Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 2 Episode 18

The Earth King

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Tired of all the interruptions, Aang and the other force their way into the Earth King's palace. Once in they try to prove they are his allies and there is indeed a war taking place and they need his help. In order to convince him, they take him to various sites around Ba Sing Se to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Zuko is going through a horrible sickness.moreless

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  • The Earth King

    The Earth King was a really awesome episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action, drama, intrigue, and surprises. I thought it was exciting and fun to watch how Toph and Aang gained access to the Earth King with Earthbending. It was amazing how ignorant the King was of outside affairs, and I was glad to see that he was curious and open minded. The Dai Lee continue with their own plots. Zuko has come down with a mysterious illness and has disturbing dreams. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Woah...one of the best episodes in this series yet.

    This episode rocked all. The action sequence when the gang was going to visit the Earth king, was one of the best fighting scenes I\'ve seen in this whole series. Katara had some awesum waterbendering and toph had some kickass Earthbending. At first i thought the earth king was a git. He was a private person. He just lived in the palace 24/7 and he was away from all the war. You could almost consider him as a little kid listening to his parents. Until Aang came and saved him from his dream world and got him into reality. Damn the dy lee from keeping the Earth king away from the war. Whats there problem?

    Do they really want the fire nation to win the war against them? Azula has some issues, stealing The kyoshi warriors outfit. Overall this episode kicked some ass and i can\'t wait to check out tha season finale =]moreless
  • OH my goodness gracious!!

    OH my goodness gracious!!!!This was a mixture of both hillarity and siriousnes.And poor Zuko bu this visions thingy's were weird but that's to be expected wouldn't ya think.But why are they splitting up, nothing good ever comes from splitting up!!!Even if your not in a scary.Then now were going to have to see what's going on with all of them.I don't know how this is going to be but I really loved this episode.And I wonder where Zuko's journey/sickness is going to land him. Peace Out!!!!!moreless
  • omg omg omg awesome roffle my woffle.

    Avatar really knows how to handle the episodes before the season finale. In the first season we were taken at the fronts of the final water tribe, and now we're at foot of the last great earth kingdom. It was comical how the earth king was completely ignorant of everything that has been going on outside of his walls, almost as if the first half of the episode was served to be the comic relief. But then the building blocks for an exciting season finale were stacked with the crew splitting up for personal reasons, Zuko facing his destiny, and then the infiltration of Azula and her comrades of the earth kingdom. The ending gave you that silence before the storm shiver that you just can't wait for the next episode!moreless
  • Aang and the gang convince the Earth King of the war. Meanwhile, Zuko gets sick.

    My favorite part of this episode was when Aang and the gang are running up the stairs to get to the Earth King. The Dai Li is there and they try to stop them. The kids keep running and manage to get in the sitting room. They expose the leader of the Dai Li, and convince the Earth King of the war. Meanwhile, Zuko gets dreadfully sick on his way back from Lake Laogai. Iroh tells him that the illness is from the turmoil inside him, and when he awakes, he will know what he must do. In the end, we see three Kyoshi warriors coming to guard the Earth King. They are Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee.moreless
Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Earth King

Guest Star

Jen Cohn

Jen Cohn


Guest Star

Greg Baldwin

Greg Baldwin

Uncle Iroh

Guest Star

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Long Feng

Recurring Role

Marc Graue

Marc Graue

Xin Fu

Recurring Role

Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen

General How

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Azula, Ty Lee and Mai enter Ba Sing Se under the guise of Kyoshi Warriors, revealing the outcome of their battle in "Appa's Lost Days". However, it is still unknown what has become of them.

    • Before Zuko collapses and knocks over the end table and vase, we see through his eyes that the vase is actually completely yellowish-brown rather than brown with a white bottom.

    • When the Earth King is choosing who to trust, the gold design on Long Feng's right shoe is missing.

    • Mai can be seen with a large bun on the back of her head in addition to the three she already has though the strands of hair she wears over her shoulders are in no way shortened nor is her hair's size reduced, an impossible feat to accomplish.

