Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 13

The Firebending Masters

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 15, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Firebending Masters

    The Firebending Masters was a perfect, entertaining, and inspiring episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see Zuko trying to prove himself to Aang and the group. I found all of this to be a great move forward. It was about time Zuko realized his true destiny and embraced it. I enjoyed the scenes of awkward interactions between Zuko and the Avatar and gang. The story of this episode was great and had a lot of character and plot development. I look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • Ignoring the facts

    Zuko and Aang have a bonding trip. Zuko loses his firebending because he doesn't have the drive before. But think Book 2, Zuko never chased the Avatar and he was still a powerful firebender. The writers are ignoring the facts in order to make a crappy story. This season is much less serious and mature than the last two seasons. They have to go through this Indian Jones like journey. Despite the fact that Aang and Zuko are bonding. Zuko still seems like an arrogant hothead and he and Aang friendship doesn't seem belivable. This episode didn't make me cringe but it was increidbly boring.
  • Adventurous and extraordinary!

    This episode opened up strong, stayed strong throughout the whole episode, and then ended strong too! After the ending of last episode, it also made it seem like we would just see Zuko teach Aang firebending. It was more than that; both Zuko and Aang learned a superior version of firebending, the original source of firebending through the form of an Indiana Jones type of journey through booby troops, treasures, and temples. To add to the already excellent package, it does an even greater job of tying up the past, such as Aang's refusal to do firebending because of her accident with Katara, and Iroh protecting the final two dragons to exist.
  • Woow

    I really love to see that anng is finally trying to firebend i hate that just becuase he burned katara he is a baby about it and everything i remember when he first started with gong gong he was so happy that he could and then he was afriad but i like that zuko was there to help him and he gave him all the time he needed, when they went to the sun warriors temple i love that there were still good firebenders and two dragons that is so cool that iro did not kill them of and that the dragons helped them learn to firebend from the heart.
  • It was one of the best.

    "Firebending Masters" is one of the final episodes in the great tv series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" that aired as part of a week long premiere week leading up to the finale "Sozin's Comet" called "Countdown to The Comet" and it was pretty awesome. I liked it better than most of the other episodes that aired during the premiere week but, I'm saying that before seeing the finale, which I'm sure will be the best yet. This episode had very little comedy, but alot of action. The action was so awesome I couldn't stand it. I could watch it over and over again. 9.6/10
  • this was a great episode

    in this episode, zuko loses his fire bending power after he joins the avatar. then need to set a jouney to the city of the sun warriors that hav been so called extinct for hundreds of years. they end up learning a secret fire bending move .some sun warriors show up and take zuko and aang to see the masters of fire bending. they get to meet the judges that will see if there trustworthy of the real way the fire benders get there power. the last 2 dragons end out coming to judge them and aang and zuko hav to do the dragon dance they learned. they finally learn the true reason of fire bending and aang learns fire bending. THE END.
  • The real source of all firebending

    In the 13th episode of avatar the last airbender, Zuko is starting to teach aang firebending, but one problem. he can't, the fire is great like before. so at night, he says they have to find the original source of firebending from the sun warriors.

    So the next day, they go to the sun warriors old villages. they come to a big temple and inside they learn something called the Dragon Dance. Then a gold egg shows, Zuko picks it up and then the place starts to flood. Later, the sun warriors find them.

    The sun warriors tell them to go to the mountains and it is where they can see the dragons. when the get there, they see the dragons and what the real source of firebending is.

    Overall, this is a really great episode that focuses back on bending. now aang knows how to bend all four of the element and is ready to see the fire lord
  • Aang and Zuko learn the secrets about firebending.

    Aang and Zuko learn the secrets about firebending by traveling to the ancient Sun Warriors town.

    This episode was pretty good, by Western Air Temple is better, but just by the tiniest bit.

    Katara was still pretty mean to Zuko in this one. Ouch.

    But at the end when the Sun Warrior chief said, "But not that you know of our tribe's exsistence, we have no choice but to kill you!" (Awkward silence) "Just kidding! But seriously, don't tell anyone!"

    That made me laugh really hard, lol. Funniest quote of the entire episode!

    9.5 out of 10, a very great episode, and it's still- not a filler once you think about it!
  • Pretty good, pretty good.

