Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 11

The Day of Black Sun (2): The Eclipse

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Quite easily the best episode in the entire series.

    Avatar has continually surpassed my own threshold of how good a show can be. Every single episode beginning from Book 1 has accumulated character development, story depth, and anticipation of what is going to happen when this series is over. In Day of Black Sun, I don't think any viewer could have foreseen what was to come in the storyline. The amount of breathtaking plot twists in the second half of Day of Black Sun easily makes this the best episode of Avatar yet. I cannot think of anything I have ever watched that has this amount of quality in its storytelling. There's many TV shows that just gives the viewer a good twist at the end of the episode and try to get them to watch the next one. This Avatar episode had at least three. The emotional end of this TV movie is very moving, and leaves much anticipation for what is to come next.

    After this series is over, the bar has been set very, very high for what American television shows should be. I always believed that people in Western culture do not take pride and seriousness in creating good animated television shows. Japan animation (anime) has always been the prime ideal example of what can be achieved if people applied all they have on it. Avatar can finally be our response to that.
  • The Day of Black Sun (2): The Eclipse

    The Day of Black Sun (2): The Eclipse was a perfect, action packed, awesome episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of character and plot development. The invasion of the Fire Nation continues and with the Eclipse moments away Aang discovers the Royal Palace and surrounding city are empty. I really enjoyed the battle scenes. Upon the Eclipse Aang, Toph, and Sokka encounter Azula who uses their time by distracting them. Meanwhile Zuko confronts Fire Lord Ozai and tells him the truth about Ba Sing Se. I thought the end of this episode and campaign were sad. There was an interesting ending!!!!!!!
  • More action and less moronic humor.

    This episode was better than the previous episode. Many great action sequences. But a question about the continuity of the show. How did Azula know toph was blind. The episode showed Toph's amazing earthing bending. Also the teamup between Aang Sokka and Toph was great. The conforntation between Zuko & His father was mixed. It showed how cruel Ozai is, but it was kind of lame. Zuko realizes people hate the fire nation. OMG! "We need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness" I would even laugh at that. Also you still don't know what happaned to Zuko's mother. Such vague description. I hate it when they beat around the bush. Ozai your villian say you were going to Kill Zuko! You also see how quick and cunning Azula is as she able to fend of the Avatar without earthbending. She is also able to lie with ease like a true sociopath.
  • Amazing

    This was a fantasic ending for the season. I actually thought they were going to win. It really had me going. I was so happy when he went into Avatar state, but was shot down. Did not see that coming. Zuko got me real po - ed in that episode. But then made up for it in the end when went against his dad. I really hate Azula but she was pretty tough when fighting. I really hated those Dai Lee guys or who ever they were called. Especially the leader. It was an amazing movie or episode which ever you prefer.
  • Following up a great episode is another great episode!

    The first part of this episode concentrated on the Avatar's invasion, and the second part of this two header concentrates on how Azula and the Fire Lord counters it. Although there isn't as much large scale fighting as the first episode, there's still some of the awesome fire, water, earth, and air bending that we have all grown to love over the course of this cartoon. The fight scene with Azula and her earth benders versus Aang and Toph is just a feast to the eyes. Even better though is when Zuko changes his allegiance. At first it seemed like he did it because he wasn't happy with himself, but he gave a great speech about it to his father. How he takes the Fire Lord's electrical attack and redirected it back at home just really sealed that part of the story really well.
  • In the second part, the eclipse takes place soon enough. While looking for Fire Lord Ozai, Aang, Toph and Sokka are distracted by Azula. Zuko confronts his father and reveals the truth about the recent events of Ba Sing Se, and plans to join the Avatar.

    This episode is definitely my favorite one. The fights were good, and I especially liked the way Zuko stood up to his father. I was surprised to see him fight alongside Azula in "The Crossroads of Destiny," especially after his brief connection with Katara. But I always knew there was more to Zuko. After all, he has done good things too, such as saving the boy named Lee, freeing Appa, tending to Iroh's injuries from Azula's lightning and a poisoned plantand helping Iroh with his tea shop in Ba Sing Se. And after watching the flashbacks from his past in "Zuko Alone," he seemed like a good kid to me, and I like how he was close to his mother and how he felt sorry for Iroh after he lost his son in battle. He also never got along with Azula in the past, and stated (in both his past and future) that "Azula always lies." Despite him helping Azula, I could tell he was still uncomfortable with his decision and regreted betraying his Uncle Iroh after all he had done for him. And so far in this season, he didn't seem the same. Despite having his father's respect, he remained unhappy, and was also greatly taken by surprise when he discovered his relation to Avatar Roku. He finally realizes who he truly is, and knows that the war must be stopped. After this episode, he forms an alliance with Aang and his friends.
  • FINALY! I'm so happy Zuko finaly turned to the good side.

    This was something I always new would happen, and it was sure worth the wait. What a great episode! Zuko standing up to his dad, awesome! I think Zuko is just as much a main character as Aang is. It was more his day then Aang's. I feel bad the invasion didn't work but we all knew it wouldn't. I wish Aang hadn't cut his hair off. It made him look so much better. I wish we had seen more of Iro in the episode. Sokka blew it but at least he knows where Suki is now. This episode was the start of so many fantastic episodes to come. Zuko's character changed everything. Now that Zuko has joined the gAng he and Katara may become a couple, and that's fine with me. Until Aang grows a little taller, Katang doesn't work for me. Either way I'm chomping at the bit to see the rest of the season!
  • A great episode with many twists and turns Read Reveiw!!

    It was an unbelievable episode. I love how the characters from seoson 1 and 2 help out in the invasion. Overall a fantastic episode because of the twists. The battle sequences for only average(Azula). The twists include Azula's mentioning of Suki and Zuko's relization that his mother is still alive. We also finally get to see Fire Lord Ozai's real firebending powers by generating lightning so quickly. It was a great episode but it did have a few problems. I would have liked to see more of Hakoda's battling skills. Also, a problem nobody seems to notice is Aang doesn't seem to have a problem killing the Fire Lord in this episode unlike in Sozin's Comet where that becomes a big plot of the episodes. Overall, one of the best in the entire series.
  • the fire nation are hiding underground.

    after aang finds out the fire nation also knew about the invasion he, sokka and toph went to look where they are hiding. toph finds out that they are underground and they find something interesting. its the fire lord, its the fire lord's daughter, azula. the eclipse has just begun. the three heroes attack azula but even if she cant use her bending powers she is still too fast. what gets worse is the dai li are protecting her. the eclipse is now ending and aang is running out of time. azula keeps stalling them and the eclipse ends. aang plans to attack another day...
  • The reason why i watch the show

    Now with the invasion in full force the group continues to make their way into the palace city. Aang reports that the city and the firelord are not to be found. Not giving up hope the group attempts to find where the firelord is hiding. They discover a bunker deep within the volcano. Meanwhile the invasion force has entered the city. Once aang believes to have found Ozai he is shocked to find azula, and the fact she knew about the invasion. Without her bending she simply evades aang and drains their 8 minute window for the eclipse. Meanwhile the confrontation that we had been waiting for took place. Zuko confronted his father. A long conversation ending in a lightning fight. The invasion is foiled with the FN unleashes their new war blimps. The kids escape while the rest of the force is taken captive. This episode was exactly what i was expecting in season 3. It had the confrontations we wanted and ended dramatically.
  • review

    an episode you can never get tired of watching.
    this episode is a true master peace of bryke it was made for people to watch and analyze over and over. i always consistently visualize the ozai and zuko fight omg lol.
    an episode you can never get tired of watching.
    this episode is a true master peace of bryke it was made for people to watch and analyze over and over. i always consistently visualize the ozai and zuko fight omg lol an episode you can never get tired of watching.
    this episode is a true master peace of bryke it was made for people to watch and analyze over and over. i always consistently visualize the ozai and zuko fight omg lol one of the best eps.
  • Love It!

