Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 10

The Day of Black Sun (1): The Invasion

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Aang kisses Katara in this episode for the first time outside of a dream. It's the first on-screen kiss between the two.

    • Toph and Sokka wear their regular clothing for the first time since "The Crossroads of Destiny".

    • When Zuko removes his armor, we can see him wearing the braces and longer shirt but when Zuko sits down to write his letter, he is wearing his eclipse outfit.

    • Before Haru's foot appears on screen and Aang, Katara, and Toph are conversing, Aang is seen wearing his complete uniform but when Aang joins Katara and Haru, his shirt is missing.

    • When Sokka is nervously waiting for his turn to speak, he is wearing his sword, but during his presentation, his sword is missing, but when Hakoda offers to present instead, Sokka's sword is back.

    • When Katara and Huu are moving the submarine, the beige piece on the back of Katara's palms are her skin color and her exposed fingers are beige instead.

    • As Katara is filling her waterskins- while we see her from the front and before the water streams are cut from the top of the screen- her thumbs are colored blue.

    • Wooden arm and leg guards, a wooden breast plate, a leaf hat, and loin cloths are incredibly poor choices for armor in a battle against the Fire Nation, especially since only some of them have the armor and even then it scarcely covers their chest, let alone the rest of their bodies.

    • While Due is scratching his head during Sokka's speech, his left arm guard is missing.

    • As Katara tells Sokka that she thinks he's crazy you can clearly see that her hair loopies are missing the beads at the ends which connect them to her bun.

    • Look closely:
      During the break for air before the subs land on the beach, Aang, Toph, Sokka and Katara all hug. However, before and after the hug, Toph is seen with an Earth Kingdom green shawl, yet during the hug, all that can be seen is her yellow top. It vanished for the closeup.

    • The Fire Nation seems to have a very egalitarian military. They have officers and foot soldiers of both genders in all positions.

    • When Aang and Katara kiss, if you look closely, Aang isn't exactly kissing Katara on the lips, but slightly higher.

    • Katara's hairstyle is very inappropriate for battle: It can get into her line of vision (especially considering that she spends most of time flying on Appa), catch fire, get caught on something (like Aang feared previously) and is overall a terrible choice when going into battle.

    • When Katara has her hand on Haru's shoulder, her entire glove is missing.

    • Katara's forearm guards disappear then reappear throughout the episode: First when Sokka realizes the fog hides the invasion force and then reappears when she hugs Hakoda (you can see her hands); second when she has her hand on Haru's shoulder and Tyro has his hand on Katara's and Haru's other shoulder and then reappears when she is filling her waterskins.

    • The left-right strap of Katara's waterskin constantly vanishes throughout the episode: First when Sokka realizes the fog is hiding the invasion force then reappears when Katara is frowning at Due; second, it disappears again when Tyro compliments Katara for her help then reappears during Sokka's speech; then finally, it disappears as she watches Aang fly away after their kiss then reappears when Sokka calls to her.

    • Before Haru appears, Aang can be seen with his uniform sleeves, but when he is seen next to Katara after she hugs Haru, he is sleeveless again.

    • Listen Hard: During the kissing scene of Katara and Aang, the song played was the same one played during Katara telling the story of the two lovers in the episode The Cave of Two Lovers.

    • When the Water Tribe ships are hidden in fog and approaching the Gates of Azulon, everyone looks up at the gates. When Sokka looks up, it looks like he has hair sticking out from under his helmet but actually those were supposed to be the fangs from the wolf helmet. They were colored brown by accident.

    • When Zuko takes his armor off and begins to write a letter, his wrist guards are absent when he smoothes the paper but replaced after he's dipped his brush.

    • When Hakoda gets injured after taking out the Fire Nation battlement, and Sokka is explaining how he can lead the invasion, the teeth on his wolf helmet disappear. It shows Katara, and then when it goes back to Sokka, the teeth are there again.

    • Goofs: Ming tells Iroh that she brought him a cup of White Jade Tea. However, in The Cave of Two Lovers, White Jade is the name of a poisonous bush, which Iroh drank and developed a rash that could have killed him.