    • Animation Error:
      When the gang hug each other in the middle of the episode, the blue arrow that shows on Aang's hand because he is the Avatar can be seen additionally on Toph's hand.

    • During the invasion of the Earth King's palace, Momo is sitting on Appa, but fails to appear in several shots.

    • When Zuko comments that he doesn't feel right, Zuko's burnt ear turns normal but has no ear markings.

    • After Katara asks why there's a Fire Nation insignia on the "construction project" and the screen returns to Katara after focusing on the drill, the grey wrap on her wrists extend to her elbows rather than simply wrapping three times about her wrist like normal.

    • During the upclose shot of Sokka as the large statues fall towards the gang during their invasion of the Earth King's palace, his boomerang is brown and looks like it's is made of wood.

    • The note Guru Pathik ties to Appa's horn is a rolled up piece of paper, but when Aang is reading it, it is a fancy scroll.

    • When the gang is running down the hallway leading into the palace, Sokka's club is incredibly small, and its handle is not visible.

    • When the Earth King asks if the gang knows the Kyoshi Warriors, Katara's braid is missing. Also, her right hairloop vanishes for a second.

    • When Toph comments on Long Feng intercepting their letters from home, you can see her bandana ends at the puffballs near her ears and does not continue past the puffballs and beneath her bun as it should.

    • When the gang enters the King's Palace, the Dai Li handcuff them with their gloves. While the gloves are still on the kids' hands, the Dai Li are still wearing them.

    • When Zuko and Iroh enter their apartment, Zuko just stands there while Iroh tells him that he did the right thing. Zuko's sword is visible on the floor. After the blur effect, the sword on the floor is gone, and Zuko drops his sword when he falls.

    • When Sokka is convincing the Earth King to take the offensive and invade the Fire Nation, his right glove has an extra finger.

    • When the gang hugs Sokka before they leave, the indent of the back of Toph's shirt is green like her clothes.

    • In Appa's Lost Days, Sokka's club was discarded by the sandbenders. However, in this episode he mysteriously gets it back and can be seen using it in this episode.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Sokka: Now, that's an impressive door, it's gonna go somewhere!
      (Sokka makes the run and kicks the door but he rebounds. Aang and Toph smash in and Sokka falls down with the huge door leaves.)
      Sokka: A little warning next time?

    • Aang (Reading his letter): There's a man living at the Eastern Air Temple. He says he's a guru.
      Sokka: What's a guru? Some kind of poisonous blowfish?

    • (Katara whips many guards when attacking the palace)
      Katara: Sorry!
      (Toph nearly crushes guards)
      Katara: Sorry, we just need to just need to get through to see the Earth King!

    • Earth King: In our hour of need, it is with the highest honor that I welcome our esteemed allies, the Kyoshi warriors!
      (Three females in Kyoshi warrior uniforms all look up.)
      Azula (one of the females dressed as a Kyoshi warrior): We are the Earth King's humble servants.

    • Sokka: And when we get back, Suki is waiting for me.
      Aang: Yeah, girls are waiting for us. Thanks positive attitude.

    • (Everyone is at the entrance to Lake Laogai, Toph walks forward and tries to open up the entrance)
      Toph (surprised): It's gone?!
      Sokka (surprised): Oh don't tell me, (puts hands to head then lowers them) that's okay, still got my positive attitude.
      Katara (looking at Sokka): The Dai Li must have known that we were coming and destroyed the evidence.
      Earth King (looks unconvinced and a little angry) Hmm... that seems awfully convenient.
      Sokka: Hey, if anything this proves the conspiracy exists even more.
      Earth King: Long Feng was right, this was a waste of time. If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the palace. (starts walking away)
      Katara (looks at Sokka): The wall! They'll never be able to cover that up in time.
      Aang: Oh yeah! (jumps towards and in front of the Earth King) If you come with us to the Outer Wall, we can prove to you that the secret war is real.
      Earth King: No Earth King has ever been to the Outer Wall. I don't have any more time for this nonsense. (starts walking away again)
      Sokka: If you come with us, this time you can ride on Appa. (shifts to the Earth King, Appa growls and the Earth King smiles)
      Toph (switches to the Earth King screaming riding on Appa): First time flying?
      Earth King: It's both thrilling and terrifying.
      Toph: Yeah, I hate it to.

