Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 16

The Southern Raiders

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 17, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • No development and a sad attempet of tear-jerker episode.

    This episode made no sense. All of a sudden Katara's is angry because of her mother's death. Something she has known all along and has mentioned several times. Yes she did say that Zuko reminded her of the fire nation but she did not act so hostile to him. Her Anger towards him was unjustified and completly irratonal and is compleltly unjustified. Her anger was not apparant in previous episodes. She seemed like a revenge hungry prude. It made me like Katara even less. Also Zuko's thirst for revenge contrasts with his road toward to change. Also his sudden dislike for revenge at the end, was also ridiculous. The recount of her mother's death was also melodramatic. Of course, they didn't show how her mother died, its a children's program. But the story coming towards that point was stale. It was not like The Storm, where you learn how Zuko got his scar. The episode left me with an important question. How did the firebenders know their was another waterbender? why did the man kill katara's mother why not just taker her to prison. Why didn't he ask Kya to show her waterbending powers. If this man is so evil, why has he become a bumbling idiot. I always believed Kya was killed protecting Katara from fire blast when fire nation soilder were attacking the north pole. Not this drivel "Can I borrow momo for a week?"
  • zuko helps katara track down the person who killed her mother in an effort to befriend her.

    this was the first time seeing sokka show any sadness towards his mothers death, he always seemed to be able to brush it off easily, but we find out it's not the case he unlike katara prefers not to stir up painful memories or even talk about them. and i also liked seeing zuko and sokka's strong friendship peer it's cute little head again. katara's bending abilities were awesome, she was just so amazing strength wise, but character wise she was disappointing she might have finally accepted zuko, but she still hurt sokka's feelings telling him that he didn't care about their mother like she did and didn't apologize at all, sure he forgave her for it but the ending felt lacking.
  • The Southern Raiders episode was action packed, dramatic, yet controversial.

    Katara is known for being calm and loving, but her angered clouded her better judgment throughout the entire episode. For instance, when she suggested that Sokka didn't love their mother as much as she did, blatantly being disobedient to Aang by taking Appa without permission, and ignoring Aang's advice which was pretty good. Also, her display of water bending was furious and she used the forbidden blood blending, as Zuko looked on in amazement or perhaps fear.

    The murderer is a cowardly and pathetic man who could careless for his own mother---which could explain why he had no remorse for killing Katara's mother. Katara meets with her mother's murderer, but halts from ending his life. At the end, she doesn't know why she wasn't able to kill him, but she insisted that she will never forgive him---yet she relieves the grudge she had against Zuko.

    Although the message at the end of the episode was "violence is not the answer", it seems to suggest that it's okay to hate someone who has done a terrible wrong to you, and that it's good to forgive someone ONLY if they do something good for you in return. Pent up anger can lead to serious consequences--as we seen Katara's furious water bending, and blood bending (Not to mention Zuko's battle with anger throughout the show PERIOD). I understand that Katara lost someone really special and important in her life, but for her to say that she'll never forgive her murderer---I dunno, it kind of makes her a bit of a hypocrite. I just think that the end message of this episode was a bit obscured.
  • Katara and Zuko leave to go find the killer of Katara's mother.

    This episode was one of my favourites at the time I watched it. However, as time went on, I realized it was only because it was the only new episode I'd had in months. But, anyway, it was still pretty epic.

    The episode was horridly humorous. The Zuko/Sokka/Suki scene made me ROFL 'till my abs hurt. I'm surprised they even let that on Nick.

    A darker side was brought out of Katara, a MUCH darker side than we've seen. She was two seconds away from killing that man and, honestly, she would've if the show wasn't on Nick. There was no character development there, it was just simply Nick putting their foot down.

    I also wished there would've been more blood bending. I mean, there was a WHOLE EPISODE dedicated to it and we barely got to see any blood bending throughout the whole series. That one pathetic scene was not nearly enough to satisfy our blood bending hunger. However, the episode proved Zutarians wrong in the sense that Zutara would never work and Aang is better for her. KATAANG FTW!

    Overall, the episode was pretty good, but the writers didn't take it far enough. It had so much potential. Oh well.
  • This is one of my personal favorite episodes because it shows the side of Katara that we do not usually see.

