Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 2 Episode 12

The Serpent's Pass

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Sep 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • It is revealed that Toph cannot feel vibrations on anything other than solid ground (at least not as effectively).

    • When Aang asks where the other warriors are and when Suki looks at Aang with concern, Suki's hair is plan brown rather than red-brown.

    • When the group first gets in single file to enter the water, the order is: Katara, Suki, Toph, Aang, Sokka, and the three travelers. However, a moment later, in the water, the order changes to; Katara, Suki, Sokka, the three travelers, Toph and Aang.

    • In the commentary on the DVD box set, Josh Hamilton, the co-writer, points out that on the map Sokka looks at in the beginning of the episode, the desert is colored the same as the water.

    • When the gang comes to the break in the pass, why didn't Toph and Aang just earthbend a new path?

    • When the sea serpent swims by on the outside of the water bubble, you see Aang and Katara standing still and not waterbending. So how did the bubble not collapse?

    • Notice when Suki jumps in to save Toph her makeup isn't ruined a single bit.

    • In the episode, before the gang was attacked by the serpent, Katara and Sokka were in the front of the team. However, after Toph earthbended the gang to the surface Sokka and Katara were at the end of the group.

    • As pointed out in the commentary by Mike DiMartino, the paddle on the boat that Jet and Zuko are on is turning the wrong way in the scene where the Freedom Fighters steal food.

    • Despite the fact that the family of refugees stated that all their belongings had been stolen, they still carried their backpacks. This oversight was brought up and jokingly played with on the DVD audio commentary by the creators, who express that while they do their best to remove errors like that, they aren't able to catch them all.

    • When they rose out of the water on the rock platform that Toph made they were not wet. The water had crashed in the air bubble and they should of gotten wet.

    • Suki is seen without her make-up for the first time.

    • Aang and the gang are traveling with the same family that Zuko crossed paths with in "Zuko Alone".

  • Quotes

    • Suki: (blushing) Listen, I'm really sorry about last night. (looks askance) We were talking, and saying things, (closes eyes) I just got carried away and before I knew it I…
      (Sokka surprises her with a tender kiss, draws back)
      Sokka: You talk too much.

    • Bureaucrat: Well, normally it's only 1 ticket per passport, but, this document is so official, I guess it's worth 4 tickets.

    • Katara: I can't believe how many people's lives have been uprooted by the Fire Nation.
      Tahn: We're all looking for a better life. Safe, behind the walls of Ba Sing Se.

    • Jet: So you've been there before?
      Iroh: Once, when I was a different man.
      Jet: I've done some things in my past that I'm not proud of. But that's why I'm going to Ba Sing Se, for a new beginning. A second chance.
      Iroh: That's very noble of you. I believe people can change their lives if they want to. I believe in second chances.

    • Aang: So, did you figure out what route we're gonna take?
      Sokka (pointing to the map): Okay. We just got out of the desert, so we must be around here, and we need to go to Ba Sing Se, which is here. It looks like the only passage connecting the South to the North is this sliver of land called the Serpent's Pass.
      Toph: You're sure that's the best way to go?
      Sokka: It's the only way, I mean it's not like we have Appa to fly us there.

    • Aang: I'll lead you through the Serpent's Pass.

    • Katara (on what Aang said): Oh, well ok. I'm glad your doing better.
      Sokka: Then to Ba Sing Se we go, no distractions.

    • Toph (about Appa): Say hi to that fuzzball for me. (Punches Aang in the arm)

    • Katara: We can travel through the Serpent's Pass together.
      Ying: The Serpent's Pass?! Only the truly desperate take that deadly route!
      Toph: Deadly route. Great pick, Sokka. (punches him so hard on the arm, he falls over)

    • Iroh: So, Smeller-bee, that's an unusual name for a young man.
      Smeller-bee: Maybe it's because I'm not a man. I'm a girl!
      (Smeller-bee storms off)
      Iroh: (trying to call out to Smeller-bee) Oh, now I see, it's a beautiful name for a lovely girl!