    • Earth King: So this is what a train is like, I didn't realize it would be this (looks around) public.
      Katara (puzzled): So you've never been outside the upper ring before?
      Earth King: I've never been outside the palace. (looks over to his left and see's Aang flying Appa and points) Now that's the way to travel. (looks back at Katara) So, may I ask where we're going?
      Sokka: Underneath Lake Laogai, your kingliness, to the Dai Li's secret headquarters. You're about to see where all the brainwashing and conspiring took place.

    • Earth King: Dai Li, arrest them.
      Sokka: But we dropped our weapons. We're your allies.
      Long Feng: Make sure the Avatar and his friends never see daylight again!
      Earth King: The Avatar! You're the Avatar?
      Sokka: A...No. Him.
      Aang (Earthbends the binds off his wrist and holds his hands up): Over here!

    • Aang: Katara, I need to tell you something. I've been wanting to say it for a long time…
      Katara: What is it Aang?
      Aang: Katara... I
      Sokka: Alright! Who's ready to get going on a little man-only-man trip?
      (Katara gives Sokka an exasperated look)

    • Sokka: Toph, which way to the Earth King?
      Toph: How should I know, I'm still voting we leave Ba Sing Se.

    • Sokka: Someone has to stay here with the Earth King and help him plan for the invasion. (Standing up) I guess that's me.
      Katara: No, Sokka. I know how badly you want to help Dad. You go to Chameleon Bay. I'll stay here with the King.
      Sokka: You are the nicest… sister… ever! (Rushes over teary-eyed and kisses Katara) Mwah!
      Katara: Easy there, big brother. Though you're right, I am.

    • Iroh: You should know this is not a natural sickness. (Pouring a cup of tea) But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying tea.
      Zuko: Wh-What's happening?
      Iroh: Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake, it was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.
      Zuko: What's that mean? (Coughs)
      Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be. (Mops Zuko's forehead with a cloth)

    • Earth King: I want to thank you, young heroes, for opening my eyes. All this time what I thought was a great metropolis was merely a city of fools. And that makes me the king fool.

    • Dai Li Agent (gives Long Feng his dinner): The council of five in the military are loyal to the Earth King, but the Dai Li remains loyal to you, Long Feng.

    • Blue Dragon (Speaking with Azula's voice): It's getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
      Zuko (Scarless and dressed as the Fire Lord): I'm not tired.
      Blue Dragon: Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
      Red Dragon (Speaking with Iroh's voice): No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it's too late!
      Blue Dragon: Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko. Sleep... Just like Mother!
      Zuko's Mother: Zuko, help me.

    • Earth King (While flying on Appa): Aaaaaaaaaah!
      Toph: First time flying?
      Earth King (Smiling): It's both thrilling, and terrifying.
      Toph: Yeah, I hate it too.
      Earth King: I have to be honest with you. Part of me really hopes that what you're telling me about this war isn't true.
      Aang: I wish it wasn't.

    • Toph (After being captured in a metal box by surprise): Hey! Who do you think you're dealing with?
      Xin Fu: One loud mouthed little brat who strayed too far from home.

    • Earth King: If you're on my side, then drop your weapons and stand down!
      (All look at each other and finally drop their weapons)
      Aang: See, we're friends your Earthiness.
      (Aang laughs)

    • Aang (to the Earth King): We need to talk to you!
      Long Feng (to the Earth King): They're here to overthrow you.
      Sokka: No we're on your side. We're here to help.
      Katara: You have to trust us.
      Earth King: You invade my palace, lay waste to all my guards, break down my fancy door. And you expect me to trust you?!
      Toph: He has a good point.

    • Sokka: The Kyoshi warriors are skilled warriors. Trustworthy, too. They're good friends of ours.
      The Earth King: Then they will be welcomed as honored guests.

    • Long Feng: You can't arrest me, you all need me more then you know!
      Sokka: Looks like Long Feng is long gone! (laughs) Ha.. oh, yeah, I've been waiting to use that one!

