Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 13

The Blue Spirit

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jun 17, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Blue Spirit

    The Blue Spirit was an amazing episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character building for both Aang and Zuko. I could have sworn that the Blue Spirit did some Waterbending, however I will have to double check that. I thought the story of this episode was entertaining and intriguing. There were some unanswered questions and revelations at the same time. I liked seeing more of the Fire Nation at their strong hold. There were a lot of cool action scenes. I look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • While Aang seraches for a way to cure Katara and Sokka from a cold, he is captured by Zhaous men. With no hope of escape a mysterious masked man frees Aang, but what are his intentions, and who is he?

    One of THE BEST avatar episodes. Everything about it was perfect. It was clever and had a very serious tone. The one thing i love about this series is that it knows when to be serious and when it can goof off. It doesnt just throw comic relief in at every turn. I was hooked in the beginning. Sure his friends getting sick wasnt exciting, but the great thing was that i knew some crazy stuff was going to go down once Zhaou got his hands on the archers in the beginning. The herbalist was funny and crazy. There was a good laugh when she was making the soup for Miuki and not aang. And when aang just flat out called her crazy. The scene where aang gets captured is pure awesome, those are some damn skilled archers to be able to pin the avatar. Another thing i liked about this was how fast everything moved, it was quick, but smooth and eloquent unlike most episodes. The blue spirit from the beginning was a very mysterious character. And his silence made things even more mysterious. Its rare to see aang being helped by random ppl. Zhaou was his usual self of coruse boasting about the avatar. -_-
    The escape sequence was flawless there was some swift thinking which actually made the escape feel possible. Finally the scene at the gate, was AMAZING. You could just feel the tension when The blue spirit was walking away with aang. Again, those archers are damn good! They quickly took out the blue spirit. I like that Aang is also showing hes not all goody goody and decided to look at who the blue spirit was, and to his surprise ZUKO! Yep it seems Zuko stole aang to steal him himself. Near the end when aang was in the forest with zuko asking if they could ever be friends... one of the best sequences for me. Sets up future encounters and really makes you think how zuko and aang are differnt, and alike..... 10/10!!!
  • O_o unexpected.

    For the first ten minutes, this episode was turning out to be sort of just above average. The moral or the value was sort of unclear, but then as the episode unfolded, it grabbed your attention more and more. Although Avatar has had some pretty good fight scenes so far, there haven't been as many adventure types of fight scenes where Aang would be fighting amongst different locations, and it was really neat to see that this episode was plentiful of them. It was shaping up to be a pretty good episode, but the ending just took you by surprise. For the entire watch you were just wondering who this mysterious person is that is rescuing Aang, and then when the man was unmasked, it was the last person you expected. It built upon this great plot twist by sort of exploring the idea of Zuko and Aang being friends. A great and unexpected episode with a surprising plot twist and awesome action scenes.
  • Easliy one of the best episods of the season.

    This episode was easily one of the best of season one. This was one of the first episodes I watched and it got me hooked on Avatar for good. This episode was about Aang tring to cure his firends sickness by gathering frozen forest frogs while he was doing that he was attacked and captured. After being took prisoner Prince Zoko got hold of the word. He dressed up like the blue spirt and rescued Aang. In the end Katara and Sokka all got better. This episode was definatly a series classic and can not be missed. I would highly recomend you seeing this episode and well as all the Avatar episodes. Again I woudl strongly reconed watching this episode it is very good.
  • We see Zuko do a good thing!

    Zuko disguises himself to hide his identity from other fire nation soldiers and Admiral Zhao so they won't know that he is helping their enemy. Darkness looks to be rising when Zhao makes his speech and plans to conquer all their opposition to rule the world. Another thing that takes place in this episode, was the beginning. Aang first was out to search for frozen frogs so Sokka and Katara can suck on them, because sucking on frozen frogs was found out that it can cure sicknesses (like the types Sokka and Katara currently have in this episode.) Aang sure does come across dangerous enemies though that are archers with dead on accuracy. The Blue Spirit comes to the rescue! Hooray! That is when Aang is being held captive by Zhao and his forces. SO when he gets rescued Zuko didn't want Aang to find out, and while he is in bed on his ship it looks as if though he wish he was not a part of the fire nation. Well, now in the end Aang finally makes it back and cures his friends.
  • With both Katara and Sokka incurring a sickness, Aang must find a cure for his friends. It is not an easy task, however, as Aang is captured by an elite group of FN archers. With all prospects of rescue seemingly lost, help come from an unlikely source.

