Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 20

The Siege of the North (2)

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Dec 02, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Aang returns from the spirit world to a big surprise. Meanwhile, Zhao and his forces continue to press deeper into the Northern Water Tribe. Iroh makes a powerful stand and Zuko struggles to keep his plan intact. What could possibly stop the Fire Nation from destroying this tranquil region?moreless

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  • Epic Ending

    This episode made me take notice of Avatar. I only watched a couple episodes, never really cared for the show. I thought it looked cool, but I never really follwed it. But then I saw this episode and it was astounding. Zhao is a bad-ass villian. Arrogant, evil, and relentless. Zuko opens up about his past, and I finally saw his character in a different light. Koh the face stealer was scary. The fight sequences kept me watching. Iroh was not just an kind old man but a powerful bender with great knowledge of the spirit world. Sokka was now a person rather than a comic relief when he held Yue's lifeless body. This is the epitome of finals and many action-fantasy animated shows should follow suite. "No, It's not over" favorite line!moreless
  • The Siege of the North (2)

    The Siege of the North (2) was a perfect, awesome, and entertaining season one finale of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode as the The Siege of the North continued. I still think the Water Benders Defense was a little weak compared to what it could have been, but the episode played out well. I liked the stroy points about the moon and ocean spirits which were the mortal Koi in the Sacred Pond of the North. I also enjoyed the battle seens once Aang joined with the Ocean Spirit to defend against the Fire Nation Navy. I thought the episode ended well and I look forward to watching the nex episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!moreless

    In my opinion, this is the best episode this season. Everything is well written, exciting, and suspenseful. Aang goes on a crazy adventure. Sokka expirences the good side and bad side of love. Zuko gos through drastic measures to capture Aang. He also has another confrontation with Admiral Zhao. Iroh helps the good of the world. There is also a new introduction to a character for the future of the series. This episode reached higher expectations than I thought it was going to be. This episode is EXACTLY why I watch this series. There are more episodes like this to come.moreless
  • Holy Crap......

    My god, this was just hands down amazing.....Too many things happened. Princess Yue gave her body up so the water bending tribe could win. Iroh actually tried to help the Avatar for a brief seond. General Zhou is dead, and it looks like the avatar and Zukko are going to have thier hands full with the new enemy they can both relate to.

    Zukkos sister....

    So like I said, this was amazing on so many levels, words can't describe how cool it was. Anyone who even remotely likes this show should watch it...moreless
  • awesome

    After entering the spirt world(it that like they heaven in this show) Aang looks for a spirt to get the power to destroy the fire empire the empire strikes backs ahh thats so star wars then Zuko gets aang and we learn that Zuko has a sister and more better than him. then we learn that if the moon and ocean spirt or as they are cok fish are destroy the moon or ocean is destroy and the waterbenders are useless boy how do the creates got the idea and most awesomeness part is when aang enters the avatar state and with the help of the ocean spirt aang turns in to a Godzilla parody thats sick man awesomemoreless
Erik Todd Dellums

Erik Todd Dellums


Guest Star

Jon Polito

Jon Polito

Chief Arnook

Guest Star

Johanna Braddy

Johanna Braddy

Princess Yue

Guest Star

Victor Brandt

Victor Brandt

Master Pakku

Recurring Role

James Garrett

James Garrett

Avatar Roku

Recurring Role

Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Koh: My old friend the Avatar. Its been a long time.
      Aang: You know me?
      Koh: (furiously) How could I forget you? One of your previous incarnations tried to slay me nearly eight or nine hundred years ago!
      Aang: I didn't know that. Why did he, or I, try to kill you?
      Koh: Oh, it was something about stealing the face of someone you loved. (Koh laughs maliciously) Of course, that's all behind us. Why should I hold a grudge against you for something in a past life. After all, you're a different person now. You've come to me with a new face.

    • Koh: Tui and La, your Moon and Ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other: push and pull, life and death, good and evil, yin and yang.

    • Yue: There's no hope now, it's over.
      Aang (enters the Avatar State): No, it's not over.

    • Yue: Don't worry, Prince Zuko can't be getting to far in this weather.
      Katara: I'm not worried they will get away in the blizzard, I'm worried that they won't.

    • Arnook: The spirits gave me a vision when Yue was born. I saw a beautiful, brave young woman become the moon spirit. I knew this day would come.
      Sokka: You must be proud.
      Arnook: So proud. And sad.

    • Sokka: They're not gonna die in this blizzard. If we know anything, it's that Zuko never gives up. They'll survive, and we'll find them.

    • Yue: We shouldn't be doing this.
      Sokka: What? We're walking.

    • Fire Lord Ozai (to Azula): Iroh is a traitor, and your brother Zuko is a failure. I have a task for you.
      (Azula sends out an evil smile)

    • Hahn (On board Zhao's ship): Admiral Choi! Prepare to meet your match!
      (Hahn runs toward Zhao but is quickly thrown over board by him)

    • Aang (talking about Zuko): We can't just leave him.
      Sokka: Sure we can! Let's go.