    • (Zuko walks through door)
      Iroh: You did the right thing letting the Avatar's bison go.
      Zuko: I don't feel right. (falls to floor)
      Iroh: Zuko!

    • Toph: Can we please get a new saddle? Flying bareback is terrifying!

    • Sokka (Aang runs over to the shore, three ships can be seen in the horizon): That's probably the Dai Li searching for us. (to Katara) So?
      Katara: Let's fly!

    • Aang (to Appa, embracing his head): I missed you more than you'll ever know buddy. (Momo joins in, Appa licks Aang off, he laughs)
      Sokka (to Katara): Look we escaped from the Dai Li, we got Appa back, I'm telling you, we should go to the Earth King now and tell him our plan. We're on a roll.
      Katara: One good hour after weeks of trouble isn't much of a roll.
      Sokka: We can build on it. If we want to invade the Fire Nation when the eclipse happens, we need the Earth King's support.
      Toph: What makes you think we'll get it? I don't know if you've noticed but things don't always go that smoothly for our little gang.
      Sokka: I know, but I've got a pretty good feeling about this. This time will be different.
      Katara: Sokka, Long Feng is in control of the city, his conspiracy with the Dai Li is too powerful. I think we should just keep flying and leave this horrible place behind.
      Toph: I'm with sweetness. I've seen enough of Ba Sing Se, and I can't even see!
      Aang: But now that we have Appa back there's nothing stopping us from telling the Earth King the truth about the conspiracy and the war.
      Sokka: See? Aang's with me. (briefly smiles brightly) It's the whole reason we came here in the first place, we have to try.
      Katara (puts her hand to her chin): Well, I guess if the Earth King knew the truth, things could change.
      Toph (warily): I don't trust the new, positive Sokka. Long Feng brainwashed you didn't he?!

    • Sokka: Seriously, we're actually on your guys' side!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode is available in the Avatar Book 2: Earth, Volume 4 DVD, along with, Appa's Lost Days, Lake Laogai, The Guru, and The Crossroads of Destiny.

    • Character Debuts: General How

    • Once again, some of Iroh's voice is provided by both Mako and Greg Baldwin. Due to the fact that Mako's recording for the rest of the season was completed prior to his death, this was done by the creators to gradually wean viewers off Mako's voice.


    • The Earth King's real name, Kuei, appears to be a spelling varation of the Madarin words for "puppet" or "leader." Either word references the king's position or his manipulative relationship with Long Feng.

    • The Earth King, palace, and royal guards all bear strong resemblance to Imperial China during the Qing Dynasty, in regards to clothing, hairstyle, and architecture. The Earth King's character design most closely resembles that of the last Emperor of China, Puyi.

    • Azula was seen as the blue dragon on the right of Zuko. In Chinese traditions, the blue or Azure Dragon is strongest of the Four Symbols of the constellations, is Dragon of the East, controls the largest territories, and it represents the spring season, which happens to be the time setting for Book Two.

    • The Zuko Dream sequence can also be viewed as an allusion to the Matrix. In the Matrix the character Neo is offered the option of a red or blue pill, the red pill frees him from the Matrix while the blue pill will put him to sleep. The dragons correspond to these two pills.

    • In Zuko's dream he sees Azula as the blue dragon and Azula's name is similar to the Hindu name "asura" which means blue and a dragon is similar to a so Azula was literally taking on what her name meant in Hindu.

    • The name of the King's bear is Bosco, possibly alluding to Dante Basco, who voices Prince Zuko.

    • Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
      It is revealed that Earth King was not under mind control, instead the way Long Feng, "his most trusted advisor", contolled him was similar to the way that Rasputin (Janurary 22, 1869 - December 29, 1916) kept control over Czarina Alexandra, before the Russian Revolution took place in 1918.

    • When Sokka asks about what a guru is, he guesses at a poisonous blowfish. He, however, is confusing it with the Japanese word fugu. Fugu is a poisonous blowfish that is very difficult to prepare but is a delicacy.