    This wasn't the best Avatar episode, but it was still a good one. It starts out with Zuko trying to teach Aang his forgoten Firebending, but Zuko's bending was extremely weak. After a talk with the Gaang, Toph encourages him and Aang to go and find the original Firebenders. Zuko says that the original Firebenders were dragons, which were thought to be extinct. However, he thinks the second best thing would to be to go to the abandoned Sun Warrior temple, the home of the first groups of people to learn from the dragons how to Firebend. Zuko reveals to Aang how Iroh said he got the nickname The Dragon of the West: by supposedly killing the last living dragon. When they entered the Sun Warrior temple, Aang found statues guiding a dance called The Dancing Dragon. Aang and Zuko do the dance and it results in a giant gem coming up from the ground. After Zuko picks up the stone, the two get trapped in a green muck. However, it is revealed that the Sun Warrior civilization is still alive and they get Zuko and Aang out of the muck. The Sun Warriors believe Zuko when he truthfully states that he and Aang came to learn the first way of Firebending, fueled by something different than hate. The Sun Warriors agree to take them to see the Firebending Masters, but they warn Zuko and Aang: If the Firebending Masters think they are unworthy to learn Firebending, they will destroy Aang and Zuko on the spot. The Masters come out and are revealed to be dragons: Iroh lied about killing the last dragon in exchange for the secret of Firebending. After Aang and Zuko do the Dragon Dance, the dragons breathe a jet of colored fire that teaches Aang and Zuko what fire really is fueled by: Energy and life, not hate and destruction. With this knowledge, Zuko Firebends better than before, and Aang Firebends without hurting anyone. Now, the Avatar knows (not mastered, but knows) how to bend all four elements.
  • Beautiful colors were used in the episode, and mostly a Zuko & Aang episode. The episode, that made me want to watch more of Avatar.

    Zuko and Aang, POW! Yes, in one of the episodes, they accutally work together. Isn't it weird, how it just turns up like that. I am happy, that Zuko finally joined Aang. This was the first (compelete) episode of Avatar, that I've ever seen. And it was pretty good. I loved the colors and the design and the pattern, of course, they were using when Aang and Zuko met the firebending masters. I think it's still funny, how Zuko and Aang are "hangin'" out. Like 2 years ago, enemies and now like almost the best of friends. Well, not really, but kinda.
  • Better than Air Temple

    I thought this ep was amazing! The first time i watched it i was so excited to finally see Aang do some good Firebending. And Zuko teaching him makes it even more amazing! The Dancing Dragon i thought was unique i thought it was cool how Aang and Zuko could memorize those steps so fast lol and to do it infront of fire breathing dragons is just cool. I think that Zuko is become very wise odd as that might seem to some, he seems to be taking after Iroh with a lot of stuff which is cool cause Iroh is awesome. But all in all this Ep was Amazing.
  • Whew!I just kept guessing and guessing.*Spoiler Warning.....

    The Firebending Masters, Chapter 13 of Book 3: Fire, was very revealing.It explored the Origin of Firebending.And, NO, it isn't rage, anger, and hate. In the beginning, Zuko is trying to teach Aang firebending, but for some reason, he can't release any sort of flames at all. Toph suggests to go and see the original benders, in their case, The Dragons.But, according to Iroh, he was the last one to slay a Dragon.Zuko and Aang go poking around some ruins, not just any ruins, the ruins of the Sun Warriors; who learned the original way from the dragons. Soon, Zuko and Aang must be judged by the Firebending Masters. They learned from the masters' flames(many, many colors) that fire isn't just destruction, but life and all its energy. This episode was just so amazing.Kept guessing and guessing about who were the Masters.Then I found out.WHOA.So, go watch it.
  • A great episode where the Fire Prince and Avatar are able to learn a new and better way to view fire...

    After Zuko is finally let into the group, it is decided that he is to be Aang's new firebending teacher. In their first lesson Aang is taught not to fear fire but to respect it; "I know you're nervous but remember, firebending in and of itself is not something to fear. But if you don't respect it, it'll chew you up and spit you out like an angry komodo rhino!" When the young Avatar tries his best to create a simple flame, only a trail of smoke leaves from his hand. This is the second time that Aang has done training with fire (the first in The Deserter) and he has only gotten worst. Before, the eager Airbender was at least able to create a small palm-sized flame but because of that bad experience, he is now only able to create smoke. It is clear that fire will be the greatest challenge of the four elements that the youthful Air Nomad must master.