    A great connection to Sozin's Comet! The day of the Black Sun may be the best episode (so far) in the series, Aang and his friends fight the firelord once and for all but they ended up in defeat. The Day of the Black Sun part Two: The Eclipse, has a lot of bending scenes and actions, thjat's why I love this show, you know, those bending moves!!! This episode is a great connection to continue the series and end it, It responds well to Day of the black sun part one and Nightmares and Daydreams! Watch it on Nickelodeon anytime!
  • Reminds me of the season 2 finale. lots of twist

    This was an extremely great episode. It had action, emotional scenes, character development, and more, which is what any episode should have, with the exceptions of some. It is hard to wonder why so many people don't really like this episode. I had everything most other avatar episodes had and more. Peopl say that this episode was rushed and everything happened too quickly. But try to understand that we have like 9 or 8 episodes left after this one. You can't possibly expect Zuko to apoligize in the Firebending Masters or the Boiling Rock. What else was Zuko going to do? People were expecting some Kataang in there or some more info on the airbenders, but you have to focus on the plot going on now, on the A-story. Right now you have to focus on Aang learning firebending and defeating the Firelord.
  • shocking episode

    In the middle of the invasion Aang returns to camp and they have to decide what to do with the remaining time. They come to the conclusion that they can still win the day so they go on a wild goose chase to find Ozai which only results to them finding Azula. The eclipse has started so Azula is helpless but she has help from the Dai Li. Meanwhile Zuko confronts the Firelord and tells him the truth about Azula killing the Avatar and tells him that he's going to do right and is going to join the Avatar to help defeat him. The episode ends in a shocking way and the Avatar must continue his journey.
  • The Eclipse has finally come!

    In the eleventh episode of avatar the last airbender, the invastion is going out as they wanted it to, but something went really wrong. the fire nation capital is all gone and they went somewhere safe. toph brings them underground where they find a huge metal dome. with the metalbending of toph, they get into it.

    After searching through it, they find where the fire lord is. but when they get in there, it's not the fire lord they see, it's azula. so they fight azula, but since azula can't bend she got a few people from the di lee to do that for her. when zuko finds his father, he finds out his mother was banished from the fire natin. when his father shoots lightning at him, he redirects it at him. Aang, Sokka, and Toph chase Azula, but when the eclipse is over. they have to go away. the invansion failed. when they are retreating, the fire nation burns there submarines. so only the young go on to appa and they go for the western air temple. when they are going, zuko is in a fire nation balloon following them.

    Overall, this is a good episode and we see a lot of things that we never really knew before.
  • A thrilling episode to watch!!!!!!outstanding

    this outstanding episode finale shows the long lived invasion of the fire nation. it was amazing to watch this second part of the first tv movie of season three. the invasion has already started. aang returns, not having defeated the firelord yet. apparently, the entire palace city is abandoned. so now, as the rest of the invasion force attacks the fire nation, aang, toph, and sokka go in search of the firelord under the volcano in a secret bunker. however, they meet a few surprises. is it ozai sitting there, or is it azula? meanwhile, zuko goes to tell his father, the firelord, the truth, and about how he he is going to join the avatar and help him win. this episode was epic and is exactly why avatar should be given more praise.
  • Aang continues his search for Fire Lord Ozai and encounters a few surprises. Meanwhile the invasion force continues up to the Fire Lords Palace during the Eclipse

    This was probably the best episode of Season three and one of the best in the series so far along with part 1 the invasion. There were a few things that annoyed me though, but first the positive part. The action here was very well done and the writing and pacing was great, definitely a good plot and character development was good too. The main things that annoyed me were was the fact that Aang was too slow for Azula. I mean c,mon he's an airbender, if I recall in season one he was able to easily evade Zuko countless of times and run at the speed of the wind. Another thing that annoyed me was when they finally caught her Sokka had the perfect opportunity to hit Azula or slap her while he was interrogating her. In fact I was waiting for him to do that, it was completely appropriate to anyways. Though the last part I can forgive because this shows on Nickelodeon and I would expect they wouldn't allow one of the good guys (Sokka) to act in violence, from anger. Aside from those few things this was excellent, epic, and amazing.
  • This episode was the last to air in 2007, and left Avatards with the memory of a great episode indeed. Aang and the gaang look for the Fire Lord, but it turns out Azula has been expecting them.

    A great episode, this was a two parter about the eclipse, and I think the creators made it as good as they could have.

    Everyone was in character, especially Hakoda, who in the end had to say goodbye to his kids after the invasiuon failed. This episode gets a 10 from me, although the greatest battle episode for me is still The Siege of the Norht Part 2, another two parter episode. I found this episode to be very exciting, and arguably one of the best of season 3, things should get even better from here, hopefully.

    I give it a thumbs up!
  • Everyone continues fighting the Firebenders. The Firebending nation is strong and won't accept defeat. Meanwhile, Aang has run off to find the Fire Lord.

    Unexplainable! It was fantastic! This proves how good the show is. WOW! I'm speechless. The fighting scenes were great. I felt so happy watching them destroy the Fire Nation defense. Everyone was cooperating and fighting as a team. I couldn't wait for the scene when Aang was supposed to fight the Fire Lord. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. The Fire Lord knew about this and so did Azula. She distracted them until they got their firebending skills back. She's so sneaky. I hate her so much. She makes a great villian and an even greater character. I wish Zuko would've killed his father on the spot. I guess he's not like his father. He's more like his uncle! I also liked the fact that they didn't defeat the Fire Nation. That makes the show even better now. This was a fantastic episode!!!!!!
  • With the eclipse full-on, the Gaang must debate to retreat and fight again or take on the Firelord. However, Azula and the fire nation have other plans.Zuko finally confronts his father.

    Probably the greatest Avatar episode to date. Filled with just the right amount of drama, action and story, this episode takes the cake. The relavation that Ozai is still not to be found, even in the fire nation's bunker, is startling and the fight with Azula, Aang, Toph, Sokka, and the Dai Li, is one of the longest and most intense fight sequences in the entire series. Zuko's confrontation with Ozai is also good, though the overt STAR WARS-style talk was kind of cheesy. The new blimps of the fire nation are very cool (as well as deadly) and I think we'll be seeing them again.

    All in all, it does not get any better than this (or at least until the rest of Season 3 airs).
  • In this Episode the Last Part of Zuko's Dream, shown in The Earth King, is fulfilled when Zuko accepts his benevolence and proclaims it.

    Aang rejoins the invasion force and reveals that the whole city has been abandoned. Sokka concludes that the Fire Lord must have expected the invasion and is hiding somewhere nearby. After some deliberation, they agree to continue with the invasion: the invasion force will continue towards the palace while Aang, Toph, and Sokka search for the Fire Lord.

    With the help of Toph's ability to see underground, the group locates a secret bunker inside a nearby volcano. However, instead of finding Ozai, they come face-to-face with Azula. Azula reveals she has known about the invasion for months and is not surprised to find Aang alive. Meanwhile, Zuko enters the chamber where his father is hiding.

    Zuko approaches Ozai and explains he is there to "tell the truth." In amusement that Zuko chose the moment of an eclipse to face him, Ozai dismisses his guards. Zuko explains that it had been Azula who supposedly killed the Avatar in Ba Sing Se, and that the Avatar is probably leading the invasion. Outraged upon hearing this news, Ozai orders his son to leave. However, Zuko refuses and says that he will no longer take orders from his father. Ozai threatens to kill Zuko for his disobedience, but Zuko pulls out his swords and forces Ozai to listen to him.

    Azula refuses to tell Aang, Sokka, and Toph her father's location. Toph's lie-detecting ability proves ineffective on Azula, being that she is an expert liar. Two Dai Li agents Azula brought back from Ba Sing Se drop from the ceiling, and use Earthbending to protect her as Aang and Toph attack. The invasion forces start to take the capital city as all the Firebenders are surrendering at the loss of their power.

