Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 3

The Painted Lady

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Before there was Al Gore, there was this episode to let the watchers know . . .


    By no means was this episode a forward thinking, plot moving episode. It more or less was to mask a hidden message, that wasn't so hidden. To younger watchers, it may go over their heads, but to Al Gore, it was a blessing in disguise.

    As the gang heads to a village on their journey to fight the fire lord, they come upon a small polluted villaged that is pulluted from a war machine factory that pumps waste into the river. Of course this becomes an episode to preach about the environment, but I give kudos to the show for not doing it as much as they could have. They actually never really flat out make it a preachy episode in all. They do stop the sludge, and like magic, the river clears up and the village is saved. It is this idealistic mentality that bothers me though. They "paint" one picture in this episode. Okay, so the factory is stopped, but what about all the jobs it provided to the villagers who will now have no job and go hungry anyways? Isn't this mutiny to the Fire Nation government that this village would support the destruction of this factory?

    Well, the animation was good, and the episode was fine. But no highlight for this series. Thanks for not making this episode aninconvenient watch.

  • Another filler

    This was worse than the last one. A waste of time and didn't even move the story along. This episode seemed to exploit and parody Katara's self-righoutness and compassion. Katara's line "I'll never turn my back on people who need me" seems to say that people asked for Katara's help, but in actuality she choose to help the people. Aang's character is changing I don't know to what exactly. The character Doc was terrible and was comic relief, but this whole episode was humorous, Katara is going to save a fire nation city, because... she can. Another terrible episode for Book 3.
  • The Painted Lady

    The Painted Lady was a perfect and entertaining episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode even though it was a sidetrack from the main story. I thought the episode had a great story and it was cool to see Katara in action. The Painted Lady helped the village, and they were very grateful. It was some what obvious who she is, however it is a fun experience finding out. I thought the battle with the Fire Nation was cool. I also really liked the ending which was kind of a neat experience for Katara. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • A filler but good filler nonetheless.

    For about eighty percent of this episode, you're wondering to yourself how this episode is at all relevant. It has no connection to the main story and the outcome of the war, the whole old guy impersonating as a myriad of brothers of the same family--even though they're all clearly the same--was played out and was only used cleverly once, and you're just scratching your head thinking this episode could have actually been to good use. Then the conclusion just delivers a hard earned blow. The message is really strong filler or not and even though the life lesson was obvious from the very start, the execution of it is just really really good. While the episode is a filler, it's an awesome filler.
  • Could it get better

    Avatar the Last Airbender,
    The Painted Lady,
    In this episode the gaang finds a fish village which is going down thanks to contamitated waters. Seeing the problems around Katara plans to dress up as the painted lady and help the village. For many nights she does this and makes the village happer healty and so on. Her one last plan is to get rid of the power plant making the water dirty. Aang follows katara thinking it is a spirit. After finding out it was katara they both go to destroy. When the fire nation starts taking down the village the gaang takes them down. In the end the clean up the river and the painted lady visits katara. Overall i really didnt like this episode much. I felt like it didnt go anywere. And didnt help the plot in anyway.
  • Upon arriving at a town that is slowly dying because of the pollution of a nearby lake by Fire Nation factories, Katara dons the persona of the "Painted Lady". Along with the rest of team Avatar, she rescues the town from its current situation.

    This episode is pure filler. That may seem as if I am saying "filler" in a pejorative manner, but I am not. I am not opposed to filler episodes like some people are. In fact, some of my favorite Avatar episodes are what you may call "filler." What I am trying to establish here is that I do not dislike this episode because it is filler; I dislike it because it bores me. Even a great show like Avatar drops some stinkers on occasion, and this episode is such an occasion. I feel as if nothing interesting happens in this episode. There is a mild fight scene towards the end, but it is nothing special. We also do not get any character development. There is a lesson in this episode about respecting the environment, but that has been repeated ad nauseum. If you truly enjoy Avatar, then I implore you to watch this episode. However, if Avatar is foreign to you and you need an episode that is interesting and exciting, do not watch this episode.
  • katara tries to help a poor fire nation village

    as im writing every review it gets me exceited and also it bores me. it gets me exceited because it gets me one review closer to bloing rock paryt 2 because thats the last episde that i have seen . you guys might notice ( if you read this ) that my spelling and grammar is so bad but thats because i dont care about it no more . this time, im gonna rush these reviews till im done to im gonna say . till i reach 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • I loves this episode finally all about Katara where an I download it?