    When Zuko tries to demonstrate the correct way to firebend, he is surprised to see pitiful waves of flames shooting out from his hand. Throughout the day, his fire only stays weak and that makes him come to the conclusion that he "lost [his] stuff. I'm talking about my firebending. It's gone." With unnecessary rudeness, the usually understanding Water Tribe girl laughs outwardly at his dilemma and remarks "Maybe you're just not as good as you think you are." One would think that Katara would be able to empathize with losing one's element such as the case in Return to Omashu where Ty Lee had temporarily disabled the blue eyed girl's bending abilities and later Katara commented "… but last time we saw them, one of those girls did something that took my bending away! That's scary" (The Chase). However, I suppose it was Zuko's betrayal in The Crossroads of Destiny that has led to the spitefulness in Katara -- which is understandable -- but even Aang has learned to forgive the past actions of the Prince and he was the target. Then again, whenever Aang is in trouble, Katara is there to protect him which is exactly what she is doing by being suspicious of the normally -- dare I say it -- untrustworthy Prince.

    With his firebending still so faint, Zuko has to find a different way to fuel his bending; "Look even if you're right, I don't want to rely on hate and anger anymore. There has to be another way." His willingness to search for a better essence for his firebending demonstrates the he is serious in changing his old habits. In other words, he no longer wants to be the bad guy. The group's conversation leads to pursuing Firebending's original source: Dragons. But Zuko later explains that the dragons, though populous during Aang's era, were now extinct and so were the sun warriors that first learned firebending from those dragons. The only piece left from the original source is the once great ancient civilization of the sun warriors; "… maybe you'll pick up some super old sun warrior energy just by standing where they stood a thousand years ago."

    That is when the young Prince and Airbender begin their day of bonding; "Appa's right Zuko! In our group, typically we start out our missions with a more upbeat attitude!" During their journey, it is revealed that Zuko's great grandfather Sozin had "started the tradition of hunting dragons for glory. They were the ultimate firebenders and if you can conquer one, you're firebending talents would become legendary. And you'd earn the honorary title Dragon." Which is exactly how General Iroh had earned the title, The Dragon of The West, though it is contradictory with Iroh stating that he had earned the title through his ability to breathe fire out from his mouth such as he demonstrated in The Crossroads of Destiny.

    The two young men soon come across an entrance leading into an underground room filled with statues. It is there they learn the Dancing Dragon. When they completed the firebending forms, a golden gem resting on a pedestal sprouts from the ground. I suspect that the gem is some kind of dragon egg and that the ancient sun warriors are trying to repopulate the dragon species; "It feels, almost alive." Though it is never answered as to why the gem was alive. Shortly after grabbing the treasure, a sticky green goop floods the room, but the two are later saved by the suppose-to-be-dead sun warriors. If these ancient groups of people are able to stay hidden for thousands of years, I wonder what other group could also stay hidden (hint: Air Nomads).

    Soon after the rescue, Aang and Zuko are told to visit the masters Ran and Shao; "When you present yourselves to them, then they will examine you. They'll read your hearts, your souls, and your ancestry. If they deem you worthy, they'll teach you. If they don't, you'll be destroyed on the spot." To those two masters, they shall present a piece of the eternal flame. Though Aang is somewhat afraid of firebending, he is able to hold on to a piece and calls it a "little heartbeat." It is a piece of life that the young Avatar could not feel before until now.

    The two begin their hike up a hill when Aang's flame starts to dwindle; "You're flame's gonna go out because it's too small. You're too timid. Give it more juice. You can do it. I know you can. You're a talented kid." It is the first compliment and sign of trust that Zuko shows toward the young Avatar. It is a sign of friendship that the two will need on their destiny to defeat the Fire Lord. Furthermore, Zuko's reference to Aang's timid-ness is reminiscent of Toph yelling at Aang for being too weak during their training in Bitter Work; "Yeah, you are sorry. If you're not tough enough to stop the rock, then you could at least give it the pleasure of smushing you instead of jumping out of the way like a jelly-boned wimp!" Aang's shyness has more than once caused him trouble with learning new elements. This time is no different. Upon reaching the top of the temple, they are face to face with two massive dragons. Thinking quickly, Aang and Zuko perform the Dancing Dragon (which they had only learned once but incredibly remember all of the moves). Upon the completion of the dance, the two dragons judge the Fire Prince's and Avatar's very being and deemed them worthy. By passing the test, it reveals that Zuko's heart and soul portrays true goodness that he is trying his best to change towards. The Dragons trust him enough, despite what his ancestors had maliciously done in the past, to share the secrets of firebending with him.