    Zuko confronts his father and tells him that all he had ever wanted was for Ozai to love him, and that he had spent his days in exile trying to please his father. He angrily berates Ozai for cruelly challenging Zuko to a duel when he was only a child, and then banishing him from the Fire Nation for simply speaking out of turn. Ozai claims the act was to teach Zuko respect, but Zuko retorts that it was cruel and wrong. He also reveals his beliefs that the Fire Nation is doing wrong in the world, and that they lie to themselves into thinking they are benefactors spreading their greatness to other nations. However, Zuko really knows they are hated for it and that they deserve that hatred. Zuko explains that they, the Fire Nation, have a responsibility to bring about an era of peace if the world is to survive. Ozai openly mocks him, saying that his uncle has apparently influenced Zuko, to which Zuko proudly agrees.

    Aang, Sokka, and Toph continue to fight Azula and her Dai Li agents, both of whom they eventually incapacitate. Though powerless, Azula proves far too agile for Aang to pin down. Sokka stops Aang and Toph from pursuing Azula any further, as she is just baiting them into wasting all their time. As they attempt to leave, Azula taunts Sokka by hinting that she has captured, imprisoned, and possibly tortured Suki, which enrages Sokka into rushing at her. Azula prepares to harm him with a concealed weapon of Mai's, which Toph senses and promptly disarms her of. Sokka seizes Azula by her throat and orders her to tell him Suki's location; she simply smiles.

    Zuko now realizes that his uncle Iroh was more of a father to him than Ozai had ever been, and he tells Ozai that he plans to free Iroh from his prison and beg for his forgiveness. After Ozai continues to mock him, Zuko openly states that he is going to fulfill his destiny and join the Avatar, helping him to defeat Ozai. Ozai calls Zuko a coward for telling the truth during the eclipse, challenging Zuko to strike him down now, while he is powerless. Zuko replies that defeating Ozai is Aang's destiny, and not his. As he heads for the exit, Ozai baits Zuko back again with the knowledge of what happened to his mother.

    Ozai reveals the circumstances regarding the disappearance of Zuko's mother, Princess Ursa. When Ozai mocked the death of Iroh's son, Fire Lord Azulon ordered Ozai to kill Zuko as punishment so that Ozai would feel the loss of a child. However, Ursa swore to protect Zuko at any cost, and came up with a plan to which Ozai agreed. Ozai implies that Ursa arranged Azulon's death so Zuko would be spared and Ozai would become Fire Lord. As a result, Ursa was banished for her treason.

    Ozai then states that banishment is a far too merciful punishment for treason and that Zuko's punishment for betraying the Fire Nation will be far worse. Sensing the end of the eclipse, Ozai lashes out and shoots a powerful bolt of lightning at Zuko. Zuko, however, redirects the lightning back towards Ozai, blasting him into the back wall. Zuko quickly escapes the chamber before Ozai can recover. Meanwhile, Azula also realizes she has regained her Firebending by listening to the explosion and escapes from Sokka and the others. She reveals her father's location and claims that he is more than willing to confront them now that the eclipse is over. Sokka feels ashamed for wasting their time, but Aang insists he can still face the Fire Lord. However, Sokka and Toph disagree and convince him to retreat for now.

    Aang, Sokka, and Toph return to the battle site, as fleets of hot air balloons and zeppelins emerge from behind the palace and attempt to attack the invasion force. Zuko attempts to free Iroh from prison, but discovers that Iroh has already busted out from his cell and is long gone, leaving behind dazed and unconscious guards.

    The airships obliterate the submarines, thus making the invasion team's escape impossible. Hakoda tells Aang and the younger fighters to flee while the adults remain behind to be taken as prisoners. After saying their good-byes, the rest of the gang, along with Haru, Teo, and The Duke, get onto Appa; as they rise into the air, Aang states that the Western Air Temple will be a safe place for them to stay for a while. Azula watches from one of the airships as the group escapes, but she chooses not to pursue them, confident that they will return someday. At the episode's closing, Zuko is seen following Appa on a hot air balloon, with a look of determination on his face.
  • In this episode Aang thinks he's finally going to face firelord Ozai. Because they have to find him first , they take Toph along with them to find him. They fail in finding him and the eclipse is over so they have to retreat and fight anoter day.

    I think this episode is like all the other ones: GREAT!!! Especially the part where they have to fight against Azula. You'd think that without her bending, Azula would be powerless, but she's very agile and if it wasn't for Toph, Sokka would have been seriously injured. I feel a little sorry for Aang though, he feels that he has let the people who count on him ,down again. But let's be serious, he couldn't have defeated the firelord without also mastering firebending as well. And the twist continues: Zuko had a real chance of killing the firelord (his dad) but he refuses and when the eclipse is over, Ozai tries to kill Zuko but Zuko channels the lightning and it strikes the firelord. This episode keeps you on the edge of your seat!!
  • in this second part of the invasion in the fire nation, the gaang and the rebellion army lay siege into the heart of the royal city with the aid of the solar eclipse. but things don't go as planned. in the meantime, allegiances change for the better.

    this episode was really epic and i absolutely loved it. the action sequences here was really great especially the ones with toph, aang, azula and the dai li. although azula didn't really do much fighting (ok fine, none actually) it was really exciting the earthbending battle and all i can say is toph rules. she almost single-handedly owned all the dai li agents. so much for being an elite group of earthbenders :x however, the best bit of this episode was the confrontation between zuko and ozai. well wasn't that an excellent father-son talk? the speech that zuko gave really had me jumping up and down and was really heartfelt. it's about time that zuko realises his own destiny and speak up against that hitler-esque father of his. and guess what, zuko has been training which was apparent when he was able to redirect ozai's lightning attack against him. although the gaang lost this battle,it was truly an exciting episode and sets up for what could be a marvellous second encounter. :)
  • yea this is what happened incase anyone missed it. i liked it but i keep waitng for the next episode*sigh*

    okay this review is for the people who missed the episode
    i got it from:
    yea i thought it was pretty good
    does anyone know when the next episode comes on
    because i keep waiting and waiting
    and they keep
    replaying old episodes
    it kinda sorta gets annoying
    umm... does anyone know whatever happened to suki?
    did she die?
    i hope not