    This is a great episode, I love the way that it started and then got more and more intense and suprising. Katara and Zuko make a great team as Katara sets off the approach the man that killed her mother, Zuko there to help because he is the one that told Katara he knows who it is. They approach him and unexpecting things happen. This is a good episode to watch if you like the concept of Bloodbending, as we see some more of it. This episode revealed Katara's rage, good side, and her side of forgivness. This is a great episode.
  • A great episode that focuses on Katara.

    Zuko doesn't want Katara angry at him. Zuko thinks Katara is placing her mother's death on him, which is why she is pouring all her rage onto him. Zuko figures that if she can find the man who took away her mother, she could find peace. Zuko, after questioning Sokka, learns that the men that attacked the Southern Water Tribe that day were the Southern Raiders. This episode reveals how fierce and angry Katara could be against another individual. It is little scary to see her this way, especially when she used bloodbending on the first man she thought killed her parents, and even Zuko was slightly shocked by what she was doing.

    When the moment of truth comes, and Katara looks into the eyes of the man who killed her mother, she could not kill him. This really reveals how strong-willed Katara is. Even with all that waterbending strength, and all that rage built up inside her for what happened, she spared him. It made me like her character more.

    Even though she spared him, she refused to forgive him for what he had done. However, she was willing to forgive Zuko, who helped her reach some peace in her life. This episode has little action to see, and it still manages to be interesting. Some things I wished happen was more dialogue between Zuko and Katara. I was hoping for some after her encounter with the killer. Still it's a very nice episode that really delves into Katara.
  • This was the one that hooked me. Even though it gives a clear bad message...

    There was a time when I thought Avatar: The Last Airbender, was overrated. And, when I thought I couldn't stand it. That was, until I saw this episode. Now, there are some parts I call awful, other parts are pretty cool.

    The first part, if you know what I like - is humor. Sorry, but, there's no humor much to this. But, to tell truth, my laugh out loud moment is the Sokka/Suki/Zuko thing. HAHHAHH! Nick, what the heck? Also, isn't just me? Or did anyone laugh at the part where Katara beats the whole attacking groups and Zuko just stands there? Well, I did!

    Yet, the drama seems pretty top-notch. I mean, Katara wants here mother back. But, it was really kinda cliche, you know. I mean, the girl finding here mother's killer. Where have I seen that before? Also, I'm not one of those fans who likes shippings, but, the whole Zutara episode is just sending the wrong message to the viewers everywhere. Please, oh PLEASE, do not fool us with fake plotholes?

    Overall, this episode was not the finest, but it's good as it is.
  • Episode that everyone should watch..

    This episode was just spectacular and i think that Zuko and Katara were3 perfect going on this mission together as they have both lost their mother`s.Katara and Zuko attaking the ship man wwas awesome exspecially the part when she was clearly bloodbending,Zuko`s a@@ was scared as h@@@!Aang was really mature in this episode and seemed to be the vioce of the reason for once.The Sokka and Suki s@@ scene (well almost) was kinda gross,exspecielly becuase there were CHILDRE UNDER 15 around to here (and maybe see) them.The part where Katara froze the rain,was amazing!In the end,it was clear Katara wasnt going to go through with it becuase of two reasons.1.She didnt have it in her and 2.Because this is a kid`s show.All in A
  • Awesome character development and another field trip with Zuko.

    You could really feel the end of this wonderful cartoon coming to an end; some loose ties are being knitted up, such as the one this episode concentrates on, the death of Sokka and Katara's mother. Although there wasn't a magnificent story or plot twist, the character development was just fantastic. Throughout the whole episode we've seen a different Katara; one that looked strikingly like Zuko in the first season; pulsing with much anger and hate. And it ends nicely with Katara deciding not to kill the man that killed his mother. Seeing the former captain cry in the rain like that was a pitiful sight and almost made you feel glad Katara didn't kill him.
  • Katara comes to grips about her mother's death

