Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 2

The Headband

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Sep 28, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Filler episode

    The episode was a filler and very bad one at that. Though many people may see this as inside look at fire nation culture. You learn nothing about it. You only learn from aang. Whose knowledge based on the fire nation is based on experiences from hundred years ago. Flame-o? The dancing scene was completely pointless because Aang has never showed in pervious episodes that he was keen on dancing and it seemed like a waste of time for the Avatar crew All the jokes fell flat and the characters now seem less complex as usually and now are simply anime archetypes. Nobody likes filler episode, but pervious Avatar episodes proved that some filler episodes can be good and worth watching.
  • The Headband

    The Headband was a superb and very exciting episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I enjoyed watching this episode because Aang and the gang went undercover into the Fire Nation. Aang ends up enrolling in school and finds there are many differences in the Fire Nation's Culture. I thought it was interesting to see how the Fire Nation education system works. I thought it was cool what Aang did for the Fire Nation kids and his Dance with Katara was amazing! Meanwhile Zuko is going crazy thinking the Avatar may still be alive. He visits his uncle in prison only to find Iroh has nothing to say!!!!!!!
  • Chillaxin episode and it's awesome!

    Kind of like the Tales of Ba Sing Se episode, except in a different slice of life way. It's more akin to the Saturday morning cartoons you've all grown up with; Aang whom finds the opportunity to learn about the fire nation through elementary schooling takes the opportunity to not only get the advantage in the war, but also re-direct the lives of the young fire nation students who are suppressed by the strict lifestyle of the fire nation. Tales of Ba Sing Se was sweet and relaxing, this is more upbeat and energetic. Though it also wastes no time in advancing the story as Zuko's suspicions of the Avatar being alive are eating him alive.
  • So this is the start of season 3

    Avatar the Last Airbender,
    The Handband,
    In a effort to blend in with the fire nation people. The gaang steals clothes and dress up as citizens. They next go to a market. Aaang who took fire nation school clothes and forced to the school with momo. Their he finds it fun and interesting. And he plans to enroll. The others who are against it disaprove. But aang gets his. Great moment of katara and sokka pertending to be his parents. After saying it wasnt allowed to dance in the fire nation. Aang plans to have a dance party. With the fire nation kids. Which ends with the teachers getting it breaking up. In the end it was a ok episode. Nothing big or exciting happened. Although great moments by katara and sokka.
  • awesome episode!

    This episode was so exciting! The gang finally took a brake and finally had a little dance party! Also when Aang goes to a fir nation school that was really funny. The dance party was dull at first but then Aang pumped up the party! When he did that these fire nation kids were doing all these silly dances!!! Also the part when Aang told Katara too dance was really good they both did fantastic moves.This is one of those episodes where the characters take a break and havse a little fun from their mission or duty. This was a very fun episode!
  • Aang wants to go to school:D

    In this episode Katara sugests to Sokka and the rest of the Gaang that they need new clothes, as they find some and put them on, Aang tries to act like how it was 100 years ago, as the rest of the Gaand except Aang goes in to a meat place to eat some soldiers come up and reveal that aang is wereing a school uniform. Later on he triees to show the fire nation kids a taste of freedom, as he relises that there freedom is being restricted so he throws them a dance party. As he see's that nobody knows that they can dance he inspires them with traditional fire dances to get things fired up. At the end Aang asks Katara to dance with her, she accepts and they perform a dance, the rest of the crowd stops and watches until they are inturpted, they get away and in the end Katara kisses aang on the cheek. Over all I love this episode and it is one of my personal favourites, I would reccommend this for any Kataang fan :P i would rate this 9and 3 quaters out of 10.
  • aang goes to school

    today i gained a lot of percent so maybe tomorrow i will level, yay! so yeah, we see combustion man ( no thats not really his name, in fact we dont know his real name ) for the first time. zuko tells the combustion man to kill the avatar because he knows that aang did not i repeat did not die. lol i should start repeating stuff. now i am going to say hi until i reach 101 words. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
  • Very fun to watch

    Aang and the gang realize that blending in to the firenation is better than hiding out. So we see they all get new clothes and some new hairstyles. But aang gets enrolled in a firenation school and starts to learn more about the country. His experience in the school gives him the idea to help the children out and throw them a secret dance party, something that's not allowed in the firenation. At the party him and Katara bond and the kids from school learn how to be free. Meanwhile Zuko is confused more than ever and goes to a jail house to plee for Iroh's wisdom because he knows the Avatar is still alive, but Iroh won't talk to him because of Zuko doing the wrong thing at Ba Sing Se. So Zuko hires an assasin to kill the Avatar.
  • woot kataang!

