Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 11

The Day of Black Sun (2): The Eclipse

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The Fire Nation soldiers who looked at the eclipse were not wearing goggles which is odd considering that they were prepared for the invasion. The soldiers should have gone blind but they were apparently fine.

    • In this episode, it is revealed what War Minister Qin had in store for the War Balloon following the capture of it in "The Northern Air Temple".

    • When Azula taunts Sokka to the point that he ran towards her, Toph pinned her left hand to the wall at her left side, however when next seen she has both hands pinned to the wall above her head.

    • When Sokka took command of the invasion, there were several destroyed and frozen Fire Nation tanks. When the the Fire Nation air force attacks the submarines, the tanks are gone.

    • As Bato tells the gang to take the youngest and escape, you can see that the beads in Katara's bun are missing.

    • While Hakoda is talking as Katara sits him down, the gold bands on Toph's ankle bands are gone.

    • As Hakoda says that he suspects firebenders will appear any minute, you can see that the beads in Katara's bun are missing.

    • In Zuko Alone we learn the story of Zuko's upbringing. Specifically about the disappearance of his mother, Ursa. In this episode we learn that she is alive and that she was exiled.

    • In the episode The Blue Spirit, Aang has the ability to run faster than the wind, but he couldn't catch Azula in this episode.

    • When the swamp benders failed to defend the subs from the Fire Nation, Tho, Due and Huu appeared to be very close to the subs, but seconds later they all disappeared from the scene.

    • Originally, there was a cup on the little table beside Fire Lord Ozai, but when Ozai was telling Zuko about what happened to his mother, the cup disappeared for one moment, and then later re-appeared.

    • When Zuko first entered the Fire Lord's bunker there was a ceiling lamp hanging quite low to the ground on his right, but later the lamp disappeared and re-appeared later.

    • In the scene where the gang was planning for the search of the Fire Lord, at first there was no door behind Hakoda, but later it appeared to be a gaint door behind him.

    • When Aang, Sokka, and Toph are in the cave with Azula, Aang's new glider is shown with a very long tip while it is horizontal. A few seconds later, while Aang turns it vertical, the tip appears to shrink more than half its normal length.

    • The Fire Nation was under a total solar eclipse. As the sun was completely blocked out, it should have been pitch black, or at least very dark. Instead, the lighting is barely darker than normal.

    • It is shown that Zuko has mastered Iroh's technique of absorbing and casting back lightning by routing it through his stomach after he counter-attacks Ozai.

    • This is the first episode in which we find out what happened to Suki after her fight with Azula in Appa's Lost Days.

    • Sokka, Aang, and Toph run across a room with lava vents on the floor. Since lava has a temperature around 1,300 °F, the groups clothes, or even shoes would have caught on fire. Or in Toph's case, gave her burns on her feet.

  • Quotes

    • Ozai: Why are you here?
      Zuko: I'm here to tell the truth.
      Ozai: Telling the truth during the middle of an eclipse. This should be interesting.
      (Ozai waves his hand and the guards leave the room)
      Zuko: First of all, in Ba Sing Se, it was Azula who took down the Avatar, not me.
      Ozai: Why would she lie to me about that?
      Zuko: Because the Avatar's not dead. He survived.
      Ozai: (angered) What?!
      Zuko: In fact, he's probably leading this invasion. He could be on his way here right now.
      Ozai: (stands up and points toward the door, furiously) Get out! Get out of my sight right now if you know what's good for you!
      Zuko: That's another thing. I'm not taking orders from you anymore.
      Ozai: You will obey me, or this defiant breath will be your last!
      (Ozai stands up, but before he is able to do anything, Zuko unsheathes his swords and brandishes them at him)
      Zuko: Think again! I am going to speak my mind, and you are going to listen.

    • (Katara looks off into the distance, with her father and a few others behind her.)
      Hakoda: Katara, is something wrong? You seem distracted.
      Katara: (hesitates): Yeah... is that... is that Aang?!
      (Aang flies into view, coming from the direction of the Palace. He lands and the others approach him.)
      Sokka: Please tell me your here because the Fire Lord turned out to be a big wimp and you didn't even need the eclipse to take him out.

    • War Minister Qin: The Fire Lord's chamber is that way down the hall to the left and up the stairs. You can't miss it.
      (Aang and Sokka both glare at him)
      Aang: (suddenly smiles cheerfully) Thanks!

    • Sokka: What would we do without you?
      Toph: Perish in burning hot magma.
      Sokka: Yeah, pretty much.

