Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 3

The Southern Air Temple

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Feb 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Southern Air Temple

    The Southern Air Temple was a perfect episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character development for both Aang and Zuko. I like how Zuko is on an honorable path, twisted as it may be at times, and its a journey of his own which we get to watch develop. There were a few heart felt and touching moments in this episode as Katara tried to protect Aang from the truth, however he found out on his own and it triggered something powerful alerting the world and all the kingdoms that The Avatar has returned! I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!
  • Katara and Sokka go to Aangs home, The Southern Air Temple. They try to hide the truth that Aang is the last airbender, but when he finds out, a catastrophe occurs. Admiral Zhao and Prince Zuko duel in an Agni-Kai

    Alot of people enjoy this episode but i cant seem to find out why. To me it was just mostly boring, but i also feel its something that was unavoidable at the same time. I like the fact that the series right away introduced us to the world and even what the airbending civilization was like. BUt it was just boring watching Aang go around his home showing things. I feel they could have made it more exciting. The only exciting part was seeing Aang go into the Avatar State and Katara having to calm him down. You can already see their connection. Another thing I liked about this episode was how much we learned about the Avatars. Aang says he just knows Avatar Roku without even meeting him and he knows he is supposed to help him on his journey. Pretty cool stuff. And I like the introduction of Momo and how Sokka is obsesbed with food. I really with they kept the whole food thing going throughout the series but no harm done.

    I felt the more exciting part of this episode was the B-plot. A very clever andwell written script for that part. The Agni-Kai was very enjoyable, but it wasnt the fighting that made it, i really like how Uncle Iroh just shot down Zhao and basically called him dishonorable after he tried to burn Zuko after the fight was over.

    Overall this is just an okay epiosode. The B-plot was defintely more interesting though which shouldnt happen in a series first few episodes.
  • Aang, Katara, and Sokka visit the Southern Air Temple, Aang's childhood home where Aang learns some unpleasant things. Elsewhere, Zuko comes across the ambitious Commander Zhao and a confrontation results.

    Things get a little heavy and real for Aang in this episode as he learns that he can't go home again. It's actually an episode that jumps to different emotions throughout, a trend that would become an appreciative occurrence on the show. We get some good feelings and gladness when Aang discovers the lemur Momo, the character that completes the group in this season, sadness and devastation at learning the fate of his friends and mentors, some nostalgia and tragedy from the flashbacks to Aang's childhood, and finally the powerful moment when Aang activates the Avatar statues people throughout the world realize that he is back. It's done well and provides another facet of this so far mostly happy-go-lucky character. Zuko also gets an early rite of passage by confronting this year's other recurring villain Zhao, played with smarmy arrogance by Jason Isaacs. Zhao's a pretty entertaining guy, who often seems too big for his britches as he's frequently knocked down a peg or two throughout the year. This episode is no exception as Zuko takes him one one one, giving a good moment for the disgraced prince while giving us a flavor of this new character. Two very solid, separate plots for this one.
  • now we learn more

    In this episode we learn a little more about Aang's life like 100 years ago. And zuko battles Admiral Zhao is a hot-tempered Fire Nation admiral in pursuit of the Avatar and is Zuko's principal rival. And we learn that when an avatar dies the next one is born air water earth fire that means when aang dies the next avatar is an waterbender. And I love how sokka only things of meat what makes him think that an air temple is full of meat i love meat and Aang does that growly thing again it must make him more powerful thats awesome.
  • I want more!

    Once again although there wasn't much action aside from the fight between Commander Jao and Prince Zuko, this was still a very quality episode. The story is turning out to be great, the characters were very well developed, and the writing is clever and funny. We found out a bit about Aang's past along with the culture of the Air Benders a 100 years back and it was a bit sad to see Aang down in the dumps to see all of his race extinct. Though we also get pretty in-depth with the main pursuer of the Avatar, Prince Zuko. Rarely do antagonists get developed this much and it's a treat to see us go through not only the main characters, but the enemies as well. And Zuko's uncle is turning out to be great comic relief.
  • Aang is anxious to visit his previous home: the Southern Air Temple. When he arrives, he is distraught to realize that everyone was killed after he left 100 years ago.

