Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 5

The King of Omashu

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • The King of Omashu

    The King of Omashu was a perfect and classic episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I enjoyed watching this episode as Aang and the gang travel to Omashu and encounter a crazy king who knows more than he is revealing. I thought this was a great character building episode as Aang was put through many tests to save his friends. I enjoyed the challenges he was put through, and it was cool to see Aang gain wisdom from the King who happens to be a very old friend of the Avatars. It was cool to see part of the Earth Kingdom, and I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!
  • Aang and the gang travel to the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. Aang meets a crazy king who kidnapps his friends and puts Aang up to a series of challenges.

    This was a good episode but a little too stupid and weird for my taste. The beginning was laughable and its funny how dumb those guards were not to notice Aang was a kid. When the kids go in they start trouble at the mail postage system. Very cool and very unique. This was a great idea and it shows how bending is a way of life and how much its relied on in certain civilzations. Finally Aang gets sent to the King for their punishment of ruining the city... and cabages. The king is loony, and a bit too loony for me. I found him funny and annoying at the same time. I liked how there was just silence after the king said jokes. The crazy old man then kidnapps Aangs friends. Aang first goes through a challege of getting the earthkings key. It was sort of stupid for Aang to lose the ladder at first, i know hes only 12 but come on, hes smarter than that. The challenge of getting Flopsy was only good for a short giggle not much to laugh about and not all too entertaining. The final part was very clever. Boomy let Aang choose who he wanted to fight, instead of picking the scary guys Aang chose the king....

    "Wrong. Choice"

    That was a very amazing battle and i like how Aang techically didnt win. It showed how powerful earthbending can be. As an introudction to earthbending episode it was very satisfying. The end was just more of the king being loopy and it turned out to be Aang old time friend, it wasnt too hard to figure out either since you could tell from Aangs previous flashback. This episode was fun and entertaining, but i think Aang took a stupid pill before he went to Omashu...
  • Great action scenes keep this a great watch.

    Although the writing isn't as strong, and the jokes were corny and silly, this episode of Avatar was backed by some great action sequences and the final fight scene between the king and Aang showed a lot of potential of how the battle system of bending elements could cook up some entertaining fights later on. The scene with Aang, Sokka, and Katara riding through Omashu's delivery system was pretty engaging and had you glued to the TV to see what crazy thing would happen next. The trials weren't as fun but they were still good to watch, like how Aang had to think outside the box in order to overcome them. Overall a good episode.
  • Aang, Sokka, and Katara arrive at the Earth Kingdom of Omashu. They are taken captive, however, and put through a series of tests by the crazy king.

    This episode was certainly out of the ordinary. It was pretty good though. Aang takes Sokka and Katara to one of his favorite places: Omashu. When he shows them a popular game from his childhood, they are captured and brought to the King. He turns out to be something of an eccentric, and captures Sokka and Katara. To save them, Aang must survive a series of tests presented by the King. Aang performs them, and saves Katara and Sokka just before they are completely encased in crystal. In the end, the king reveals himself to be Aang's dear friend from 100 years ago.
  • Time to have some fun watching the gang go through some adventures in Omashu!

    This was a great episode with some real action starting to form. Aang and his friends arrive at a big and bustling Earth Kingdom city known as Omashu! Katara and Sokka get Aang in by dressing him up as an old man, since Aang was frozen in an iceberg for a hundred years, and he's a twelve year old boy, that would make him 112 years old, the aging process just never took place for him since he was frozen. Katara also said and explained to us that Aang technically is 112 years old. Katara is a very nice and great character, same thing for the vioce actor for her which is Mae Whitman. I miss this show airing alot. But now i never see it anymore on Nick, what a shame. It was great while it lasted though and those good old days were great when I watched this show when it aired alot more and many more new episodes were in production. Oh yeah, this is the first episode where we see the cabbage merchant and King Bumi!
  • A madly episode

    This episode is awsome about the package mail thing like a rollercoaster excelent and the excentric kinf of Omashu's test wow
    You know the first two test really a think that it was thing of an old man but when Aang fight the old man i said OMG the guy is heavy warrior and i saw Earth bending wow excelent
    When i figure it out that it was Bumi, Aang childhood friend, i said "Off course!!!!" Why i didn't notice it? Excerlent episode about childhood memories, Eath bending vs. Air bending and a serious of crazy tasks the fight betwwen earth and air was awsome
  • aang arrives at omashu where he meets a crazy king