    The beginning of this episode occurs in a Fire Nation (FN) fortress. This terrifying structure is made of steel and is surrounded by stone walls. It conveys the cold industrial image that is associated with the Fire Nation. With his search for the Avatar given priority status by Fire Lord Ozai, Zhao is now promoted to the rank of Admiral. If you thought Zhao was pompous before the promotion, his ego has now grown to immeasurable proportions. The introduction and subsequent abilities of the Yu Yen Archers (YYA) was exciting to watch. Their skills with a bow and arrow were amazing. The story involving Aang finding a cure for Sokka and Katara had a few comedic moments; Aang's interactions with the herbalist were funny to watch. With that being said, this episode does not truly begin until Aang is captured by the YYA. That the YYA can keep up with Aang and are so effective at capturing him is somewhat surprising. Once inside the menacing fortress, Zhao mocks Aang and reminds him that no one is coming to rescue him. Someone does come to rescue him, however, and the ensuing battle between Aang, his mystery friend and the FN forces is amazing. Once the dust from the battle settles, the man behind the blue mask is revealed. The revelation that Zuko is the Blue Spirit is surprising. That Zuko is willing to rescue Aang and risk capture is an indication of how far Zuko is willing to go to capture Aang and restore his honor. This episode is a good one.
  • One of my favorite episodes from the 1st season.

    Katara and Sokka get sick from the storm and Aang needs to find frozen frogs to cure them. Meanwhile, Zhoa is promoted to Admiral and he acquires an elite group of men that are great at bow and arrows. He captures Aang and is going to imprison Aang forever. Unfortunately for Zhoa, a mysterious man in a mask, known as the "Blue Spirit" goes to try to rescue Aang. Who is the "Blue Spirit" you say? Watch the episode and find out. This episode was really well written and suspensful. I think that this episode deserves a ten for its unexpected surprises.
  • Zuko?!?!?

    At first when i discover the Blue Spirit was ZUko i said "WTF?!?!?" like "Oh now this guy has separate personlities? His good side its fighting his bad side? Its Like Jekill & Hyde?"
    Then i get it its simple Zuko realised that Admirala Zhao has more chances to capture the Avatar because he has more power on his side so he think "OK io must get the Avatar first... but also i had to make sure that Zhao don't catch him first" So he continue with his task to capture the Avatar but also makes himself sure that Zhao fails traying to catch it...
    Very good episode when Evil do Good things to continue with his own personal matters :):)
  • Great episode!

    I really liked this episode. It starts out with Sokka developing a sickness from the huge storm he was in during the previous episode. Anyway, he's saying weird things from it, and Katara starts getting the sickness, too. Worried, Aang goes out to find a cure.

    He runs into an old lady that makes medicine, who advises him to give Katara and Sokka frozen frogs from a nearby lake and suck on them. Aang goes out to try to catch the frogs, but is captured by a group of archers that Zhao hired.

    Aang is taken to a jail, his arms tied with chains to poles. Suddenly, a mysterious person wearing a mask, known as The Blue Spirit, comes in and breaks the chains on Aang. He follows this strange person out and makes a difficult escape. After Zhao orders the archers not to shoot because the Avatar has to be captured alive, The Blue Spirit takes his dual swords and puts them around Aang's neck. Zhao allows them to leave without fighting, but gets the archers to knock out The Blue Spirit. Aang then looks under the mask to find that The Blue Spirit was actually Zuko. He Airbends a small fog and runs away with him.

    Zuko then wakes up when Aang asks him that if Zuko lived back over 100 years ago if Aang and him could have been friends. Zuko pauses as if thinking, but quickly Firebends at Aang, causing him to run away.

    Aang gives the frozen frogs to Sokka and Katara who get better quickly. The episode ends with Zuko wondering about what Aang asked him.
  • Zuko becomes one of the most complicated character in TV history...

