Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 7

The Runaway

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 02, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Toph stumbles through a town square and a net is thrown on her. She shouts that she has been betrayed and Katara stands over her saying she brought it on herself. Then Toph is taken away by Fire Nation guards.

Three days earlier, Toph and Katara get in ready positions and face each other. They look to the side and Aang walks forward blindfolded. They begin training until Aang dodges a rock and it hits Katara. Katara and Toph start fighting each other. Aang interrupts them and says that he is the one who needs to be trained.
Katara says that they have done enough for today and walks off. Toph bends the mud off herself and suggests the go have some fun. They enter a nearby town and Sokka says he would love to have a messenger hawk to send messages to people.

Aang asks how they should spend their last silver piece. Toph says they can use it to win more money. She points to a booth where a people have to try and find the pebble under the cups while the owner shuffles.

Toph says she can sense the pebble with her earthbending. A man tries to guess but the owner has already removed the pebble sneakily. The man fails and walks away. Toph approaches and the man suggest they play even though she is blind. Toph puts on a gullible child act and ends up winning 40 silver pieces.

They laugh as they walk back to camp with lots of supplies. Katara asks where they are from and Aang explains that Toph scammed a man in town. Katara disapproves but Toph defends herself saying that the man was a cheater so she cheated a cheater which is alright.

Katara is still not convinced but Toph accuses her of hating to have fun. Aang says he will make an Avatar promise that they won't make a habit of scamming people. Days later, Toph is still scamming people by using her earthbending to give her an advantage in all the things she does.

Later on, Katara says she thinks she should stop before something bad happens. Toph tries to tell Katara to lighten up but they just get into an argument. Toph says there are no parents around and Katara says that Toph's parents were controlling and so she ran away and now she misses them even though she acts otherwise.

Katara says they are drawing too much attention to themselves and they already have the man with the third eye chasing them. Sokka says he should be called Sparky Sparky Boom man. Katara says they have enough money and they need to stop. Toph gets fed up and walks away, building a rock tent around herself.

Sokka walks off and buys a messenger hawk in town. As he is walking back he sees a wanted poster of Toph. He runs back to camp and shows it to Toph while Aang and Katara and off training. He shows it to her but she is blind so he has to tell her. Sokka says she has been nicknamed "The Runaway."

Sokka says that maybe Katara was right about the scams being bad. He says that they are drawing too much attention to themselves. Toph tells him not to worry and gives him some money to "help" with the invasion plan. She says that they will keep the poster their secret.
Toph walks up and Aang approaches with Katara. Sokka shows them his new hawk and Katara sighs. Aang asks him how it works and Sokka admits that he doesn't know. Momo and "Hawkie" get into a fight on top of Sokka.

Sokka and Toph come back from the city and Katara asks them if they have been scamming. Toph doesn't deny it and Katara asks her what the poster is. Toph says she doesn't know because no one can seem to understand that she is blind and can't see. Katara tells her that it is the wanted poster.

Toph demands to know where she got it and says Katara had no right to go through her stuff. Toph pulls the poster away and throws it to the ground. Then she walks away. Katara shouts after her but Toph turns and yells at her to stop acting like their mother. Katara turns to Sokka and Aang for help but they don't reply.

Sokka suggests they send a letter to Katara from Toph using the hawk. Sokka writes it but Katara tears it up saying that Toph cannot write. Aang suggests they do it the other way around but Sokka says that Toph can't read either.

Sokka says he will handle it. He walks over to Toph and says they need to talk. He takes her over to a cliff not knowing that Katara is below in the water. They start talking and Sokka agrees that Katara can be annoying. He then says that when their mother died, Katara took over for everything. He admits that he cannot remember his mother's face and when he tries to remember it, all he sees is Katara.

Below, Katara sheds tears. Toph says that Katara is motherly but it isn't a bad thing. She says that Katara cares about her and that it is more than her own mother. As they walk back to camp, Katara rises and walks over to Toph. Toph stops her and tells her she doesn't need to apologize. Toph says she is done with scamming.

Katara says she wasn't going to apologize, because she wanted to propose a scam. Toph says she is in and Aang and Sokka faint as they walk off. Katara explains that they will turn in Toph and get the reward which is huge and then Toph can metalbend out of her prison.

The next day, Toph is captured by the Fire Nation and Katara puts on an act of betrayal. Toph is dragged off and a Fire Nation guard says she did the right thing. He says she should follow him for the reward. Toph is dragged and thrown into a cell.

She suddenly jumps up and asks what kind of cell it is. The guard smirks and says it is a wooden one. Toph's eyes widen in horror. The man opens a chest to give Katara the reward. The door opens behind her and the man shuts the chest. He points to Katara and says she is the one. Katara turns to see "Sparky Sparky Boom" man walk in.

Back at the camp, Aang and Sokka are worried because Toph and Katara have not returned. They head into town to look for them. In the cell, Toph says it is a trap. Katara is sarcastic saying that she only just realized it.

Toph tells her it is a trap for Aang and they are the bait. Katara gasps and can't believe she didn't realize it sooner. She says she was against the scams from the beginning and Toph points out that it was her idea. Katara says she wanted to show that she could be fun as well.

Toph says that Katara is fun and Katara apologizes for talking about Toph's parents. Toph admits that she really does miss her parents and she probably hurt them when she left.

As Aang and Sokka walk around, they notice there are no people around. The man with the third eye walks on a rooftop and watches them. He takes a deep breath and down in the square, Aang hears it. He turns and sees the man then grabs Sokka and jumps out of the way.

The man jumps down and blows a hole in the statue they are hiding behind. Dust comes from the ceiling of the cell and Toph tries to push her way out. Katara says it is no use. She notices she is sweating and gets an idea.

She starts jogging in place and explains to a confused Toph that she is making her own water. She gets enough and starts slashing at the wooden cell door. Outside, Aang and Sokka keep running away from the man. They hide behind an overturned cart and decide to split up.

Aang runs by on a rooftop and the man fires. Aang is blown forward into the statue in the square. He hits it and falls to the ground. He lands on his feet then collapses. The man stands over him and is about to finish Aang when a blast of ice engulfs his head. Katara helps Aang up and they run. The man crushes the ice and looks after them.

Toph turns and shoots a rock at him. He blasts it but it breaks and a pebble hits the eye in his forehead. The hit knocks him backward and he grabs the eye in pain. He tries to fire again but it goes out of control and blasts him back against the wall.

As they run, Sokka says the perfect name for the man is "Combustion Man." That evening, they land and Toph asks Katara for help. Katara sits down with her and Toph says she wants to write a letter to her parents. Together they write it and send it on the hawk. Sokka turns and asks where Hawkie went.