    To better blend in as Fire Nation citizens, Aang enrolls in a Fire Nation school, giving himself an opportunity to learn more about the Nation while at the same enjoy life as a normal kid for the first time since he discovered he was the Avatar. Meanwhile Zuko, growing more and more paranoid about the Avatar's false demise, brings himself to confront his imprisoned uncle.
    i thought that the part with zuko and iroh was very nice since it showed how uncle still feels betrayed and as if zuko still has not learned what he did wrong. he wanted hime to feel guilty
  • A different side to the fire nation...

    In the second episode of avatar the last airbender, aang and the gang are finally in the fire nation. one problem, they don't blend in. so they find some clothes hanging outside and get them. they put them on and now look like they're part of the fire nation.

    When they go into a city, aang is captured and put into a school. it just happens to be that aang took the clothes of what a boy school person would wear. when he's in school, he meets a really nice girl, but she has a girlfriend already. so the boyfriends goes for aang and tries to beat him up, but that is unsuccessful.

    Later in the evening, aang invites everyone from school to have a dance party. another problem, they don't dance so aang and katara show them how. everyone is amazed at what they seen and start to do it too, but the party comes to in end when the teachers come in on the party and crash it. they try to find aang, but everyone is dressed like him so they can't find him.

    Overall, this was one amazing episode and we really see what the fire nation has done to the future and how it could affect them.
  • aang gets enrolled in a firenation school

    Aang and the gang realize that blending in to the firenation is better than hiding out. So we see they all get new clothes and some new hairstyles. But aang gets enrolled in a firenation school and starts to learn more about the country. His experience in the school gives him the idea to help the children out and throw them a secret dance party, something that's not allowed in the firenation. At the party him and Katara bond and the kids from school learn how to be free. Meanwhile Zuko is confused more than ever and goes to a jail house to plee for Iroh's wisdom because he knows the Avatar is still alive, but Iroh won't talk to him because of Zuko doing the wrong thing at Ba Sing Se. So Zuko hires an assasin to kill the Avatar.
  • yes kataang!!! and a truly great episode!

    First Off, The animation was truly beautiful.
    One of my most favorite episodes on season 3! this episode showed many things. Not all Fire nation people are evil, Aang gets to be a normal kid for once, and some Katara and Aang development! Now The group needs to blend in. We see them wear awesome fire nation outfits! so Aang goes to school, meets a girl named onji, and tries to fit in! Sokka was hilarious! "ENROLLED IN WHAT?!" so When Aang puts up a little dance in the cave he is trying to show the fire nation kids to have fun and express themselves. On the other hand, this is the first time we see katara's side on her feelings for aang! she gets jealous when Onji and him danced and was totally nervous when aang asked her to dance! Their dance was so beautiful! using their bending moves as dancing GENIUS! and at the end The FN kids help aang escape... Sokka as Wang fire and Katara as Saphire Fire was totally Funny! Another great episode for season 3!
  • The Funniest Episode you'll ever see.

    This episode was hilarious!

    The sheer idea of it is enough to make most men cringe, but its execution is flawless, original, and unique.

    The plot is simple: Fire Nation Dance Party. When I first heard of this, I was like "No way is this going to be any good."

    After I watched the episode, it instantly became my favorite.

    I will spoil none of the humor, but I'd advise everyone to keep a lookout of Sokka's alias: "Wang Fire." The creators Mike and Bryan took the cliche idea of donning new clothes in order to fit in with the enemy and turned it into a hilarious romp.

    In short: The Funniest Episode of the Series.
  • Aang takes a closer look at the fire nation lifestyle.

    Aang, donned in a stolen school uniform, is abducted from the market to attend class. In this episode it illustrates how fascist the fire nation has become. It shows how the youth is not born evil, just confused, misinformed. As a plot development device, the art of dancing is brought to Aang's class mates. Who, are so withdrawn, do not know, or are to self-conscious to dance. The fire nation does not approve of dance parties (Although when Aang went to the fire nation during a festival, many people were seen dancing) and a group of local authorities break up the dance.
  • This is my favorite episode.

    I love this episode because it brings out the best in the series. It shows all the characters at there best and funniest. We get to see the characters in the way they would normally behave is there was no war. The fire nation kids are well behaved yet but they are all sad. The teachers are mean, the punishments are to severe and there skills are under appreciated. The outcome is sad kids that have to much free time. Aang lets the kids have some fun and brings the meaning of life to them. This is a must watch episode.
  • Aang's dancing skills!