    • Zhao: I am, a legend now! For generations the Fire Nation will tell stories about the great Zhao, who darkened the moon! They will call me Zhao the conqueror! Zhao the moonslayer! Zhao, the invincible! (Momo attacks Zhao) Get it off! Get it off!

    • Sokka: Hey, this is some quality rope.

    • Zuko (to Aang, still in the spirit world): I finally have you, but I can't take you home because of this blizzard. There's always something. Not that you would understand. You're like my sister. Everything just comes easy to her. She's a firebending prodigy, and everyone adores her. My father said she was born lucky; he says I was lucky to be born... I don't need luck, though. I don't want it. I've had to struggle and fight my whole life, and that's made me strong. It's made me who I am.

    • Zhao: General Iroh. Why am I not surprised to discover your treachery?
      Iroh: I'm no traitor, Zhao. The Fire Nation needs the moon, too. We all depend on the balance.
      (Zhao does not release the moon spirit)
      Iroh: Whatever you do to that spirit, I'll unleash on you ten-fold! Let it go now!

    • Admiral Zhao (just after Zuko fired at him): You're alive?
      Prince Zuko: You tried to have me killed! (blasts more fire at Zhao)
      Admiral Zhao: Yes, I did. (as Zuko emerges from a cloud of smoke) You're the Blue Spirit. An enemy of the Fire Nation. You freed the Avatar.
      Prince Zuko: I had no choice. (the fight continues)
      Admiral Zhao: You should have accepted your failure, your disgrace. Then, at least, you could have lived!

    • Princess Yue (in spirit form, flying down towards Sokka): I'll always be with you. (she leans down and she and Sokka kiss lightly; she then fades away)

    • Prince Zuko (after Aang comes back from his visit to the Spirit World): Welcome back...
      Aang: It's good to be back...

    • Admiral Zhao (talking about capturing and destroying the moon spirit): We're going fishing.

    • Uncle Iroh: I'm surprised Prince Zuko. Surprised that you are not at this moment trying to capture the Avatar.
      Prince Zuko: I'm tired.
      Uncle Iroh: You should rest. A man needs his rest.

    • Aang (refusing to leave Zuko behind unconscious in the snow): If we leave him here, he'll die.
      Sokka: Yeah, that makes sense. Let's save the guy who's constantly trying to kill us.

    • Prince Zuko: Back for a rematch?
      Katara: Trust me, Zuko, it's not gonna be much of a match. (knocks him out and buries him in snow with one blast)

  • NOTES (10)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • The monkey seen mediating beneath the tree in this episode seems to be another allusion to Buddhism, this time being the tradition of trying to reach enlightment through mediatation.

    • The sequence in which Pakku performs the whirpool type against a platoon of soldiers is based off a still-life of an unidentified past Avatar from the unaired pilot. The technique was also referred to as the "water snake", in accordance to the waterspout's constantly shifting movements.

    • Koizilla
      Despite its Miyazaki origin, the creators state on the audio commentary that they decided to nickname the Ocean Spirit's monster form "Koizilla", an obvious take on the Godzilla (Gojira) legacy.

    • When Aang stated in the previous episode that the spirits will unleash a "crazy amazing spirit attack on the Fire Nation," he was actually foreshadowing what would take place in this one. Aang hinted that the spirits would hault the Fire Nation siege, which is precisely what happened when he became one with the Ocean Spirit.

    • Koh the Face stealer seems to based on Japanese traditional Noh masks used in acting, to imatate a face.

    • Koh the Face Stealer may have been influenced by the Norse legend of the World Tree Yggdrasil. In (part of) the legend, a wise golden eagle lives in the treetop while in the roots lives Nidhogg, a giant serpent/worm/dragon creature that gnaws on the roots and has a taste for people.

    • The pairing of Sokka (peasant) and Yue (princess) is close to the Disney's portrayal of Aladdin and Jasmine, which Yue did not like her suitor(s) and fell in love with a peasant, for who he was, not his title. The ride on Appa was very much like the "magic carpet ride" scene in the movie as well--as Yue had "never been outside the city" as Jasmine had never been "outside the palace." As well as Sokka being an adventurer, free to "go where ever he pleases."

    • The water creature that comes to form when Aang becomes one with the Ocean Spirit is very similar to the "night walker" from the movie Princess Mononoke. The concept of a human attempting to kill a nature spirit also comes from the movie.

    • The two fish (black with a white spot and white with a black spot) represent Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are symbols from the Chinese religion Taoism, which puts a great deal of emphasis on the natural world and man's relationship with it, much like the relationships with the elements in the show. The Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, developed from Taoism. Tai Chi is portrayed as "waterbending" in the show and the fact that the waterbenders get their power from the moon is based on ieen, a Chinese word for water and moon working in harmony.

    • Zuko's speech about hard work and luck is a favorite recurring speech of a very similar Yu-Gi-Oh! character, Seto Kaiba.