    This could be possibly my favourite episode so far it was very funny and action packed we also got our first site of earth benders.

    aang, katara and sokka arrive at omashu an earth kingdom city aang used to visit 100 years ago with his friend bumi. However they get into trouble when they arrive, they meet the crazy king of omashu who is one of the funniest characters so far. He challenges the avatar to three deadly tasks. aang completes the first two easily but in the third he gets a choice of oponent he foolishly chooses the king who happens to be an earthbending master. This is easily my favourite fight so far as aang has to avoid getting hit by rock after rock the king eventually concedes defeat, the king reveals himself as aangs old friend bumi in a touching scene at the end. Bumi explains what aang must do to end the war, he has to defeat the firelord after learning all 4 elements.

    this could be described as a filler episode but it was very enjoyable we get to see earthbenders which has taken 5 episodes. There was plenty of action particulary on the first task where he uses airbending skills to get the key and the fight between bumi which was the best so far. It also sets up what might be possibly a future master for aangs earthbending. only one bad point there wasn't any zuko in this episode.
  • Silly, funny, some twist, and GOOD!!!

    This episode introduces a new character, which is the king of Omashu. The gaang gets caught into some legal problems and they get sent to the king for punishment but surprisingly, aang has to do three test before Sokka and Katara get overgrown by a fast growing crystal. All three test are physical, hard, and confusing. This episode recieves a ten because everything was well written and surprising. The creators of Avatar really know how to build suspense in their writing. Also aang meets someone that he knew 100 years ago. Aang also learns more about his destiny to save the world.
  • the cabbage man is here!

    the gaang arrive at a city called omashu and aang says that his earth kingdom friend used to live here. the gaang go in, and they are captured by guards because they were breaking the law. they meet with the crazy Earth King and the king finds out that aang is the avatar. as punishment, katara and sokka are being covered by crystals and aang needs to pass some challenges before they become fully crystallized. aang passes all the challenges but for the last test, he has to find out the king's name. aang gets an idea and says his name is Bumi, his friend from the past.
  • hahahaha!!!highlarious episode

    Aang takes Katara and Sokka back to a favourite place he used to go to when he was younger, the Earth Kingdom City of Omashu. But when they break the law they are taken to the Earth King to get their punishment. The eccentric King of Omashu puts Aang through a series of challenges. If he fails, Katara and Sokka will be engulfed in a crystal cocoon. i loved how they introduced bumi and finally showed someone still alive from aangs past. it was really funny and at first i though t he was with the firenation...but the creators love twists.
  • kinda a filler, but it does have some importance

    Aang and the others make their way to Omashu. A city which becomes an important landmark in the Earth Kingdom. Aang, wanting to share with them one of his favorite past times when before the war, sets them up for a roller coaster.
    Hesitantly, they board the mail system carts, which appears to be one of Omashu's trademarks. After causing an uproar, the G'Aang get sent before the king. He is rich in his eccentricities, and prowess. After an argument with a subordinate, the king sends them to the 'Refurbished Chamber which was once bad.' Aang awakens to find his friends missing, and by this he is angered. The king shows him the encasing pair, and the only hope that Aang has of saving his friends is to follow three deadly tasks.
  • The Gaang goes to the Earth Kingdom City of Omashu for another detour in this light-hearted episode.

    As confirmed last episode, Aang loves goofing off, and this time, he's found an excellent way to do just that in the great Earth Kingdom City of Omashu. But what starts out as a joyride down the mail delivery system slide turns into yet another adventure.

    The kids are brought before the King after accidentally destroying a Cabbage Merchant's cart (this merchant later becomes a running gag throughout this season and the next one). The extremely eccentric King quickly figures out that Aang is the Avatar, and then imprisons Sokka and Katara in crystals, and forces Aang into doing three challenges in order to set them free. As Katara put it, 'his crown is a little crooked'.

    So Aang does the challenges, the final one being an exciting battle between Aang and the earthbending King. Then in true Rumpelstiltskin fashion Aang must guess the King's name. Aang soon figures out the King is really his old friend Bumi, what a twist! King Bumi then gives Aang some useful advice and sends the kids on their way.

    All in all, the episode isn't too serious, thanks to Bumi's hilarious personality, it's another fun installment of the series.
  • Aang goes to Omashu where he used to vist his friend Boomi. Aang fools around and gets arrested by the King of Omashu who forces him to do a buch of trials or else his friends will die.

