Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 2 Episode 8

The Chase

Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 26, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When Katara and Sokka are first seen searching for Toph, the reins tied to Appa's right horn is missing the horizontal pattern seen on the left horn.

    • After Aang yells at Toph and she is quiet, the left half of her collar becomes part of the left part of her shirt, forming a yellow collar which then slants like her shirt.

    • When Aang steps in between Toph and Katara and Toph moves to push him aside, the slit of the back of her shirt is missing.

    • When approaching the trapped Aang, after setting the room on fire, the pieces of clothing over Azula's shoulders and chest is rounded when it should just be set at a straight angle.

    • When Ty Lee is running towards Sokka (before she does a large flip), her shoes are missing their straps, making them look like slippers.

    • When Toph returns and knocks down Azula, the yellow-green section of her wristbands disappears.

    • When Katara is mocking Sokka's ponytail, her shirt's collar are regular white lines rather than being wide at the top to nearly touching her shoulders and being curvy. Also, beneath the left half of the collar, Katara's skin is white.

    • When Azula dismounts her Mongoose-Lizard, her boots appear to be made of cloth yet in other appearances they are made of metal.

    • When Zuko is chasing after Azula's train machine and we see him from the front when he looks up, his burnt ear is normal.

    • When Appa tips over and the gang are deposited on the ground, you can see that Toph, Katara, and Aang are spread out on the ground. But when Aang begins to speak, you can see the three are much closer and laid out in a circle.

    • When they all attack Azula together, they are standing in this order: Sokka, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko. However, when the smoke clears seconds later after the explosion, Aang and Katara have switched spots for some reason.

    • At one point while Katara is confronting Toph (The first time), you can see the carving on her necklace. She shifts postion slightly, and the carving disappears.

  • Quotes

    • Iroh: My pleasure. Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life's true delights.
      Toph: No, thank you for what you said. It helped me.

    • Katara: Let's get out of here!
      Aang: Maybe we should face them. Find out who they are. Who knows, maybe they're friendly.
      Sokka: Always the optimist.

    • Toph: Who's Zuko?
      Sokka: Oh, just some angry freak with a ponytail who's tracked us all over the world.
      Katara: What's wrong with ponytails, ponytail?
      Sokka: This is a warrior's wolftail.
      Katara: Well, it certainly tells the other warriors that you're fun and perky.

    • Iroh: There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you. Not that I love you (pause) I just met you.

    • Azula: Well, look at this. Enemies and traitors all working together. I'm done. I know when I'm beaten. You got me. A princess surrenders with honor.
      (when Iroh isn't looking she blasts him with blue fire)

    • Aang: What did I just do!? I can't believe I yelled at my earthbending teacher... Now she's gone.
      Katara: I know. We're all just trying to get used to each other... but I was so mean to her.
      Sokka: Yeah. You two were pretty much jerks.
      Katara: Thanks, Sokka.
      Sokka: No problem.

    • Sokka: How's a guy supposed to sleep with all this yelling and earthquaking!?

    • (Katara has been pinned to a tree by Mai's daggers and Sokka is unable to get up from the ground after being paralized by Ty Lee as Mai and Ty Lee advance)
      Sokka: How you doin'?
      Katara: Well, you know.

    • Katara: Ever since you joined us, you've been nothing but selfish and unhelpful!
      Toph: Look here Sugar Queen, I gave up everything I had so that I could teach Aang earthbending, so don't you talk to me about being selfish.
      Katara: Sugar Queen? (Toph uses Earthbending to slam the door) Did you just slam the door in my face? How can you be so infuriating? (Circling tent in a comical fashion)

    • Azula (to Aang): Do you really want to fight me?
      (From off-screen the ostrich-horse is heard, then Zuko bursts in between Aang and Azula)
      Zuko: Yes, I really do.

    • Sokka: (pause) The plan right now is to follow Appa's lead and get some sleep.
      Katara (Katara glares over at a sleeping Toph): Of course, we could have gotten some sleep earlier if Toph didn't have such issues.
      Toph (Toph awakens and slams her hands on the ground, causing the ground to crack): What?!

    • Sokka (The sun rises over the mountains): Oh, no. The sun is rising. (moan) We've been up all night with no sleep!
      Aang: Sokka, we'll be okay.
      (cue sci-fi alien music)
      Sokka: Are you sure? I've never not slept before. (freaks out) What if I fall asleep now and something happens? (Sokka's eyes buldge out) And something always happens!

