Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 17

The Ember Island Players

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 18, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hilarious in hindsight

    A great idea for a filler episode that provides some fun light-hearted comedy along with continuing character development (mostly regarding Aang/Katara and Zuko/Iroh) and a not quite accurate catch-up of the story so far.

    But what really made the episode for me is that I didn't see it until after the live action movie, which I saw with some friends who were fans of the TV show (which I'd later start watching) and their reactions were so much a mirror of the Aang Gang reacting to the play and with good reason. That being said, the Ember Island Players did a much better job than Hollywood
  • It ok

    It ok
  • The Ember Island Players

    The Ember Island Players was a perfect and comedic episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because the gang discover that the Fire Nation Ember Island Players are putting on a play about their adventures. It was a very humorous look into what has happened to the gang from the begining. I thought it was great to see a parody of the characters based on the Fire Nation's perspective. This episode was a very fun recap of the entire series before the series finale takes place. This episode was done perfectly and exploited the characters which was a great window into them. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • This episode demended everything about Avatar

    I know this was parody. But Avatar is a serious show with complex characters who have a dangerous and ultimate mission. This episode demended everything about Avatar. Zuko's obsession with honor. Zuko is obssesed with honor because that's his way back home, why wouldn't he be serious about it. Katara does give uplifiting speech, but only when its needed. I don't believe is motherly, she is just kind friend and like an older sister to aang. Zuko's and Iroh's conflict. Why would Zuko say that? Sokka's love for Yue has been diminshed to just a comedy effect. How could they notice the man who made the play was following them everywhere. A horrible filler.
  • worst Avatar episode ever!!!!

    Personally I was getting extremely pissed at the producers of the show for making the avatar looking bad. They got a fat lady to play katara, the guy who played zuko had the scar on the wrong side, and oh yeah avatar was a girl with a bald cap on. Then Avatar Tinkerbell used the line "Avatar State Yip Yip!" No. This is wrong. I would sign a petition to delete this episode. Forever. I must say though that for all the Zutara fans this was a hopeful episode because it's kind of forcing Zuko and Katara together. But Zuko will be with Mae forever because she's all gloomy until Zuko's in trouble during Boiling Rock part 2. She said she loved him, now that was a tear jerker.
  • The gang goes to see an interesting play...

    This is my absolute favorite episode. It does a brilliant job of summing up the series while making fun of itself in such a genius way. There are so many in-jokes from the great divide being the only filler episode to Katara always haveing so much hope to Aang being portrayed as a woman a la Peter Pan. And who could forget the whole "is Jet dead?" connundrum. Not only is this episode funny but it does contain some character development stemming from the fact that they get to see how the world portrays them causing them (namely Zuko) to think about how they have acted in the past and we get a few more hints as to who Katara ends up with. All in all I would say that this episode is a masterpiece that is right up there with the finale itself.
  • Creative!

    Animes usually have episodes like these; the flashback episode before the eventual conclusion to build up emotion. Well, they usually fail and suck horribly. Not this one. This one was actually pretty good. Not on par with its other Avatar episode counterparts, but still very very good for being a flashback episode. It didn't just merely cover the events that have transpired throughout the show, but also sort of review and gave the characters a chance to see how much they have progressed in terms of character development. Not to mention it was actually pretty funny; Iroh's portrayal was damn hilarious, same as Toph's and Sokka's.
  • A good way to get some laughs

    I'm hearing a lot of people saying that this episode is a pointless filler, but i think it was a good way to add some comedy before Sozin's Comet. It wasn't completely pointless because it gave viewers an idea of where Aang and Katara stood on their relationship and some more about how Zuko felt about the gap left between him Iroh. This episode made me laugh out loud for real because the writters were able to give little head nods to all of the things we've noticed and wanted addressed (ex: Zuko's hair and Jet's death) while also being able to add laughs with how completely terrible the play was. Avatar State Yip Yip!
  • I rated it 10..because that's what it is, perfect!!

    I watched a re-run of this on Nicktoons Network yesterday, I forgot how funny it was! Even though it was an unimportant filler episode, I still enjoyed it. What I think was really funny was the fact that the actors were acting exactly like the real people (no matter how much they protested it in this episode) only maybe a little more extreme. I think this episode was added to add more humor to the third season, since the third season was mostly based on Aang killing the fire lord (even though he never killed them...why not? The mans evil!!) but, it was a good addition. It's probably one of the only episodes of avatar I constently laugh at, definitly one of the best.