    Act I (The episode opens with a shot of the sun with the moon just beginning to overlap it. Cut to a shot of the submarines at the water, guarded by Hue and six other warriors. The camera tilts up to the plaza. Destroyed, smoking tanks are strewn about. Cut to an overhead shot of the plaza. Fire Nation tanks and soldiers are shooting fire blasts at the caterpillar tanks, which have formed a semi circle against the plaza wall. Cut to a close up of the caterpillar tanks. The sides flip open and earthbender lob stones at the firebenders. Cut to a shot of a Fire Nation soldier signaling the catapults to fire. The projectiles fly through the air as the earthbenders' stones and shockwaves destroy the catapults. Cut to a shot of and zoom in on Sokka, Bato, and an earthbender examining a map on the ground from behind the tanks. Behind them, Toph shoots a rock through the side of the tank just before a fireball collides with into the tank. Sokka winces at the loud explosion. Sokka looks up and sees Katara helping Hakoda through the plaza's large doorways. He is holding his side, still wounded.) Sokka: Dad! You're on your feet again. (Sokka and Toph run towards Katara and Hakoda. Katara lets Hakoda sit down.) Hakoda: Thanks to your sister. I'm in no shape to fight but maybe there is someway I could help. Sokka: Everything's going smoothly and the eclipse hasn't even kicked in yet. Hakoda: Let's hope our luck holds out. Katara, you seem distracted. Is something wrong? (Katara takes a few steps forward and looks out in the distance.) Katara: Yeah… Is that… is that Aang? Sokka: What? (Aang can be seen gliding towards them, dodging the numerous fireballs. He lands in front of his friends.) Sokka: Please tell you're here because the Fire Lord turned out to be a big wimp and you didn't even need the eclipse to take him down? Aang: He wasn't home. No one was. The entire palace city is abandoned. (Cut to a close up of Sokka's profile. The camera rotates around to his front as he comes to a realization.) Sokka: They knew. Aang: It's over. The Fire Lord is probably long gone. Far away on some remote island where he'll be safe during the eclipse. Sokka: No. My instincts tell me he wouldn't go too far. He would have a secret bunker. Somewhere he could go so it'll be safe during a siege but still be close enough to lead his nation. Toph: If it's an underground secret bunker we're looking for, I'm just the girl to find it. (Sokka pulls out a small device resembling a pocket watch. It ticks, and there is a dial and notches on one section of it.) Sokka: The Mechanist gave me this timing device. It looks like we've got about 10 minutes until the full eclipse. 10 minutes to find the Fire Lord. Aang: We can still do this. We can still win the day. Katara: Wait. If they knew we were coming, it could all be a trap. Maybe we should use the time we have left to make sure all of us get out of here safely. Hakoda: Everyone who's here today came prepared to risk everything for this mission. They know what's at stake. If there's still a chance and there's still hope, I think they would want Aang to go for it. Sokka: What do you think? You're the one who has to face the Fire Lord. Whatever you decide, I'm with you. (Aang stands up and faces toward the battlefield.) Aang: I've got to try. (The camera zooms out and the scene fades to a shot of Appa flying towards the top of the volcano where the Fire Nation capital is. He lands on the side, and Aang, Sokka, and Toph jump off him.) Aang: Do you feel anything down there? Toph: (her hand to the ground) Yep. There are natural tunnels criss-crossing through the inside of the volcano. Sokka: Anything else? Is there a structure somewhere? Toph: (she extends her hands to each side before plunging them into the ground, gripping the earth with her fingers) There's something big, dense, and made of metal deep in the heart of the volcano. Sokka: Sounds like a secret bunker to me. (Toph thrusts her hands forward, bending a hole into the side of the volcano. Momo chirps and curiously sticks his head out from behind the headpiece on Appa's armor.) Aang: Stay safe. We'll be back soon. (Toph, Sokka, and Aang enter though the hole into a dark tunnel. Toph kneels down and feels the ground before running down one side of the tunnel. Sokka and Aang quickly follow.) Toph: This way! That one's a dead end. Sokka: What would we do without you? Toph: Perish and burn in hot magma. (They crawl past a small stream of lava and Sokka flinches away from it.) Sokka: Yeah, pretty much. (The three of them come to a cavern filled with active lava vents all over the floor.) Toph: The tunnel continues on the other side and it leads right to the bunker. Sokka: We'll have to be fast but careful. (Sokka attempts to run across, but is immediately stopped by one of the vents erupting. He yells in surprise and shields himself as Aang swings his staff at it, bending a gust of wind and cooling down the lava.) Aang: How was that careful? Sokka: I was wrong. We need to be fast, careful and lucky. (Toph, Aang, and Sokka run across the cavern, carefully dodging the steam and lava coming from the vents. Cut to a shot of the three from the front, covered in a red glow. They all stop and look dismayed. The camera quickly zooms out to reveal them standing on a small cliff above a large river of lava.) Sokka: There's no floor! It's just a river of lava. (Aang spins his staff and extends the glider wings.) Aang: Climb aboard and hold on tight. (Cut to a shot of Sokka and Toph holding on to the top of Aang's glider as he glides through the lava tunnel, screaming with fright. Aang banks left and right, avoiding a stone column and a lava explosion. They all make it to the other side and land easily before continuing on foot. Cut to an overhead shot of the cavern floor. The camera zooms out and tilts up to show Aang, Toph, and Sokka running up to a large metal bunker built against the cavern wall.) Sokka: That's some door! (Toph walks up to the door, places her ear against it, and knocks on it, producing a metallic thud.) Toph: Not a problem. (Toph takes a step back before bashing her elbows into the door, fracturing and denting it. She takes another step back, kisses her middle and index fingers, and forcefully stabs them through the middle of the door. Toph kicks a hole through the metal. Cut to a shot of the other side of the door as Toph's leg bursts through. She widens the opening and steps through. With sound effect added, Toph points in a direction and takes off, followed by Aang and Sokka.) Sokka: I am so glad we added you to the group. (Cut to an overhead shot of the Fire Nation capital. The camera tilts down to the invasion force making their way up the path towards the top. Cut to an overhead shot of three caterpillar tanks and a legion of soldiers moving up the path while fireballs are flung at them. Cut to a shot of a Fire Nation battlement from below as a firebender throws fireballs from it. The camera zooms out to show the fireball hitting the metal shields that the earthbenders are carrying over their heads. The Boulder and the Hippo run towards the Cliffside under the battlement, slap their hands against it, and earthbend an avalanche, demolishing the battlement. The same is done to another battlement. Cut to a shot of one of the Fire Nation commanding officers. The camera rotates around him as he turns around and looks at the sky. The moon is slowly starting to move over the sun.) Fire Nation Fighter #1: Retreat! Everyone move to secondary defensive position! Retreat! (The battlement behind him tips over and falls over. Three firebenders retreat as three caterpillar tanks draw close to them. Cut to a shot of Bato hanging on the back of one of the tanks, addressing the other soldiers.) Bato: The eclipse is only minutes away. We should be able to make it up the hill by the time it starts and secure the entire palace by the time it's finished! (The soldiers all give a hearty battle cry. Cut to Katara holding Hakoda over her shoulder.) Katara: We can wait here if you want. Hakoda: No. I want to press forward with the others. (Katara and Hakoda continue forward. Cut to a shot of the rafters inside the Fire Nation bunker. The camera tilts down to War Minister Qin walking down a tunnel. The camera zooms out to show Aang, Sokka, and Toph running down a tunnel on the other side that merges with the first one. Qin whistles a tune just as he comes to the end of the wall and the three kids run past him. He gasps in shock, alerting the three to his presence. The turn around and brandish their weapons at him, Toph stomping the ground and popping a rocking into the air. Qin presses his back against the wall and raises his hands in surrender.) War Minister Qin: The Fire Lord's chamber is that way down the hall to the left and up the stairs. You can't miss it. (Aang, Sokka, and Toph all step in closer to him. Cut to a shot from just above Qin's head of Aang and Sokka glaring up at him.) Aang: (suddenly smiles cheerfully) Thanks. (They leave Qin, Sokka giving him one last dirty look. Once their gone, Qin breathes a sigh of relief, looks left and right to make sure no one saw anything, composes himself and continues walking and whistling as if nothing happened. Cut to a shot of the tunnel floor's level as Aang, Sokka, and Toph run past. Sokka pulls out the Mechanist's device and checks their time.) Sokka: Only 30 seconds until the total eclipse. (Cut to a shot of the three coming to another large door with a flame symbol on the front and at the top. Aang takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. Cut to a close up of Aang.) Aang: I'm ready. I'm ready to face the Fire Lord. (The camera zooms out just as Aang spins his staff up and forward. Cut to a shot of the other side of the door as it is blown off its hinges by Aang's blast of air. The camera zooms way out to show that the room is one large hall supported by thick metal beams on both sides, lit by torchlight. There is a single throne at the end of the hall. Cut to a shot from the front of the hall as Aang, Sokka, and Toph run inside. Azula is lounging on the throne. Azula: So, you are alive after all. (Cut to a shot of Aang in utter, speechless shock. Zoom out to show all three of them. Sokka is as shocked as Aang. Cut to a shot of the bottom of the throne and tilt up towards Azula.) Azula: I had a hunch that you survived. It doesn't matter, I've known about the invasion for months. (Cut to a profile shot of Aang, still shocked, before the scene cuts to a shot of Zuko from behind, standing in front of a much smaller door within the tunnels. He has his broadswords slung on his back. Cut to a shot of him from a low angle.) Zuko: I'm ready to face you. (Cut to a shot of the other side of the door and zoom out as Zuko slides it open. There are elite guards with spears standing at the front. Cut to a shot of Fire Lord Ozai. He is just about to take a sip from a steaming cup of tea when he notices Zuko.) Fire Lord Ozai: Prince Zuko, what are you doing here? (Cut to a shot from behind Ozai and zoom out. Zuko walks towards the line of guards. Cut to commercial.) Act II (The show returns with a shot of the moon passing over the sun, covering almost all of it. Cut to a far, overhead shot of the invasion force on the side of the volcano. The camera shifts over to focus of the capital in the crater. Shift to a close shot of water tribe warriors marching up the volcano. A tank passes by on the other side. The Mechanist walks on screen and looks back.) The Mechanist: The eclipse is starting. Put on your eclipse glasses. (The Mechanist takes off his monocle and places a visor with thin slits over his eyes. The warriors stop marching for a moment and do the same before continuing on. Cut to a shot of Katara and Hakoda with their eclipse glasses on as they look towards the sun. Cut to a shot of the eclipse as the moon completely blacks out the sun. The scene cuts to Zuko standing in front of Ozai and his guards.) Fire Lord Ozai: Why are you here? Zuko: I'm here to tell the truth. Fire Lord Ozai: Telling the truth during the middle of an eclipse. This should be interesting. (Ozai waves his hand and his guards leave through doors on both sides of the chamber.) Zuko: First of all, in Ba Sing Se, it was Azula who took down the Avatar, not me. Fire Lord Ozai: Why would she lie to me about that? Zuko: Because the Avatar is not dead. He survived. Fire Lord Ozai: (alarmed) What?! Zuko: In fact, he probably is leading this invasion. He could be on us right now. Fire Lord Ozai: (stands up and points, furious) Get out! Get out of my sight right now if you know what's good for you. Zuko: That's another thing. I'm not taking orders from you anymore. Fire Lord Ozai: (seething with rage) You will obey me or this defiant breathe will be your last! (Ozai begins to walk towards Zuko, until Zuko unsheathes his broadswords and brandishes them at him.) Zuko: Think again! I am going to speak my mind and you are going to listen. (Cut to a close up of Ozai as he sits back down before the scene cuts to a shot of Aang, Toph, and Sokka, ready to fight.) Aang: Where is he? Where is the Fire Lord? Azula: (sarcastically) Hm, you mean I'm not good enough for you? You're hurting my feelings. Sokka: (brandishes his sword) Stop wasting our time and give us the information. You're powerless right now so you're in no position to refuse. Toph: And stick to the truth. I'll be able to tell if you're lying. Azula: Are you sure? I'm a pretty good liar. (her face becomes completely expressionless) I am a 400 foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings Toph: (after a brief pause) Okay you're good, I admit it. (bends the earth underneath Azula so that it encases her