    • (In an attempt to get tickets for the ferry)
      Bureaucrat: NEXT!
      Aang (nervously): Ummm... four tickets for the ferry to Ba Sing Se please.
      Bureaucrat: Passports?
      Aang: Uhh... no one told us we had to have passports.
      Sokka: Don't you know who this is? He's the Avatar!
      Bureaucrat: Ahh! I see 50 Avatars a day, and by the way, not a very impressive costume. (points to several odd people posing as Aang) Besides, no animals allowed. Do I need to call security?
      (Aang glances over at a platypus-bear tearing through one of the Cabbage Merchant's cabbages)

    • Katara: Waterbending ball! (jumps from cliff into pond, creating a huge wave that splashes everyone; Aang and Toph laugh)
      Sokka: Sure... 5,000 year-old maps from the spirit library, just splash some water on them.
      Katara: Sorry. (draws the water from Sokka's map)

    • Toph (after Aang is unable to atain tickets): Let me handle this. My name is Toph Beifong, and I'll need four tickets for the ferry to Ba Sing Se.
      (Slaps her passport on the counter revealing her family seal)
      Bureaucrat: The Golden Seal of the Flying Boar! It is my pleasure to help anyone of the Beifong family.
      Toph: It is your pleasure. As you can see I'm blind, and these three imbeciles (points to Aang, Katara, and Sokka) are my vallets.
      Bureaucrat: But the animal...
      Toph: Is my seeing-eye lemur.

    • Suki: Sokka, it's been really great to see you again.
      Sokka: Whoa, hold on. Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?
      Suki: I came along because I wanted to make sure you got through the Serpent's Pass safely. But now I need to get back to the other Kyoshi Warriors.
      Sokka: So you came along... to protect me?

    • Sokka (to Suki after moving her sleeping mat): You're right, you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.
      (Suki steps on mat)
      Sokka: Wait!! Oh, nevermind, I thought I saw a spider, but you're fine.

    • Sokka: Suki you know about giant sea monsters, make it go away.
      Suki: Just because I live near the Unagi doesn't mean I'm an expert!
      Sokka (lifts up Momo to the Sea Serpent): Oh great and powerful sea serpent, please accept this humble and tasty offering. Thank you.
      Katara: Sokka!

    • Toph: She sounds healthy.
      Katara: She's beautiful.
      Sokka: It's so squishy looking.

    • Toph: So, you want to go see the baby, or are you going to faint like an old lady again.
      Sokka: No, no, I'm fine.

    • Sokka: What's wrong?
      Ying: The baby is coming.
      Sokka: What, now?! Can't you hold it in or something?
      Katara: Sokka, calm down. I helped Gran-Gran deliver lots of babies back home.
      Sokka: This isn't the same as delivering an arctic seal! This is a real human thing!
      Katara: It's called a baby. And I helped her deliver plenty of those too.

    • Sokka: You're doing great, just follow the sound of my voice!
      Toph: It's hard to ignore!

    • Sokka: Toph, come on. It's just ice.
      Toph: Actually, I'm gonna stay on my own little island where I can see. (Sea Serpent lands right behind her, destroying part of the island) Okay, I'm coming!

    • Suki: I once lost someone I cared about, he didn't die, he just went away. I only had a few days to get to know him, but he was smart, and brave, and funny-
      Sokka: Who is this guy? Is he taller than me?
      Suki: No, he's about your height.
      Sokka: Is he better looking?
      Suki: It's you, stupid.
      Sokka: Oh.

    • Sokka: Suki! Are you okay? You have to be more careful, come on.
      Toph (in a deeper, Sokka-like voice): Thanks for saving my life Toph. (in her regular voice) Hey, no problem, Sokka.

    • Jet: I hear the captain is eating like a king while we have to eat his scraps. Doesn't seem fair, does it?
      Uncle Iroh: What kind of king is he eating like?
      Jet: The fat, happy kind. (Uncle Iroh begins drooling)

    • Uncle Iroh: Who would have thought that after all of these years I would return to the scene of my greatest military disgrace... as a tourist!