    The episode opens with Zhao getting a team of highly skilled archers to hunt Aang, with an odd masked assassin listening in.

    Meanwhile, Aang has to go off to the local herbalist when Katara and Sokka get sick. Aang makes a brief, and humorous stop at the herbalist's sanctuary, but quickly gets sent off to get the cure for the illness, frozen frogs. While searching the river, Zhao's archers ambush him, and capture him.

    With Aang in chains, ready to be handed over to the Fire Lord, Zhao claims victory; but he speaks too soon. The masked assassin returns to free Aang, and they have quite an exciting getaway. When they are almost in the clear, one of Zhao's archers knocks the assassin out, and it is revealed that it was Zuko behind the mask of the Blue Spirit. When Zuko wakes up, Aang asked him if they could've been friends if Zuko had been alive 100 years ago. In response, Zuko simply tries to kill him, but Aang quickly gets away. This scene is pretty powerful, and it shows the contrast between Aang and Zuko, but at the same time, one gets the sense they aren't all that different.

    The rest of the episode consists of Iroh asking Zuko where he's been, and Aang finding more frogs to give to Sokka and Katara.

    In "The Storm" you get the sense that there's more to Zuko than an angry, violent personality, and this episode definitely proves it, making him one of the most interesting characters in TV history.
  • A big surprise.

    This episode is very special in many different ways. I really think that this was the most surprising episode of Season 1. It really proves that Zuko is REALLY dedicated into capturing Aang. Zhao is my favorite character, well, until he died. Well, no one really knows if he died, but he probably did. I was surprised to see that, of all people, Prince Zuko, would be the Blue Spirit. That's what shocked me. The action was great. I also loved how Katara made that look on her face when the frog was on her tounge, that was hilarious. Overall, I give it a 9.7
  • zuko tries to save aang so he can get his own hands on him instead of zhao.

    because of the enormous storm, sokka gets sick because he couldnt get shelter. katara also gets sick from being too close to sokka. now aang needs to get a cure for them. while getting frogs as a cure he is ambushed and taken in by the now promoted zhao. zuko now has to go save aang so he can capture aang himself to give to his father, the firelord. he wears a blue mask and calls himself the blue spirit. he then frees the avatar and are running away side by side. then zuko gets hit by an arrow and becomes unconcious. aang removes his mask only to find out it was zuko.
  • Zuko saves the avatar.... so he does have some good in him

    I wasn't going to give this episode 10/10 until I watched it again and couldn't find anything wrong. It is true that Katara, Sokka and Iroh were placed in the sidelines, however, Zhao was legendary as well as the archers. But all this aside it bought hope for a friendship between Zuko and Aang. It is Zuko who helps Aang in his time of need and although it is because of selfish purposes the audience sees that Zuko cares about something other than his honor which opens the door for many other things. Many people may see that Zuko was only able to help Aang under his "Blue Spirit" persona but I believe this is needed for later character development. The "truce" between Aang and Zuko ends so powerfully with a speech from Aang that is needed in more television series.
  • this was an extremely original episode and deserves to be on the hall of fame!

    After Sokka and Katara get sick from the storm of the previous episode Aang seeks out a cure and discovers he needs some frozen frogs in order to get them cured. Meanwhile, Zhao has been promoted to Admiral and he is using the Fire Nation's best men to capture Aang, which turns out to be bad news as Aang is captured while trying to get the frogs to cure his friends. All hope seems lost for Aang and his friends, but there may just be a glimmer of hope when a strange blue spirit masked figure comes to Aang's rescue, but who could it possibly be? Is it Zuko, or a friend? A fine example of what an episode should be from time to time
  • During a quest to find a cure for his friends' sickness, Aang gets captured and a mysterious person shows up to help him out.

    A very enthralled, mysterious and full of action episode, "The Blue Spirit" is one of the greats. The plot is simple and easy to follow. You follow Aang and accept things as they come. The archers were really a cool touch here to the Avatar universe and the fact that they work for the bad guys, makes them even cooler. The character of the Blue Spirit is a sly and mysterious one and if you haven't seen this episode I won't give away the identity. Everyhting is action as you make one step to the next in this episode and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • One of the best episodes in the first book, by far. Katara and Sokka get sick, and it's up to Aang to find medicine.