    The Air Nomad and Prince learn that fire is like "the sun but inside of you." They learn that fire is life and energy. It is not just simply a "burning curse" (The Deserter). Through their experience, Zuko finds a new inner fire to give his bending a purpose and Aang discovers a different viewpoint of what firebending truly is. The young Avatar is able to conquer his fear of thinking that he would not be able to control the destructiveness of fire by instead seeing it as life, as freedom like of that he feels with airbending. Fire is not something to fear -- as Zuko had stated -- it is instead like one's soul, spirit, and passion escaping from one's hands. With a new understanding and respect, Aang will in due time master all four elements. It was a bonding moment that will not be soon forgotten by the twosome.
  • One of the Best Eps!

    I thought this ep was amazing! The first time i watched it i was so excited to finally see Aang do some good Firebending. And Zuko teaching him makes it even more amazing! The Dancing Dragon i thought was unique i thought it was cool how Aang and Zuko could memorize those steps so fast lol and to do it infront of fire breathing dragons is just cool. I think that Zuko is become very wise odd as that might seem to some, he seems to be taking after Iroh with a lot of stuff which is cool cause Iroh is awesome. But all in all this Ep was Amazing.
  • Avatar meets Indiana Jones!

    Now with Zuko in the group, aang begins firebending training. However when Zuko attempts to demonstrate we discover his bending is almost nonexistent. Over a dinner conversation Toph recommends returning to the original source of firebending. However that source is the dragons, who happen to be extinct. So Zuko suggests the Sun Warriors. Zuko and Aang set out to explore the Sun Warrior ruins. They quickly find out the dangers the lye ahead when they encounter traps, puzzles and some kind of green glue. Zuko and Aang discover that the SW are still alive and they want to learn from them. So they bring fire upt to the top of the mountain where they encounter the "masters". Two dragons! These dragons show the two that fire bending is not death and destruction. They now find that they can bend without rage. Overall this was a good episode. I like the ancient ruins, that gave it an adventurous aspect. The main point was to get viewers to change their perspective of firebending. Definitely a step forward for Aang and Zuko.
  • !SPOILER WARNING! Now that Zuko is part of the group he starts to teach Ang firebending. Unfortunatley, Zuko, for some reason, has lost his firebending. The two of them go to a temple to find out why and learn the true secret of firebending...

    The amazing thing about the third season is that even the filler episodes seem like they contribute to the story. Take this episode for example. Yes, this could be skipped because plot wise it doesn't add much to the story, but it does bring up several themes. !PAST HERE-SPOILERS! Zuko learns that his firebending has stopped working because anger is not what drives him anymore. Ang and him go to an ancient civilization to find out why. Eventually they learn that true firebending is beautiful and that it doesn't have to stem from hatred. Real fire is kind've like that. There is no reason to be afraid of fire but reason to respect it. In truth this could be skipped (I imagine when they make the third Avatar movie it will be), but this episode serves as part of Zuko's transition to "good". It also brings Ang and Zuko together. Basically this episode could be viewed as pure character development because it doesn't really move the plot forward. All in all, this episode is a must see, but I would say most of the season three episodes are. The only reason I give this episode a "9" instead of a "10" because the episode isn't altogether necessary to the plot.
  • Not much happend

    When it's finally time to start Aang's firebending training Zuko finds his firebending to be weaker. So Zuko and Aang decide to set off on a journey to find the original source of Firebending at the ancient Sun Warrior civilization. When they get there a boobie trap sets off and ends up to them finding out that the ancient civilization is actually still secretly alive. When they ask them about the original source of firebending they tell them to take a piece of the eternal flame to the two original firebending masters. When they get there, there's only two things that could happen. They get destroyed on the spot or they will learn the secret of firebending.
  • Another awesome episode