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  • Why did people hate this episode so much ealier

    Aang and the gang reach a Fire Nation town that once thrived on fishing. But a factory used for the war efforts moved in and has polluted the river. Sokka wants to stay on the tight schedule so they can be ready for the invasion but Katara is grieved about the desperate town. So she devises a plan to make Appa seem sick and she dresses up as the town's Painted Lady and steals medicine and Food and uses her healing ability to help the town. But when the factory visits the town, Katara has know choice but to fight for what's right.
  • Katara doing something for the good!

    In the third episode of avatar the last airbender, aang and the gang find a village that is surround by a lake. but the water in the lake is all muddy from a fire nation factory. what happens to the village, the people there are getting no food and fish from the lake anymore.

    Suddenly people are getting food, healing people, and soon destroying the fire nation factory. Aang finds out that it's katara after seeing her going to the city dressed as the painted lady. then the battle of the factory comes to the village, and try to attack them. but katara, the painted lady, comes and saves the village.

    In the end, they find out it was katara, but they still have to thank her. the village's lake becomes clean once again and everything is back to normal for the village. Overall, this is a really great episode and shows that anybody can change a person's life.
  • very nice episode...didnt really appeal to me

    When the gang arrives at a suffering fishing village, a mysterious spirit appears to help the villagers. Aang decides to seek out the spirit for her help, but she may be more familiar then he thought. Can Aang solve the mystery of this cryptic spirit and help the town from the Fire Nation? Katara is now the painted lady and people dont know it is her at first but then they find out and they get angry at first and then they are happy once again and they clean the river and there is spirit magic and kabooshes and coolness .
  • this episode didn't really do it for me, but was still good

    Aang and the gang reach a Fire Nation town that once thrived on fishing. But a factory used for the war efforts moved in and has polluted the river. Sokka wants to stay on the tight schedule so they can be ready for the invasion but Katara is grieved about the desperate town. So she devises a plan to make Appa seem sick and she dresses up as the town's Painted Lady and steals medicine and Food and uses her healing ability to help the town. But when the factory visits the town, Katara has know choice but to fight for what's right.
  • The Painted lady unexpectedly delivers somewhat of a performance similar to that of "The great divide"

    To be positve about this show, I have to say it was neccessay to include it in the series. With out it, our idea of the fire Nation and its need to be cleansed would be less important to the show and how viewers intake this idea. However, the painted lady doesn't offer a lot to take, compared to other episodes. It wasn't exactly what I had hoped for Either. However, I made it a point to find how this episode was relevant. I remember that it is the "secret river" Aang was talking about previously. Therefore, they had to show this river. Also, they also remembered traits of the fire nation: the fire nation has pollution, therefore, the river had to be dirty, and this detail could not be overlooked. Some people get upset with this episode and say that it is a lame filler. But I say that the reason was just like the episode itself; hard to see the bottom of the river.
  • A spirit comes to help a miserable Fire Nation town that sits next to a factory.

    Quite possibly the worst episode in the history of Avatar except the Great Divide. It was a filler episode but even that was not the reason because I can except a how that has a few different episodes. Lets face it a show needs to be balanced with plot driven episodes and a few different ones, especially on a show that spans 61 episodes! What made this so terrible for my taste was the boringness and tasteless feel this episode had. The only reason I even gave this a 5.5 was because it had some decent action sequences. Although the plot had potential to be interesting, the finished product just didn't come out better than it could have. In comparison to other episodes it was really lacking and disappointing.
  • Umm, okay episode.

    Yeah, this episode was good, but not the greater Season 3 episode. I liked it, but it only deserves a 9. Here's why:

    It seemes obvious before it even revealed who the Painted Lady was that it would be Katara. I mean, I was kinda expecting it to be Zuko;s mom. But, thats just me. ( And many other people on the forums )

    Um, so, thats probably it. Thats why my rating dropped 10% from a perfect ten. Yeah, watch this episode when you can, but it's kinda a filler episode once you think about. NOthing with the continuity of the storyline of Avatar had to do with this. (I liked that they used waterbending again, though)
  • This is a fine example of a great episode.

