Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 11

The Great Divide

Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Tolerable but still a dud

    I am aware that avatar the last airbender is one of the best shows out there, but like all great tv shows, it has to have a dud. This episode is considered so. While not relevant to the plot of the show, The Great Divide did something that I thought would never happen in an Avatar episode. The problem, Aang lied for his own benefit. That was very out of character for Aang. While it is a filler episode, you've got to keep the characters in character writers. Nevertheless, it was not as bad as most post movie spongebob episodes but it is still considered the dud.
  • Well, every show must have at least ONE terrible episode.


    The Great Divide, OK, you see, I don't really consider this a "bad episode", I just consider it highly irrelevant to the plot, and unnecessary, I mean, you would get the series' plot without this, right?

    OK, now with the actual episode. A brief summary: Aang is about to cross a canyon, but two groups of people ask for help, so Aang and the other ones split up and they get to the other side.

    The episode itself is not actually bad, it's just, a filler for the next one, yeah. I find this episode so boring, so much, that I just change the channel when it shows up. So, the score I'm not giving the 6.5 to the episode, I'm giving it because it's not important for the show, I believe that this episode, is the only episode that I find boring.

  • A decent episode.

    This episode presented a clear theme, and that's settling differences. It started off with a teaser in how Katara and Sokka were in disagreement about setting up their camp, and then the theme expanded into two tribes in a 100 year feud. It was pretty nice to see how the feud was settled, in an innocent lie by Aang that was for the greater good, but although it was doing such a nice job of developing this idea of two tribes with its clear sets of rules and principles, where it falls a bit is believability. How a 100 year feud can be handled because not only did they work together for just a single second, granted it was to survive, but they fell for the words of a 12 year old boy? I dunno, seems a little bit too convenient of a way to wrap up an episode just because it was running out of time.
  • The Great Divide

    The Great Divide was a really great episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode as we got to see more character development for Aang. I think this episode definitely touched upon a darker side of humanity's nature, but it was all redeemed in the end. This episode had good action, drama, intrigue, and character development. I enjoyed seeing Aang work with two opposites to make them whole. I think this episode had great action, interesting intrigue, character development, and a great over all story. I look forward to watching more epioses of Avatar The Last Airbender
  • OK...

    This episode was the first episode that i said "Ok not excelent but not too bad" the animation its a little bad when the Zhang tells his story about Wei Jin and Jin Wei but the canyon crawlers where a fine kind of monster
    Nothing really good happend its like this episode was like to complete the 20 of Season 1 because the plot its simple "Get to the North Pole" but How do you do a simple plot in 20 episodes? Easy you start to create chapters to fill the 20 and this was its one that did not support anything of the plot or nothing just fun to complete the 20 episodes of Season 1
    6.5/10 :):)
  • Not the greatest.

    After some rollicking episodes beforehand, it was a little odd to see an episode that had little to no bearing to the overall plot to the series. Now, I'm completely used to filler episodes with some other animated shows that I watch, so it wasn't an entirely big deal for me. However, I wish it was a little more engaging than it actually was, which was not really. Helping two tribes get through a mountain pass would seem like an okay idea on paper, but it wasn't executed as well as I hoped. However, there were a few good bits here, like the group fighting the big bugs, and the payoff "story" at the end of the episode. Ultimately, it's not a bad episode, but the most forgettable.
  • Eh...it was ok.

    Yes, this was a filler episode of Avatar. This is something VERY RARE. I mean, some episodes may seem like they contribute nothing to the plot, but eventually, they do. This on the other hand is the only episode in the show which contributes absolutely nothing to the plot. It was ok thought. I mean, good fight sequences, and some character developement on Aang's part. Animation was HORRIBLE. But, I did like the whole "two sides of the story things" No Avatar episode in my opinion is "bad." And thus, this episode is the worst one in Avatar, but that does not mean it is "bad." This episode is average. 6.5/10. -_-
  • nothing really happened

    ok this is so far the worst episode in avatar history.
    what does TWO stribes have to do with the story now?
    i know that they were trying to prove that aang is a gentle guy and goodat making peace and all but what is the point of this episode at all?
    why did even bryke even care to waste time making this horrible episode?
    this episode is ONE and ONLY flaw in the whole avatar series.
    dont read this and say
    " oh avatar is a horrific series yeah, lets not watch it anbd talk crappy about it" NO
    plz dont do that to this gentle series
  • Aang helps settles a feud between two earth bending tribes.