    This was anothter great episode. First Aang and Zuko must learn firebending. Zuko lost his ability to learn firebending and must go to learn the right way to fire bend. We learn that the fire bending dragons still exist and aren't extinct and that was the cool part about that. The dragons make a really beautiful fire full of colors but not hatred how Zuko learned his firebending but hate not the true way. And after that they learn how to fire bend and it is really strong then ever before. This was a cool episode and it gets a 10 out of 10.
  • Stunning animation with a alright plot

    The Firebending Masters
    Ok in this episode Zuko and Aang begin their lessons on fire bending but both seem have trouble firebending. So they travel to source of were firebending is said to have started. There they are trapped for hours. Before repesnting their selfs in front of Sun tribe civilzation. The choose to follow to understand the old ways of Firebending. There they meet the maybe the last dragons. And are accepted to learns the other way firebending was. Not just a killing curse but life it is. Stunning animation around the dragon part. With this episode it seems it gets better with more action. A great move by iroh saying no more dragons. showing how good he actually is. Cant wait for more.
  • Zuko loses his ability to firebend. To get it back, he and Aang must travel to the lost civilization of the Sun Warriors.

    When my sister and I tried to watch this episode tonight, there was no sound. We had to watch it on the internet. The episode itself was hilarious! When Zuko traveled on Apa, he made the hilarious comment about how he thought it would fly faster (XD) It was hilarious! Other funny parts are when Sokka picked on Zuko, the gang making fun of the dance, and when Aang and Zuko first discovered the temple and got caught in the goo. I couldn't believe only Aang and Zuko went to the temple. You'd think one of the other members of the gang would have gone to be sure Zuko wouldn't go against his word. We finally learned how Toph got her earthbending and how she uses it to see. That was interesting. Another interesting point was when we learned the dragons are the firebending masters. I would have thought it was the sun. I feel stupid since I never thought it would be the dragons (XD). Overall, pretty good episode.
  • zuko and aang need to learn firebending from its oroginal source.

    aang and zuko go to the ruins of a lost civilization to learn firebending. they end up getting stuck from some type of glue while trying to learn a firebending dance. then the "lost" civilization gets them out and they send aang and zuko to the 2 last remaining dragons. they have to show the ever lasting fire that the "lost" civilization gave them to the dragons. the dragons appear, one blue one red, and the fire runs out because of aang. zuko and aang do the fire bending dance they learned from before. then when they get home (the western air temple) they both can firebend.
  • Great episode, great lead up, and great theme.

    I thought it had historical importance despite the show being fiction. In the episode Zuko and Aang find the true origins of fire bending, the Dragons. At first Zuko tries to fire bend at the western air temple but could not emit a flame for longer than two seconds (despite him being prince of the Fire Kingdom). Toph then tells Zuko how she learned Earth Bending by studying it from the masters themselves, Badgers. However seems the Dragon are "all dead", so Zuko searches for the Sun Warriors Temple.

    In this episode Yuko most importantly showed how true Fire Benders must fight not in the form of hatred and resent, but for energy and life like the Sun and the heart. He then learns he could not Fire Bend before not because he had lost his hatred or that he may have been weak but because he had lost driving purpose and he lost his inner fire. But now it seems he is now with Aang and his new drive is to restore peace in the world.

    I liked how the dragons weren't extinct and how Zuko's uncle had saved the last dragons to know the true way of the fire bending. I thought the most funny bit was when Zuko despite being prince of the fire lord could not fire bend and then being sledged by Sokka. "Jerk Bending...*sigh* still got it".

    Overall great episode that's why I gave it 8.5 /10.
  • truly an amazing episode

    So this is the start of Zuko teaching Aang Firebending but when he tries, his Firebending is weaker for a reason so that night he tells the gang about it, Katara gives Zuko Sarcastic comments. We also learn The Original source of Earthbending, The badgermoles! yes them we see a glimpse of young toph and how badgermoles thought her. So Toph tells zuko he needs to find the original source of firebending so they went to the civilization of The Sun Warriors, The first people who get to learn from the dragons. I loved how Zuko and aang are such good friends now. They learn The Dragon Dance and there was a booby trap and stuff. So when they finally get to the sun warriors Sun Chief said that they need to face the masters. when they meet the masters they find out the masters were dragons and Aang Suggest that they'll do the dragon dance. The dragons deem them worthy and show them the true meaning of firebending. so at the end of the episode Zuko's firebending is stronger and Aang finally can produce fire.