    Grade: A+
  • One of my favorites

    This is a funny episode. Only because the actors that play Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko just are not really like the real people. That is why I think that this funny. And because you could tell that it was cheap in the making. For example the drill part in the play, Azula was almost as big as the drill was that freaky or what? But what was really funny is that the actor playing Aang was a girl. A bald girl. I know that girl's do not want to be bald. Then Aang got upset because he that Katara did not like him and left the room. A few minutes later Katara finds Aang outside then they talked then Aang kissed Katara and Katara got mad. THE END
  • An unimportant, but suiting penultimate episode...

    When the gang decides to hide out on Ember Island (previously seen in the episode "The Beach") they learn there is a play being performed of their adventures. This play represents an odd little recap of the gang's adventures over the past seasons. Everything from Katara and Sokka finding Aang in the iceberg to the final, made-up, battle against Ozai. Some of the humor found within the play is good, but the gang's reactions are even better.

    During the play, Katara and Aang's relationship is represented as that of a brother-sister relationship, which upsets Aang. When Aang confronts Katara to tell her how he feels about her, her reaction is ambiguous. I rather liked that reaction because it leaves you guessing about how it will end up in the final episode.

    This episode is rather unimportant in terms of the overarching story, but since it's pretty safe to say that Sozin's Comet will be a very dramatic, action-packed episode which completes the character development and ties off the story, this episode should be taken as a "calm-before-the-storm" instead of one of those epic episodes we're used to seeing in season 3,
  • THE funniest Avatar EVER!!!!

    This is hilarious to watch, and I think that it would be the best filler in ANY series. The basic plot in the episode is centered around a play in Ember Island. According to Zuko, they really stink. If you don't want to read this let me tell you now, It stunk, but a funny stink. It starts with Katara and Sokka canoeing, Sokka, is stupid(shocker)and Katara is a hope obessed over-emotional dork. They find the Iceburg, and then with a "Waterbending Hi-Ya!" Aang comes out and, OMG! HE'S A GIRL!!!! And I don't want to babble the rest so, I'll skip to Toph. SHE'S A GUY! Was there some sort of gender mix up? Anyway, then to the end of book 2, where they screwed up Avatar State. "Avatar State! YIP YIP!" to be exact, anyway at the end it's the comet, and Aang and Zuko died. The ending comments sum it up the best.
    "That...wasn't a good play"
    "The effects were decent."
    (Sokka said that last one, if you haven't guessed.)
  • The gang goes to watch a play about themselves. Some of them like what they see, and some don't.

    At first, I thought this episode was just a filler, but later I started to think it was revealing and shows a different, funny side of each character. I think that this episode was funny and very entertaining, but it didn't strike me as extremely nessacary. Also, the fact that it was the second last episode disappointed me, because I was hoping for the last few episodes to be very revealing, informative, and exciting. I think that the episode "The Southern Raiders" was a good example of this. However, it gave viewers a nice look at how Zuko acts in the gang, shows us how the Avatar is so well-known, and gives us a glimpse of what the Fire Nation protrays of the gang.
  • the gang watches a play

    this was the best!
    it was the funniest episode i have seen so far.t was funny to watch. i really liked how it exaggerated their personalities.
    Katara giving speeches about hope they portrayed it real good.
    and sokka his cravings for meat and sarcasm.
    and Zuko talking aobut getting his honor back.
    it was all good.
    and IROH!
    he's tea loving and soothing attitude was well portrayed.
    and aang, his spirit was well portrayed too.
    i was little shocked that it was by a women.
    it was hilarious!
    i gotta say, they really made an outstanding episode. and the sozin's comet was good too.
    the whole avatar series is good!
    everything from avatar is goood!
  • the gang goes to watch a play about their journey

    it was funny to watch. i really liked how it exaggerated their personalities.
    Katara giving speeches about hope they portrayed it real good.
    and sokka his cravings for meat and sarcasm.
    and Zuko talking aobut getting his honor back.
    it was all good.
    i think avatar is the greatest animation series ever.
    i am really looking forward to season 4 if they come out.
    if it ends, my life will be like burger without a patty.
    ember island players was a good day for the gang to look what they did in the past.
    Zuko's portrayal was the best in my opinion.
    evrything from here to the end was great.
  • This show gets back into the spirit of the first season: Another filler episode whose sole purpose is to entertain. The humor in the episode is unparalleled as it draws upon its own fanbase to make jokes about itself.