    Aang goes to Omashu where he used to vist his friend Boomi. Aang fools around and gets arrested by the King of Omashu who forces him to do a buch of trials or else his friends will die. Yeah I didn't really like this episode because I don't like Boomi much. Yeah so after crashing into cabbage merchant's(1st appearence) cabbages he gets arrested Boomi tells lame jokes, Aang is forced to do trials like getting Boomi's key for his lunchbox dangling over a waterfall or catching his giant goat-ape thing while his friends are slowly being sufficated by a encasing crystal. Finally Aang realizes the king is his old friend Boomi who was just trying to test him. Not much of an episode.
  • Aang and the gang go the Earth Kingdom city Omashu and meet a very odd King.

    Basically more or less a filler episode, it's interesting to see Aang's past before he becomes trapped in the iceberg. We also get to see a different culture besides that of the Fire Nation and Water Tribe, with its own unique brand of style. I like King Bumi and the past he shares with Aang. He's sort of a cross between Obi-Wan Dumbledore and Mad Eye Moody, smart, energentic, and crazy. The city of Omashu itself is a great invention. The city with all its chutes and slides makes it feel organized and proper, making it even all the more fun to see Aang mess it up.
  • One of the more humorous episodes.

    The King of Omashu is a pretty funny episode. King Bumi is introduced, and he is a really silly (and physically unattractive) character. He knew he was dealing with is childhood friend Aang, from the start but chose to force him to do many tests. Aang struggled with the tests, but he managed to complete each one in order to save Katara and Sokka from "rock candy." Pretty silly, however Aang really learned from his tasks and used his brain like a mad genius. This is something that could help Aang in the end. So even though this episode was rather silly and is probably considered a filler, it served a good purpose, was funny, and kept the interest going like Avatar has always done.
  • Aang must learn to change his approach to the obstacles around him to find correctness.

    Aang and the others make their way to Omashu. A city which becomes an important landmark in the Earth Kingdom. Aang, wanting to share with them one of his favorite past times when before the war, sets them up for a roller coaster.
    Hesitantly, they board the mail system carts, which appears to be one of Omashu's trademarks. After causing an uproar, the G'Aang get sent before the king. He is rich in his eccentricities, and prowess. After an argument with a subordinate, the king sends them to the 'Refurbished Chamber which was once bad.' Aang awakens to find his friends missing, and by this he is angered. The king shows him the encasing pair, and the only hope that Aang has of saving his friends is to follow three deadly tasks.
  • The gang enter Omashu, a great Earth kingdom city which Aang used to visit a century ago. However, after accidentally causing a scene, they are taken before the King of Omashu.

    This episode features a lot of peculiar humor, which is a suitable for the title character. The king comes across as very colourful, and his jokes are so bizare that sometimes you aren't sure whether they are funny or just plain crazy. Whatever the case, I found myself laughing. The episode also serves to introduce the final bending element; earth. The Earthbenders' abilities are revealled in a way which does not draw unneccesary attention. The city of Omashu appropriately operates based on bending, with gates, postal delivery and security all being utilised with the power. The battle at the end is well animated and shows the power of Earth, weilded by a master. This was an enjoyable, lighter episode of Avatar.
  • Aang met a crazy king in the city of Omashu, could this man be his long lost friend?

    Aang and the gang visit the city of Omashu which Aang got into big trouble by riding the maling system in the city. After they've been capturede, he encoutered with the leader that didn't even reveal his name. However, the King offered his three "deadly" challenges that he must complete in order to save his two friends.
    Through much effort, Aang finally realized, he needed a diverse thinking to solve the questions he was facing, finally lead to the realization that the King is actually his long lost friend. Aang had learnt a lesson that inorder to save the world, he sometimes had to think like the mad genius Bumi, he had to open his mind to different solutions to the problem.
    King Bumi made his first but impressive appearence in the episode, we will still expect his re-appearence after the cature of Omashu in Book 2.
  • A very funny episode.

    The King of Omashu was a very funny episode. This episode was a good example of the kinds of places the "Aang Gang" went on their adventure to the Northern Water Tribe. It also introduced the earth kingdom city of Omashu and King Bumi, who becomes a "semi-important" character later in the story. It also had some action in it when Aang had to complete the tasks set for him to free Katara and Sokka. The basis of the episode was kind of silly, but it made for an enjoyable show while still keeping some amount of intensity involved in the show.
  • This episode was nice becuase it pushed the main character into a struggle that was needed. Definitley better than the last episode.