    This episode wasn't too bad, but it certainly wasn't my favorite. Aang and the gang come across a canyon in their travels. They discover two feuding tribes would like to cross the canyon at the same time. Aang persuades the two groups to travel together for protection and to save time. While on the trail, many fights break out. Katara and Sokka spread out amongst the two groups to discover why there is a feud and how it came to be. In the end, the creatures of the canyon trap the group because they broke a rule and brought food along with them. Aang convinces the group to move quickly while the creatures are distracted with the food. Tired of hearing them argue, Aang invents a story about the true nature of the feud, and the two groups become good friends and end the feud once and for all.
  • I actually liked this episode and didn't think it was that bad.

    Another episode with some good morals and teachings of how to get along, and how other people can fall under a tragic incident and become enemies since tensions got high. This happened with the Zhangs and the Jinarus. (I hope i got both of the tribe names correct.) The Great Divide is also based on Aang and his friends getting to a canyon where the lower ground stretches on for miles. It is also dangerous as there are a lot of dangerous monsters and other creepy creatures like the canyone crawlers. they decide to walk down the cliffs to the lower ground, but no food can be brought as it attracts the canyon crawlers (that also shows how dangerous they are when both tribes smuggle in food, a lot show up and Sokka says "We were barely able to survive one!") The ending though was kind of cheesey, both tribes got together again and became friends, but its a shame that Aang had to lie about it. Well at least it was for good intentions, (i just hope the two tribes never figured it out...)
  • I didn't think this episode is as bad as everyone says it is.

    I'll admit that this episode is a filler episode but just because it is a filler episodes doesn't mean that it is not good. This episode shows the Avatar making peace between people. It is his job to do so and he does it. There are two different groups that hate each other and they are forced to work together when they get trapped in a canyon. Aang shows his leadership skills to bring people together. Although this episode has nothing to do with the plot, it shows character development. It was a good story and I think it deserves a 10.
  • Not bery good

    While on their way to the North Pole, Aang and his friends arrive at a giant canyon where two groups of refugees are bickering over who should get to go across. Aang decides to walk across with the two groups to ensure they don't fight one another. However, he soon learns that the two tribes have been feuding for one hundred years and they both believe their actions are justified. But when the predators inside the canyon start to come out, Aang is stuck trying to defend both tribes from each other and the vicious wildlife. Not good don't watch ever.
  • not that bad of filler.

    the gaang meet up with two refugee groups who are rivals becaus eof someone that happened 100 years ago. the groups name are the Zhangs and the Gan jin. they both have to cross a canyon together but they might not be able to do that. appa flies the old and sick people who cant walk through a whole canyon. then aang gets an idea. the two groups traveled in two different routes so they wont even see each other. both groups also brought food which they werent suppose to because they might call up some canyon crawlers. at the end, aang made up a story so the groups can be friends.
  • Not the best episode contributed to avatar

    The gaang help a 2 feuding clans get through the Great Divide. Wow this is probably the most pointless episode ever. A good thing an episode like this is never repeated. I do like the canyon crawlers though. So Sokka and Katara both take opposite sides of the clans and the leaders start fighting and because they aren't very smart brought all this food which attracted a whole buch of canyon crawlers. Aang saves the day and then makes up the least believable story ever and the clans buy it. Aang lied and made the whole thing up. I hope there is no episode like this in the future.
  • im going to stop bashing this episode...it actually wasnt that bad. it had action...we met new people.....do people hate it because we didnt see the zhangs and gan jins anynmore

    While on their way to the North Pole, Aang and his friends arrive at a giant canyon where two groups of refugees are bickering over who should get to go across. Aang decides to walk across with the two groups to ensure they don't fight one another. However, he soon learns that the two tribes have been feuding for one hundred years and they both believe their actions are justified. But when the predators inside the canyon start to come out, Aang is stuck trying to defend both tribes from each other and the vicious wildlife. im going to stop bashing this episode.
  • Seriously where did Mike and Bryan come up with stuff?