is a conical shape) But you really ought to consider telling the truth anyway. (Azula gives a small smirk. The camera zooms out from her as the stone trap shatters. Sokka, Aang, and Toph are all shocked. Azula keeps smirking as she brushes some rubble off her shoulder.) Azula: When I left Ba Sing Se, I brought home some souvenirs. (two Dai Li agents drop from the ceiling and land in front of her) Dai Li agents. (Aang swings his staff at them, throwing out a blast of wind. The Dai Li both bend a stone wall in front and completely nullify the attack. The scene cuts to the invasion force making its way to the edge of the crater. The camera tilts up towards the Fire Nation royal palace. Cut to a shot of Bato standing at the edge. Warriors and two tanks make their way past him and over the edge.) Bato: Surround the periphery! We have to secure the palace by the time the eclipse is over. Otherwise, we'll be in for the fight of our lives. (Bato makes his way down with the rest of them. The tanks and soldiers reach the edge of the capital and make their way in. Cut to a shot of a group of firebenders lining themselves up in one of the alleys. Haru, Tyro, and a group of earthbenders come to face them.) Tyro: Stop! Surrender peacefully and we won't harm you. Fire Nation Fighter #2: We'll never surrender. (he steps forward, makes flailing movements with his arms, dashes forward and thrusts his palm forward as if to shoot a fire ball, but all that is produced is a pathetic fizzle) Er okay, we surrender. (He and the other firebenders bow down and present their hands in surrender. Shift to Katara and Hakoda climbing up to the edge of the crater, looking down at the Fire Nation capital as the soldiers and tanks head to the palace.) Hakoda: There it is. The Fire Nation royal palace. We've come so far. Katara: It's not over yet. (Both begin to head down. The scene cuts to Zuko and Ozai in the bunker.) Zuko: For so long, all I wanted was you to love me, to accept me. I thought it was my honor that I wanted but really, I was just trying to please you. You, my father, who banished me just for talking out of turn. (points a sword at Ozai) My father, who challenged me; a 13-year-old boy to an Agni Kai. How can you possibly justify a duel with a child? Fire Lord Ozai: It was to teach you respect. Zuko: It was cruel! And it was wrong. Fire Lord Ozai: Then you have learned nothing. Zuko: No, I've learnt everything! And I had to learn it on my own. Growing up, we were taught that the Fire Nation was the greatest civilization in history and somehow, the war was our way of sharing our greatness with the rest of the world. What an amazing lie that was. The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation! They don't see our greatness, they hate us! And we deserve it. We've created an era of fear in the world. And if we don't want the world to destroy itself, we need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness. Fire Lord Ozai: (laughs mocking) Your Uncle has gotten to you, hasn't he? Zuko: (closes his eyes for a second) Yes. He has. (Zuko smiles. Ozai can only frown in disapproval. The scene cuts to a stone wall just as it explodes and reveals Aang, Sokka, and Toph running towards the camera. A stone structure erupts from the floor where Aang is standing, but he jumps away from it and jumps off one of the metal beams and flips forward. The two Dai Li agents pull two slabs from the ground and fling them at Aang, but he deflects them with two kicks. The camera zooms out just as Toph bursts through the stone behind Aang, creating a hole in it. She lands between the agents and bends two diagonal pillars of stone up from beneath them as she lands, pushing them towards the walls. The agents both land of the walls feet first and both bend a pillar of stone down at Toph, who blocks the attacks by bending two stone walls up from the floor. Toph thrusts her hands forwards and bends a stream of earth at Azula. Cut to a shot of the stream from the side as it makes contact with Azula. The scene goes into slow motion and cuts to a shot of Azula's foot as the stream of earth pushes her up into the air. The scene comes back to normal speed to a shot of Azula back flipping off the attack and flying back towards the throne. Cut to a close up of Azula smirking as she lands. Cut to Aang as he runs forward. Cut to a shot from behind one of the Dai Li's back as he watches Aang and runs to the side. Cut to a close up of Aang from the side as he's running. He turns and stops when he hears a loud, grinding sound. Cut to a shot of the Dai Li agent sliding over the side of the wall and past Aang. He flings himself off the wall and in front of Aang with a pillar of earth, putting himself in front of Azula. The agent sinks into the floor as he lands and bends a large, diagonal wall of stone of from the floor. Aang jumps high into the air, flips forward, and bursts through the wall feet first. Cut to a shot from the side as Aang lands behind the Dai Li agent, popping him into the air as he lands with one small pillar of stone and knocking him away with a larger one, knocking the agent out of the fight. Aang spins his staff above his head, letting go of it as he turns forward, winds up, and shoots a powerful blast of air with one hand at Azula. Cut to a closer shot of Azula as she grabs on to the arms of the throne and cartwheels away just before the throne is completely destroyed by the air blast. Aang dashes to where Azula was and swings his staff as her, bending out a blade of air. Cut to a shot of Azula running between two metal beams. She jumps over the blade of air and at the beam, then flips off that one back towards the beam behind her. Cut to a close up of Azula landing on the side of the beam just before spring off it as another blade of air barely misses her. Cut to a shot of Azula barrel rolling and doing the splits as she lands on the ground. There is a brief close up of Azula just before she runs off, Aang chasing after. Cut to an overhead shot of Azula running behind the metal beams. She jumps onto and jumps off a beam just as Aang sends another blade of air at her. Azula continues running forward and hopping from the wall to the beams and up to one of the stone beams the Dai Li agents had attacked Toph with. Aang does a small pole vault with his staff and kicks a blast of air at Azula, but misses. Cut to a shot of Azula sliding down the stone beam. She jumps off the diagonal wall Toph had created to block the attack earlier and lands on the other one before flipping off of it and landing on the floor. Cut to a close up of Azula as she turns and faces Aang. Aang and Toph run at her. Azula turns and runs towards the large stone wall. Cut to a shot of the other Dai Li agent sliding down the stone beam towards the floor and Azula. The agents lands behind her and then bends a pillar up from beneath her, sending Azula into the air towards the hole in the wall that Toph had made. Cut to a close up of the hole as Sokka climbs up into it. Cut to a shot from behind Sokka as Azula flies towards him. The scene goes into slow motion and cut to a close up of Azula passing just inches above Sokka's face as he ducks down. She smirks down at him while he looks back at her fearfully. The scene comes back to full speed as Azula lands on the other side of the wall and runs towards the exit. Cut to a shot of Sokka as he tries to climb back down. He stops and ducks timidly as the Dai Li agent, Toph, and Aang jump over him and through the hole, one at a time. Sokka drops down and follows after. Cut to a close up of Toph from the side as she chases after Azula. Aang catches up to her from the side.) Aang: I can't pin her down. She's too quick. (Cut to a shot from the front of Aang, Toph, and Sokka running forward. Toph strafes to the side and off screen. Cut to a shot from inside the tunnels of Azula running out the doors and towards the camera. The Dai Li agent slides out of the room and blocks the entrance with a large stone. The Dai Li agent slides over the ground and after Azula just as Aang bursts through the stone and continues chasing them. Cut to a shot from the ground level of Azula and the agent running away from the camera. The Dai Li agent is knocked to the side by a stone pillar ejecting out of the side of the wall. A hole opens in the side of the wall and Toph flies out of it. Cut to a shot of the agent hitting the inside of the groove of one of the steel beams supporting the tunnel. He tries to attack, but Toph smashes his stone gloves into dust before grabbing both sides of the beam's grooves and pulling them in, trapping the agent. Cut to a close up of Toph admiring her work. Aang runs past her and she follows. Cut to a shot of Aang and Toph running down the tunnel and past the camera. Sokka catches up to them.) Sokka: Wait! Aang, Toph, stop attacking. (Aang, Toph, and Azula all stop running) Don't you see what she's doing? She's just playing with us. She's not even trying to win this fight! Azula: (sarcastically) Not true, I'm giving it my all. Toph: You're trying to keep us here and waste all our time! Azula: Um, right. I think your friend just said that genius. And since you can't see, I should tell you I'm rolling my eyes. Toph: (angry) I'll roll your whole head! Sokka: She's just baiting you again. Aang: Okay, so what do we do? Just ignore her? Sokka: We don't have a choice. We just have to get out of here and find the Fire Lord on our own somehow. (Aang, Sokka, and Toph turn and walk away from Azula.) Azula: It's a trap. Don't say I didn't warn you. (Aang and Toph stop and turn to Azula for a moment, but Sokka keeps walking, waving a hand back at her.) Sokka: (spreading one arm wide over his head in a gesture of dismissal) Ignore! Azula: (in a slightly bored tone) So, Sokka's your name right? My favorite prisoner used to mention you all the time. (Sokka stops and turns around) She was convinced that you were going to come rescue her. Of course, you never came and she gave up on you. (The camera zooms in on Sokka. Tears fill his eyes and he gives a furious cry of anger as he rushes at Azula. Cut to a close up of Azula as she smirks smugly.) Azula: (under her breath, dripping with malice) Come and get it… (Cut to a shot of Azula's hand as she slips a deadly, ornate blade from her sleeve. Cut to a shot of Toph as she senses the deception. The camera zooms out as she raises her knee, which raises a stone into the air, and shoots it forward with a thrust of her hands. Cut to a shot of Azula's wrist being pinned against the wall by the stone, the blade dropping from her hand. Azula grunts in pain as she hits the wall. Sokka grabs Azula's shoulder, pushes her up again the wall, and glares into her eyes.) Sokka: Where is Suki?! (The scene shifts to a far shot of Zuko and Ozai from the side.) Zuko: After I leave here today, I'm going to free Uncle Iroh from his prison and I'm going to beg for his forgiveness. He is the one who has been a real father to me. Fire Lord Ozai: (chuckles sarcastically) That's just beautiful. Maybe he can pass down to you the ways of tea and failure. Zuko: But I've come to an even more important decision. (pauses) I'm going to join the Avatar. And I'm going to help him defeat you. Fire Lord Ozai: (grinning slyly) Really? Since you're a full blown traitor now and you want me gone, why wait? I'm powerless, you've got your swords, why don't you just do it now? Zuko: Because I know my own destiny. Taking you down is the Avatar's destiny. (sheathes his swords) Goodbye. (Cut to a close up of the right side of Zuko's face as he walks away. Ozai can be seen behind him.) Fire Lord Ozai: (standing) Coward! You think you're brave enough to face me but you'll only do it during an eclipse. If you have any real courage, you'll stick around until the Sun comes out. Don't you want to know what happened to your Mother? (Cut to a shot from behind Zuko as he stops in front of the doors and turns around. Cut to a close up of Ozai as he grins venomously. Cut to a shot of the tallest tower of the Fire Nation palace, the eclipse in the sky, before cutting to commercial.) Act III (The episode returns with a close up of the lower edge of the eclipse. Cut to a shot from behind Zuko as he stands before Ozai.) Zuko: What happened that night? Fire Lord Ozai: My father, Fire Lord Azulon, had commanded me to do the unthinkable to you, my own son. And I was going to do it. Your Mother had found out and swore she would protect you at any cost. She knew I wanted the throne and she proposed a plan. A plan in which I would become Fire Lord and your life would be spared. (There is a close up of Zuko's eyes. Cut to a close up of Sokka.) Sokka: (angry) Where's Suki? Answer me! (Cut to a shot from the side of Sokka glaring at Azula, her arms pinned above her head against the wall.) Aang: (grabbing Sokka's shoulder) Sokka, she won't talk. Sokka: (hesitates, then turns back to Azula) Where are you keeping her?! (Cut to a close up of Azula and zoom in as she smirks silently. Fade to a shot of Ozai at exactly the same angle.) Fire Lord Ozai: Your Mother did vicious, treasonous things that night. She knew the consequences and accepted them. For her treason, she was banished. Zuko: (a tear streams from his eye) So she's alive. Fire Lord Ozai: Perhaps. Now I realize that banishment is far too merciful a penalty for treason. Your penalty will be far steeper. (Fade to the shot of the edge of the eclipse. The moon passes over and the rays of the sun shine through. Cut to a close up of Ozai's eye quickly opening. Cut to a shot of Ozai stepping forward and swinging his arms out, creating two arcs of electricity from the tips of his fingers. He thrusts his fingers forward and fires an incredible bolt of lightning at Zuko. Cut to a shot from the side as Zuko catches the lightning with the tips of his fingers. Zuko slides backward from the force of the attack, the lightning surrounding his body and making his hair stand on end. Zuko sinks his body down and pulls his arms in as the electricity runs through his body, then thrusts his other hand forward, redirecting the lightning in Ozai's direction. Cut to a shot from the side as the bolt strikes the ground where Ozai is standing, creating an explosion that knocks Ozai against the wall and the tapestry behind him. Cut to a close up of Ozai as he straightens up, his hair falling over his face. The camera zooms out as the tapestry falls down and a fire caused by the explosion burns in front of Ozai. Cut to a shot from behind Ozai to reveal that Zuko has fled. Cut to a close up of Azula.) Azula: Oh. Sounds like the firebending's back on. (The camera quickly zooms out as Azula kicks her leg upward and creates an arc of blue fire, making Sokka jump back in surprise. She thrusts he foot forward and shoots a fireball at Sokka. He is saved from the attack by Toph, who jumps in and pushes him out of the way. Azula flips up and places her feet on the wall. Cut to a close up of Azula straining herself to break her arms free. She grins as the rock trapping her there explodes in a blue flame. She springs off the wall towards Aang and flips forward. Aang jumps out of the way as Azula lands with a fiery heel drop where he was standing. Aang, Sokka, and Toph all ready themselves for another attack. Cut to a shot of Azula standing up and turning to them.) Azula: Dad's all the way at the end of the hall and down the secret stairway on the left. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to see you now. (Azula quickly runs away down the tunnel.) Sokka: I fell for it! I used up all our time. Toph: It's not your fault, Sokka. Azula was ready for us. She had every move planned out. Sokka: (hopeless) And now it's too late. Aang: Maybe it's not too late. The eclipse is over but I can face the Fire Lord anyway. Sokka: No. I don't think that's a good idea. Aang: But I'm ready! I came here with a job to do and everyone's counting on me. Toph: The Fire Lord knew we were coming this time. We thought we had surprise on our side but we didn't. It just wasn't our day. What we need to do now is go help our friends. Aang: I guess you guys are right. Sokka: (putting a hand on Aang's shoulder) You'll have another chance. I know you will. (Cut to an overhead shot of the palace surrounded by the tanks and warriors. Cut to a shot of Katara laying Hakoda against one of the tanks. They both take off their eclipse glasses.) Bato: (off screen) What should we do, Hakoda? Shouldn't something have happened by now? Hakoda: I don't know. But now that the eclipse is over I expect we're going to see some firebenders any minute. (Cut to a shot of Bato as he suddenly looks up in shock. The camera zooms out to show Katara turning to look in the same direction. Cut to a shot of the palace and zoom out as five Fire Nation war balloons ascend into the air. Cut to a closer shot of the balloons from the side, showing firebenders powering them.) The Mechanist: (off screen) My own invention. Oh this is terrible! (Teo silently places a consoling hand on his father's shoulder. Cut to a shot of one of the war balloons. Behind it ascends an enormous zeppelin. Cut to a shot from ground level as everyone stares up at the five war balloons along with five huge zeppelins decorated with dragon motifs. Cut to a shot of Bato, Katara, and Hakoda. Katara turns and points into the sky.) Katara: They're back! (Katara runs forward. Cut to a shot of Appa, carrying Aang, Sokka, and Toph, flying towards the camera. Cut to a shot from behind Aang's head as he looks up at the war balloons. Cut to a close of Aang from the front, his expression worried. Cut to a panning right shot of the side of one of the zeppelins. Cut to a shot of Appa landing and Katara running up to him. Cut to a shot of Aang looking down at Katara uneasily. The camera turns to Sokka, Toph, and Momo in Appa's saddle.) Sokka: It was all a trap. Azula knew we were coming and she's plotted out every move. (he and Toph jump down from Appa) We just got to get to the beach as fast as we can. If we can make it to the submarines, maybe we can get away safely. Aang: (off screen) They've got air power, but so do I! (opens his glider) I'm going to do what I can to slow them down. (Aang throws his glider into the air. He catches onto it and flies into the air as it loops back to him. Appa growls. Katara climbs on him.) Katara: Appa, you and I can help too. (Cut to Aang flying towards the zeppelins in the distance, Appa and Katara follow behind. Cut to Sokka, Toph, Hakoda, and Bato.) Sokka: Everyone, let's get back to the subs! (They all turn and follow Sokka. Cut to a shot from the front of Aang gliding, Appa and Katara behind him. The camera follows him as he glides past the camera and towards the small war balloons. Cut to a shot of a firebender shooting two fireballs at Aang, who banks and rolls to avoid the attack. He then throws his glider forward, closes it, grabs the end of it, and pierces straight through the fabric of the balloon. Air leaks from the war balloon and it goes down as Aang glides on towards the zeppelins. Cut to a shot of Katara in Appa's saddle from behind her. The camera focuses in on an approaching war balloon. Katara stands up and bends the water out from her flasks. With a swift rotation of her arms and body, Katara makes a clean, horizontal cut through the balloon. She and Appa fly past the camera, and after a brief moment, the top of the war balloon flutters away and the bottom part drops. Cut to a shot of Appa, Katara, and Aang flying up towards the zeppelins. The camera tilts upward as countless fireballs are shot of them. Cut to a shot of Aang, Appa, and Katara flying towards the camera. A few fireballs hit Appa and he growls in discomfort, but his armor protects him. Appa tries to fly in close, but is driven back by the force of the fire blasts. Cut to a shot from behind of firebenders standing on small platforms under the body of a zeppelin. They are in harnesses attached to supports above them. The shoot fire blasts at Appa as he flies right past them. Cut to a shot of Katara creating a shield of water to block the oncoming fireballs. Aang glides on screen in the background.) Katara: We can't keep them all back. They're too many of them! Aang: Let's join the others. (Aang barely dodges another fireball. Cut to a shot of Aang and Appa flying over the capital and back towards the ocean. The scene shifts to a shot of the top of the Fire Nation prison. The camera tilts down to the entrance. There are multiple craters in the stone wall and stairs. Zuko runs in from behind the camera and towards the door. Cut to a shot inside the prison of a guard lying on the floor. He looks up, and then winces as Zuko runs past him. Zuko runs down the hall and towards a doorway. Cut to a shot looking through the doorway as Zuko runs to it.) Zuko: Uncle! (Cut to a shot from behind Zuko and zoom in on the interior of the cell. There is a huge hole in the cage, and the surrounding bars are bents outward. Warden Poon is lying on the floor, dazed. Zuko runs in and grabs Poon by the collar.) Zuko: Where is my Uncle? Warden Poon: (shocked and awed) He's gone. He busted himself out. I… I've never seen anything like it! He was like a one man army! (Zuko lets go of Poon and exits. Cut to Sokka running down the slope towards the plaza, the others following behind. He stops and looks up. The camera pans up to the zeppelins high in the air, slowing making their way towards them. Cut to a shot of the bottom of one of the zeppelins. Bomb bay doors open up. Cut to Sokka as Aang, Appa, and Katara land behind him.) Sokka: Try and find cover! I think we're about to see some bombs. (Everyone huddles together as Toph bends a large slab of stone above them. Cut to a shot looking up at the zeppelins as large red, cylinder shaped bombs drop from them. Cut to a shot from the inside of the bomb bay looking down as the bombs hit the ground and explode. Cut to a shot of the bombs impacting the stone shields protecting the invasion forces. The camera tilts down to the group Toph is protecting. The slab cracks and begins to fall, but Toph bends two stone supports up from the ground to keep it standing. Cut to a shot of the caterpillar tanks quickly making their way down the slope as bombs go off all around them. Cut to the interior of one of the tanks as The Boulder, The Hippo, and other earthbenders are knocked off balance by the explosions. Cut to a shot above the zeppelins as they pass over, ceasing the raid. Cut to a shot of Sokka, Aang, Toph, and Katara coming out from under the stone and looking up at the zeppelins as they fly towards the beach.) Katara: Why aren't they turning around to attack us again? Aang: They're headed for the beach. They're going to destroy the submarines! Sokka: How are we all going to escape? Hakoda: We're not. Sokka: Then our only choice is to stand and fight. We have the Avatar, we could still win! Hakoda: Yes, with the Avatar we could still win on another day. You kids have to leave. You have to escape on Appa together. Katara: What? We can't leave you behind. We won't leave anyone behind. Hakoda: You're our only chance in a long run. You and Sokka have to go with Aang somewhere safe. It's the only way to keep hope alive. Bato: The youngest of our group should go with you. The adults will stay behind and surrender. We'll be prisoners but we'll all survive this battle. Tyro: I've got some experience with the Fire Nation prisons. It's not going to be easy but we'll get by. Sokka: They're at the beach already! (Cut to a shot of the plaza ground. The camera tilts up to the submarines and the swamp benders as the shadow of a zeppelin passes over. Cut to a shot from ground level looking up at the seaweed creature created by Hue. The zeppelins fly overhead and begin to drop more bombs. Due and Tho bend water from the ocean, swinging their arms in windmill motions to send the water into the air and intercept the bombs. The bombs explode in midair. Hue grabs two oncoming bombs with his seaweed arms. He tosses one away, but the other explodes, destroying the arm of the seaweed creature. Another bomb lodges itself inside the body of the creature and explodes, destroying it. The seaweed falls on top of Due and Tho. Hue, Due, and Tho stick their heads out from the pile of steaming seaweed. Cut to a shot from the side of the bombs falling on the submarines. One by one they explode and are destroyed. A bomb falls in front of the camera and explodes. The smoke clears and we see a shot of the destroyed submarines from above. The camera pans left as they burn away. Cut to Aang and his friends as the look on with despair. The camera pans to Sokka, who shuts his eyes and grudgingly accepts the turn of events. Cut to a shot of Appa's saddle. Toph and The Mechanist, who is carrying Teo, rise up to Appa's back on a platform of stone that Toph is bending. Toph hops in the saddle and The Mechanist places Teo down in it, hugging him in goodbye.) The Mechanist: Bye, son. Teo: (sadly) Bye, Dad. I'm really proud of you. (Toph lowers The Mechanist back to the ground. He takes one last look at Teo. Cut to a shot of The Duke trying to climb onto Appa's head. Pipsqueak helps him up.) The Duke: I'll miss you, Pipsqueak. Pipsqueak: Take care, The Duke. (Cut to Haru and Tyro hugging each other goodbye. The duke can be seen climbing up Appa in the background.) Haru: I'll be back for you Dad. Tyro: If we don't escape on our own first. (Haru puts his fist into his hand and bows respectfully to his father. Cut to Sokka, Hakoda, and Katara.) Hakoda: We lost today but we've never been this close. We tasted victory and that counts for something. Katara: We'll miss you Dad. (Katara, Sokka, and Hakoda have one last group hug.) Sokka: Bye Dad. We won't be apart for too long this time. I promise. (Cut to a shot of Aang from behind. He's on his knees on top of Appa's head, with Momo sitting next to him. Katara walks up to him and places a hand on his shoulder. Cut to a close up of Aang to show him crying. He glances at Katara, who smiles at him. He looks away and wipes his eyes before standing up and addressing the rest of the invasion force.) Aang: Thank you all for being so brave and so strong. I'm going to make this up to you. (Katara jumps into the saddle and Aang sits down. Momo climbs on to Aang's shoulder and Appa takes off. Cut to a shot of Aang's back as Appa flies away from the camera and into the distance. Katara and Sokka both look back. Cut to an overhead shot of the adults and zoom out as they stare upward. Cut to a shot of Appa in the distance. One of the zeppelins slowly flies on screen between Appa and the camera. Cut to a shot of the inside of the zeppelins gondola. The captain and Azula watch Appa fly away through a window.) Captain: Should we follow them, Princess? Azula: No. They're too fast. It doesn't matter, they'll be back. (The camera zooms in on Azula before cutting to a shot of Aang and the other on Appa from the front. They look back at the zeppelin as they fly away. Aang turns back to the front.) Aang: I know just the place for us to go where we'll be safe for a while. The Western Air Temple. (Appa flies forward. Cut to a shot of Appa flying far into the distant clouds. A single Fire Nation war balloon flies on screen from below, following them. Cut to a shot of Zuko in the balloon's basket, holding on to the ropes and staring off at Appa. The camera zooms in on him. Fade to white.)
  • very amazing episode.