    This episode was one of my favorites of season one. This episode forced Aang into character development. This episode was nice for me because King Bumi was clever. King Bumi forced Aang into three deadly challenges, and then makes Aang answer a question unexpectedly. This episode was forcing Aang to get more clever and become a young man. There was some comedy in it, but not terrible comedy like 104. This episode also taught a valiuble lesson, though I have no idea what that lesson is. I liked this episode alot becuase of the great comedy mixed with lessons and a great plot.
  • Great!!!!

    Aang leads Katara and Sokka to the major Earth Kingdom city, Omashu. He is excited to visit the city again, as he used to frequently do more than one hundred years ago. Meanwhile, the Water Tribe siblings are in awe of the city's immensity. Aang starts rushing towards the city, but Katara and Sokka stop him, and suggest he disguise himself to avoid trouble. Aang complies, crafting a wig and false mustache from Appa's fur and adopting the comical persona of a stereotypical elderly man, while Momo hides in his wig. Despite Aang's assurance that the people of Omashu are very friendly, he and his friends soon discover evidence to the contrary. The gate is guarded by three confrontational Earthbenders, who destroy the cart of an unfortunate cabbage merchant and then threaten the disguised Aang. The Avatar's quick thinking and aggressive response to the threat, however, quickly secures their safe passage into the city.

    Once inside the city, Aang and his friends are greeted by magnificent sight of Omashu's delivery system- an immense network of chutes and tubes that carry carts filled with various items throughout the city and powered by earthbending and gravity. Aang recalls one of his friends from his childhood, a slightly crazed Earth Kingdom boy named Bumi, who found a second use for the chutes- using them as a gigantic super slide. Aang convinces Katara and Sokka to ride down the delivery system with him before they continue on their journey. Although the siblings agree, they soon regret their decision, yelling in terror while Aang whoops with glee as they speed down the slide. The ride soon becomes dangerous when another cart bearing a set of spears comes up behind the group and very nearly injures Sokka and Katara, and Aang is forced to divert his cart's course. The cart runs along several rooftops, through various buildings, and into and out of other chutes, causing more and more damage along the way until crashing into a cart filled with cabbages- belonging to the same unfortunate merchant from the city's gate.

    Several guards bring Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Momo before Omashu's king, an elderly and frail-appearing man. The cabbage merchant angrily demands that the young ones be beheaded, but the head of the guards silences him, and asks for the king's judgment. The king studies the three youngsters briefly, and deems that a feast is in order, to the surprise of all those present. However, after some time, the king's true reason for throwing the feast are revealed, as he tricks Aang into revealing his airbending abilities, thus blowing his cover. The king states that the following day, Aang must face three challenges. Until that time, he orders Aang and his friends to be kept in the prison chambers. Despite the odd comfort that their quarters provide, Aang, Katara, and Sokka attempt to escape, though to no avail; they shortly fall asleep.

    Aang is later awakened by the entrance of one of the guards, and finds that Katara and Sokka are gone. The guard commandeers Aang's staff, then escorts him before the king. Aang angrily demands to know where his friends are, and the king complies- Katara and Sokka are revealed, each detained by a guard, who slip rings of a strange crystal onto their fingers. The king explains that the rings are made of Jennamite, also known as "creeping crystal", a mineral that grows at an incredible rate. Katara and Sokka, unable to forcefully remove the rings, will inevitably be completely covered by the crystal unless the king decides to stop the process, which he will only do if Aang successfully completes the three deadly tasks assigned to him. Aang begrudgingly submits.

    For his first challenge, Aang is taken to an underground cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites and featuring a waterfall. In the middle of the waterfall, the king's "lunch-box key" is dangling from a chain over a larger stalagmite. With the Jennamite already covering Katara and Sokka's forearms, Aang must retrieve the key. He nimbly jumps from stalagmite to stalagmite, and quickly makes his way towards the waterfall. He dives head-on into the crushing column of water, and climbs to a ladder secured to the large stalagmite which leads directly up to the key. However, the tremendous pressure of the water soon causes him to lose his grip, and he only barely manages to prevent himself from being skewered by one of the smaller stalagmites. Aang tries a slightly different approach by clinging to the stalactites above and leaping at the key from a higher angle, but the waterfall prevents him from reaching the key in this way as well. After this failed attempt, Aang has a brief epiphany, and snaps off the top of one of the stalagmites. He then heaves the rock like a spear at the waterfall, and Airbends an arc of wind after it. The wind momentarily beats a path through the waterfall, and the stalagmite snags the chain holding the key, depositing it just above the king's head. However, despite Aang's reinforced demand, the king still has two more challenges for the Avatar. The king states that he has lost his dear pet, Flopsy, and orders Aang to recover him. Aang momentarily leaps into a small valley, where a rabbit-like creature with enormous, floppy ears is perched on a rock. Before Aang can recover the animal, however, a large, white-furred beast with the crossed features of a gorilla, a rabbit, and a goat appears, frightening away the smaller animal. Aang runs to catch the rabbit-like animal, but it soon dives into a burrow, and he is unable to reach it. Aang quickly realizes that this means that the animal is not the Flopsy that he was sent to find. He hesitantly turns to the beast still chasing him, and addresses it as Flopsy. This reduces the previously ferocious creature to happily clutching and licking Aang, before it bounds off to receive a belly rub from the king. As the king and Flopsy happily play for a moment, Aang checks on Katara and Sokka, who are now almost entirely covered in crystal.