    Seriously? Where did Bryan and Mike get the material for this episode? All I can say is for the episode

    a) Out of character
    b) Storyline completly pointless
    c) Where is the character morale?

    This episode is definetly the worst out of the series so far. While most Avatar filler episodes don't contribute to the storyline, they are usually enjoyable, able to stand on their own. The only reason the episode has any score is the supposed message or morale of the story at the end.

    Summary: The Avatar and his friends must escort two warring tribes across the Great Divide, the largest canyon in the Eath Kingdom. In order to do that the Avatar must do his best to convince the tribes to put aside their differances and work together, in order to make it through the canyon.

    The only reason the episode has any score is the supposed message or morale of the story at the end, that people shouldn't always judge people so quickly, by thier past etc. Aang the Avatar actually manages to convince the tribes to do just that. But how may you ask?

    By completly and blatantly lying to the two tribes, undermining over 100 years of each of the tribes traditions and history. And the way that he convinces them just isn't realistic, people just don't put aside over 100 years of disagreements. Aang just seems so out of character for this episode.Sure his heart was in the right place, but the way he goes about his Avatar duties is so differant the the morals and values he supposely holds. I might have given the episode a higher score, but no Katara and Sokka had to get involved as well.

    Overall a rather lacklustre episode form the Avatar producers and one that the audience will forever mistakenly watch and forget.
  • Aang and co must travel through canyons in the Earth Kingdom, they run into two quarreling tribes.

    This episode had to be one of the worst to watch, besides the noticeably lack of quality in animation the two tribes were uninteresting and the storyline was so, so. An important part of the episode was that it taught Aang a preview of what he must do and his duties. Just like the nations are at war these two tribes don't get along and they are in fact polar opposites. I don't mind fillers at all and we still have yet to declare this episode a filler since the story is not over. However, the story should have been tweaked up a bit and just does not seem to fit in with the other more high quality episodes that surround this one (The Storm, Jet, etc.). If this was some other useless crappy show that is spit out then this would actually be so, so. Unfortunately, Avatar has created higher standards for itself and this one just does not come through.
  • Woo.. is it me or do I smell doo doo whenever this re-run comes up.

    Honestly, not the best episode of Avatar...dang, it's probably the worst. When this episode premiered and the storyline happened, I must admit I was excited. When I saw the first part of the episode, I was excited. I personally didn't like Aang's personality. That whole Katara and Sokka split up was like an OBVIOUS foreshadowing of those 2 turning on each other. The compromise was pretty blah, um, and stupid. Aang lies? and he just said words don't solve anything. Total out-of-characters here. But hey, it's only 1 episode out of like what 30 something great episodes. One Mistake isn't the end of the world.
  • The gaang help a 2 feuding clans get through the Great Divide.

    The gaang help a 2 feuding clans get through the Great Divide. Wow this is probably the most pointless episode ever. A good thing an episode like this is never repeated. I do like the canyon crawlers though. So Sokka and Katara both take opposite sides of the clans and the leaders start fighting and because they aren't very smart brought all this food which attracted a whole buch of canyon crawlers. Aang saves the day and then makes up the least believable story ever and the clans buy it. Aang lied and made the whole thing up. I hope there is no episode like this in the future.
  • Aang and the gang travel through a large canyon with two opposed side tribes.

    By all means a filler episode, we at least get to see Aang try and solve problems not between one repressed nation and the Fire Nation but two Earth Kingdom tribes that can't seem to get along. For the tribes, it's interesting to hear their history of one another and overall a story where you can't guess which one is right. I think the message is simply that of an after school special in that fighting doesn't solve anything. Nice message but I've seen better, I guess. The episode overall however, is balanced well with action and dialogue and keeps you interested in the plot and does it's job of wanting you to know what happens next.
  • Aang must guide two very different tribes through a canyon.

    This is the least appreciated episode of Avatar the Last Airbender for some understandable reasons, yet I however, liked it okay.