    Okay, this is a very great fine example of a great episode. The fight at the end was great. With Katara being The Painted Lady, it was really cool. Dock, Shu, and Mushi were all the same guy! That was really funny. It was the same person over and over, but a different hat. The thing I did not like is that Zuko, Azula, Iroh, Mai, or Ty Lee were not in this episode. I really think they make the storyline good and dramatic. I really think that that was the only bad thing about the episode. Overall, I give it an exact 9.
  • Aang and the gang arrive at a fishing village where Katara disguises herself as The Painted Lady to help the fishing village.

    It was an okay episode. Aang and his friends arrive at a fishing village, suffering from a fire nation factory. Katara decides to disguise herself as The painted Lady to help the fishing village by giving them support, food, and water. But her plan backfires when Aang catches her. Katara convinces aang to go to the fire nation factory and destroy it. But then, the firebenders learn of this, and they go to the fishing village. Katara manages to scare them off, and once the villagers realize that Katara is The Painted Lady, Katara says that they should take care of themselves by cleaning the lake.
  • Another one of those episodes...

    In this episode, I wished for more fighting. The painted lady, as turned out by rumors, was actually Katara, because she turned out to feel sorry for them. So she used her water bending to run on the water and heal people. She created mists to try to seal her identity. Then she manipulates, by makine Appa sick, supposedly, the gang into staying there longer, so she can help them. Aang finally figures out, and start to help her. This episode is just where they do the same thing, help anyone in sight, well despite being the avatar. This was just another helping episode, i guess.
  • With a Fire Nation village under oppression and pollution from a factory, Katara worries about leaving them without helping. Disguise as the Painted Lady, Katara makes an attempt in helping the villagers.

    When they arrive to a fisherman's village, they found out the lake is polluted from a Fire Nation factory. They found out the information from a unusual but funny merchant that switches names in and out. :lol: Doc/Xu/Bushi are the names the old man switches out. Katara was willing to help the villagers but the gang didn't want to go with the plan because it gives them away as a threat to the Fire Nation. Unfortunely for the gang, Appa appears unwell and has a purple tongue so they would have to stay near the village for a few days until Appa feels better. As for the gang not backing her in helping the village, Katara decides to take the situation in her own hands secretly. Disguise as the Painted Lady, she seeks out in doing various tasks to helping the villages. After the gang heard news on the Painted Lady appearing in the village, Aang was willing to know this spirit. That night, Aang finds the Painted Lady and chases her down. After managing to catch her, Katara tries to disguise her voice which doesn't work too well with Aang. Aang eventually finds out it is Katara by airbending her hat out of her head.

    After realizing on what Katara was doing for the village, Aang agrees to help her out by destroying the Fire Nation factory. With success, they return to the camp site only to find a unhappy Sokka and a purple tongue Toph waiting for them. Realizing she was caught, Katara confess that she gave the berries to Appa in order to keep them near the village for the last few days. She also confess that she and Aang destroy the Fire Nation factory. After arguing and hearing Katara's plea in not giving up in saving the village, Sokka decides in helping the village also. Eventually trouble comes to the village when the Fire Nation factory head and crew show up.

    Coming up with a brilliant plan, Sokka manages it with success. Using the effects of sound and fog, it brought fear to the Fire Nation crew in noticing the Painted Lady is real and not a legend. Once again disguise as the Painted Lady, she provides a warning for the factory head to leave and never return to this village. He complies and the village was saved from further oppression. Not one of my favorite episodes, but it is a little more entertaining than "Imprisoned" even though both episodes are similar in depicting Katara's character.
  • When the appa gets sick the gaang stays near a local village where a mysterious painted lady appears to help.