    The king leads Aang and his friends to a balcony overlooking a vast arena almost entirely constructed of rock and stone. He states that Aang's final challenge is to win a duel, for which he will be allowed to freely choose his opponent. However, after a pair of fierce-looking warriors come forth; one a slim muscular man with a crescent sword and a nasty smile, the other a mammoth man with a large axe, Aang instead chooses to battle the king himself. The king merely smirks, appearing to have expected this. He then straightens his hunched figure, and casts off his dressy robes, revealing a muscular form. He then stomps the ground, sending a surprised Aang flying into the arena with an earthbending move, before leaping in to join him. The king states that despite his appearance, he is actually the most powerful Earthbender in the world. Just before the battle commences, he allows Aang to reclaim his staff to provide aid he will surely need. The king controls the majority of the battle from the beginning, launching increasingly powerful barrages of earth at Aang while erecting various obstacles and barriers to keep the Airbender at a distance and render his return attacks useless. All the while, the king taunts Aang, causing him to step up his efforts again and again. In spite of this, the king is rarely hit by the Avatar's attacks, while Aang is constantly forced on the defensive. Despite his fantastic evasive abilities, however, Aang is struck several times and knocked to the ground. Switching over to the offensive, Aang makes a daring charge at the king, who nullifies it with a high-level earthbending technique that turns the very ground beneath him into sand. Avoiding being crushed between two slabs of rock, Aang is able to escape from the pit and finally land a blow on the king. Eventually, with tremendous effort, the king tears away a tremendous mass of rock, including the balcony on which he and Aang began their fight. In response to the upcoming attack, Aang begins to run rapidly in circles, creating a cyclone with in conjunction with Airbending. When the king finally launches the attack, Aang's cyclone redirects the immense boulder right back to the king, and he is forced to bisect the mass of rock to defend himself. Aang capitalizes on this distraction by closing their distance and pointing his staff to the king's chest, signifying the ending of the duel. However, the battle is not a complete strategic victory for Aang as the king smirks and redirects the Avatar's attention to directly above them, where a large chunk of rock is hovering over their heads. However, despite the effective stalemate, the king congratulates Aang, and tosses away the rock. Aang and the king rejoin Katara and Sokka, and the king states that the Avatar has passed all of his tests. However, he is not ready to free Aang's friends just yet. Rather, he instructs Aang to answer one question, before he sets Katara and Sokka free- Aang must correctly guess what the king's name is, in the few minutes that remain before Katara and Sokka are totally encased in Jennamite. Upon Katara's advice to think of the three challenges and what he learned from them, Aang reflects that he was forced to think differently than he normally would, and soon comes to the conclusion he is seeking. When he confronts the king, he correctly identifies him as Bumi, his friend of a hundred years ago. Aang and Bumi happily reunite with a hug, before Katara and Sokka arrive and stressfully ask for assistance- their faces are almost covered in Jennamite. Bumi shatters the crystals surrounding them with Earthbending, revealing that Jennamite is really just rock candy, commenting it as delicious while Momo also tastes the Jennamite, as well as the reason he challenged Aang- to prepare the young Avatar for his journey to master the four elements and defeat Fire Lord Ozai. Before Aang leaves, he and Bumi ride Omashu's delivery system together, as they did a century before. And they destroyed the Cabbage Merchant's stand again, to his misfortune.
  • Aang take the group to the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. After he takes them on a wild ride on the mail delivery system, they run into trouble with the law. The king of the city forces him to engage in various challenges to free his friends.