    Aang, Katara, and Sokka embark on a tour on the Southern Air Temple. While searching for his family and friends, Aang tells them stories about his childhood at the temple and how he learned he was the Avatar. While playing an Airbending game, they discover the remains of Aang's friend and other friends. Aang gets upset, and flees to the temple. There, he discovers statues of all the Avatars before him. When Aang goes into the Avatar State, the statues around the world glow through their eyes, and reveal to everyone Aang's alive. Meanwhile, Zuko docks his ship for repairs and runs into General Zhao - a Fire Nation commander. When Zhao inquires about the damage to Zuko's ship, Zuko ignores him. Zhao has a suspicion that Zuko had found and fought the Avatar. Zhao plans to find the Avatar before Zuko, so they fight, and Zhao loses. On a side note: this is also the episode where Aang and the gang discover Momo.
  • This was a sad episode, but it was still good.

    Now Aang and his friends are out of Antarctica, Aang wants to go back to his home, which is the Southern Air Temple. However, what Aang does not know, is that he missed out on a lot of things since he was frozen in that iceberg for a hundred years. Once they arrive to the southern air temple, it is quite lonely, but Aang is still happy and doesn't mind. Disaster strikes though when Aang finds a casualty half-buried in snow in a secret room on the outskirts of the temple. Aang gets very upset about this but Katara manages to save him from exploding. Aang finds out that he really uis the last air bender. That was the saddest part of the episode along with Katara saying that her mom got killed too. The plus side about this episode though is the fact that Aang acquires a new friend, a bat-leemer that now goes by the name: Momo. So now Aang has a gang of five including himself. Alls well that ends well, but at the end it looks like Aang can't help but miss his old air bending friends and past memories at his home.
  • Having learned that he is the last Airbender in existence, Aang must visit his boyhood home to substantiate the horrible news.

    This episode is superb on many levels. The story involving Team Avatar having to visit Aang's home, the Southern Air Temple, is a poignant one. For the first time in the series we get to visit an Air Nomad Temple. The Temple is beautifully designed and animated. The sad fact that no one is there when they arrive is a substantiation that Aang truly is the last Airbender in existence. The scene involving Aang finding the remains of his mentor, a monk named Gyatso, is a heartbreaking moment in the episode. The introduction of the latest member of Team Avatar, a flying lemur named Momo, adds some levity to the situation. The final scene of the episode is especially touching as it showcases Aang, Momo and Appa flying off into the distance, leaving behind the only home they ever knew. The subplot featuring Iroh, Zuko and the introduction of Admiral Zhao is an exciting one. The rivalry and enmity between Zuko and Zhao is immediately noticeable. The Agni Kai at the end of the episode is an exciting fight scene bolstered by some spectacular music. This is a classic episode in Book One and is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.
  • The episode that sets the stage for the rest of the season.

    Given that the first two episodes felt more like a prelude than anything, it's good to see an episode that advances the plot aside from introducing the elements (no pun intended) for the rest of the series. The episode starts with Aang and his new friends Sokka and Katara going to the Southern Air Temple (as implied by the title) with the b-plot being Zuko needing his ship repaired and meeting Zhao, an arrogant naval commander who discovers through Zuko and his uncle that the Avatar is still alive.
    Zhao would ultimately become the villain for the rest of the season, and it's easy to see why. Zuko and he eventually engage in an Agni Kai (fire duel), but Zuko wins and refuses to kill Zhao. Zhao, however, isn't so graceful. He attacks Zuko from behind afterward, but misses. The Agni Kai is the first real fight of the series and is beautifully animated. I maintain that while the second season had plot, and the third season had animation (for the most part), the first season has bending. It seems miniscule, admittedly, but it's interesting watching the show when throwing a punch didn't make a giant blast of fire and technique was required.
    So, back to Aang's plot, they travel to the depths of the Southern Air Temple, where he eventually finds the skeleton of his mentor, Monk Gyatso. This triggers him going into the Avatar State, and activates the statues, which causes every spiritual advisor to be alerted of his return. Katara calms him down in a great scene. They find a flying lemur named Momo.
    BASICALLY, while the Zuko portion of the episode was revealing to his character (something the show was definitely lacking at this point), the Aang portion left a bit to be desired. It was all leading up to the final scene, which is near some of the best in the entire first season, but to spend a whole episode on it felt...maladroit, the word would be, I guess. At least it felt like this episode had a distinct focus rather than most of the episodes of the first season.
  • Aang+Zuko=Sad+Andventurous

    This episde has two different thing:
    SAD: Aang travel to an Air Bender Temple but he finds out that he is the last airbender and that his mentor died because of the Fire Nation Benders too sad poor Aang its like he lost all his family (but he gain a new one)
    ADVENTUROUS: Prince Zuko fight Commander Zhao and im really gonna think he's going to loose at first and then when eh win that, when he fire the blast, he actully killed Zhao but no honor first and we learn why he has that scar

    Another great episode with the introduction of Momo the lemur another lovely animal Appa its the best so lovely like a fairball
  • Aang embraces what has happened since he disappeared...