    This was truly an amazing episode Zuko and Aang are good friends and We learned a lot about firebending
  • aang and zuko see dragons

    While teaching Aang firebending, Zuko finds that he has lost all his firebending skills. Now to regain his powers, Zuko and Aang must seek the original source of firebending within the ruins of a lost civilization. The place where the anceitn civilization dudes are looks like civilizations from the past. they are called the sun warriors. they take aang and zuko to go and see the master. they learned more about ht eorigina of fireben ding and so did we. we got to see toph as a little girl. she was so cute...for a baby. very informative episdoe i would watch again
  • An episode full of epic adventure

    In this part of the Avatar's life, Aang has to learn firebending from his new ally, ex-prince Zuko, but as soon as they start training Zuko loses his firebending ability. As this happens they have to go back to the original source of Firebending, The great Sun Warriors. Once they set foot they realize how much the world has changed from the isolated place they are now. Soon enough they are captured by the sun warrior cheif and this is where history begins to unfold...

    Step by step Zuko starts to learn how his people change the ways of Firebending and this is also when Aang realizes how wrong he was about fire...Soon enough they meet the two greatest firebending masters they have ever seen and both have regained their abilities...
  • Aang and Zuko go an adventure to the ruins of the ancient Sun Warrior civilization in search of the true form of firebending.

    A decent episode, though it has not picked up pace since The Day of Black Sun it seems to be setting up for an interesting plot (at least thats what I'm hoping for). This episode gave me some things I was not expecting, at first I thought it was going to be that they find some ancient form on a wall and practice until they finally get it in the end. Then out of nowhere the Sun Warriors appeared, after they stole some "egg". Then probably the best part of the episode happened. The dragons came out, and it turns out they were the masters the hole time. I didn't think they were going to expand on the whole dragon thing, but it was nice they did. Aside form providing an interesting history, some revealing info on the true art of firebending, showing an ancient culture and some character interaction with Aang and Zuko this episode had some good animation. The backgrounds for this episode were nicely detailed and the whole episode just worked besides the many cheesy parts.
  • Zuko and Aang learn more about the ancient arts of firebending.

    This was an adventurous episode. While it didn't really focus on the relationship between Katara and Aang, it was still a good episode in my opinion. Zuko and Aang learn that the dragons were the first firebenders, and that the sun warriors protected two dragons. Zuko and Aang travel to the ancient temple and find a dragon egg. Then they are captured by the sun warriors. Zuko explains to them that he has lost his firebending and needs more training. There they both witness the two dragons, who teach them the real meaning of firebending. Iroh has also witnessed this event. Overall, good episode.
  • Some Zuko and Aang development

    So this is the start of Zuko teaching Aang Firebending but when he tries, his Firebending is weaker for a reason so that night he tells the gang about it, Katara gives Zuko Sarcastic comments. We also learn The Original source of Earthbending, The badgermoles! yes them we see a glimpse of young toph and how badgermoles thought her. So Toph tells zuko he needs to find the original source of firebending so they went to the civilization of The Sun Warriors, The first people who get to learn from the dragons. I loved how Zuko and aang are such good friends now. They learn The Dragon Dance and there was a booby trap and stuff. So when they finally get to the sun warriors Sun Chief said that they need to face the masters. when they meet the masters they find out the masters were dragons and Aang Suggest that they'll do the dragon dance. The dragons deem them worthy and show them the true meaning of firebending. so at the end of the episode Zuko's firebending is stronger and Aang finally can produce fire.

    This was truly an amazing episode Zuko and Aang are good friends and We learned a lot about firebending.
  • aang and zuku go and try to find the dragon the lat of the firt firebenders. But when they get there they see the un woriors are still alive the first ones to learn from the dragons.The sun worior leader aid they half to go up a montian and persent there.

    This episode was good i liked it it was kind of funny too.People please add me a a friend because i have no friends and dont know what too do. if you like avatar add me as your friend because i am a avatar fan number 1 yea we can start our own club people so join me. It was an exiting epiode. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee avatar so much.i love it i love it i love it. join me join me and togather we will rule my favorite in the gang is aang and appa togh and zuko they are cool. i
  • This episode shows Toph learning Earthbending from Badgermoles. She had previously stated she learned it from them in "Sokka's Master".

