Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 7

The Runaway

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Nov 02, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Wanted - The Runaway. Authorites are offering a reward of 1000 gold coins for the arrest of this 12 year old girl. She disguises herself as a blind person, and although she is small, she is extremely dangerous. Any information will be promptly rewarded.

    At the begining of the episode we see Toph running to the statue in Fire Fountain City. She is then captured by a net, and screams at Katara, saying that she betrayed her. Katara replies that Toph brought this upon herself, and that she had no choice. The scene goes to three days before the event. Katara and Toph are training Aang. When Toph accidentally hits Katara with the rock, the two start battling each other instead of Aang. Aang, still blindfolded, tries to figure what is going on while from a distance Sokka screams "SNEAK ATTACK!" and makes a failed attempt to attack Aang.

    The fight between Toph and Katara continues with them wrestling in mud; Aang interrupts them and they stop. While Katara goes off to clean up, Toph suggests to the boys that they should go and have some fun. Aang, Sokka and Toph go into town with only one silver piece left. However, Toph suggests they get more from a gambling game below them. She knows through her Earthbending that The Dealer flipped little rocks under bowls into his sleeves to cheat others. She uses her bending to cheat back, earning them forty silver pieces. When they arrive back at camp, Katara advises them not to do it anymore. However, even when Aang makes an Avatar promise not to do so, they don't listen. Later on, Toph cheats at a dice-like game and a test-your-strength game, winning even more money. She also pretends to get run over by a noble's carriage so that Sokka, dressed as a Fire Nation soldier, can scam the noble by accepting money for silence.

    Katara continues to think these con jobs are dangerous and immoral. Toph retorts, calling Katara a "motherly" figure and complaining bitterly that Katara is not her, Sokka or Aang's mother. Toph goes on to say how much she hates her own parents.

    After going to make purchases in town (and buying a Messenger Hawk, dubbed Hawky) Sokka finds a wanted poster for 'The Runaway' (a.k.a. Toph). After Sokka reads it aloud, Toph is delighted at the nickname and how much money is being offered for her return. Toph convinces Sokka to keep the wanted poster a secret by giving him funds for Appa's armor and expensive atlases.

    While going through Toph's possessions, Katara discovers the wanted poster and has an argument with Toph, in which Toph angrily replied that Katara is not her mother and should not tell her what to do. Sokka tries to write an apology message sent by Hawky to Katara but she easily finds out because Toph can't write. He later talks to Toph to try to mend the rift between her and Katara. As they discuss how Katara's motherly instincts can also be supportive and nurturing, Katara (who is bathing in the water beneath the cliff side where they sit to chat) listens to them. Sokka reveals how Katara took on the role of their mother after her death, so much so that, to Sokka, she eventually became the face of their mother. Toph admitted that Katara cared for her more than her real mother ever did. A touched Katara suggests that she and Toph work together to collect the bounty that Toph has accumulated as the 'ultimate heist'. The group is very surprised, but Katara is insistent that she can show her fun side.

    After Katara fakes handing Toph in to the authorities, the entire scenario turns out to be a trap set by Combustion Man. Katara and Toph are placed in a prison made of wood-a material that neither of them can bend. As Aang and Sokka battle Combustion Man, Toph and Katara try and think of a way to escape the cage. Katara suggests that Toph use her meteor bracelet to make a saw, until Toph says she left it at camp. Katara then jumps up and starts to run in place. When Toph asks what she is doing, Katara replies, "I'm making my own water!" She then Waterbends her own sweat to escape the prison (Toph says, "You're a genius! A sweaty, stinky, genius!"). Katara and Toph race to help Aang, arriving in the nick of time. Toph, accidentally manages to hit Combustion Man on his forehead tattoo with a stone, knocking him back. He gets up and attempts to launch another explosion in the group's direction, only to find his chi blocked. The air around him explodes and the group escapes. While running away, Sokka renames their opponent Combustion Man.

    At the end, Toph realizes she does not hate her parents after all. With Katara acting as a scribe, she writes down a heart-felt message for her parents that gets delivered using Hawky. The episode ends with Sokka returning and asking where Hawky is, not knowing that the girls used him.
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