    Out of all the episodes in the Water book, there aren't many others that are as good as this one. This episode is truly one of the best in the series. It was extremely touching to see Aang save Zuko, knowing Zuko had just helped him out. Of course, we know of Zuko's motives, but it was still really engaging. Aang was outstanding in this episode, I was really surprised when Aang asked Zuko if they could be friends after Zuko woke up after being attacked. Zuko then tried to attack Aang, but Aang got away. That was one of my very favorite Avatar moments. Of course, every good episode of Avatar has a little bit of everything, and The Blue Spirit had it all. It was full of action, adventure, drama, and even had its funny moments despite being a rather serious and highly epic episode. Character development was also big in this episode. Another thing I really enjoyed was the music. Normally, I don't usually recognize the music, or it doesn't capture my attention, but it worked wonders in The Blue Spirit. It really helped to capture the mood of the episode. If there's any must-see episode of Avatar that's from Book 1, it's gotta be The Blue Spirit. Yet of course, there are many other great episodes too.
  • I really liked this episode. It was exciting and also original at the same time.

    This was a really good episode. I would first like to say that it was very, very pretty animation. The setting was amazing there. Anyway, I thought it was a very exciting episode. To have Aang actually captured by the fire nation kind of caught you off guard. And then to have him try and escape the whole fortress with a mysterious Blue Spirit was cool. And to top it all off, Aang discovers that the Blue Spirit who rescued him is actually Zuko. This episode really packed in a lot of stuff. And it still had its fair amount of humor in it. It was a really good episode.
  • Sokka and Katara become ill and Aang needs to find the medicine, however, Zhao catches up with Aang who is helped by the mysterious Blue Spirit.

    I wasn't going to give this episode 10/10 until I watched it again and couldn't find anything wrong. It is true that Katara, Sokka and Iroh were placed in the sidelines, however, Zhao was legendary as well as the archers. But all this aside it bought hope for a friendship between Zuko and Aang. It is Zuko who helps Aang in his time of need and although it is because of selfish purposes the audience sees that Zuko cares about something other than his honor which opens the door for many other things. Many people may see that Zuko was only able to help Aang under his "Blue Spirit" persona but I believe this is needed for later character development. The "truce" between Aang and Zuko ends so powerfully with a speech from Aang that is needed in more television series.

  • A classic avatar episode. It was written by the co creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. It had plenty of great action, and there was a great twist in the end.

    One of the best episodes so far in the whole entire series of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This episode not only has great action, and great comedy mixed together but a really suprising twist in the end. This episode actually suprised us with an ending like, WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! Nickelodien made us wait another 3 and a half months to wait for 114, which I hate, but avatar is one of the best shows ever. This episode also has sseemed to get people into avatar. Some people hated the show before, but once they watched this episode, it all got better and they were fans of the show. If you hate the show, give this episode a chance and you will love the show like others.
  • Aang was captured by Zhao, at the critical time, a strange blue spirit came to rescue him, but who is the blue spirit? The most possible person is the least possible one.

    Aang was captured by the Yu Yan while trying to get some frozen frogs for the cure of the cold of Katara and Sokka. Zhao was at his happiest time when he knew he catured avatar. Ofcourse good news for Zhao aren't only one, he just been promoted to admiral. However, Zhao's happiness didn't last very long�C A mystery spirit secretly sneaked into the headquarters and rescued the avatar. The two fighted their way to the last gate and eventual made their way out of the gate until Zhao ordered the Yu Yan to take down the blue spirit. At that very moment , Aang finally found out that the blue spirit is actually Zuko, his greatest enemy.
    In this episode, we finally get to see something inside Zuko beyond hunting the avatar. He despertly wanted his honor back, even risking his life to save the avatar. Zuko now is becoming a mix character than just the greatest enemy that just to capture avatar. This episode is a turning point for Zuko.
  • Zuko is the Blue Spirit?! Didn't see that coming.