    I really enjoyed this episode.....and as soon as i saw it The Painted Lady easily became one of my faves!!! I always love a little mystery and this episode provided me with one. I liked the fact that we got to see another side of katara...i guess it was always there but we got to see just how far she was willing to go to help the people of that village on the river. A part i really enjoyed was when the Gaang was helping the village for the last time and how the made all those effects...it was so cool. The brothers Doc Shoe and boshi were great!! Another part i can say i enjoyed is when Aang catches Katara as the Painted Lady...so cute!!! Well in my opinion an all around great episode!!!
  • She's Coming

    this was a ok episode but not the best. the first thing that annoyed me was that none of them seemed to beable to make a sacrife for the greater good. like wakeing up early or eating and taking potty breaks at the same time. it was all very annoying. katara was expecually annoying, i get it that she likes to help people but really they had a plan to get to the fire lord in time, does she not know how to look to the future? it was annoying but other than her being self sentered around feeling good about her self(ok so maybe she is not that self centered but still). the guy that kept changing his hat was funny but it would have been better if they just kept looking at him funny and never bring it up. katara looked pretty as the painted lady. i was also really disapointed in her i thought she was smarter(besides the fact of thinking that this town was more important than the rest of the world) really did she really think that helping the town would change things so much? and then she didnt expect that the people at the factory would blame the town. i thought she had a brain! it was rather disapointing. also i hate that she thought sokka had no heart, i mean did she just forget the first 2 seasons?!?! aang too! sokka did alot of good things and he helped out katara a lot! i was so glad when toph smacked aang. i did like the little kid who was like 'its the painted lady, shes comeing' so great. then katara went into one of her long speaches that no one really cares about. then it was funny when toph popped out of the crowd 'maybe we should clean the river!' so funny!
  • very good

    This episode is a very fine example of the prowess of the avatar writers. Thopugh this episode is widely considered a filler, it is way better than any filler that i have seen. IT has a good story, cool effects, and it shows how compassionate the gaang is. i liked how katara incorporated dher bending to look like a cool spirt person. it also shows that the fire nation army cruelly treats their people. it shows that not all people are cool to the fire nation . it shows also how people can be willing to accept outsiders who help them. This is a very good episode, though considered a filler it is very good.
  • "The Painted Lady" is the third episode of the third season of episode from the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which airs on Nickelodeon.

    The group floats downstream, in the middle of a river that seems to be mostly brown sludge. With little chance of catching any food, they decide to buy some food at a nearby village, which happens to be in the middle of the river, which has been polluted by a nearby military factory. They are ferried to the village by Dock, a rather eccentric man. The village is in a deep depression. Many villagers are sick, and there is a lack of food because of the polluted water. Katara wishes to help these people, but Sokka says their overall mission is too important to stop to help everybody they come across. They buy some food (river fauna obviously suffering from pollution) from Xu, a shopkeeper who happens to bear a strong resemblance to Dock, save for a new hat. Before they leave, Katara gives one of the fish they bought to a small child, but as she sees him give it to his sick mother, she wishes she could do more.

    That night, Sokka is trying to find a way to rearrange their schedule, and mentions that the solar eclipse will only occur for about 8 minutes. In the morning, Appa is found lying on his side, and his tongue is purple. Katara suggests that the village might have some herbs that can heal him.

    When they get to the village, everybody happens to be in much better spirits. According to Xu, a legendary local river spirit known as the Painted Lady came and gave them some more food. But there is no medicine in the village, as the factory takes it all. Katara suggests letting Appa rest for another day.
    Katara as the Painted Lady
    Katara as the Painted Lady

    That night, a thick mist comes across the village. The Painted Lady arrives and heals several of the sick. The child Katara helped earlier thanks her, and the Painted Lady, actually Katara in disguise, leaves across the water.

    The next day, Appa is still sick, so they return to the village. The village is in even higher spirits, and have erected a large statue of the Painted Lady in thanks for healing their sick. Xu/Dock suggests that maybe the Painted Lady could help Appa out. Sokka skeptically notes that the Painted Lady's work will be all for nothing unless she helps them all the time, as long as that factory is still there, and jokingly suggests that the Lady should use her "spirit magic" to just blow it up.

    The next night, Katara once again puts on her disguise, but as she leaves, Momo wakes up, rousing Aang in turn. Seeing the Painted Lady, he tries to ask for her help, but she runs away. Aang chases her all the way to the village, where he finally finds out Katara's secret. Appa's "illness" was the result of her feeding him berries that stained his tongue. Katara sadly confesses and apologizes for holding them there to help the village, but Aang naturally likes the idea. Together, the two infiltrate the factory and wreck it, stopping the flow of pollution.