    Zuko is beginning to teach Aang Firebending, but finds that his Firebending is much weaker than usual. Aang hypothesizes that Zuko must not have enough rage to create fire like he used to in the past. Sokka then states that all they have to do is make Zuko angry and starts poking him wildly with his sword sheath, while Katara continues to shower Zuko with spite and derision, remarking how convenient it would have been for the group if Zuko's Firebending had failed him months before. Zuko then answered that he no longer wants to rely on anger and hatred, so Toph encourages him to learn from the original source and talks about how she learned Earthbending from the Badgermoles, the original Earthbenders. Zuko says that the Dragons were the original Firebenders, but that they have been extinct for some time. Searching for an alternate but equally viable source, Zuko then tells Aang about a civilization that died out thousands of years ago called the Sun Warriors. It turns out that the current Firebending country -- the Fire Nation -- inherited their skills from this ancient race and twisted them into a more aggressive style.
    Zuko and Aang fly to the ruins on Appa; they land and start exploring the ruins. Aang nearly falls into a trap and Zuko is surprised that the trap worked even after centuries of being built and then bypasses the trap by running across the adjoining wall, Prince of Persia Style. They continue on and find a massive stone carving depicting Dragons and a Sun Warrior.

    Two of the Dragons are breathing fire onto the Sun Warrior. Aang is surprised because he got the impression that the Dragons were friends with the Sun Warriors, while Zuko remarks that they had a funny way of showing it. Aang asks Zuko what happened to the Dragons and Zuko reveals that the Dragons became extinct because Fire Lord Sozin encouraged Firebenders to hunt the creatures for glory and the title of 'Dragon'. He also tells Aang that the person who killed the last dragon was his uncle, Iroh. While exploring the ruins some more, Aang and Zuko come across a locked door with a red jewel on top. Zuko sees a celestial calender designed to open the door on the Solstice and uses his sword to reflect sunlight onto the jewel. The door opens and Aang compliments Zuko's intellect. Inside they find various statues which depict a Firebending form called the Dancing Dragon

    Aang imitates the first statue and discovers a tile switch. He persuades Zuko to perform the form with him and as they do, they activate an ancient key mechanism. Upon completion of the Dancing Dragon. A pedestal with a huge gold egg-shaped gem rises in the middle of the room. Zuko picks it up despite Aang's warnings, inadvertently triggering a trap. The chamber doors close and a glue like substance fills the room. Luckily and unluckily, Zuko and Aang find themselves trapped by the liquid in a barred skylight where they have plenty of air but no way to get free. They are then captured by the still-flourishing Sun Warrior tribe, which accuses them of attempting to steal Sun Warrior treasures.

    After explaining their desire to learn the true form of Firebending, Zuko and Aang are put through a ritual where they have to carry a portion of the First Fire up a mountain and present it to the true firebending masters.

    They reach the Lair of the Masters and are sent to the top of a stairway. At the top they see two caves. Aang and Zuko present their fires and face one of the two caves each. Aang however loses his portion of the First Fire due to being distracted and scared, he then tries to get a piece of Zuko's Fire but accidently knocks his hands down extinguishing his flame as well. At that moment Two Dragons emerge from the two caves and start flying in circles around the them. Zuko and Aang earn the respect of the dragons by performing the Firebending technique that they learned from the statues, dancing with the dragons in the process. The dragons then breathe beautiful, multicolored flames around Aang and Zuko, revealing to them the true and harmonious way of Firebending.

    When the dragons return to their caves, Zuko understands that he couldn't firebend because he lost his "inner fire". He used to draw his fire from rage, anger and his burning desire to capture the Avatar. After he joined Aang's group, he could no longer draw from this source. But after watching the dragons, he learns that he can draw from the true source, i.e. his desire to help the Avatar bring balance to the world.

    Aang realized that fire is not destructive, but energy and life, and was able to firebend as well. We then learn from the chief that Iroh was the last outsider to visit this place and be deemed worthy by the masters, and that he lied to keep the dragons alive so they could continue on; this expectation is thrust upon Zuko and Aang. The show ends with Zuko and Aang trying to convince the group at the Western Air Temple just how serious and ancient the new technique is, but they can't look past the unfortunate name of the form, the "Dancing Dragon".
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