Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 8

The Puppetmaster

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • How could Katara possibly learn Bloodbending so fast? Hama said it took her years of practice on rats before she tried it on humans, and her skills are much greater then Katara's.

    • Watch closely: When Hama comes from the dark, the group hug each other. Sokka hugs Toph, Aang hugs Toph, and Katara hugs Aang. But moments later, Aang and Katara's position switched

    • In the scene where the gang was talking to Old Man Ding, there were no wooden boards on the window at first, but shortly after he put on the first wooden board to the window, there were three or four extra boards appearing on the window.

    • Hama's earring disappears in the scene where she was trying to convince Katara it was safe to be in the woods at full moon.

    • When Hama was trying to teach Katara to pull water from plants, there was a rock beside Katara, but moments later the rock disappeared.

    • At the beginning the inn is located on the higher part of the village, but when it was daytime it was almost on the same plain as the rest of the village.

    • When Sokka was peering the box in the attic, we could see the face of the box is facing towards the gang, but when they got into the room, the box was facing another way.

    • There was a kettle on the table when Katara put down the stuff Hama bought from shopping, but a moment later the kettle disappeared.

    • When Hama and the gang is in town shopping, Hama says "Mysterious town for mysterious children", Notice one of Hama's lower tooth is missing when she says "town", but when Hama smiles after she says "children", that tooth is there.

    • There used to be a lot more waterbenders in the Southern Water Tribe until Fire Nation raids.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Toph's shoes are clearly shown with soles in place. In The Headband they are shown being removed by Toph so that she may "see" better.

    • At the beginning when Hama takes Katara to the woods, right when she first turns wacko, the length of her hair keeps changing.

  • Quotes

    • Katara: Thanks for letting us stay here tonight. You have a lovely inn.
      Hama: Aren't you sweet? You know, you should be careful. People have been disappearing in those woods you were camping in.
      Sokka: What do you mean, disappearing?
      Hama: (ominously) When the moon turns full, people walk in, and they don't come out. (cheerfully) Who wants more tea? (she frowns. The camera pans across the table, showing the fearful expression the kids all have) Don't worry, you'll all be completely safe here. Why don't I show you to your rooms, and you can get a good night's rest.

    • Hama: Can you feel the power the full moon brings? (inhales deeply) For generations, it has blessed Waterbenders with its glow, allowing us to do incredible things... I've never felt more alive.

    • Sokka: I know, Momo! This place is creepy! I don't know if I'm gonna be able to fall asleep! (he falls asleep almost instantly)

    • Katara: No, wait! I've got one, and this is a true Southern Water Tribe story.
      Sokka: Is this one of those "a friend of my cousin knew some guy who this happened to" stories?
      Katara: No. It happened to Mom. (Everyone focuses their attention on Katara) One winter when Mom was a girl a huge snowstorm buried the whole village for weeks. A month later Mom realized she hadn't seen her friend Nini since the storm. So Mom and some others went to check on Nini's family. When they got there no one was home, just a fire flickering in the fireplace. While the men went out to search Mom stayed in the house, when she was alone she heard a voice. (Imitating a little girls voice)"Its so cold, and I can't get warm." (Sokka backs against the log hes sitting on scared) Mom looked over and saw Nini standing by the fire. She was blue, like she was frozen. Mom ran outside for help, but... when they got there Nini was gone. (Aang wraps Momo's ears around his head)
      Sokka: (From behind the log) Where'd she go?
      Katara: No one knows. Nini's house stands empty to this day. But, sometimes people see smoke coming out of the chimney like little Nini is still trying to get warm.

    • Sokka: (disbelief) An old comb?
      Hama: It's my greatest treasure. It's the last thing I own from growing up in the Southern Water Tribe.

    • Katara: Wow, these flowers are beautiful.
      Hama: They're called Fire Lilies. They only bloom a few weeks a year, but they're one of my favorite things about living here. And like all plants, and all living things, they're filled with water.

    • Aang: This has got to be the nicest natural setting in the Fire Nation! I don't see anything that would make a spirit mad around here.
      Toph: Maybe the Moon Sprit just turned mean.
      Sokka: (outraged) The Moon Spirit is a gentle, loving lady! She rules the sky with compassion and... lunar goodness!

    • Sokka: Suddenly, they heard something down the hall in the dark. Ooooooh! It came into the torchlight... and they knew the Blade of Wingfan was haunted! (screams)
      Aang: I think I liked the man with a sword for a hand better.
      Toph: Water tribe slumber parties must stink!

    • Fire Nation Woman: She seems like a normal old woman. But she controls people like some dark puppet master.
      Sokka: Hama!!

    • Sokka: It's like my brain has a mind of its own!

    • Katara: No! I won't! I won't use bloodbending and I won't let you keep terrorizing this town!

    • Villager: (handcuffing Hama) You're going to be locked away forever.
      Hama: My work is done. (to Katara) Congratulations, Katara. You're a bloodbender.

    • Hama: We are the last water benders of the Southern Tribe and we have to fight these people whenever we can, wherever they are, with any means necessary.

    • Aang: I didn't know spirits made prisons like this.

    • Aang: Old man Din?
      Old man Din: What?! Can't you see I'm busy? Got a full moon rising! And why does everyone call me that, I'm not that old!... well, I'm young at heart.

    • Katara: I knew I felt a bond with you right away!
      Sokka: And I knew you were keeping a secret, so I guess we were both right!

    • Sokka: It's empty except for a little chest!
      Toph: Maybe it's treasure!

    • Aang: Helping people, that's what I do.

  • Notes

    • This episode is available in the Avatar Book 3: Fire Volume 2 DVD along with The Avatar and the Firelord, The Runaway, Nightmares and Daydreams, and The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion.

    • This episode first aired in the UK on October 25th, 2007, before its airing in the US.

    • Because of its particular context and the time of it airing's in various countries, the creators regard this episode as somewhat of a Halloween episode.

  • Allusions

    • Hama's evil witch like appearance makes her look like Nerissa from the W.I.T.C.H. series.

    • Hama's capture, and story about her time in prison, and how Southern Water Tribe benders are gone seems to be somewhat of a opaque reference to concentration camps used by the Nazi's during World War II.

    • Sokka makes the sound of a theremin at the end of his story. The theremin was a common musical instrument used in sci-fi, and horror movies in the 1950's and 60's.

    • Sokka's "untold" story about a man with a sword for a hand is an allusion to the famous urban legend about a man with a hook for a hand.

    • The story of people missing in the woods, seems to be a combination of the moives The Watcher in the Woods and The Blair Witch Project.

    • Sokka asking Katara if her story is a "Friend of a cousin knew some guy" is what is more commonly known as a urban legend in modern terms.

    • Katara's ghost story seems very similar to the Are You Afraid of The Dark episode The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

    • Hama's quote "I never felt more alive" is a quote from the 1959 movie North by Northwest