    In the morning, the two arrive back at the camp and find Sokka and Toph waiting for them, having found out the truth on their own. As they prepare to leave, they see a squad of Fire Nation troops heading towards the town on motorized boats, and realize that they must believe the villagers had sabotaged the factory. Katara is determined to stop them, and despite their argument, Sokka readily agrees to help her once he sees that she's set on helping.

    At the village, General Mung accuses them not only of destroying the factory, but also for stealing the food and medicine that The Painted Lady and Katara had given them before from them as well. The soldiers start attacking the village, but a gust of wind blows their flames out. Suddenly, a large mist began enveloping the town. With help from Appa, Toph, and Sokka providing spooky sound effects, Aang and Katara stage an encounter with the Painted Lady (who seemed to use air and waterbending) to defeat the troops and drive them away.

    The villagers cheer the Painted Lady, but Dock/Xu notices that her facepaint has smudged, and recognizes Katara. Several of the villagers get angry, but Katara apologizes, and tells the villagers that they need to deal with their own problems, and offers to help them clean up the river. Dock/Xu goes to get his brother Bushi, which consists of switching hats yet again. Bushi also confides that Dock happens to have Multiple Personality Disorder.

    The gang stays behind long enough to help the villagers clean up their river. That night, as Katara examines the water, a thick mist appears out of nowhere, and the real Painted Lady appears to thank her before disappearing into the mist.
  • Katara becomes a hero.

    Excellent episode. I was intrigued to find out that Katara was the Painted Lady, orginally thinking the title was held for Suki. All in all though the epsidoe is really talking about the Painted Lady spirit that protects a river village the gang comes upon. This episode was well put together and also really shows what Katara can pull off. The ending was by the best part of the episode and how the gang tricks the solidiers and at the same time frigtens them into never coming back. It also shows at the end that people sometimes need not rely on the gods all the time and do things for themselves, thus the moral of the story. Very good episode.
  • An episode where Aang and his friends reach a river village, and they end up helping the village get rid of the polluting factory, and to clean the river.

    a lot of people give it a lower grade than it should be just because it is a filler episode, but they don't judge the episode in itself.

    it actually was a good mix of jokes and of seriousness, where we learn again (it was shown in previous episode the headband)that the gang cares about the Fire Nation people, not just the Earth Kingdom and the Water Nation people. Katara sees the suffering of the village and decides to help, and in order to stay longer fakes an illness for Appa, and in their second visit learn about the legend of the painted lady, and Katara ends up acting like she was the painted lady, the gang discovers this, first Aang who helps Katara destroy the factory, than later on the rest, who help her defend the village from the soldiers of the factory, and at the end help the village clean the river.

    An important lesson about taking care of our resources and keeping the ecology well

    Might have been a filler, but I did enjoy the episode.
  • It's just like "Imprisoned" only the poor villagers are completely unsympathetic in their plight and Katara is now Super Sue with the ability to be right no matter how many questionable things she does.

    No, this episode is not as good as so many reviewers have said. It does not deserve a 10, nor a 9 or even an 8; it is just like "Imprisoned" only you get no sense of satisfaction when the episode ends nor do you care for the stupid villagers.

    Firstly, the factory was there for 10 years- 10 YEARS. Yet the people just sit about doing nothing. No one was even seen fishing and no mention of people rioting or moving away was mentioned. So apparently the villagers have just sat around for 10 years waiting for their river spirit to help. In "Imprisoned" the Earthbenders spirits were forcibly broken, they couldn't move away or petition against the FN government, but it was mentioned they at first fought back and in the end through Katara the Earthbenders retaliated on their own. Here, Katara does all the work for them, Toph even has to suggest cleaning the river since they are so stupid. I'm sorry if I sound rude but I can't feel any sympathy for people who stayed in a polluted river for 10 years and just tried to keep selling their mutated fish. That doesn't invoke sympathy.