    This episode was a fun one. It takes a break from the serious encounters between the Fire Nation and Aang. Instead, the conflict/challenge, although it provided a certain level of danger, didn't seem so threatening. One of the greatest strengths of this episode was its visuals. The artwork done on the city of Omashu is probably the most impressive out of all the other backgrounds that have been seen in previous episodes. Avatar has always been spectacular at light/shadow effects, and the artists, especially, did a spectacular job on them in this episode. I found Bumi's character to be a joy. He is very entertaining, and he is so different that one has to no choice but watch to see what he would do next. This episode is also very clever, especially because of the challenges Bumi gave to Aang. All of the challenges required creative, out the box thinking, and this gained my attention because I became "involved" in the episode as I tried to figure out, what they all meant. The first earthbending battle was featured, and this sequence was the best part of the episode but in no way was it as good as the duel between Zhao and Zuko. The emotion and tone was lacking for it to be another epic duel. The complaint I have is that character development is fairly weak. All of the conversations were too casual and didn't give insight into their character too much. Because of the silly tone of the episode, the suspense factor was not maximized, when Sokka and Katara were slowly being encased in Jennamite. It would have been better, if the audience were to feel anxious and have that feeling of time running out. This episode is solid, but it might have been a little too silly for a show like Avatar.
  • The King of Omashu Aang goes to the great Earth Kingdom on Omashu, which he has visited before. He meets an old friend there...

    I thought that the episode was very clever. Aang learned that pure power isn't always going to work. King Bumi was very old and his earthbending was slower than Aang's earthbending and Bumi nearly beat Aang.

    It also introduces a theme of using your head which will probably be reintroduced later on. Aang will probably have to come up which a clever trick to beat the Fire Lord.

    Bumi is, in Aang's words, a "mad genius". I'd love to see what he does later on. He seems like the kind of person who will always be a step ahead of the Fire Lord and will be able to provide Aang with major help in the battle ahead.

    One thing I didn't like was that Aang came up with the answers too easily. For the getting past the waterfall part Aang got it on his second try. Aang also realized what Bumi's real pet was within 10 seconds. If the Creators wanted to emphasize using unexpected tricks they could have Aang learn more than he already knew as a 12 year old. He shouldn't have been able to beat Bumi without learning more of his style.

    Aang should have also realized that Bumi was king if Bumi was prince the last time Aang saw him, right? I suppose they can't show everything in a 20 minute cartoon...

    It was still good all in all. Not as much excitement but I have a feeling we'll be learning more about Bumi and his mad genius plans.
  • This review will consist of a General part, in which I will talk about the experiences I had while watching the episode. For those who don't like to read much, all Negatives and Positives will be put together in short after the General part.