    This episode is very special in many different ways. I really think that this was the most surprising episode of Season 1. It really proves that Zuko is REALLY dedicated into capturing Aang. Zhao is my favorite character, well, until he died. Well, no one really knows if he died, but he probably did. I was surprised to see that, of all people, Prince Zuko, would be the Blue Spirit. That's what shocked me. The action was great. I also loved how Katara made that look on her face when the frog was on her tounge, that was hilarious. Overall, I give it a 9.7.
  • AWSOME!!

    At Pohuai Stronghold, a Fire Nation fortress overlooking the Earth Kingdom's western shore, Commander Zhao requests the use of the Yu Yan Archers, an elite group of Fire Nation soldiers skilled in archery, in his hunt for the Avatar. His commanding officer, Colonel Shinu, strictly denies the request, until word suddenly arrives from Fire Lord Ozai that Zhao has been promoted to the position of admiral. Now the superior officer, Zhao smugly changes his request of the Yu Yan Archers' abilities into an order. Meanwhile, a figure watches the proceedings from the roof above and behind Zhao, his face hidden by a blue noh mask.

    In abandoned Earth Kingdom ruins also along the western shores, Sokka has fallen ill due to his exposure to the recent storm. He is delusional, and also exhibits flu-like symptoms. Aang learns of an herbalist who lives at the top of a nearby mountain, and makes plans to travel there to find a cure. The situation worsens when Katara quickly grows sick herself, leaving Aang to travel alone to the herbalist. He leaves his glider behind, as well as Momo and Appa, after being discouraged from flying by the sight of a flash of lightning.

    Meanwhile, on Zuko's ship, the exiled prince is discussing what actions to take in pursuing the Avatar with his crew, having lost Aang's trail due to the recent storm. However, their planning is interrupted when a large Fire Nation ship, one of the many under Zhao's command, pulls alongside. Several Fire Nation soldiers board, revealing a wanted poster depicting Aang, and stating that all information regarding the Avatar is to be reported directly to Admiral Zhao. Zuko angrily reports that he has no information to report, and demands that the soldiers get off his ship and allow them to pass. He becomes further angered when the soldiers comply to his first demand, but state that under Zhao's orders no ships are being allowed in or out of the area. Iroh responds to all of this in his typical laid-back fashion, instead focusing on winning a game of Pai Sho with several of the crew members.

    Aang races through the mountainside, using his Airbending abilities to speed his pace. He soon arrives at the herbalist's home, but not before passing an unnoticed pair of Fire Nation look-outs, who sound the alarm after their station is ripped apart by the winds in Aang's path. Meanwhile, Katara, too weak to move very much, asks Momo to take her flask to the river and fill it with water. Momo doesn't understand (we see things through Momo's eyes) her request, and instead returns with a countless number of various knick-knacks. Zuko practices on the deck of his ship, having not given an order to his men in the hour since it was boarded. Iroh expresses concern over his nephew's behavior, and assures him that it is still possible that he could capture the Avatar before Zhao. Zuko expresses disbelief, as Zhao has far greater resources and power. He states, despondently, that soon he will lose all that he has been fighting for in the years since his exile.

    After a frustrating meeting with the herbalist, Aang learns that his friends must suck on the frozen bodies of hibernating frogs, which can be found on the bottoms of riverbeds. However, he makes little progress towards his destination before encountering the Yu Yan Archers, who waste little time in pinning his boots to the ground with arrows. Aang airbends to defend himself from the succeeding shots, frees his legs, and jumps off of the mountain into the thick forest below. The archers react unblinking, however, leaping off to pursue him in a tremendous display of agility. Aang runs out of the woods, and unexpectedly ends up in a murky, partially-frozen river. He finds the frozen frogs he has been looking for, and even while avoiding the Yu Yans' arrows manages to scoop several of the amphibians into his clothing. However, while retrieving one of the frogs, several arrows catch the sleeve of his left arm and pin it to an overturned tree. Aang attempts to shield himself by waterbending some of the river's water into a makeshift shield of ice, but the Yu Yan quickly shatter the shield with a few precise shots before pinning Aang's remaining arm to the tree as well, leaving him defenseless.