    Aang has to guide two different tribes through a canyon, but the problem is, the two tribes have been feuding for over a hundred years. The first tribe, the Gan Jins, are clean, and have a lot of old people who need to get out of the canyon. The other tribe, the Zhangs, are not very clean and have many sick people. The two tribes hate each other because of what happened in the past between Jin Wei (a Gan Jin), and Wei Jin (a Zhang). The problem is, both tribes tell a different story. Katara ends up siding with Gan Jins and Sokka ends up siding with the Zhangs, and even the both of them get involved in the argument. Later on, Aang tells a big lie about the past between Jin Wei and Wei Jin. Here's where it gets a little awkward though: the two tribes actually believe Aang after he told the two tribes that Jin Wei and Wei Jin were little kid brothers who were just playing a game called "Redemption."

    I just never really cared for that plot, because Aang could have just told them from the beginning and there wouldn't have been a problem. I don't know... the story was just really awkward. Yet, I still enjoyed the episode. It was interesting at least.
  • Giant canyon, refugees, bickering and why this is the least favorite episode among Avatar fans.

    Back in the day when I started watching Avatar this was one of the first episode I watched. Looking back at what has come out of Avatar I can understand why it lacks the love. Firstly, it's not a bad story line, two rival tribes must let go of their differences in order to cross the great divide. What makes this episode less good (for loss of words) is what Aang does to resolve the conflict, he bends the truth (okay he lies). This is extremely out of character for the Avatar, he even says it himself, "words don't solve conflicts, actions do", and yet words (LIES) solve the dispute. That's what got me although he is lying the way he formats the lie is entertaining.
  • The Great Divide

    this is the worst episode of Avatar i have very seen. The reason i dislike the episode soo much is because nothing really happeened. The whole episode was about Aang, Sokka and Katara going through this great divide (not soo great if you ask me) to get to the other side with the two groups of refugees arguing Aang splits the group in two and then at the near of the end of the canyon the team is attacked by big wild bugs. But can the two refugee camps work together to defeat the bugs watch the episode and see .
  • Terrible episode! It had no meaning at all. I think this episode was the worst episode in the whole series of Avatar: The Last Airbender!

    This was the worst episode ever. This episode had no meaning to the story at all. If something important happened, then I wouldn't be here complaining about it. John'O Bryan wrote 105, 109, and 111 (This Episode). Out of the first 3 he wrote, this is the worst! I ushually like John's episodes, but all that happened in this episode was the gang has to travel across some cannon with two tribes filled with old and discusting people againced eachother. Sure, it taught a valiuable lesson, but it was all filler. It was filler like episode 104 and 106. Watch and see what I mean.
  • Bleh, worst episode ever of Avatar. But, it's still okay.

    This may be the worst episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender ever, but it's still an okay episode. I like how Aang lied to the Jin Wais and Wai Jins. (or however you spell it) The little cartoon thing was weird. It looked like anime. Well, the episode had a little action. When it was the Gaang and the Jin Wais and Wai Jins and the Canyon Guide against the spider type things. That was a weird episode. It was a filler episode, that is for sure. I don't know why they included it. Well, maybe it's not the worst. Maybe Appa's Lost Days is. Overall, it's okay, it's a 7.8.
  • GREAT!!!

    The episode begins with Katara and Sokka arguing over their campsite. Aang ends the fight, and then Momo and Appa fight over a piece of food, which Aang also resolves and begins bragging about his ability to solve problems as the Avatar. Aang and his friends must cross the largest canyon in the world, and are planning to fly across on Appa. Just before they leave, a man runs up to them and starts yelling that they better not leave with the guide because he was there first. He is holding a spot for the rest of his tribe (the Gan Jin) until they can arrive. While waiting, another tribe (the Zhang) arrives, a tribe that the man claims has been an enemy of his tribe for 100 years. The Gan Jin tribe arrives, and we can see that this tribe is neat and prim and proper, while the Zhang tribe is dirty and barbaric. The canyon guide, an Earthbender, arrives, and both tribes get into an argument over who gets to go first, the Zhangs say that they should because they have sick people, the Gan Jins say that they should because they have old people. Aang reaches a compromise and suggests that Appa carry their sick and elderly across, while the two tribes travel together across the canyon.