    So here we are.. At the Earth's Kingdom's city of Omashu! A huge pyramid alike looking city with great walls around it. Aang is convinced to disguise himself, because it might be dangerous if people found out he is the Avatar. So Aang disguises as an old man, using Appa's fur to create a wig and fake mustache.
    As they approach the city gates, Aang tells his friends that they will love to be in Omashu, because the people there are the friendliest in the world! However, Aang is quickly proven wrong as a cabbage merchant who is trying to enter the city with his cabbages is harshly denied entry. His cabbages are thrown away. "MY CABBAGES!" xD hilarious.. well.. not yet.. but the 'cabbage guy,' as I will call him from now on, will get funnier with every time we get to see him, trust me.. xD
    Anyway, Aang manages to get into the city, along with Katara and Sokka.. and Momo! Who cleverly hid within Aang's huge wig.
    Aang starts thinking about when he and his old friend Bumi used the city's delivery system as a huge superslide and decides to do the same with his new friends now, before they would leave the city again and continue North towards the Northern Water Tribe. So off hey go! While they are riding the cart, we hear the 'jungle' theme music. Which I think is very well chosen, because this way we viewers really get the idea of having fun! During the ride we have several funny moments, like the Earth Kingdom Warriors who are like.. "WTF just happened?!" while seeing Aang and the others ride the cart, just after they're told to be prepared for anything.. xD (When they are riding the cart, was I the only one who wondered why Aang's wig didn't blow off?)
    Anyways.. Their fun turns into a lot of trouble when they crash into the poor cabbage merchant's cart... "MY CABBAGES!" xD! Poor guy, he seemed so happy to finnaly be inside Omashu.. I'm starting to think he's even more unlucky then Sokka! xD
    Anyway, Aang and the others are captured by the soldiers and taken to the King of Omashu, who will punish them by throwing them... a feast! ..o.O Everyone reacts confused and we hear an odd music theme which reminds me of the merry go round on a fair. (I hate that theme.. -_-')
    Anyways.. As the annoying music theme continues, Aang and the others are sitting at the dinner table along with the King and during their dinner, two things are found out. One is that we find out that The King is crazy.. The other is that the King finds out Aang is the Avatar!
    The King announces that the Avatar will face three deadly challenges tomorrow. If he would refuse, the King will make sure he'll never see his friends again.. The next morning Aang has to retrieve a key hanging on a chain in the middle of a waterfall for his first challenge. The area is filled with stalactites and stalagmites so a fall would be most deadly.. Aang manages to accomplish his task after a few failed attempts which he barely had survived. The next challenge is to find the King's pet, Flopsy. After Aang finds a bunny, he tries to catch it to return it to the King. But he is being chased by a ferocious beast. After a short chase, Aang finds out that the beast that was chasing him was actually Flopsy, who just responded to his name by running towards Aang. Flopsy turns out to be a very tame creature and Aang has survived his second challenge.. Which was, according to me, very easy compared to the first one... It would've been better if the challenges were arranged from easy to hard.. Ah well, time for the third and last challenge. Aang will have to win a duel. And he may choose his own opponent. Aang chooses to battle the King, being the old and weak man he appears to be. However, he quickly discovers he actually chose the hardest opponent to fight!
    During the dual we hear the African drums to make things more exciting. Aang and especially the King show some cool moves... I was surprised to see earthbending moves for the first time.. In the beginning, I could imagine lots of airbending, waterbending and firebending moves.. But when I tried to think of earthbending moves, all I could think of was 'Throw a rock'... So this battle was very interesting to see.. Surprisingly, the duel closes in a draw. However, the King seems pleased with Aang's performance and considers his third challenge passed.
    But before Katara and Sokka are released, Aang will have to answer one question. He'll need to find out what the King's name is. And he doesn't have much time to do so... Sokka suggest Rocky.. lol ! xD but as usual, he isn't taken seriously..
    Katara suggests Aang to try and think about the challenges he faced and see if that triggers something in his mind.. When Aang does so, he comes to the conclusion that every challenge appeared to be different from what he had expected. And suddenly he knows!
    Soon after, he happily greets his old friend, King Bumi!
    Katara and Sokka are released and Aang gets some good advise from his old friend. But before they leave, Aang challenges Bumi to ride the superslide with him once more, for old times' sake! Guess where they crash... I'll tell you one thing..
    ... 'MY CABBAGES!" xDD

    In short...


    Definitely the 'King Bumi' theme (the merry go round theme).

    I think we viewers are able to find out very quickly that the King is actually Bumi.. They shouldn't have made it so obvious.

    I didn't really like the atmoshpere in this episode... All rocky and brown.. (Yes I know, it's the EARTH kingdom, but still..)


    The CABBAGE guy!! =D

    The first time we see earthbending in action.. which was a big and pleasant surprise for me!

    We get to know King Bumi!

    A LOT of funny quotes.. Though they aren't altogether THAT funny...

    Favourite quote(s) of this episode:

    [Cabbage guy:] "MY CABBAGES!"

    [Katara:] "You can't keep us here! Let us leave!" [King Bumi:] "Lettuce leaf?"

    [King Bumi:] "Take them to the refurbished chamber that was once bad!"

    [King Bumi:] "You thought I was a frail old man, but I'm the most powerful earthbender you'll ever see!" [Aang:] "Can I fight the guy with the axe instead..?"

    [Aang:] "How am I supposed to know his name?" [Katara:] "Think about the challenges... Maybe it's some kind of riddle?" [Sokka:] "I got it!" [Aang:] "Yeah??" [Sokka:] "He's an earthbender right..? ROCKY!"

    [Bumi:] "Who are you calling old?! ..Okay... I'm old.."

    Favourite quote so far:

    [Aang:]"This is Appa, my flying bison." [Sokka:]"Right... And this is Katara, my flying sister..."
    Still my favourite! =)...(though this is a very close one! xD [Cabbage guy:] "MY CABBAGES!")

    My grade for this episode:

    There are a few negative things about this episode, and a normal amount of positive things... There is one major thing that bothers me though, and that's the atmosphere in this episode... It's all brownish and not colourful at all. Doesn't make me very happy =( I understand though.. Being in the Earth Kingdom and all... But still. I experienced the same problem in episode '2x11 – The Desert' But I will write more about that when I review that episode =P Anyway... Altogether, this was a successful episode!