    • The Mechanist: Goodbye son.
      Teo: Bye dad. I'm really proud of you.
      The Duke: I'll miss you Pipsqueak.
      Pipsqueak: Take care, The Duke.
      Haru: We'll be back for you, Dad.
      Tyro: If we don't escape on our own first.
      Hakoda: We lost today, but we've never been this close. We tasted victory, and that counts for something.
      Katara: We'll miss you, Dad.
      Sokka: Bye dad. We won't be apart for too long this time. I promise.

    • Sokka: Stop wasting our time and give us the information. You're powerless right now, so you're in no position to refuse.
      Toph: And stick to the truth. I'll be able to tell if you're lying.
      Azula: Are you sure? I'm a pretty good liar. I am a four hundred foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings.
      Toph: Okay, you're good. I admit it.

    • (Toph metalbends through the door of the bunker)
      Sokka: I am so glad that we added you to the group!

    • Zuko: Uncle. (Sees the bars broken and the guard on the ground) Where is my uncle?
      Warden Poon: He's gone. He busted himself out. I've never seen anything like it, he was like a one-man army.

    • Azula: Dad's all the way at the end of the hall then down a secret stairway on the left. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to see you now.
      (Azula runs away)
      Sokka: I fell for it. I used up all our time.
      Toph: It's not your fault Sokka. Azula was ready for us. She had every move planned out.
      Sokka: And now it's too late.

    • (The Earthbender soldiers encounter a group of Firebender soldiers)
      Tyro: Stop! Surrender peacefully, and we will not harm you.
      Firebender: We will never surrender! (attempts to shoot fire but only produces a tiny spark due to the eclipse) Okay, we surrender.

    • Zuko: For so long all I wanted was for you to love me, to accept me. I thought it was my honor that I wanted, but really, I was just trying to please you. You, my father who banished me just for talking out of turn. My father who challenged me, a 13 year old boy to an Agni Kai. How can you possibly justify a duel with a child?
      Ozai" It was to teach you respect.
      Zuko: It was cruel, and it was wrong.
      Ozai:: Then you've learned nothing.
      Zuko: No, I've learned everything, and I've had to learn it on my own. Growing up we were taught that the Fire Nation was the greatest civilization in history. And somehow the war was somehow our way of sharing our greatness with the rest of the world. What an amazing lie that was. The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation. They don't see our greatness, they hate us. And we deserve it. We have created an era of fear in the world. If we don't want the world to destroy itself, we need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness.
      Ozai: (Laughing) Your Uncle has gotten to you, hasn't he?
      Zuko: Yes, he has.

    • Azula: Oh, sounds like the firebending's back on!

    • Zuko: After I leave here today, I'm going to free Uncle Iroh from his prison, and I'm going to beg for his forgiveness. He's the one whose been a real father to me.
      Ozai: (chuckles) That's just beautiful, maybe he can pass down to you the ways of tea and failure.
      Zuko: But I've come to an even more important decision. (pauses) I'm going to join the Avatar, and I'm going to help him defeat you.

    • Azula: So, Sokka's your name right? My favorite prisoner used to mention you all the time. She was convinced that you were going to come rescue her. Of course, you never came, and she gave up on you.
      Sokka (Distraught and teary eyed rushes to Azula): AAAGH!!!

      Azula: (Concealing a weapon): Come and get it...
      Toph: Sokka, look out! (Slams Azula's hand to a wall causing her to drop the weapon)
      Sokka (Pinning Azula even closer): Where is Suki?!

    • Azula: And since you can't see, I should tell you I'm rolling my eyes.
      Toph: (Angrily) I'll roll your whole head!

  • Notes

    • This episode aired along with The Day of Black Sun, Part One: The Invasion as a TV-Movie: The Day of Black Sun.

    • Although The Eclipse, being the second part of The Day of Black Sun, should be counted as the 11th chapter, in the American airing, it marked as Chapter 10 in the episode title. The Canadian and UK airing marked it as Chapter 11.

  • Allusions

    • It is revealed that the Fire Lord has a underground bunker under the capital. This seems to be somewhat of an allusion to the Führerbunker that Hitler spent most of his last days in during the end of World War II.

    • The eclipse glasses made by the Mechanist for the invasion forces are identical to Inuit bone goggles used to protect the wearer's eyes from the sun's glare on the snow.

    • The overall design for the Fire Nation zeppelins seem to be somewhat based on the airships found in early Final Fantasy games.

    • The Fire Nations use of Zeppelins is much like how Germany used them during WWI.

    • The Water Tribe troops are shown moving in a testudo or tortoise formation. This was commonly used by Roman Legions.