    Katara... someone made a point that a young woman fighting for justice while looking pretty isn't wrong and she can be a good role model. Well, Katara could be, but she lied to her friends, technically poisoned Appa (which is weird since Nick.com states the berries were tasty and harmless yet Katara later says Appa is sick from the berries), she stole, and destroyed but no one scolded her. On top of this, Katara even got to dress up and was treated like a practical saint, the actual Painted Lady even floated down and praised her for lying, poisoning, stealing, and destroying! Unlike "Imprisoned" Katara didn't try to encourage the people to fight back, she did the fighting for them and after she fought Katara told the villagers they had to do things for themselves and not wait for someone to help them! What the heck! Katara is becoming a glorified Barbie Doll, why in every episode does she have to be given a prominent role even when she is not the main character and when she is the main character she is so glorified she is a Barbie; I don't like Katara because she is so freaking good no matter what she does and when she does something bad no one minds.

    Sokka was treated like a bad guy for caring more about the big picture than the stupid villagers. He was called "cold and heartless" and only when he agreed to help Katara for her sake was he forgiven for being so "heartless". Not too mention that Sokka was also a dork in this episode so that didn't help him either.

    The Doc/Shu/Bushi character was horrible forced on us as the new Bumi/Iroh for one episode. He wasn't funny and he didn't make sense.

    The entire plot only happened because the gaang for some reason decided to go to the town. Why? Apparently the gaang must have fish and already ate the meat they bought in the lost episode (even though they could still hunt for healthier meat outside the river or gather vegetation). Because Sokka did not tabulate their free time correctly, he later states that they will have to wake up 43 minutes early every day or sacrifice their eating or potty breaks to stay on schedule. Why? Just so Sokka could talk and take up time in the episode.

    There is no redeeming quality about this episode. The pacing was horrible and I had no idea what was going on. Is this about saving the environment? No, it's about saving the stupid villagers; no one mentions the poor fish, clams, or plants, only the villagers. Is it about doing the right thing? No because Katara did wrong things to help people who really didn't deserve it. Is it about taking action without waiting for someone to prompt you? No, because Katara does everything for the villagers, Toph has to suggest cleaning the river, and Katara even tells them the villagers must take action on their own after doing everything for them! Is the episode about Katara? I guess, but it only served to make Katara even greater than ever; we already know how kind and pretty she is, I think "Imprisoned" and "The Waterbending Master" were enough to tell us this. Clearly the creators love Katara too much for her own good.

    Anyway, this episode sucked. I give it a one because Toph finally was more active, we were reminded she was more than just the equivalent of a human Momo. Seriously, I'm giving it a one, it deserves it and at least I gave reasons as to why I think it deserved unlike other reviews who just say "Oh that was awesome, Katara was so hawt!"
  • Not in the best episodes at all..

    This episode was not one of the interesting parts of the show but i like it :)...Katara shows once again how sweet and good she is and she never turns back on people like she said in the episode.It was funny to watch how they got to eat the strange two-head fishs ond some other disgusting things..the bad side was that she lied her friends about Appa and the big mistake was to destroy the fire nation factory..the soldiers almost destroyed the village...and the good side of the episode was the healed people , the clean river and the happy end :D .
  • Katara showing off her skills!!!

    yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it! yay, loved it!
  • The Fire Nation is not what it seems.

    I read other reviews and noticed people saying this had nothing to do with the storyline that has been going on lately. I disagee. I loved that Katara was the Painted Lady and she helped the village out without anyone knowing. I found this episode showing us that there are Fire Nation people just as bad off as any other nation. They need help for their children and themselves. Not everyone is willing to fight the other Nations. They didn't even bat an eyelash (couple arguments but that was all) when it came to pass that the gang wasn't Fire Nation, but were just happy that they got help.
  • A decent episode, but it's still sort of a filler.

    One filler is okay but this is also a bit of a filler. It has an interesting storyline and has good parts, especially the bending battle at the end, but it still feels like a bit of a let-down. Nevertheless, it is still a very good episode and once again proves that just because an episode is filler, doesn't mean that it can't be good. This episode had a good plot twist (with Katara acting like the painted lady), and the character who acts like he has several relatives, but is really just him, was really funny. A good episode, but we should get back to the storyline soon.
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