  • Quotes

    • Aang: We've been looking everywhere for you. The boats are ready to leave.
      Sokka: I messed up, Aang.
      Aang: What?
      Sokka: The invasion plan was my moment of truth. And I completely flopped it. I just fell apart.
      Aang: Sokka, (walks up to him and places a hand on his shoulder) that speech wasn't your moment of truth. That was just public speaking and nobody's really good at that.
      Sokka: My Dad is. He explained the plan perfectly and inspired everyone, Like a real leader should...
      Aang: Look, your moment of truth isn't going to be in front of some map. It's going to be out there, on the battlefield.
      Sokka: You seem so confident about everything. How do you know we're going to win?
      Aang: Because I already failed the world once at Ba Sing Se. I won't let myself fail again.

    • Katara: (Seeing a cloud of fog approaching) Oh no, Sokka do you think the fog will delay the invasion?
      Sokka: No, that is the invasion!

    • Toph: What's your strategy? Gonna get a little glow on and hit him with a little avatar state action?
      Aang: I can't. When Azula shot me with lightning, my seventh chakra was locked, cutting off my connection to all the cosmic energy in the universe.
      Toph: You know what I just heard? Bla bla, spiritual mumbo-jumbo, bla bla, something about space.

    • Due (Excited and full of energy): Whooo-wheee. This place ain't nothing like a swamp. (Points to a rock) What'd you reckon that is, Tho? Some sort of exploding Fire Nation exploding trap that would eat ya?
      Tho: It's just a rock, Due.
      Due: Well, I'll be.

    • (After Sokka fails at laying out the invasion plan)
      Sokka: I'm sorry, let me start at the beginning. (Very quickly) Katara and I discovered Aang frozen in an iceberg. Now I didn't like Aang at first, but I grew to love him over time. Then we went to the Southern Air Temple where Aang use to live, and then we met some Kyoshi Warriors...
      (Sokka keeps rambling on)
      Katara: Wow, when he says beginning he means the beginning beginning.

    • Hakoda: The eclipse only lasts 8 minutes. Not enough time for the whole invasion.

    • Aang: Katara, I...
      Katara (at same time): Aang, I...
      Aang: You go first.
      Katara (smiling): We've been through so many things together. And I've seen you grow up so much. You're not that little goofy kid I met in the iceberg anymore. (Aang blushes and smiles.) I guess what I'm trying to say is...I'm really proud of you.
      Aang (his smile fading): Everything is going to be different after today, isn't it?
      Katara: Yes...it is.
      Aang: What if.... What if I don't come back?
      Katara: Aang, don't say that. Of course you'll--
      (Aang suddenly kisses her, and after taking a moment to realize what is happening, Katara closes her eyes and kisses him back. Aang pulls away from her and flies off on his glider. Katara blankly stares after him, blushing.)
      Sokka (from behind, coming out of the submarine): Katara, what are you doing? It's time to submerge!
      Katara (snapping out of her thoughts): What? R-Right. I'm on it!

    • Mechanist (points to new glider): And look! I even added a snack department!
      Aang: Oh, great. I'm sure that will come in handy.

    • Zuko: I know I've made some bad choices, but today, I'm going to set things right.

    • Toph: You guys here for a rematch?
      The Boulder: Negatory, The Boulder and the Hippo, no longer fight for other's entertainment. Now we fight for our kingdom!
      Toph: ...Sweet

    • Huu: Pants are an illusion, and so is death.

  • Notes

    • This episode aired along with The Day of Black Sun, Part Two: The Eclipse as the TV-Movie: The Day of Black Sun.

    • This episode is available in the Avatar Book 3: Fire Volume 2 DVD along with "The Avatar and the Firelord", "The Runaway", "The Puppetmaster", and "Nightmares and Daydreams".

    • Haru, Teo, Tho, Due, Huu, Tyro, The Mechanist, The Boulder, and The Hippo return in this episode.

    • This episode was originally supposed to air on November 23, but instead was pushed back to November 30. The move affected the "10 Straight Weeks of Avatar" promotion that Nickelodeon was running.

  • Allusions

    • The shot of Aang with his new staff and the koala-sheep beside him could be an allusion to shepherd Jesus, seeing as Aang is the "messiah" of his world.

    • The Earth Kingdom demolition trucks seem to be modeled after the ones found in the computer game Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

    • The Fire Nation uses a fire wall net much in the way nets where used in WWII to keep subs out of harbors. Except it didn't work in this episode.

    • The Gates of Azulon seem to be a combination of the Colossus of Rodes, Statue of Liberty, and Christ the Redeemer.

    • The talk about using peanuts as a explosive ingredient is something true to real life. Peanut oil is a common ingredient in nitroglycerin.

    • Aang's new robe is very similar to Buddhist monks' robes, which only cover one shoulder.