Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 2 Episode 20

The Crossroads of Destiny

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Dec 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

With Aang and Sokka now heading back from the Eastern Air Temple to save Katara (who they think is in danger), they find Toph and bring her with them. With time running out Azula begins to put her coo in place (with the Dai Li's help). Then Aang and the gang head straight to their Earth Kingdom house to find Katara not there, with Aang getting more worried as the minutes pass. Then, a knock at the door is heard, and Toph recognises the person and when the door is opened you it is seen to be Iroh. Iroh says that he wants to help to get this nephew back; the gang agrees and splits into two groups: Aang and Iroh, and Sokka and Toph.
Aang and Iroh head deep into the heart of the Earth Kingdom to find Katara and Zuko (who also is imprisoned) when Aang and Iroh reach the light at the end of the tunnel they are greeted to Katara and Zuko (tension between Aang and Zuko is firing). Aang and Katara depart from Iroh and Zuko to try and find Sokka and the others.
Sokka and Toph head to the palace room to find the Earth King, but when they are there they soon realise that it is Mai and Ty Lee disguising as the Kyoshi warriors, Toph and Sokka are soon defeated when Azula holds the Earth King hostage. Sokka and Toph surrender and are imprisoned with the Earth King.
Aang and Katara race against time to get out when Azula battles them, Azula seems to nearly be beaten when Zuko comes and he has to make a choice between his honor and freedom, he quickly starts firing powerful shots at Aang. Aang and Katara soon realise that they are outnumbered with the Dai Li showing up to protect Azula. Aang's only choice is to master the avatar state, he encages himself with crystals and begins to gain control until a shot of lighting to blast into Aang's back, crashing him to the floor. Katara gains all her power to bypass the Dai Li and Zuko to get to Aang. With everything looking doubtful Iroh shows up to help Katara and Aang escape. Soon after Aang and Katara get out Iroh is imprisoned.
The episode ends with Katara reviving Aang (with the water she got from Master Pakku).
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