes. The blue spirit from the beginning was a very mysterious character. And his silence made things even more mysterious. Its rare to see aang being helped by random ppl. Zhaou was his usual self of coruse boasting about the avatar. -_-

    The escape sequence was flawless there was some swift thinking which actually made the escape feel possible. Finally the scene at the gate, was AMAZING. You could just feel the tension when The blue spirit was walking away with aang. Again, those archers are damn good! They quickly took out the blue spirit. I like that Aang is also showing hes not all goody goody and decided to look at who the blue spirit was, and to his surprise ZUKO! Yep it seems Zuko stole aang to steal him himself. Near the end when aang was in the forest with zuko asking if they could ever be friends... one of the best sequences for me. Sets up future encounters and really makes you think how zuko and aang are differnt, and alike..... 10/10!!!moreless
  • O_o unexpected.

    For the first ten minutes, this episode was turning out to be sort of just above average. The moral or the value was sort of unclear, but then as the episode unfolded, it grabbed your attention more and more. Although Avatar has had some pretty good fight scenes so far, there haven't been as many adventure types of fight scenes where Aang would be fighting amongst different locations, and it was really neat to see that this episode was plentiful of them. It was shaping up to be a pretty good episode, but the ending just took you by surprise. For the entire watch you were just wondering who this mysterious person is that is rescuing Aang, and then when the man was unmasked, it was the last person you expected. It built upon this great plot twist by sort of exploring the idea of Zuko and Aang being friends. A great and unexpected episode with a surprising plot twist and awesome action scenes.moreless
  • Easliy one of the best episods of the season.

    This episode was easily one of the best of season one. This was one of the first episodes I watched and it got me hooked on Avatar for good. This episode was about Aang tring to cure his firends sickness by gathering frozen forest frogs while he was doing that he was attacked and captured. After being took prisoner Prince Zoko got hold of the word. He dressed up like the blue spirt and rescued Aang. In the end Katara and Sokka all got better. This episode was definatly a series classic and can not be missed. I would highly recomend you seeing this episode and well as all the Avatar episodes. Again I woudl strongly reconed watching this episode it is very good.moreless
  • We see Zuko do a good thing!

    Zuko disguises himself to hide his identity from other fire nation soldiers and Admiral Zhao so they won't know that he is helping their enemy. Darkness looks to be rising when Zhao makes his speech and plans to conquer all their opposition to rule the world. Another thing that takes place in this episode, was the beginning. Aang first was out to search for frozen frogs so Sokka and Katara can suck on them, because sucking on frozen frogs was found out that it can cure sicknesses (like the types Sokka and Katara currently have in this episode.) Aang sure does come across dangerous enemies though that are archers with dead on accuracy. The Blue Spirit comes to the rescue! Hooray! That is when Aang is being held captive by Zhao and his forces. SO when he gets rescued Zuko didn't want Aang to find out, and while he is in bed on his ship it looks as if though he wish he was not a part of the fire nation. Well, now in the end Aang finally makes it back and cures his friends.moreless
Jodi Carlisle

Jodi Carlisle

Herbalist Lady

Guest Star

Nick Jameson

Nick Jameson

Colonel Shinu

Guest Star

Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen

Lieutenant Jee

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Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The first time the Yu Yan archers attack Aang you can see it's really windy outside, and yet they still attack him with precision, but their arrows should at least be a little off course due to the immense amount of wind.

    • This is the first time Zuko appears in his Blue Spirit disguise.

    • In this episode it is shown that the Yu Yan archers are very effective when capturing the Avatar, yet they are never used again.

    • The concept of frogs being frozen is actually a scientific fact. Frogs really do freeze if exposed to lower temperatures. Also they can dethaw without any ill effects.

    • Zhao tells Aang that he doesn't plan to kill him because the avatar would just be reborn into the next nation in the cycle and the Fire Nation would have to search all over again. This shouldn't be a problem since the comet will arrive in less than a year giving the Fire Nation enough power to end the war once and for all before the next avatar would be able to talk, let alone bend anything. Also if Zhao kills Aang- the last airbender- then the next avatar would never become a fully realized avatar since he/she wouldn't have anyone to learn airbending from.

    • When the Blue Spirit was fighting one of the fire nation guards, he doused a fire blast with a bucket of water. But because of his constant movements, there was no way he could have brought that bucket with him and not spill a drop of water along the way. In fact, the bucket would have been empty.

    • Notice when Zuko was down on the ground, (knocked by that mysterious disappearing arrow shot by the Yuu Yan archers), unconscious, his head position keeps changing.

    • When Zuko's ship comes near the harbor, they are told that no ships are being allowed in the area. If his ship had just gotten to that area, and no ships had been allowed into the area, how could Zuko have been on the roof of the place when Zhao was promoted?

    • When Katara asks Momo for water, all the lemur hears is a bunch of babble. He constantly returns with everything BUT water. However, when Aang asked for marbles in The Warriors of Kyoshi, he was perfectly capable of understanding him.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Prince Zuko: My honor, my throne, my country. I'm about to lose them all...

    • Zuko: I've got nothing to report to Zhao. Now get off my ship and let us pass.
      Soldier: Admiral Zhao is not allowing ships in or out of this area.
      Zuko: (angrily) Off my ship!