    well this episode of the avatar was an amazing episode filled with excitement and news of wat the future holds. this episode wa filled with a lot of great things i really did believe ang was going to get to meet the fire lord, but i knew he would'nt if they wanted the series to last longer. i really was left wanting for more at the end of this episode. but they wait for the next episode is what makes everything better. i hope in the episodes to come ang gets dtronger. and we get to find out a little more about and. well this was defenitely one of the greatest avatar episodes that have been made in a long time which gets better as it goes on. im still l4eft here waiting to find out when the next episode is.
  • Aang continues his search for Fire Lord Ozai and encounters a few surprises. Meanwhile the invasion force continues up to the Fire Lords Palace during the Eclipse

    This was probably the best episode of Season three and one of the best in the series so far along with part 1 the invasion. There were a few things that annoyed me though, but first the positive part. The action here was very well done and the writing and pacing was great, definitely a good plot and character development was good too. The main things that annoyed me were was the fact that Aang was too slow for Azula. I mean c,mon he's an airbender, if I recall in season one he was able to easily evade Zuko countless of times and run at the speed of the wind. Another thing that annoyed me was when they finally caught her Sokka had the perfect opportunity to hit Azula or slap her while he was interrogating her. In fact I was waiting for him to do that, it was completely appropriate to anyways. Though the last part I can forgive because this shows on Nickelodeon and I would expect they wouldn't allow one of the good guys (Sokka) to act in violence, from anger. Aside from those few things this was excellent, epic, and amazing.
  • Just Can't Help But Love It!!!!!!