    The episode starts off with Aang, Sokka, and Katara traveling towards the Air Temple where Aang grew up.
    Katara and Sokka know that there's no way the Airbenders could still be alive, but hold back from telling Aang. While at the Air Temple, Aang finds a room full of statues of his past incarnations, presenting quite an interesting idea that I haven't really seen in any TV show before.
    That's when a surprisingly major character, Momo, a flying lemur appears. Sokka immediately wants to eat him, while Aang wants to keep him as a pet, which leads to a fun little chase scene. But when Momo flies off the edge of a deck and down to a destroyed building below, only Aang can get to him with his Airbending, but when he arrives at the building he finds the corpse of his teacher, Monk Gyatso, and enters the Avatar State. Just as Katara brought him into the Avatar State in the previous episode, she gets him out of it in this one, further showing their strong relationship.
    Aang finally embraces the fact that the world has descended into chaos without him, and that he has to step up and embrace his destiny in order to restore peace.
    All in all, this episode presented some major character development for Aang, who finally wants to be the hero, and a good bit of fun.
  • The group heads towards a temple

    I give this episode a 10 because flash back episodes reveal a lot about a character and in this case it is Aang. Aang, Sokka, and Katara go to the air temple that Aang lived in. Katara and Sokka find out something dramatic that they must try to hide from Aang. This episode shows a lot what happened in Aangs past. There is even a new character that adds to the group. Meanwhile, Zuko must return to the fire nation to repair the damages to his ship and also keep it a secret that the Avatar has returned so he can capture him himself.
  • The group travels to the southern air temple to start there journey. While there Aang shows them a bit of his culture and about his friend and mentor Giatso. Aang learns the terrible truth of the war and the nations are revealed to his rebirth

    After watching the whole series, I decided to rewatch the series again on dvd so that i could pay more attention to detail and some of the underlying things that happen that you don't pick up on while watching a series where each episode is played once. I restarted from the beginning and got to book one chapter 3, the southern air temple. After re-watching this episode i was appalled about how great of an episode it was. It gives a first real look into Aangs home and life. I really like in episodes where the story is taken back to the past and a scene is shown from that time period. In this chapter it shows a scene from Aangs past where he battles strife of being the avatar and tries to see if monk Giatso can help him overcome his ineptness of wanting to be the avatar. This scene is moving and becomes sad as later on in the episode Aang finds his best friend and mentors skeleton surrounded by fire nation soldier uniforms which triggers him into the avatar state. I thought it was a great idea to show four different temples in each nation with the avatar statues eyes lit up. To ease up on the emotional ache of Aang and learning his culture doesn't exist anymore they added some humor in the episode. Sokka playing Aang in the air temple sport and the whole Momo joining the group eases what is supposed to be a traumatic episode. Overall i thought this episode was great!!, and almost all the chapters where the past is revisited intrigues me especially in this series. Overall excellent episode
  • aang arrives home to the southern air temple but is in for a big surprise

    aang, sokka and katara arrive at the southern air temple however it is completely desserted. katara and sokka believe that the fire nation destroyed all the air nomads but aang remains optimistic but his hope is crushed when he stumbles across his master monk geatso's remains. He once again activates his avatar state which is fueled by his rage. When aang goes into the avatar state the rest of world becomes aware that he is still alive.

    the other storyline in this episode we see prince zuko and his crew land at fire nation dock in search of ship repairs. He comes across commander zhao. zhao finds out zuko had the avatar in custody but he got away. zhao restrains zuko and says that he will capture the avatar. zuko challenges zhao to an agni kai (fire duel) in which must be said is the greatest fight so far zuko defeats zhao and leaves.