    Epic. If you're trying to get into avatar, first of all, why pick the one right before the finale, but second of all, you're not going to get the episode as much. It was basically a recap of the entire show, but in a humorous way, making fun of itself. For example, it parodies the fact that in the first several episodes, all Sokka talks about is his stomach, while it portrays Toph, the strong-headed "tough" earthbender as a muscular man, or the fact that Aang is only 12 years old and is making fun of his relationship with Katara by saying that they *should* treat each other "just like siblings". For somebody who's watched all the shows, this one is really a treat. It's not exactly a "summary" episode like the one they did after season one, but it still covers the main story arcs and gets you to laugh at the same time. Without a doubt, one of the BEST episodes of the show. In the words of Sokka, "This is the type of wacky time-wasting nonsense I've been missing!"
  • I gotta say, this was the funniest episode so far.

    Some people might not like it because it's a filler before the finale, and I understand that. However, I thought this was a very good episode. It starts out with the Gaang in Zuko's old house on Ember Island, when Sokka and Suki come running in with a poster. The poster says that a group of people known as the "Ember Island Players" are putting on a play about the Gaang's adventures, with information from many sources, including "a surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage". The Gaang decide to go see the play, but it's nothing at all like they expected. Aang is played by a woman and is made out to be a "prankster". Katara is played by a woman who constantly gives speeches about hope. Sokka is played by a guy who will tell jokes with the punchline being "I'm starving!". Toph is played by a buff man "because Toph sounds like tough". Iroh is played by an extremely fat man obsessed with eating, and Zuko is played by a guy who makes him out to be more of a jerk than he was. Anyway, this episode features an incredible amount of fanservice, from Katara's actress liking Zuko's actor "Zutara", to Toph and Sokka's comments ("So, did Jet die?" -Toph "I dunno, the writers didn't make it that clear." -Sokka). There's also some minor relationship development. During an intermission, Katara tells Aang she's not sure if she wants to get together with him because they're in the middle of a war and have more important things to worry about. This is the funniest episode in the series and I strongly recommend it whenever you need a good laugh.
  • This episode was a little weak for Avatar but was still good.

    Ember Island Players was a good flash back episode before the finally. It was a needed episode even though it wasn't the best avatar episode ever made. It was a good recap because it started from Katara and Sokka finding Aang in the Ice berg and ended with the current events. For people who had watched Avatar before but maaybe missed a few episodes in the middle this episode fill you in. I would still recomend watching this episode even though it was not the best. Its good but Avartar is one of the best if not the best show on tv so the expectations are a little higher. Overal it was a nessesary episode though it wasn't the best.
  • Reviews prior events with one important event.

    This ep was intended to be a fan appreciation ep for all of the support Avatar has received. My only wish for this ep would be for the storyline to advance forward. The main purpose of this ep was to parody the first and second season. It was humorous and entertaining. However at this point in the season I was expecting a little more. The main event that moved the story was the confrontation between aang and katara. Aang finally admits his true feelings and it leaves katara confused. Aang is disappointed with the apparent denial from katara. The ep closes with aang watching the parody and sees his character failing to defeat the fire lord. This causes doubt about his abilities and cause nerves. With questions lingering the anticipation reaches its apex as the finale is to follow.
  • Had its moments, but...

    It was like a painful, fan-written story you open because it sounds kind of cool and suffer the whole way through, shaking your head at just about every detail.

    Which is funny, because whenever I read those I think to myself 'It's a good thing this would never really happen in a show!'


    So like I said, this episode had its moments. For the most part it was pretty terrible, but there were some golden lines which spawned hearty chuckles. I don't want to get into any of them for fear of sounding whiny and unfair.

    Nevermind, found one.

    (During the play, Jet gets squished by a rock)
    Zuko: Did Jet just...die?
    Sokka: You know, it was really unclear.

    Actually laughed out loud for that one. It gets special mention.

