Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 14

The Fortuneteller

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Sep 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

It starts out Aang, Katara, and Sokka at the shore of a lake. Sokka is in the water looking for fish to eat, Aang is fiddling around with something. Sokka finally finds a fish and frantically tries to catch, with no success. Aang gives Katara a necklace (made out of Sokka's fishing string) to replace her other one. She puts it on and she looks absolutely beautiful from the way Aang looks at her. The group decides to move on.
Along the way there is a man being attacked by a platypus-bear, they decide to help him. Aang blasts the bear with air and Appa appears behind the bear and roars, the platypus-bear lays an egg and runs away. The man however stays as calm as can be; Sokka is concentrated on the egg, he says that the man was lucky they were here or the bear would've gotten to them. But the man says that he didn't need their help because the Fortune Teller Aunt Wu said he would arrive safely from his journey; this man is later known as the Calm Man.
The group decides to travel to the village, but before they leave, the Calm Man gives them an umbrella stating that Aunt Wu told him to give it to anyone whom he met on his travels. Aang opens it and it turns out to be an umbrella, Sokka laughs and doesn't believe it will rain. The next second it rains, Aang is protected under the umbrella and Katara waterbends the water so she doesn't get wet. Sokka on the other hand gets wet; he says that of course she could've predicted that the sky has been gray all day. He pretends to predict saying that it will continue to rain. A moment later the rain stops and the sun shined through, Sokka trips and the platypus-bear egg he had been carrying gets thrown up and lands on his head.
The group arrives at the village and gets escorted to Aunt Wu's house. While they wait they meet Meng, who seems to have an interest in Aang, she states that he has big ears. Aunt Wu comes in and asks who would like to go first, Sokka volunteers, but Aunt Wu says, "Your life is full of struggle and anguish, most of it self-inflicted." Sokka gets mad, and Katara decides to go. Meng offers food and Sokka agrees, while Aang ignores her.
Aang is very interested in what Aunt Wu will say to Katara about her love life, he tells Sokka he is going to the bathroom. Aang puts his ear to the door in which Katara and Aunt Wu are; they are talking about how soft Katara's hands are. Aang gets bored, until Aunt Wu mentions about her love life. She says that she will meet a powerful bender and they will be married, she continues on but Aang has heard all he needed to, he assumes that powerful bender is him. He makes his way back all happy, Sokka asks why, before Aang can explain Sokka says he'd rather not hear it.
Katara comes back and says her life will be something she likes. Aang goes next, Aunt Wu asks him to pick up a bone and throw it in the fire. The bone gets a huge crack then it burst in the fire, Aunt Wu is surprised and says, "Your destiny! This is incredible! You will take place in a great battle between good and evil! A battle whose outcome will determine the fate of the whole world!" Aang is not impressed, seeing as he knows that, he asks about his love life. Aunt Wu says that she doesn't find anything, she looks at the sad look on his face and lies and says that he should follow his heart's desires.
Once the group leaves, there is a cloud reading for the village. They meet Ming again and she shows Aang a cloud that looks like a flower, he pushed her aside and shows it to Katara. Aunt Wu predicts that it will be a good year for twins, a great crop growing season, and that the village will not be destroyed by the volcano, the village cheers.
Katara wants another read and goes to Aunt Wu to get one, Aang is looking for something to get Katara, and Sokka is trying to convince the village that Aunt Wu's predictions aren't true. He has very little success. Aang asks Sokka for advice about girls, Sokka says that he has come to the right person; he says that mistakes that nice guys like Aang make is being too nice. Aang is shocked and says, "You can be too nice?" Sokka says that he has been picking up a vibe that the girl is interested in him. Ming shows up and greets Aang; he however ignores her and walks off.
Katara exits Aunt Wu's place leaving a very frustrated fortune teller, before she leaves she asks one more thing, Aunt Wu agrees and Katara asks if she should eat papaya or a mango for breakfast tomorrow. Aang is leaning against the wall and acting cool, she says hey. A turkey-goose comes from nowhere and stares at Aang, this continues for a minutes until Aang leaves. Aang looks for Katara and finds her at the food stand again he tries to act cool. Aang spots a person giving someone a panda lily he asks where to find one.
Aang and Sokka are traveling up a volcano so Aang can get a panda lily for Katara. They make their way up and Aang sees the flowers on the rim of the volcano, he looks down and his face falls, the volcano is active. He makes his way down on his glider goes to the village and says that the volcano is active and they need to evacuate the village. They don't believe him, Katara steps in and says how she believes in Aunt Wu's predictions but her friends saw the volcano.
The villagers ignore them and walk away. Aang decides there is only one way to convince the village, he goes into Aunt Wu's house and looks for the cloud book. Meng is inside and says how she really likes him, but she knows he likes Katara. She hands him the book and Aang says that she is very nice.
Aang and Katara look for the cloud formation of volcanic destruction. They go up on Appa and bend the clouds to that formation. Aunt Wu sees it and says that the village will be destroyed be a volcano. Aang says that they must prepare, he gathers all the Earthbenders and they make a ditch, but when the volcano erupts the ditch cannot hold it.
Everyone evacuates, but Aang stays he goes to the middle of the ditch, he breathes in and then does a humongous blow. The lava hardens in a partly dome shape over the village, Sokka says how he sometimes forgets what a powerful bender Aang is, Katara has a realization she asks Sokka to repeat it again, he does....
Aunt Wu tells Aang how he messed with the clouds and took her book back; she smiles. Aang tells her that she didn't really see love in his future she says, "Just as you re-shaped those clouds, you have the power to shape your own destiny." He smiles and him, Katara, Sokka get ready to leave. They once again meet the Calm Man and Sokka says that the fortune telling was wrong and that the volcano did erupt. The man says that her prediction was right and the village was not destroyed, Sokka said he hated him. When they leave, Katara told Meng to take care.
The episode ends with Meng saying take care to Katara with the word "floozy" at the end.