    This episode is a more character developing episode for aang. How he copes with the anger over losing his people. We learn that zuko has been banished and capturing the avatar is the only way to get back his honour. The avatar cycle is introduced. the fight between zhao and zuko was brilliant with some great music. There wasn't really any bad points about the episode there maybe could have been another flashback but we had good progression to the story.
  • momo is now a new member of the gaang.

    aang goes back to his home, the Southern Air Temple. he hasnt been there in 100 years. katara and sokka try to tell him that a lot can happen in 100 years. they both know that the fire nation destroyed the air temples and that there is no more airbenders except for aang. the gaang arrive there and aang realizes that it looked more alive 100 years ago. then aang opens a door only to see a whole line of past avatars. he sees the previous avatar and his name is roku. then aang fins out that his most closest friend (monk gyatso) is dead so he goes on rampage. katara calms him down and they are leaving the temple with aang realizing that he is the last airbender.
  • We learn more about Aang.

    The gang travels to the Southern Air Temple and learn more about Aang's past. However Aang finds out that all the airbenders are dead and I feel terrible for him. He finds out that he is the last airbender. This was a reaveling episode because we learn more about the character Aang. We also find out that Aang goes into the Avatar state when he is angry and mad. The Avatar state is really strong and my first favorite thing in this episode because it was totally strong and that is the best. He finds out that his master is dead and feel sorry for him.
  • We learn more about the backstory of aang

    It's been over a hundred years and Aang only wants to see home again. His friends warn him that the Fire Nation might of wiped out the airbedners because no one has seen one in all the time Aang has been gone. Aang shrugs it off with a smile, home should be just as he remembers it. It almost always amazes me how well the writers and animators of this show are able to show the vastness of death and loss and love and caring without going overboard or going to deep for children to understand. This episode is a great example of that and does it so well you don't even notice. We learn aangs story and why he ran away and what happened when he became avatar. I highly recommend this episode. I give it a 9.3
  • katara, sokka, and aang go to a temple

    Aang is excited about finally going home again for the first time in one hundred years, but he is shocked to find out that the temple is deserted. Aang tells Sokka and Katara about his childhood as they explore the temple, but they soon discover something that Aang never expected, also Aang discovers a new friend that joins them throughout their journey. Meanwhile, Prince Zuko must make repairs to his ship, and the only way he can do it is to dock his ship at his rival's naval base. This was a great way to explain the avatar a bit and great to see another avatar and where aang lives
  • And the hits keep coming! Following up on the 2-part kick off, Episode 3 starts the characters on the journey. If there was any question that the momentum established previously would fade, this one puts those worries to rest.

    In a show that relies on a complex storyline, there is always the question of how much of a character's history needs to be revealed to the viewers so that they can begin to understand future actions. It is especially tricky when dealing with the main character. In the Southern Air Temple, the creators have decided to explore Aang's past through the use of flashback sequences. The flahbacks, in this case, augment the present day story. They are interspersed beautifully so as to enhance the plot and not take away from the ongoing events.

    The critical scene of this episode is Aang's discovery of the tragic death of his mentor and friend. This discovery triggers the uncontrollable Avatar state and we see immediately the connection between Aang and Katara. There is a depth of emotion shown that is entirely genuine and incredibly well presented. Again, another example of the maturity of this animated tale.

    Less critical, but just as well done is the side story of Zuko's battle with Zhao. Zhao will become a main antagonist and his character is established nicely.

    This episode demonstrates the parallel plot technique for Aang and Zuko that will be prevalent throughout the series. Both are well done in this finely plotted installment.
  • As Aang comes to terms with the full extent of the horrors of the war, Zuko and his uncle meet the main villain for this season, the mighty Commander Zhao.

    Aang, being his normal naively optimistic self, refuses to believe the Air Nomads are dead. He, visits the Southern Air Temple, Aang's home. Sokka and Katara know exactly what to expect, but neither of them have the heart to tell Aang.
    Meanwhile, we encounter the 'split episode' format once again, with half the episode devoted to Aang, and the other half devoted to our antihero, Zuko. Zuko has to have his ship repaired. Whilst it's repaired we're introduced to Commander Zhao, the naval officer with huge sideburns, and an even bigger temper. Zhao wants to know how Zuko's ship was damaged, but no way is Zuko telling him the Avatar is still alive.
    At the Air Temple, Aang has a flashback about his now dead master, Monk Gyatso, from the flashback we gain valuable insight into his character, and the now dead Air Nomads.
    Zhao eventually finds out how Zuko's ship was damaged, and naturally, with two people as hotheaded as Zhao and Zuko, a fight begins, but not a run-of-the-mill brawl, an official firebending duel.
    After gaining some insight into the Avatar and the process of reincarnation, Aang eventually discovers the corpse of Gyatso, despite Katara's attempts to hide it from him. The revelation that he's the last airbender sends him into the Avatar State, and the energy released informs the world, including the Fire Nation, that the Avatar has returned.