    This episode reminded me why I fell in love with this show in the first place - its wonderful ability to make me laugh! This episode was full of cuteness, especially since Aang is one of my favorite characters. There were many memorable funny scenes, and I loved seeing Aang in a school setting. The dance scene was amazing; it developed the romantic relationship between Aang and Katara while showing off all the cool waterbending moves. Sokka is funny as always, with his silly beard and hilarious voice. This type of episode was much needed after the somberness of The Awakening episode.
  • As the gaang enters the fire nation they find disquises. Aang's outfit turns out to be a school uniform and he is dragged to a fire nation school. There he learns that fire nation kids dont dance and arent aloud. So he dicides to hold a secret dance party

    I thought this was an awesome episode. I loved it when Aang and Katara danced. And I also loved the fact that Katara got jealous when Aang was dancing with Onji and Sokka said they look good together.Sokka with his mustach and beard I though was kind of funny. I liked how when Aang was so called fighting with Hide he was only dodging and didnt do anything it reminded me of The Deserter. I liked how well Aang could dance. He was realy good. And when he and Katara danced they looked realy cute together. I thought The Headband was a great episode and is now one of my favorites.
  • This was the coolest episode ever! One of my favorites I keep talking about to my friends!

    Let me count the ways...this episode was awesome because it was just perfect. I really liked the 'going to school' thing because of all the jokes. "here's one I made out of noodles" it's classic. I might be over strectching this topic, but I would say the best 'element' or theme of this episode was the goofiness and extreme fitness and display of the human body. The artists do an excellent job, but in this one, we got to see more of human gestures movements and dance. The motion of Katara and Aang's dance was interesting and fun to watch. I was quite satified to see them dance gracefully. This episode was also heartwarming to most viewers, (mostly referring to Kataang people.) because Katara and Aang share a fond memory that brings them closer together.

    All in all, this episode never bores me, and I always found something new ever couple times I have seen it.
    But I wonder how Katara dealt with her mothers neckalace, I haven't seen it lately and know one knows what she does with it. Time will tell.
  • While hiding out in the Fire Nation the Gaang picks up disguises and Aang enrolls in a Fire Nation school.

    This episode was pretty average and comparing it o the last season the early episodes really lacked something. It was not that bad however, and I did not expect for an epic adventure here but the quality was just okay. The idea for this kind of episode was something I knew was going to happen sooner or later in the series. We do learn that the Fire Nation is a propaganda machine the distorts history and glorifies the nation, war, and Fire Lord. The characters were not to out of character and Sokka did deliver some humor (the kind Avatar has). It developed the characters in that the relationship between Aang and Katara was coming together more (if that makes sense). The music was nice, and the change in the main characters looks was certainly a plus. The end revealead a new season 3 enemy which looked pretty bad-a**. An average episode from Avatar.
  • Another great episode for season 3! Aang enrolls in a fire nation school and helps them to learn how to let go and have some fun. Aang holds a dance and everyone has heaps of fun, the dancing is awesome and you get to she inside the fire nation.

    Nothing really revealing happens in this episode. However still one of the best I have seen yet. Aang enrolls in a fire nation school; he finds it to be really fun at first. It is all very new for Aang, for he has never gone to school before. All the kids at the fire nation school are all very uptight and scared of the adults. Aang helps them to let go and have some fun by throwing them a dance. Everyone has an awesome time despite the shaky start. A great show of Aangs and Kataras dance moves, however, there is always a snitch, but all the fire nation kids help Aang and the kids to escape. An all round fantastic episode!
  • Aang and the gang decide to blend into the Fire Nation while waiting for the invasion. So, they get new outfits, live in a cave, and Aang goes to school! He throws a dance party to show the kids some freedom too. Zuko decides to confront his uncle Iroh.

    I thought this episode was really interesting. I mean, to see the way the kids in the Fire Nation are brought up and what it's like for them living there and all. I also thought that Sokka's alter ego as Kuzon's (Aang's) father was hilarious with his fake beard and moustache! Not to mention the suh-weet dance scene when Aang and Katara are really showing off what they could do! I also thought that what happened with Zuko and his uncle was pretty much what I expected to happen. I mean, what did Zuko expect: his uncle to forgive him just like that after betraying him in Ba Sing Se? Uh, no. So, when Iroh turned his back on Zuko, I wasn't surprised, but I knew that had to hurt Zuko. Still, he deserved it and, you know, I like Zuko and all, but it did show just how bad Zuko really had hurt Iroh, and was still doing it, even though you could tell that he still felt guilty and really bad about what happened between the two of them in Ba Sing Se.
  • Classic.