    Aang is taken back to the fortress, and placed in a cell guarded on the outside by four guards, while his arms and legs are chained and held in place. Zhao enters the cell, and begins to taunt Aang by bringing up the fact that all the other Airbenders were slaughtered. However, Zhao states that he will not have Aang killed, as such an action would simply result in the Avatar being reincarnated, leaving the Fire Nation to find them again. Instead, Zhao promises to keep Aang alive, though he implies that such an experience will not be pleasant for him. As Zhao departs, Aang angrily uses his powerful breath to blow Zhao off-balance. However, before leaving, Zhao decides to have the last word, and states that there is no possible way for Aang to escape, and no one will come to rescue him.

    However, as if to prove Zhao wrong, the same masked figure from before materializes amongst the bushes flanking the path into the fortress. The figure - the titular Blue Spirit - sneaks into the fortress by clinging to the underside of a carriage that is brought into the fortress, before moving stealthily through it to Aang's cell. Luckily for the Blue Spirit, Zhao is currently addressing all of the Fire Nation members in the fortress, saying that the Avatar has been captured and the Fire Nation will win the war in less than a year. This allows him to move across the fortress's inner-most wall unnoticed, before descending into a small sewage system and emerging within the fortress's main tower.

    Back in the Avatar's cell, the frogs, still stuffed in Aang's clothes, begin to thaw and crawl away, despite the young Airbender's protests. Just as several frogs, still partially-frozen, crawl under the door, the Blue Spirit appears, and deftly defeats the guards in his way. As he moves into the cell and unsheathes his swords, Aang becomes terrified, presumably believing the Blue Spirit means harm rather than help. However, his fears are soon dispersed as the Blue Spirit slashes through his bonds, and begins to leave the room. Aang questions the Blue Spirit's identity and intentions, but he does not answer, instead silently motioning for Aang to follow him. Aang concludes that this new figure means to help him escape, and follows him a short ways before spotting the half-frozen frogs that are still trying to escape. He attempts to collect the thawing amphibians, but the Blue Spirit stops him, and hurriedly drags him outside. As Aang and the Blue Spirit exit the tower via the fortress's shallow sewers, Zhao strolls through its corridors while ordering a secretary to send a message to the Fire Lord recording his triumph. However, Zhao notices the four guards that the Blue Spirit has defeated, and after finding that Aang has escaped, he sounds the alarm. Just as the alarm sounds, Aang and the Blue Spirit are making their way up the rope that the latter used to descend the wall. The rope is cut, and the Blue Spirit and Aang are forced fight their way out of the fortress through its three sets of gates. Aang airbends a group of soldiers out of their path and manages to reach the first gate easily, but the Blue Spirit does not possess his supernatural speed, and is soon overtaken by a dozen spearmen, who he begins to battle. Aang, noticing that his unexpected savior is in danger, moves to assist him, though the Blue Spirit appears capable of easily matching his opponents. In the process, Aang yanks away one of the spears and snaps its blade off, turning it into a staff in place of his glider. Aang is able to use his airbending abilities in conjunction with the staff to move himself and the Blue Spirit to the top of the second wall, but in the process drops the staff, leaving them with one more wall to overcome. Scores of Fire Nation soldiers ascend the wall with flexible bamboo ladders, but a quick-thinking Aang turns this against their pursuers. He turns the ladders into makeshift stilts, and, with the Blue Spirit hanging on his back, uses three of the ladders to get them across to the third wall. However, a Firebending soldier burns the last ladder beneath their feet before they can reach the final wall, and Aang and the Spirit are forced to jump. Although both manage to get hand-holds on the edge of the wall, neither is able to hang on, and they fall to the ground in front of the final gate. A group of Firebenders launch a combined attack on the duo, and Aang uses Airbending to defend them before Zhao orders his soldiers to stand down. The admiral continues, stating that the Avatar must be captured alive. Hearing this, the Blue Spirit quickly places his swords at Aang's throat threateningly. Zhao appears angered, but decides not to take any risks. He orders the guards to open the gates, and the Blue Spirit, still holding his blades to Aang's neck, marches the two of them outside, never turning either of their backs to the fortress. Colonel Shinu is bewildered that Zhao is allowing the Avatar to escape, but the admiral remains calm.