    • Katara: Hey, Toph, I wanted to apologize for earlier. I think we're all just a little tired and getting on each other's nerves.
      Toph: Yeah. You do seem pretty tired.
      Katara: (glares) I meant all of us.

    • Toph: There's something coming towards us.
      Aang: What is it?
      Toph: It feels like an avalanche, but also not an avalanche.
      Sokka: Your powers of perception are frightening.

    • Aang: (Watching Katara and Toph fight) Should we help them?
      Sokka: I'm just enjoying the show.

    • Sokka (after Ty Lee hits him on the head but hurts her fingers): Nice try, but no.

    • Aang: All right, you've caught up with me. Now who are you, and what do you want?
      Azula: You mean you haven't guessed? You don't see the family resemblence? Here's a hint: (Puts hand over her left eye and says in a deep voice) "I must find the Avatar to restore my honor." (Aang is silent) It's okay, you can laugh. It's funny.

    • Ty Lee (after being beaten by Appa; about Sokka): Was it just me or was that guy kinda cute?
      (Mai scowls)

    • Mai (about Katara and Sokka): I thought the time Ty Lee and I finally caught you guys, it would be exciting. Oh well. Victory is boring.

    • Mai: (sarcastically about Appa's shedding) Wads of wet fur, delightful.
      Ty Lee: They're not wads, more like bundles or bushels... something with an "uh" sound.
      Mai: Clumps?
      Ty Lee: Clumps! They're clumps! (hugs Mai; Mai scowls)

    • Aang: (To Katara and Toph) Ok, ok. You both need to calm down.
      Katara: Both?! (turns to face Aang with a crazed look on her face) I'm completely calm!
      Aang: (looks surprised, then slowly backs away from Katara) I can see that. (quickly walks away)

    • Sokka (about the machine following them containing Azula and her gang): What are we gonna do about this tank full of dangerous ladies following us?

    • Azula (to Zuko): I was wondering when you would show up, Zuzu.
      Aang: Zuzu? (Aang starts laughing)

    • Toph: (about Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula) We can take them, it's three on three.
      Sokka: Actually, there's four of us.
      Toph: Oh sorry Sokka, I didn't count you, no bending and all.
      Sokka: I can still fight!
      Toph: Okay three on three, plus Sokka.

    • (talking about Aang)
      Prince Zuko: Back off Azula, he's mine.
      Princess Azula: I'm not going anywhere.

    • Toph: Hey! You guys picked a great campsite. The grass is so soft. (Feels ground with her feet)
      Sokka: That's not grass, Appa's shedding.
      Katara: Aw, gross!
      Aang: It's not gross, it's just a part of spring. You know: rebirth, flowers blooming, and Appa gets a new coat.
      Katara: Ahh, the beauty of spring.

    • (Appa is shedding and Aang and Sokka are playing with his shed fur)
      Katara: Well, I'm just glad we finally have another girl in the group, because you two are disgusting.
      Toph (walking up to Aang, Katara and Sokka): Excuse me, but does anybody have a razor? Because I have some hairy pits! (reveals Appa's fur under her armpits)

  • Notes

    • This episode is in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth, Volume 2 DVD, along with The Blind Bandit, Zuko Alone, Bitter Work, and The Library.

    • Originally the idea for Azula following the group (via Appa's fur) was intended as a Season 1 episode (Only Zuko would have followed the group instead of Azula).

    • This episode aired in the UK on November 26, 2006.

  • Allusions

    • The blue jay that lands on Aang head while he talks about springtime is a reference to a similar bird that performs the same action in the unaired pilot. According the the audio commentary, the original concept was that nature had a tendency to be attracted to Aang due to being the Avatar, which to a certain point has been suggested in past episodes, such as when he was able to take control of the Unagi in The Warriors of Kysohi.

    • Once again, the show borrows some elements from a Western movie. The chase, the deserted ghost town, the standoff and the battle royale, or more commonly "Texas shootout," which took place in this episode are all well-known sequences of a Western movie. One of the most reminiscent parts had to be at the end when Azula shot down Iroh after surrendering. This parallels to how in the movies, the villain puts his hands in the air and pretends to give up right before whipping out his pistol and shooting his opponent down.

    • Sokka fights hand to hand with Ty Lee, in this fight, Ty Lee manages to cripple most of his limbs with her pressure point fighting style, when Sokka refuses to give up and headbutts her with only one leg working, it is an allusion to the fight of the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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