    • Admiral Zhao (Speak through gritted teeth): Open the gate.
      Colonel Shinu: Admiral, what are you doing?
      Admiral Zhao: Let them out, now!
      Colonel Shinu: How could you let them go?
      Admiral Zhao: A situation like this requires precision.

    • Katara: Ugh! No, Momo, water. Wa-ter!

    • Aang (Yelling at the frozen frogs): Wait! Stop thawing! My friends have to suck on you! Please go back to being frozen!

    • Admiral Zhao: Hold your fire, the Avatar must be captured alive.

    • Uncle Iroh: Prince Zuko! Where have you been? You missed music night! Lieutenant Jee sang a stirring love song.
      Zuko: I am going to bed. No disturbances.
      (Iroh continues to play the Sungi Horn)

    • Admiral Zhao: Don't worry, you won't be killed like they were. See if you die, you'll just be reborn and the Fire Nation will have to begin its search for the Avatar all over again.

    • Aang (after saving Zuko): Before the war started, I used to always visit my friend Kuzon. The two of us, we'd get in and out of so much trouble. He was one of the best friends I ever had...And he was from the Fire Nation, just like you. If we knew each other back then, do you think we could've been friends too?
      (Zuko blasts a fireball at Aang)

    • Admiral Zhao: We are the sons and daughters of fire, the superior element. Until today only one thing stood in our path to victory: the Avatar. I am here to tell you that he is now my prisoner. This is the year that Sozin's comet returns to grant us its power. This is the year the fire nation breaks through the walls of Ba-Seng-Se and burns the city to the ground.

    • Fire Nation Lookout: Says here that the Avatar can create tornadoes and run faster than the wind. Pretty amazing.
      Another Fire Nation Lookout: Ahh, that's just a bunch of Fire Lord propaganda. There's no way that's true.
      (Aang rushes by running faster than the wind)

    • Prince Zuko: What do they want?!?
      Uncle Iroh: Perhaps a sporting game of Pai Sho?

    • Aang: That's how Sokka started yesterday. Now look at him. He thinks he's an earthbender!
      Sokka (waving his fists around): Take that, you rock!

    • Aang: How's Sokka doing?
      Katara: Not so good, being out in that storm really did a number on him.

    • Sokka: Aang, how was your trip? Did you make any new friends?
      Aang: No, I don't think I did.

    • Aang: Who are you? What's going on? Are you here to rescue me?
      (Zuko slashes Aang's shackles off)
      Aang: I'll take that as a yes.

    • Aang (after an arrow is fired at him by the Yuu-Yan Archers): Uhh... I think you dropped this. (holds arrow up)

    • Aang: What am I suppose to do with frozen frogs?
      Herbalist Lady: Why suck on them of course.
      Aang: Suck on them?!
      Herbalist Lady:The frogs skin excretes a substance that will cure your friends, but make sure you get plenty. Once those critters thaw out, they're useless!
      Aang: You're insane aren't you?
      Herbalist Lady: Thaaaat's right...Well, don't just stand there all day, get going! (throws some green goopy medicine at Aang's face covering his eyes)

    • Uncle Iroh: Is everything okay? It's been almost an hour and you haven't given the men an order.

    • Sokka: Katara? Please, water.
      Katara: Listen carefully, Momo. I need you to take this to the river and fill it with water.

    • Uncle Iroh (to his Pai Sho opponents): Excellent! I take the pot... But you're all improving. I'm certain you will win if we... play again.

    • Admiral Zhao: I don't know how you've managed to elude the Fire Nation for a hundred years, but your little game of hide and seek is over.
      Aang: I've never hidden from you! Untie me, and I'll fight you right now!
      Admiral Zhao: Uh, no.

    • (When the sickness is making Sokka delusional)
      Katara: How many times do I have to tell you Momo, we need water. Wa-ter… Oh forget it. Aang, please hurry.
      Sokka: Who's this Aang kid you keep talking about, your highness?
      (Katara smirks)

    • Sokka: You know what I love about Appa the most? His sense of humor.
      Katara: That's nice, I'll tell him.
      (Appa growls)
      Sokka (dazed and confused from his illness, laughs): Classic, Appa.

  • NOTES (6)


    • According to the co-creators, the Blue Spirit Mask is a recolored Chinese Opera Wizard mask.

    • The basis of the sounds produced by the horn is the Duduk, a traditional woodwind instrument of ancient Armenian origins. Said to be one of the oldest double reed instruments in the world.

    • The Yu Yan archer's have a triangle rather than a Fire Nation flame emblem on their headpiece and quiver. This symbol shows up again in season two hinting at the possibility of a significant meaning such as the archers may be part of a specific order or group beyond archery. Perhaps the Fire Nation flame is a newer emblem and the triangle represents an older tradition.

    • Zhao's speech to the solders of the Fire Nation about being the "Superior element" is very reminiscent of the speeches by Adolf Hitler and his speeches stating that the Germans were the "superior race."

    • When one of the Fire Nation troops blows his horn the sound that it makes is the same horn sound that is used in the beginning of reality show Survivor's title sequence.

    • The mask worn by Zuko is somewhat similar to the mask "Hannya," worn in No theatre productions. No is a form of Japanese theatre back to the 14th century.

      It also bears a resemblence to the mask worn by the Ruroni Kenshin character Hen'ya, a member of a society of ninjas known as the Oniwabon-shu.