Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 19

The Siege of the North (1)

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Dec 02, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Zhao begins to launch his attack against the Northern Water Tribe. As the walls of the besieged city begin to fall, the Avatar taps into the spirit world and seeks the help of one of the oldest spirits, in hopes of saving one of the most prominent areas of the world. Can Aang combine forces with the spirits and save the Northern Water Tribe?moreless

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  • reality

    shows more into background of iroh, and what some may think guys are like through master paku
  • The Siege of the North (1)

    The Siege of the North (1) was a perfect episode, the first of a two part season finale. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, and both character and plot development. I do have to say I was a little disappointed in the Northern Water Tribe's Defense as I thought they would have done some thing more constructive sooner. Prince Zuko continues his own quest to get the Avatar and has a touching moment with Iroh. Sokka had dissappointment and surprise while Katara used her abilites to protect Aang who has crossed to the Spirit Realm. The end of this episode was awesome and I look forward to watching the second part of the season one finale!!!!!!!moreless
  • Fight scenes that are fun for the whole family.

    It doesn't contain the smart witty writing of the last episode nor the morals and values that are usually taught after every episode, but it does contain some mind bashingly fun action scenes, fights, and battles! The scenes with Aang sabotaging the Fire Nation battleships were very entertaining and all of them were choreographed pretty well. Plus the Zuko and Katara fight later on in the meditation springs is one of the better ones in the show so far. Not to mention there seems to be an interesting storyline going on between Sokka and Princess Yue's soon to be husband. Great signs when this is only the first episode of a double episoder!moreless
  • The battle begins!

    Admiral Zhao is now heading towards the North Pole to destroy it and search it to find hidden secrets. Zhao must not get to them however, as he is going to use his power for evil and conquer the world. His main target is to overthrow the city and find its special area where you can easily make contact with the spirit world, it also has two key figures: the koi fish that are a symbol of Yin and Yang. They are in a holding pond that balance the world's power, push and pull, good and evil! Since Zhao is coming, Aang and Katara must find the spiritual area with a beautiful waterfall. They make it in along with the girl with white hair whose name i forget. She is really cool! Too bad she has to make a sacrifice (herself) to revive the white (good) koi fish. Zhao is about to destroy it (but i don't think that happens until the next episode.) Katara also says that it the area is warm due to good spiritual energy, and blcoks off the biting cold wind outside of it in the deep northern region. We got a part two for this chapter, but the next episode is book one's last chapter.moreless
  • Part one of two.

    This episode is the first part of the Siege of the North movie. The fight at the end between Zuko and Katara was a really good fight. I was surprised to see Zuko beat Katara in that fight. It was still a great fight with a great opener. Zhao's part of the episode was great also. His fleet practically destroyed the Water Tribe in seconds, well in that one shot. The fight between Aang and Zhao's men was pretty good too. Zuko and Iroh talking made me cry a little when Iroh said "Ever since I lost my son.." Zuko said "You don't need to say it" then Iroh says again "I think of you, as my own." That made me shed a tear. Overall, I give this episode a 9.8.moreless
Jon Polito

Jon Polito

Chief Arnook

Guest Star

Johanna Braddy

Johanna Braddy

Princess Yue

Guest Star

Ben Oiskin

Ben Oiskin


Guest Star

Victor Brandt

Victor Brandt

Master Pakku

Recurring Role

Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Chief Arnook: Is something wrong, Sokka?
      Sokka: Oh, no! Hahn's out there on a top secret mission while I'm here sharpening my boomerang. Every thing's fine.
      Chief Arnook: Listen, I took you off the mission for selfish reasons. I have a special task in mind for you.
      Sokka: What, you want me to scrub the barracks?
      Chief Arnook: I want you to guard my daughter, Princess Yue.
      Sokka: Sure...that shouldn't be too hard.

    • Arnook: Come forward to receive my mark, if you accept the task.
      (A few people come up and Arnook puts his mark on their faces. When Sokka comes up, Yue looks at him with sadness. And after a while, she sheds a tear because she knows Sokka will not return)

    • Aang (while in the spirit oasis): You're right Yue, I can feel something, it's so, tranquil.

    • Princess Yue: The legends say the moon was the first Waterbender. Our ancestors saw how it pushed and pulled the tides and learned how to do it themselves.
      Katara: I've always noticed my Waterbending is stronger at night.
      Princess Yue: Our strength comes from the spirit of the moon, our life comes from the spirit of the ocean; they work together to keep balance.

    • Iroh (talking to Zuko): You're fishing for an octopus my nephew, you need a tightly woven net or he will squeeze through the tiniest hole and escape.

    • Aang (as he looks at thousands of Fire Nation ships): You've gotta be kidding me.