    Wow. So many things to say about this episode! No action on an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender episode?! That's kind of surprising that there's no action on an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. There was even action in The Great Divide! But, this was a surprise, but Aang in school is just too classic. Aang in a Fire Nation school on top of it. Plus, he had a girl that liked him named On Ji. That, was amazing. Was this a filler?! There really was no point to this episode, but, still great. Overall, it's gonna be a 9.5.
  • Great episode. Shows Aang as a normal person in the Fire Nation and have a (somewhat) normal life.

    This was a really good episode. For the first time, we see the Fire Nation, not as a country that is invading other countries but its actual citizens. It proves that the Fire Nation citizens are normal though oppressed. They aren't allowed to have self-expression like dancing.

    Also, the Fire Nation citizens are remarkably all loyal to the Fire Lord. That is, except for the kids. The kids of the Fire Nation helped Aang escape from the headmaster of the school. I think this is really important because the creators are trying to show that not everyone in the Fire Nation is bad. As soon as the kids saw the dance party all their Fire teachings were broken. Maybe they can help restore peace to the Fire Nation after Fire Lord Ozai is defeated.

    By the way, did anyone else know before this episode that Aang was vegetarian? I knew that monks were usually vegetarians, but I didn't know Aang was one until this episode. I'm also feeling sorry for Zuko. Being rejected by his uncle who raised him and has been a father figure all his life was a real blow. Zuko is trying to clear his guilt by convincing himself that Iroh could have returned with Zuko instead of becoming a traitor. Zuko realizes that Iroh means more to him than he ever realized. Before, Zuko just took Iroh for granted and never showed him a lot of respect.

    Zuko realizes that he betrayed not only Katara but his uncle Iroh as well. For the first time, Zuko is without Iroh's guidance and love. He also sees that there is no love from his father or sister, just a political relationship.

    I think that is what starts the Maiko relationship. Zuko loses Iroh's love. As a result he feels lost and without anyone. I don't think that Maiko can really last. It seems forced and probably won't work out.
  • The "dance" Ang and Katara were doing was called Capoeira.

    The dance Ang and Katara were doing wasn't just sparing without bending. It was also a South American martial art known as Capoeira, it combines dancing with martial arts. The poeple of South America, mainly slaves, wanted to defend themselves from invaders. They knew they couldn't practice fighting because if they were caught they would be killed. So they came up with a way to do this by adding music and disguising it as a dance. So when they were asked what they were doing, they said "just dancing." But don't be fooled, it is a very leathal style of fighting. Its a cross between breakdancin, gymnastics, and martial arts. If anybody wants to know more about it, watch a realy cool movie called Only the Strong. Or look it up. "Capoeira"
  • Aang and his friends disguise themselves as fire nation citizens while Aang goes to a fire nation school. Meanwhile, Zuko talks to his uncle, Iroh.

    A series classic of Avatar. Aang and the gang disguise themselves as fire nation citizens, and then Aang goes to a fire nation school. Meanwhile, Zuko talks to his uncle, Iroh, who is in prison for betraying the fire nation. Aang decides to throw a dancing party in a cave, where he invites his friends from the fire nation school. Then Aang dances with Katara, and they almost share a kiss. Then the party ends when the teacher of the fire nation school catches them. Aang and his friends manage to escape from the cave. Elsewhere, Zuko hires an assassin, Combustion Man. Zuko tells him to end The Avatar, once and for all.
  • every1 thought it would be a episode about suki.. but here name wasnt even used in this episode

    aang and the gaang went to a fire nation village and took some clotes out a garden.
    with this new outfit, aang came in a school by accident where he met some other firenation kids
    this way the thinks 2 get to know more about the fire nation and he gives a secret party with his class mates.
    the dancing party is a great sucsess and aang and katara even make a great dance performance together.
    but som1 has told the school director about the illegal party so the party comes to an end an aang and the gang run away and go to their next village.. the end
  • The gaang finds disguises...aang enrolls in a bire nation school.

    This is probably my favorite episode of season 3 i've seen so far. well maybe not favorite but its up there. i just loved this episode... seeing there new outfits and finding new info about the fire nation.... like what oazi looks like. My favorite part of the episode would probably be the scene where aang and katara are dancing.... they flowed beautifly. That dance created a great kataang moment if i eversaw one. i've watched it sevral times...i just love it. not much bending in this eppie though... i kinda missed it! but other than the lack of bending AWESOME!!!
  • In order to gain an understanding of Fire Nation culture, Aang decides to attend a Fire Nation school. Also, Zuko is in a worried state on the Avatar still being alive.