    Another special mention: The daggers in Mai's hair and the way the effect guy ran across the stage with them to make it look like they had been thrown. Lurved it.

    And the streamer lightning. That was sick.

    OK, so there you go. It had...three exceptional moments. Woohoo.

    On another note, pretty much every single character was irritating. And emo. And not funny.

  • Kinda of a recap episode of Avatar.

    Since, I haven't really started to watch Avatar since "The Firebending Masters", this was a good recap episode.

    1 of the things that it made it good, it was HILARIOUS!

    I loved Man Toph, he was funny! "My name is Toph, and I am TOUGH" Well I know, I said the quote wrong, but it was something like that :P.

    "Out of Character!!"

    It was so hilarious, when everything went out of character, in where Aang was a girl. Lol.

    Something I didn't like

    When Aang just ruined the episode with a quick-kiss at Katara. That made me a little bit mad.

    Overall, good episode. 10.0/ 10.0!
  • Well. It's Entertaining..

    The Ember Island Prayers, Chpater 17 of Book 3 : Fire, is about a play the gang watches. The play features everyone, including Azula. The play was made based on the data from traveling singing nomads and others. Though Sokka was so happy to see it first, he and everyone else thought the play was horible at the end. Aang, was portrayed by a girl, which upsetted him very much. Katara, was visioned as a girl who dreams, thinks, and speaks of 'HOPE.' Sokka is thought of as a meat hungry man. Toph is a burly, tall, buff man, which actually makes her happy. Zuko, is portrayed with his scar on the wrong side. Bending is shown as ribbons, huge sheets, and other colored material. Overall, this show was pretty entertaining.Just a rest stop, which is think we need, before the Season 3 Finale.
  • The gaang goes to see a play about themselves and their adventures. This is hilarious! XD

    Wow this episode was hilarious. I mean it was so funny I was falling out my chair most of the time. Like others have said this is what we needed before Sozin's Comet even though it is a filler. The Gaang goes to see this play about themselves on Ember Island. The play was funny the actors were out of charater a bit but they were very close but a little over the top and they looked weird and funny lol. Aang was a girl. Toph was a buff muscular dude of course she liked her actor thats so Toph. Sokka was talking about food every second. Katara was crying a lot and being hopeful. Zuko was kinda more closer to the old Zuko and his hair kept changing lol!!!! The other actors were hilarious also. It was fun to see most of the journey in this way. lol I loved the Suki and Sokka moments. I also really loved the Toph and Zuko moment that was sweet I enjoyed that. Poor Aang I felt sad for him when he walked out (even though Im all for Zutara and I know its not gonna happen XD) This is a bad time for both Aang and Katara to be in a relationship like she said they are in a war. To me it was a little mean and harsh how she said she was confuesed and ran off after he kissed her. Aang needs to focus on the important thing take down OZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!! So he can save the world. I did feel sorry for him at this moment though. But of course they will be together eventually I'm sure of it.

    This eppie was great I didn't really see the fake Ozai beating Aang at the end. I don't know why I didn't see that coming. I mean I should have It was a FN play lol duh. I didn't like that Aang and Zuko died I was like what in the world... But we all know that wont happen. I really hope that didn't foreshadow Zuko dying as some have said. =( I give this episode a 4/5 it was hilarious and brillant! Next we have the finale. I am so juiced and excited but then at the same time it is sad cause its going to be over. Well I can't wait for Sozin's Comet and it is today that is awesome and it is going to be awesome. XD =)
  • Aang and the gang go to see a play about them.

    I laughed so hard during this episode. In my opinion this was a great filler episode. The way the gang reacted to the play was interesting. I can't believe Toph liked be portrayed by a huge strong man. Anyways, Aang was portrayed by an over-excited woman. Katara was a heavy, chesty, over-dramatic woman. Sokka was pretty accurate except he was too skinny. The whole idea of the gang going to see a play was genius. The Zutara moment during the play was funny. They made Katara seem slutty in the play, I mean at first she was with Jet and then she was with Zuko. The effects in the play weren't good at all. It kinda gives you an idea of how the relationships are going to end up in the finale. Especially the moment where Aang and Katara are talking outside, it gives you a hint. Overall it was a great episode, I can't wait for the finale.
  • Freaking hillarious!!!!!