    • Princess Yue: So they don't have palaces in the southern tribe?
      Sokka: Are you kidding? I grew up in a block of ice. It's not exactly a cultural Hub.
      Princess Yue (puts hand on Sokka's arm and giggles, then turns serious): Sokka this is wrong.
      Sokka: What's wrong? We're taking a walk.
      Princess Yue: I'm engaged, it just feels...
      Sokka: I know what you need. You need to meet my good friend Appa.
      Princess Yue: Who?

    • Yue: Is he ok?!
      Katara: He's crossing into the spirit world! He's fine as long as we don't move his body, that's his way back to the physical world.
      Yue: Maybe we should get some help!
      Katara: No, Aang's my friend, I am perfectly capable of protecting him.

    • Sokka (to Yue): Soot.
      Yue: What?
      Sokka: I have seen it before, right before my village was attacked - It's soot mixed with snow.
      Yue: But why?
      Sokka: It's the fire nation. They have closed in on the north pole, and by the looks of it, there's a lot of them.

    • Aang: I can't do it. There's too many of them. I must've taken out a dozen ships. I can't do it.
      Yue: But you have to. You're the Avatar.
      Aang: I'm just one kid.

    • Hahn (After Sokka is taken off the mission): All right, fall in, men! Everybody listen to what I say, and we'll take care of this Admiral Choi in no time. (Walks off)
      Sokka: It's Admiral Zhao! (Goes back to sulking)

    • Princess Yue (When Aang is trying to cross into the Spirit World): Why is he sitting like that?
      Katara: He's meditating, trying to cross into the Spirit World. It takes all his concentration.
      Princess Yue: Is there any way we can help?
      (Aang turns around from meditating and faces Katara and Yue)
      Aang: How about some quiet? Come on, guys, I can hear every word you're saying!

    • Zuko: Well aren't you a big girl now.
      Katara: No!
      Zuko: Yes. Hand him over, and I won't have to hurt you.

    • Uncle Iroh: Be careful what you wish for Zhao, history is not always kind to its subject.
      Admiral Zhao: I suppose you speak from experience.

    • Uncle Iroh (standing a ways behind Zuko loading a canoe): I'm sorry, I just nag you because, well, ever since I lost my son.
      Prince Zuko: Uncle, you don't have to say it.
      Uncle Iroh: I think of you as my own. (rushes forward and embraces Zuko tightly)
      Prince Zuko: I know, Uncle. We'll meet again, after I have the Avatar.
      Uncle Iroh: Remember your breath of fire! It could save your life out there!
      Prince Zuko: I will. (is now lowering himself and the canoe out of the ship)
      Uncle Iroh: And put your hood up, keep your ears warm!
      Prince Zuko: I'll be fine.

    • Prince Zuko:(To Katara) You rise with the moon... I rise with the sun.

    • Katara (about the moon and ocean spirits): The Avatar is the bridge between our world and the Spirit World. Aang can talk to them!
      Princess Yue: Maybe they'll give you the wisdom to win this battle!
      Aang: Or, maybe they'll unleash a crazy amazing spirit attack on the Fire Nation! (silence, Aang looks around) Or wisdom. That's good too.

    • Aang: I wasn't there when the Fire Nation attacked my people. I'm going to make a difference this time.

    • Prince Zuko (to Katara): You little peasant. You've found a master, haven't you?

    • Iroh: We'll be landing soon. Do you have a plan?
      Zuko: I'm working on it Uncle.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Breath of Fire
      The "breath of fire" is actually a real Kundalini Yoga move (sans actual flame) called Agni-Prasana, where the air is pulled in and pumped out very rhythmically like pumping a bellows, powered by abdominal contractions and used to cleanse and energize the body. The inspiration was stated in the director audio commentary for the episode.

    • The Snowman
      Apparently a waterbending technique of Aang's invention, he spins around downward, pulls snow up over his body, then continues spinning upward until he is standing perfectly straight with both arms out. At this point resembles like a smiling snowman.

    • The "sea sponge," to which Pakku stated that his pupil Sangook will be able to beat in a few years, was, as later admitted by the creators in the audio commentary for "The Siege of the North (Part One)," a friendly poke at another popular Nickelodeon character/show, Spongebob Squarepants.

    • When the Northern Waterbenders freeze the first Fire Navy ship, it looks exactly like the frozen ship in the South Pole that Aang and Katara explore in the first episode, The Boy in the Iceberg.

    • When Chief Arnook says "The enemy is on our doorstep," it is almost the exact line Gandalf says in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

    • Katara calls Aang the bridge between the world of the living and the Spirit World. Aang was called this before in the episode, The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1).