    The canyon guide warns them not to take any food into the canyon, as it will attract dangerous predators. After he has broken a rock shelf so that potential Fire Nation soldiers cannot follow them, a Canyon Crawler attacks. Aang and his friends fend it off, but the guide's arms are broken, which means he can't earthbend and there is no going back. Both tribes argue some more and finally split up. We learn that both tribes brought food into the canyon because they believed that the other tribe must have brought it in, so why should they go hungry while the other tribe eats? Katara and Sokka each learn one side of the story of the feuding tribes. The Gan Jins tell Katara that the forefather of their tribe, Gin Wei, was attacked while transporting the sacred orb during their redemption ritual and robbed by a thief, Wei Gin, from the Zhangs. The Zhangs tell Sokka that their ancestor, Wei Gin, saw Gin Wei passed out on the ground and was returning the sacred orb to Gin Wei's tribe when they wrongfully imprisoned him for 20 years.

    They reach the end of the canyon, where they argue some more and prepare to fight and end the feud once and for all. Aang becomes angry and uses Airbending to stop the fight, but in the process reveals the food from both tribes (he even gets entranced by custer tart) and attracts many Canyon Crawlers. By working together and throwing bags over the Crawlers' heads while the Crawlers are distracted with food, everyone is able to ride them up the wall and out of the canyon. As they meet Appa on the other side, Aang happily hugs him, and Appa licks his face. The Gan Jin leader thanks Aang, only to be repulsed by the saliva on Aang's face. Afterward, the two tribe leaders resume their fight. Aang, upon hearing the names of the two tribes' ancestors, reveals that he knew them, and that they were twins. He says that when they were 8, they played a game called "Redemption." Gin Wei was running with the ball when he fell, and Wei Gin picked it up and started running to the other end of the field when he stepped out of bounds and was put in the penalty box for two minutes. Finally, the tribes make up and continue their journey to Ba Sing Se together as one tribe (along with the guide who was tired of guiding). Aang then reveals to his friends that he made up the whole thing.
  • Book 1, Chapter 11 The Great Divide Aang and the gaang to the Great Divide in a not-so-great episode. Here's why…

    This episode was a complete filler. There was hardly anything worth watching in it. I normally don't call episodes filler, but this is the only Avatar episode I will call filler.

    A good episode, if removed, will cause other episodes to not make sense. The Great Divide does not do that. All it has it two bickering tribes. There could have been a better way to show the Avatar's problem-solving skills while contributing to the overall plot.

    The only thing the Great Divide teaches is to not be biased against others and not to hate others because of past history. But they way the creators showed it wasn't well thought out. Aang could have instead saved a nation or a city instead of two tribes. There was no action or excitement. A disappointment.
  • A filler episode with little relevance to the overall plot.

    This episode has very little to offor for Avatar. In the episode there is little character or plot development. The only worthwhile part of the episode is that the viewer sees that Aang is starting to take pride in being an Avatar, but he still gets frustrated easily. As far as the other main characters, we learn that Appa has five stomaches. I'm sure that will be important later in the series. Finally, the ending, while very exciting, is highly unrealistic. This episode should have been dropped when first being written, and something pertaining more to the overall plot should have been written.
  • I love this episode. Story at end was great.

    I love the story at the end. No one would ever get along if Aang had not made it up. I like the story of the game they were playing. 100 seconds not 100 years. Baby cries. i do wonder what really happened though. No one in avatar really remembers what happened so why keep fighting over it. I hope Aang in future episodes will start remebering more stories from the past that are real. He could find a place where there used to be a temple underneath. only he knows it is still there and goes in and finds a lot of secrets on balancing out the four nations.
  • This is one of those grin and bear it episodes. It has it's cute points, but really, just irrelevant.

    Two tribes are destroyed by the Fire Nation, and have to take refuge across the canyon. Both representing their separate cultures and unwillingness to cooperate with each other. Much like how our early Sokka and Katara were. In doing so, they split, Katara siding with the boyscouts of the earth kingdom, and Sokka being left with the more 'barbaric' tribe. But who would have it any other way?
    So Aang gets the short end of the stick, and stays with another neutral party, the tour guide. Who had conveniently broken his arms, unable to earthbend the peoples across the canyon. Both parties having a different side to a story, which they believe is true. The story antagonizing the other tribe.
    Aang, with his unknown ability to lie, tells all about what really happened that day. Of course the little dreamy-cut flash sequences were cute, just not enough to save the episode from being picked over at the bottom of the barrel.
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