    An interesting episode to see if you are curious on what they teach in a Fire Nation Academy. Aang (disguising his name as Kuzon) learns first-hand on what it takes to be a good student in the Fire Nation. Failure to do so would result in discipline action, such as working in coal mines. Yipes! Some of the Fire Nation kids were actually pretty good people to know and Aang does make a few good friends including a girl named On Ji. Unfortunely, her jealous boyfriend didn't take too kindly in Aang being friends with On Ji. After making the school bully looked silly in fighting him, Aang eventually gets in trouble from the headmaster himself. Asked to bring his parents, Aang managed to get Sokka and Katara disguised as his parents. Convenient and hilarious disguises in my opinion, but it works. After escaping trouble, Aang thought about throwing a dance party for his Fire Nation classmates. Sokka didn't take it too well in the beginning (Sokka: Go to your room! LOL, Priceless.) Eventually, the gang decides to go along with helping put up Aang's dance party together. With school students playing music and Aang showing some dance moves, things were starting to pick up in the party.

    Of course, one of my favorite scenes comes for Kataang fans like myself. :D Katara and Aang's dance was a great and fun scene to watch also in the party. However, things were about to crash in the party when the headmaster shows up thanks to the ratting of the school bully who Aang embarrass earlier. Despite that, the gang manages to get away due to the Fire Nation staff unable to find Aang in a group of kids wearing the same headband and clothes. It ends for the gang with Katara giving a kiss on Aang's cheek and Sokka unable to take off his beard. :lol:

    As for Zuko, he is in a state of worry about the Avatar being alive. If Fire Lord Ozai somehow found about the Avatar surviving, Zuko knows he is in grave danger. Unable to know what to do, he visits Iroh in his jail cell to seek some advice. Iroh feeling ashamed and sad of Zuko's decision never spoke nor look at him. Frustrated on his uncle not speaking, Zuko will decide himself on what to do with the Avatar.

    We also see a little romance with Zuko and Mai until Azula interrupts their time together. Knowing that Zuko is seeing Iroh, she unusually tells him to be careful when seeing Iroh. Not something you expect from Azula, which shows a possible human side to her.

    At the end of the episode, Zuko hires an assassin called The Combustion Man to carry out his wish in defeating the Avatar once and for all. All in all, an exciting episode for fans to look forward to.
  • Aang enrolls in a Fire Nation school to fit in.

    In the middle of the night, Zuko goes to visit Iroh, who got locked up in prison after he didn't follow Zuko and Azula in the Earth Kingdom. Meanwhile the gAang steals clothes from a FN person, to disguise themselves as they go into the FN. Aang gets a headband to cover his forehead arrow, which is why this episode is called "the Headbeand." Once in the FN, they go some place to eat, but Aang goes off and gets captured by people from the nearby school academy. Aang meets a friendly girl there who invites him to a special meeting place she and some friends are going to. Aang agrees and goes along with her. Aang returns home to the cave late at night and everybody is worried about him, but Aang just tells thme its all cool. Back in prison, Zuko revists Iroh and talks to him about the choice he made in Ba Seing Sei. In the school again, Aang goes under the name, Kuzon and tries to go along with the Fire Nation oath. That part was funny. Then during a school break, Aang meets that girl he met yesterday. They talk, but her boyfriend comes and thinks Aang is trying to steal her from him and challenges him to a battle. aang wins, but the teachers think they see him beating up the kid. They schedule a confrence with Aang's "parents." Sokka and Katara pretend to be Aang's parents and they do a really funny impression of them, LOL!! In the cave, Sokka scolds aang about what he did in the school and worries that Aang will spill the beans. In the prison, Zuko despretley tried to talk emotionly to his uncle, but isn't listened to. Iroh sheds one tear as Zuko leaves. Back in the cave, Aan invited some friends to come over. There they have a dance party, but the school finds out and puts an end to it. The gAang escapes and is ready for the next day. Unfortunatly, Zuko is hiring someone to end the gAng, more importanly, The Avatar.
  • fantastic

    This was a great episode in which we see how the fire nation really is. it is very corrupted and the whole entire people are just one huge example of propaganda . Everything from the school books to the fire nation national anthem are controlled in what is being said. It is as if the fire nation wants to turn its children into zombies before they can think for themselves. Also it shows that any expressions of individuality in a person is banned in the fire nation. So aang doesnt like any of this and he tries to change it all. He stands up for the air nomads. he also helps the kids out by throwing a dance party for them and helping them understand themselves better. also i think it was hilarious in how sokka and katara posed as aangs parents for the headmaster. all in all it is a great way to get the season kicking. :)
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