    Oh my good gravey, this was so hillarious!!!!! OK, so Sokka and Suki (who I still don't care for) go into town and find out that some Fire Nation actors are putting on a play about the lives of Aang and his friends! So Katara, Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Suki, and Toph all go to see this play. The actors are HORRIBLE!!!!! They portray Katara as a very fat, chesty, woman who is always crying and giving over dramatic speeches about hope, Sokka was a skinny hick awlays talking about meat, Aang was a GIRL, and very elf like, Zuko was this guy with very girlish hair, Suki wasn't in it, and Toph was the only one happy about how portrayed them. Toph was a muscular dude. And then they made a comment about how no one really knew if Jet died or not, then Aang got all bent out of shape because they did that whole Zutara scene. Well anyway, this was probably the best episode ever. That is all.
  • It was pretty good.

    This episode is one of the last episodes of the great series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and it was surely a good way to go out. It aired as part of "Countdown to The Comet", a week long premiere week of Avatar showing the last episodes in the series. To me, this episode just stood out from the other nine episodes that aired during the countdown, along with "The Southern Raiders". I'm saying this BEFORE I see the finale tonight, which I'm sure will be the best. It might not have had much action, but it was a funny episode. 9.5/10
  • Heeey..they did this for Day Of Black Sun(Sozins Comet).

    Knightmare and Daydreams was also a humor based filler right before the seriousness of Day of Black Sun. The Ember Island Players is about a play that almost correctly portrays the events of the group thus far. The gang didnt like the play because it poked fun at them. Toph was the only one to actually enjoy that play and how she was portrayed in it. Aang and Kataras' relationship finally gets to shine..and it didnt shine so good. Aang wanted to know if Katara only thought of him as a brother and not boyfriend. (The actor that was Katara said she only liked Aang as a brother). Katara didnt know as she said they are in the middle of a war and that there is no time for a romantic relationship. The Ember Island Players was a good episode as it toned down the rising seriousness of the last few episodes, and put more humor into it. We were shown insight into Aang and Kataras' relationship, along with Toph and Zuko bonding some. Also, at the end of the play, the actors acted out a possible future that didnt turn out so good for the gang. Hopefully it doesnt come true.
  • This... episode... was... awesome.

    This episode was just totally hilarious, I loved when that little kid said to Zuko, "You're Zuko's costume is great, but you're scar is on the wrong side!" And then when Toph's character came in-
    "My name is Toph because it sounds like TOUGH!"
    "I can't see like you, but I can see by releasing sonic waves from my mouth. AAAHHH!"
    That made me laugh so hard, it's still IS making me laugh! Then there's the part where Aang was an idiot... I mean, it was so sweet when Katara went outside to meet Aang, and Aang told her how he felt. But then Aang kind of ruined the moment when he kisser her, and made Katara really mad. Why. Aang?
    So it was a great episode. 10 out of 10!
  • OMG this was totally hilarious.

    There is a play about the gang in Ember Island. First they change some things that was totally funny. First Aang was played by a girl which made it seem so funny. Next one of the Kyoshi warriors says that the costume makes there butt seem fat that totally cracked. Later Toph came in like wow that was so funny and she was played by a guy and her name is pronouced as tough that totally cracked me up. And there were alot more funny things about the play that cracked me up. Just thinking about this episode makes me laugh hard like crazy 10 out of 10.
  • A filler ep

    Normally i like all the avatar eps. But this ep i didn't like as much cause it just seemed to boring but there was somethings i did like. In the beginning of the ep i thought it was Cool that the gang was at The Firelords Vacation house i found that to be funny. also Zuko and Aang but practicing their firebending shows that both are skilled but always need room for improvement. Then during the play i found it funny however1 reacted, Katara all over dramatic was funny, Sokka with his hunger lol. Suki was pretty much dead on. The Iroh person insulted the great General come on He like TEA not CAKE lol. the Zuko person was corrected minus the scar on the wrong side. Toph was the 1 off the most but funny. Aang was portrayed as a trickster and played by a girl (like peter pan was). Sokka is a funny person even the person playing him likes the stuff Sokka says to say (without knowing its him) i found that cool. at the endish of this ep when in the play they were tellen bout the comet u can see that and is worried that that may really happen. But i still give the ep a perfect score cause it was desent
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