    Meanwhile, Zuko's duel with Zhao has begun, in one of the best fights of the series, the two firebenders duke it out, eventually, Zuko, with his uncle's advice, beats Zhao, and the plot is resolved.
  • Aang vists his home, now deserted. Katara tries to hide the evidence of the air nomads destruction from Aang. Zuko is getting his ship repaired and challanges Commander Zhao to a fire dual.

    Aang vists his home, now deserted. Katara tries to hide the evidence of the air nomads destruction from Aang. Zuko is getting his ship repaired and challanges Commander Zhao to a fire dual. We learn about Monk Gyatso who taught Aang airbending. Aang discovers a statue of Avatar Roku the Avatar before him. Roku is supposed to help Aang to be the avatar. Aang also finds Momo the spotted bat flying lemur. Aang discovers Gyatso's skeleton and goes into the avatar state. Zhao finds out Zuko found the avatar and Zuko challanges him. Awesome fight sequence. Zuko wins and they leave to continue the chase. Aang calms down and they also leave.
  • Aang dreams of going home, but home doesn't always stay the way you left it.

    It's been over a hundred years and Aang only wants to see home again. His friends warn him that the Fire Nation might of wiped out the airbedners because no one has seen one in all the time Aang has been gone. Aang shrugs it off with a smile, home should be just as he remembers it. It almost always amazes me how well the writers and animators of this show are able to show the vastness of death and loss and love and caring without going overboard or going to deep for children to understand. This episode is a great example of that and does it so well you don't even notice.
  • Aang journeys home, only to find disaster.

    The Southern Air Temple gives us a look into Aang's past for the first time. We learn about Monk Gyatso, and also about some of the past Avatars. I enjoyed seeing Aang and Sokka play Air Ball, that was a good light hearted moment for a somewhat sad episode. Zuko's brawl with Zhao was an exciting moment. At first, I wasn't sure who would win, but I was satisfied with the result. Zhao is an interesting character, but he is not very honorable. Iroh starts to amuse me in this episode, and continues to in later episodes. The Avatar State further proves its power in this episode. I love the "fluff" between Aang and Katara towards the end of this episode. This was a great entry to the Avatar series. It was very revealing, and introduced the super cute Momo. ^_^

    I hold this episode very close to my heart. It's unforgettable.
  • The newly formed gang head to the Southern Air Temple where they learn a lot about Aang's past.

    I really, really liked this episode. It showed Aang's emotional side and how much the gaang care for each other. It introduces 3 main characters: Momo the winged lemur, Monk Gyatso, Aang's gaurdian and mentor, and Admiral Zhao, a master firebender who is the primary villian for Book 1. This episode was very well thought out, my favourite part was when Aang entered the Avatar State after discovering Gyatso's corpse. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed The Southern Air Temple, luckily I have it on DVD so I can watch it again. This episode is a must watch. I give it 9 out of 10.
  • After the series has settled in the episodes begin to develop and the characterization begins to form.

    Classic episode which leaves nothing out. After the introductions in the first two episodes "The Southern Air Temple" sets the pace for the rest of the season. We see the origins of Aang and discover that he is the last airbender see the history of Price Zuko and welcome Zhao and Momo to the cast. One of the reasons we see that this episode is truly amazing is that the audience begins to see a parallel between Aang and Zuko, noth must come to grips with who they are, what he world is and what they must do. Above all this though is my personal favorite part, the Agni Kai, a fire duel between Zuko and Zhao, harmonically done.
  • The gang travel to the southern air temple, to discover the fate of Aang's people. However, Sokka and Katara are skeptical, as no one has seen an air nomad in a hundred years. Meanwhile, Zuko is forced to stop and repair his ship at a Fire Nation port.