    At the top of the outer wall, Zhao orders a Yu Yan Archer to knock out the Blue Spirit, which he does unerringly so with a single arrow to his forehead. The Blue Spirit falls over instantly unconscious, his life spared due to the protection provided by his mask. Aang immediately Airbends up a large dust cloud to conceal himself, while a group of Fire Nation soldiers raced from the fortress to capture them. He takes off the Blue Spirit's mask to learn that his rescuer is, to his immense shock, Zuko. He turns to run and leave the prince behind, but hesitates. When the dust settles, Aang and Zuko have vanished without a trace. Zhao is immensely angered, and his mood is not helped when suddenly one of the frogs from before appears alongside him, croaks, and leaps off the wall.

    Later, Zuko regains consciousness to discover that morning has arrived, and he is with Aang in a wooded area. Aang speaks nostalgically of Kuzon, a Fire Nation boy he knew as one of his closest friends a century before. He laughs at the thought of how much trouble he got into with his friend. After reflecting, he asks Zuko if under different circumstances they too could have been friends. Zuko pauses, then responds by launching a fire blast, which Aang easily avoids before leaping through the trees. Zuko's stern expression softens slightly, and he stops not to pursue the Avatar, at least for now.

    Aang returns to the swampy river to retrieve a new set of frozen frogs, while Zuko returns to his ship. Iroh greets him, questioning where he has been all night, but seems not to be too worried, being more concerned with the events of "music night" from the evening before. Zuko ignores these comments, and orders no disturbances while he tries to catch up on his sleep. An exhausted Aang finally returns to Katara and Sokka, placing a frozen frog in each of their mouths and repeating to them what the herbalist told him. A delirious Sokka asks if Aang made any new friends, a sad Aang replies no. At the same time in their respective places, Aang and Zuko attempt to sleep, while Katara and Sokka rapidly recover.
  • A hilarious episode that further develops the characters of Zuko and Zhao while also including some great fight scenes.

    This episode starts out slowly, but builds up to an exciting climax at the end of the episode. One of my favorite lines happens at the beginning of the episode when Sokka yells "Take that you rock!" His facial expression is the best ever. It seems like Sokka is the best character to get high. Except for Ian Malcolm of course. As the episode progresses, the plot thickens as Aang is captured. However, his rescuer appears in the guise of a "Blue Spirit". As Aang and the spirit try to escape, they are discovered and have to fight their way out. The blue Spirit's dual broadswords along with Aangs airbending get them to the outer gate, but then they are trapped by firebenders. The fighting scenes up to this point is superb, and the devotion to martial arts forms is great. The final part of the episode is very climatic as Aang discovers the blue spirit is actually prince Zuko. This shocks Aang, but he still maintains enough composure to pay Zuko back by rescuing him from Zhao.
  • The Blue Spirit Book 1, chapter 13 See a new side of Zuko in this episode…

    In this episode, we see Zuko, not as the evil villain we have seen him as so far in the season (with a possible exception of Zuko in "Zuko Alone"), but as a mysterious hero known only as "The Blue Spirit." Armed with dual broadswords Zuko is so skilled with, Zuko actually risks his life and honor to rescue the avatar. As exciting as this sounds, Zuko unfortunately did so for the wrong reasons.

    Zuko thought there was a chance that his father would still love him if he got back the avatar. Realizing what would happen if Zhao caught the avatar instead of him, Zuko disguised himself and went to rescue the avatar.

    The only part I didn't like was how easily Aang and Zuko could get in and out of the fortress. The capture of the avatar was something the Fire nation had been waiting a century to do. They would have made it so easily from someone to sneak in there. The cart Zuko sneaked in should have been checked several times by difference soldiers. Also, the carts should be kept in an area isolated from the prison, especially the one holding the avatar.

    Also, the Fire nation soldiers guarding Aang were pathetic. They should have called for help at the first sign of danger. But they went one by one to the disturbance and all were defeated by a sixteen-year-old guy that didn't even use firebending. I would have thought that Zhao would have put him best men to guarding the avatar, like the new Yu Yuan archers that could have stopped the Blue Spirit so easily. It was uncharacteristic for the Fire Lord to leave Zhao as an Admiral after this great defeat when Aang escaped. The Fire Lord's impression is that of a ruthless man who kills anyone who can't get the job done. He would certainly have done something to Zhao, if not kill him then at least demote him.