    As usual, Part 2 had even more action and super amazing martial arts moves than any other episode ever. Bryan, Micheal, and their Sifu went all out for this partiular episode. Specifically the fight between Azula, Aang, Toph, and Sokka. And dont get me started on the return of Ba Sing Se's Dai Lee. Even more exciting, the effects artist did an amazing job on this one. These two episodes together make a truly remarkable episode! These two episodes were just as great as any other two part avatar episodes, Seige of the North in particular. The episode brought back all my faves, like Haru, Bato (I know he's been back before but I just like mentioning him), Pipsqueak, the Duke, Teo, and the Doc. Plenty of action in both parts of the episode as well as plenty of "romance" between our favorite couple, Aang and Katara. Some more self discovery by our favorite troubled teen, Zuko, and some super fly super stealh moves by Uncle Iroh (No wonder he is called the Dragon of the West). I am seriously looking forward to when the series picks back up again so we can find out how this exciting trilogy ends.
  • As the invasion force fights their way to the Fire Nation capital, the kids help Aang to find the Fire Lord in time for the eclipse, but there are a few surprises. Zuko confronts his father and tells him that he's going to join the Avatar.

    Overall, this is one of my top 5 episodes of the series. Zuko finally did what he wanted to do his entire life; he finally told his father how he felt and how he tried to earn his love by not being himself. This is a step forward for Zuko as he looks to join the Avatar's group. The added bonus was that he redirected lightning at the person who least treated him like a son and he learned the technique from his Uncle Iroh, who has treated Zuko as his own son, from the start of the series. Zuko has grown a lot and he has finally conquered the turmoil within his heart. Glimpses of his firebending skill increasing can be seen as well. Now that Zuko can successfully redirect lightning, I wonder if we could see a Zuko vs. Azula showdown before the series ends? The power gap between the two has been significantly shortened and Zuko does have the potential to surpass Azula.
  • a great episode, with lot of action even if the end is somewhat bittersweet

    in this episode we see the second part of the day of black sun battle, with Aang joined by Sokka and Toph meeting Azula, and trying to get her to show them where her father is, so Aang can attack him before the Eclipse is over. But the group finds it hard to get Azula, as she is assisted by 2 members of the Dai li. we also get to see the confrontation between Zuko and his dad Ozai, where he tells him that he doesn't agree with his war policy, and that he would go seek the Avatar and help Aang defeat Ozai, at the end we se that the FN is now using the airships that were derived from the air balloons that were created by the inventor of the North Temple, and that Aang decides to take the young with him to the Western Temple, and they are followed by Zuko
  • his show is the best of the best anime show ever .... i mean for real the show got emotion, fear , courage and LOVE... the others anime is just fight all the time.

    his show is the best of the best anime show ever .... i mean for real the show got emotion, fear , courage and LOVE... the others anime is just fight all the time. and the action on this show is soo good , the marshal art is differents than others anime.

    Love it. the guy who came up with this is gunise... for real.
    i always get exceting when i watch and it get better every episode. and anng and katara rocks. the are finally together.
    and toph ans sokka kick ass too.soka is so funny. and the creteurs is awsome too. i loveeeeeeee the avatarthis show is the best of the best anime show ever .... i mean for real the show got emotion, fear , courage and LOVE... the others anime is just fight all the time. and the action on this show is soo good , the marshal art is differents than others anime.this show is the best of the best anime show ever .... i mean for real the show got emotion, fear , courage and LOVE... the others anime is just fight all the time. and the action on this show is soo good , the marshal art is differents than others anime.
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