    This episode is near the beginning, and as such, it plays out in a somewhat introductory manner. It effectively provides small amounts of backstory for the war, as well as Aang and Zuko's previous experiances. It does this in a way which both increases the viewer's understanding, but still shows that there is more that they need to know. We are able to see the cruel and unstoppable power of the fire nation, as they were able to reach the air temples and once there, carry out a genocidal attack on the peaceful nomads. Another pivotal point is the introduction of Zhao, an arrogant and power-hungry fire nation commander. It is clear that Zuko is something of an underdog, and that he will not be the only one hunting the avatar. Overall this episode comes off well, with a good setup of the action that is to follow.
  • It delivers chills... and heartwarmth. For all of you sentimental Avatards.

    The avatar state not only triggers power in Aang, but emotion in us as well. A chill. Brrr!!!Since the new episodes haven't been airing, I saw the Western Air temple again. A small question arised though. It is the Second time he went into the avatar state, but the First time the whole world noticed! Or did they, and the show just didn't show it. Anyways, When Aang goes Avatar, its very-emotional to the viewer. We understand that its not just some glow thing. This is shown first by gentleness, then Rage, & then reverse. When sokka touches Aang on the back, he becomes so enraged in the thought that he starts to glow. Then there was the fury, the magnitude of power stikes an audience as well. Then the is the calming, brought by katara, to fill us with warmth and reassurance.

    It puts the "Awe" in "Awesome".
  • A very touching episode.

    I really liked this episode. It showed where Aang came from and a little bit about his past. It is also a very important step for Aang in learning about the job of the Avatar and his history. Entering the sanctuary was a new experience for both Katara and Sokka as well as Aang. It was extremely sad when Aang discovered the truth about the fire nation's raid of the temple and the death of Monk Gyatso. His emotions were so strong that it triggered the Avatar state. And even when he finally calms down, he has to cope with the realization that he is the last airbender. It was an emotional episode.
  • It was an O.K. episode. I liked it's plot. It was exciting at the end.

    I think this episode was a very nice episode. Kataang was introduced in this episode. It was written by my third favorite writer on avatar, Michael Dante DiMartino. Mike always makes his storylines nice and exciting. In the previeus two episodes he wrote with the other co-creator of avatar, Bryan Konietzko. They do good work together, but this is my favorite they wrote so far in season 1. In this episode Zuko must repare his ship after it broke from the last episode. In this episode, Zuko must repare his ship while Commander Zhao is watching over him. Zuko doesn't want Zhao to know that the avatar has returned becuase he thinks it is his destiny to capture the avatar. Unfortunately, everyone now knows that Aang has returned because he went into the avatar state again, making everyone else know that he has returned. Great episode! You should watch!
  • After escaping from Prince Zuko, Aang sets a course for his home that he has not returned to for over 100 years, the Southern Air Temple. Meanwhile, Zuko confronts a potential rival in his quest to capture the Avatar, Commander Zhao.

    One of the greatest strengths of this episode is the strong development of the plot. I was most impressed with Zuko's character development. It is in this episode that we realize, why he is so obsessed with capturing the Avatar, and we start to understand the how difficult his life has been. The character development of Zuko is successfully executed to where the audience, for some odd reason, still feels sorry for him, although at this point in the story he looks a lot like the main vilian. I was impressed that our understanding of him wasn't learned just from dialouge. It was the great combination of voice acting, music, animation, and mood scenes that let us understand him better without it being explicitly said, and that is most impressive. Another part of the episode that is quite enjoyable was the Agni Kai battle between Zuko and Zhao. The battle sequence is certainly not the best we would see in the series, but what was very impressive was the tone and the emotion. The music that accompanied the duel should be nominated for some sort of award because it was absolutely fantastic. The drum beats that are prevalent throughout the musical piece, symbolized the rising intensity of the battle. The orange-tinted sky in the background also aids in the feeling of intensity, both in emotion and physicality. The entire sequence was one of the classic moments in the history of Avatar. The episode also develops the character of Aang effectively as well. This episode makes the audience understand that Aang, although he is a being of great power, still has the characteristics of an innocent child. This is evident in all those scenes where Katara tries to hide all evidence and does not metion what the airbenders' fate were. This leads to a great climax in the end, where he learns of the fate of his mentor. This scene was powerful enough to affect me emotionally as well. I understand his loss and begin to wonder what it would be like to lose a friend. This episode, along with the others in the Avatar series, taps into the emotions that all humans share, and that is why so many people are entertained by the show. Everyone can relate to it in some way or another. The success of this episode was its powerful emotional scenes, and it is one the best episodes in season one.
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