    Overall, the plot was good. We feel sorry for Zuko as we see what he's going through all to get the avatar. We see that Zuko isn't trying to capture the avatar because he believes in the Fire nation cause, but simply because he wants his father's love. Another episode that all leads down to Zuko's crossroads of destiny and his possible redemption later on.
  • I love the blue spirit!!!!! Final Zuko could use his bad attiute for good... The fight/escape scene was awesome... and the old crazy lady was funny as! lol!

    I loved it! The best one so far and I really think they need more like this one. This episode gave me sooooo much hope in Zuko... too bad later he crushes my dreams... It was funny, exciting and very thought-provoking at the end, which is the factors a great show needs. It was funny as hell with the forgs and that crazy old earth-kingdom lady, who just dosen't make sense, I loved the whole plot of the episode, which showed who the real bad guy really was; that being Zhoa, and who the 'not-really-a-bad-guy-but-still-on-the-wrong-side' was that being Zuko. I had really hoped Zuko would have listened to Aangs story of friendship and understood the lonelness he must feel. They are so alike in some ways!!!
  • oh my god....... the blue spirit is ........

    This is by far one of the greatest episodes of this show that have released. So zuko shows some skills eh. in the end when they revealed that the blue spirit was zuko i was like wtf? that's awesome. The yu-yan archers were pretty cool too, their team work is excellent, i hope they come back in a future episode. i think this is the first time aang meets zhao. this shows that zuko could be conflicted about the fire nation. sokka and katara were pretty useless in this episode being sick and all. and i think momo was hilarious, so was sokka. i like thie broadsword skill. i loved it. i liked the person who told aang about the frogs. she was so funny. anyway this show will stay great with episodes like this.
  • One of my favorite episodes of the show!

    The Blue Spirit is one of my alltime favorite episodes. Aang and Zuko fighting off the fire nation guards as a team was awesome! I really hope Zuko ends up on the good side in Season three so we can see some more of this team. I also liked the herbalist - she was so funny with her wacky frog remedy. Momo trying to interpret Katara's language was really cute too. Of course who can forget the cutest kitty name ever - Miyouki! The half frozen frogs hopping all Admiral Zhaou were cute as well - not to mention tasty!
  • Mysterious Blue Spirit

    Very sneaky and cloudy in the beginning of the story. A mysterious man in blue mask sneaks just spying u wonder who it is. Well i didn't know it was.... Well you have 2 watch it to find out lets just say it wont be who you expected. When aang is captured he if finally rescued by The Blue spirit. Then comes the good part. when they try to escape the blue spirit its a huge chase action scene amazing 2 watch. Even if u watch the blue spirit fight u will never know who it is. Then at the aang figures out who it its..... gotta fly!!!
  • Aang is captured by Admiral Zhao, then a guy wearing a blue mask rescues Aang.

    This is an Adventurous episode. Katara and Sokka are sick, And Aang needs to find some medicine. Then Aang is captured by Admiral Zhao. Strangely enough, Zuko disguises himself as the blue spirit, and rescues Aang. However, Zhao spots them escaping, and an all-out battle begins. As zuko takes aang from zhao, the yuu yan archier strikes zuko, leaving him unconsious. aang and zuko escape and as aang talks to zuko, zuko demands that aang leaves. Aang even mentioned of having a friend from the fire nation, a firebender named kuzon. Kuzon was one of aang's best friends that he ever had...
  • great eoisode Zuko as blue spirit= AWSOME

    So zhao has been promoted, he will have a lot of power now, Aang was captured while trying to find a cure for sokka and katara. The yu-yan archers are so sweet, they work togheter like a team really well aloing with thier acuracy. I thought something serious was going to happen to katara and sokka when their only hope, (aang), was captured. that was an intense part. then zUko found out that if Aaang was captured by Zhao, then how could he capture the avatar and restore his honr, so he goes in after aang, disguised as the blue spirit.THe blue spirit was a cool character, i like those swords. Zuko was really great. and we see more of the blue spirit in season 2... Yes!!!
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