    • Katara (to Sokka): Hmmm, peaceful ferry ride or deadly pass?

    • Suki: Tickets and Passports, please.
      Sokka: Is there a problem?
      Suki: Yeah, I got a problem with you. I've seen your type before, probably sarcastic, think your hilarious, and let me guess, you're traveling with the Avatar.
      Sokka: Do I know you?
      Suki: You mean you don't remember? Maybe you remember this. (kisses him on the cheek)
      Sokka: Suki!
      Suki: Sokka! It's so good to see you!

    • Zuko (to Jet): I've realized lately that being on your own isn't always the best path.

    • (Serpent's tail breaks Ice Bridge, which forces Toph to fall in the water)
      Toph (screams): HELP! I can't swim!
      Sokka: I'm coming Toph!
      (He Starts to take off his boots, but Suki jumps into the water first, Swimming to Toph and saving her)
      Toph (After being saved, thinking it's Sokka): Oh Sokka, You saved me! (kiss Suki on the cheek, again thinking it's Sokka)
      Suki: Actually, it's me.
      Toph (Realizes): Oh... Well... (laughs nervously) you can go ahead and let me drown now.

    • Aang (to Katara): I thought I was trying to be strong... but really I was just running away from my feelings. Seeing this family together, so full of happiness and love, it's reminded me of how I feel about Appa... and how I feel about you.

    • (After a serpant rises from the water)
      Sokka: I think I just figured out why they call it the Serpant's Pass!

  • Notes

    • This episode aired along with The Drill as the TV-Movie: Secret of the Fire Nation.

    • This episode is in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth, Volume 3 DVD, along with The Library, The Drill, City of Walls and Secrets, and The Tales of Ba Sing Se.

    • Suki's armor has a different color than her season 1 armor. Specifically the armor she wears in this episode is a darker green than it was originally.

    • According to the episode commentary, the baby was originally going to be named the Chinese version of "hope," but the creators decided that nearly no one would get the reference.

    • This episode was originally going to be titled Journey to Ba Sing Se.

    • For Comcast Digital Cable subscribers, this episode, along with The Drill, was available for viewing On Demand beginning September 12, 2006.

    • There was a game made on Nick.com based on the Serpent's Pass prior to this episode's airing, titled Trials of Serpent's Pass.

    • The green sea serpent actually first appeared in an Avatar series premiere commercial as well as the series' pilot episode available in the Book One: Water set.

  • Allusions

    • Invasive Species

      When the Ticket Woman is speaking with the Cabbage Merchant, she mentions that a cabbage slug would ruin the ecosystem of Ba Sing Se. This is a reference to a term in ecology known as Invasive species. It occurs when an organism is transported from its native land, by a human, human invention (i.e. ship), or animal, to a new land. There it will have no natural predators to it and will have free reign to grow and expand with little to no hindrance. An example of an invasive species would be the Chestnut Blight Fungus.

    • Avatar Cosplay
      When presented with the small group of imitators wearing costumes modeled after his image, Aang smiles and gives a nod of approval in their direction. This appears to be a "nod" towards the Avatar cosplayers (costume players), who have attended numerous panels dedicated to the show at various comic and anime conventions over the past year. Some of which have met Mike and Bryan in person and have been featured in Avatar Nick Mag articles.

    • The Serpent from the Serpent's Pass greatly resembles Seadramon from the television series Digimon.

    • Serpent's Pass' entrance: Abandon Hope
      These comes from Dante's Inferno. Dante reads these lines that are written in the gates to hell when he and Virgil passes into the Ante-Inferno before the river Acheron in Canto III.

    • Katara pulles a "Moses" through the Serpent's Pass. Basically, she separates the water to form a narrow gap for the travelers to cross. As they get deeper in the water, she puts them in a bubble and Aang helps her to keep it steady. The allusion is to the book of Exodus when Moses divided the Red Sea.

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