    After some comparing, I think I will give this episode a 8,2

    Of you want to correct me on any errors I might have made or just tell me your opinion about this episode, or Avatar: The Last Airbender in general or if you want to tell me what you think of my opinion, all your responses to this are more than welcome and I'll be happy to read them. =)
  • Earth Kingdom

    In this episode of avatar the last airbender, aang and the gang arrive in the great city of omashu. in the city, they cause mischief and then get set to the king. then they are put in jail. the cells are very nice :). aang then has to go through many courses to get to have his friends back. he is successfull in all of them. the last thing is a question. what is my name. aang gets it right and also finds out that it is his old friend bobe.

    Overall, this is a funny episode and goes under silly :P
  • This episode was about Aang bringing the gang to us the Omashu mail system as a slide like his old friend Boomy and him use to do 100 years ago. They end up getting into trouble and have to go talk to the king about there punishment..... Read on....

    When the gang reach the kings place the king told them to hold a feast for them. (This king is always trying to mess with people.) He only through the feast to find out if Aang is the avatar. They through them into a room thats locked so they won't excape. After that the King puts a ring on Katara and Sokka that grows into a crystal form that covers your hole body in a matter of a few hours. The King says he well set them free if he passes the Kings tests. The first test was to get the Kings lunch box key from a waterfall That had tons of spikes under then waterfall. It had a ladder but it didn't help. Aang took one of the spikes and through it at the chain that was hocked to the key and it went to the King. The next test was to bring the kings big animal to him. It was really easy. The last one was to battle him. It was a awsome battle.Aang won. Then the King made Aang guese his name. Aang got it right. The King of Omashu's name is... Boomy Aangs old friend from 100 years ago. His friends were set free and that was the end of the episode.
  • A great and somewhat silly episode, all in one!

    In this episode we are introduced to King Bumi. After Aang and his friends are arrested, they are thrown a feast. Afterwards, Aang must go through three challenges if he wishes to save his friends. The epiosde is somewhat silly thanks to King Bumi's very unusual personality but thats what helps make this episode good. While I didn't think this episode was as good as the previous ones, I still liked it alot and the fight agaianst King Bumi was really cool, and one of the best fights so far. In the end, King Bumi was a friend of Aang's that he hasn't seen in a very long time. In the last scene, Aang and Bumi go riding along the mail delivery chutes, an idea that Bumi had when he was a kid. Like I said, I really like this episode and thought it was another great installment, but I prefer the previous episodes simply because they contributed more to the plot.
  • My long lost best friend the king

    Webt the gang enter inside of the great city of omashu one of the most important for the eath kingdom,and one of the favorite for aang because on of his best friend live in that city he remmeber him that silly,crazy,manic boy that belive that the srvice of givelatter is a masive''tobogan'' and he want to creat the great tobogan in the world.this is one of the frist isepisode that i wacht so for me is special .well aang ang the the rest of his gang was play the '''tobogan'' and they the were arested so the went to the palace of the king os omashu.

    the frist time the king looklike a old angry man that had mental prbelns and need a doctor but he was intelligent.he made to aabg some kand of game strange game obiusly went he finnished aang get a faith to the king and for that he now how was actually the king it was bumi the crazy boy how is now the king of omshu i do't know but it was funny
  • the earth king was so funny.

    OMG i love king bumi he's awesome. he is so funny. gotta love the mad genius. this is the first time 100 years hit me, seeing bumi's extreme age. the earth king taught aang some interesting things didn't he. for example it's his responsibility to save the world. or did he already know that? bumi's test's were a little unnecessary, he almost killed katara and sokka for crying out loud just to teach aang a lesson. zuko is not featured in this episode, that sucks. i think this was not a filler, the good thing about avatar is that there is virtually no fillers. unlike most anime. go avatar. but i'm still a fan of anime.
  • an old friend of aang

    not my favorite episode but its preety good its about that aang had a crazy friend (his name was bumi) before he was the avatar and then numi became a earth king not a bad episode i like some of the parts because they were funny and exciting though i know alot more episodes better then this i like the ending when aang and bumi fight i thought that bumi was gonna win cause he was strong but it turned out that aang won the fight i also liked the chllanges bumi gave aang they were funny but it was weird that in the end the rock that trapped katara and sakka were candy o.O lol
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