    I liked this episode. In this episode, Katara in the beginning still holds on to the grudge against zuko. I liked this episode because Katara learns to let go of revenge, which is ultimately futile. Katara was so passionate about her mothers death, that she would murder the man who did it. But when she actually got to killing the man, she didn't do it. She realized that revenge was just a viscious and pointless cycle. Katara really grew in this episode, and she forgave Zuko for his past Actions. Also I loved the last two lines where Zuko asks Aang, that if Revenge isn't the answer, what would he do when he faced the fire lord? That was one of the best endings to an avatar episode ever. Just a plain great episode. Again, if you think about EVERYTHING logically and cynically, you'll find minor faults in everything in the episode, but i advise you to just go with the flow and not get too worked up as some people i see are on this website.
  • The Southern Raiders

    The Southern Raiders was a perfect episode of Avatar The Last Airbender because it addresses one of the few remaining questions before the series finale goes into motion. I thought it was great that we finally learned the truth about Katara and Sokka's mother and what happened to her. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Zuko and Katara were at odds because Katara has not come to trust him yet. With his help in finding her mother's killer Zuko earns her trust and respect. I found it interesting how both her and Sokka had a trip with Zuko in regards to each of their parents. This episode had a lot of depth and substance as well as valuable lessons. I look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!
  • i loved this episode, it had soo many good points to it.

    i'm a big zutara fan, and i'm sure other fans like me enjoyed zuko and katara kind of bonding, and i am so happy that katara finally forgave zuko. but i was soooo happy that we finally found out who killed katara's mom and why. i was kind of dissapointed that katara didn't kill that guy, but it was like katara's character not to, but i wish she would have at least hurt him, but i am glad she took aangs advice. but before all of this, i wish the gang didn't have to split up when azula attacked them. but it was probably just classic that the original gang, (plus zuko, and toph i guess) went together. i loved this episode!!!
  • This episode is very tense, great to finally see what happend to Kaya

    When the gang wakes up to a fire nation attack they decide fast to break up. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Suki escape on Appa. While Hakoda, Haru, The Duke, Chit Sang, and Teo escape on the stolen warship. When the gang gets to safety it seems like everyone is comfortable with Zuko except Katara. Zuko looking to bond with Katara tells her that he can find her mother's killer. Before they depart Aang tells Katara not to get revenge but to just release her anger. In the end Katara confronts her mother's killer and bonds with Zuko....... Well HELLO
  • My fifth favorite episode of Avatar.

    "The Southern Raiders" is an episode of the great series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" that aired during a week long premiere week of episodes leading up to the series finale "Sozin's Comet" called "Countdown to the Comet" and it was AWESOME! Up until I saw the two hour series finale, it was my favorite episode in the series. It was about a Zuko and Katara field trip, kinda like the rest of the episodes in the premiere week about characters having a field trip with Zuko, but this one was the best. Action packed, somewhat funny, equals a great episode. AWESOME 10/10.
  • all zutara fans must of like it i was on the half and half but good, it was good i didnt like how katara didnt kill the one guy but it was cool because she listening to aangs advice good episode and how they used this when toph clung to zuko for ajourney

    LOL pretty good episode just a little less katara/zuko time i prefer seeing katara/aang time but yea all zutara fans must of liked it lol It was all about mercy and revenge so it was pretty good lol. Zuko knowing who killed kataras mother was a big twist but was pretty cool if you ask me. I think it deserves a 10 just next time creaters make it with more aang and katara lol. But the newly found freinds at the end with zuko and katara was a good way to bring them from her hating him to sorta a small relationship that could break at a given moment. Good job Guys!!! i still think it was a big twist in reality but i liked it over all.
  • Several Questions were answered.

    This ep started out hot and heavy when Azula attacked the WAT. The battle atop the war ship between Zuko and Azula really showed Zuko's newly found firebending. It seems like Zuko has grown more powerful and skilled since joining aang. Katara's distrust of Zuko reaches its boiling point and Zuko knows that he must act. What better way to make it yp to Katara than leading her and her anger to her mothers killer. We also finally see and hear Katara's mother whose name is Kya. The bloodbending also returns as Katara's anger begins to blind her. We find out that that the Killer is retired and appears weak and lifeless. Despite her rage Katara stops herself from killing him. That really shows that katara is not an evil person. The ep ends with Katara forgiving Zuko. In all, this ep was very entertaining.
  • i think the episode was very good and had a great plot but could have had more conflicts between the characters

    personally i think the episode could have been a little better. there should have been a little bit more of a conflict between Katara and Sokka. Even though katara was the one who last saw her mother, it should have had sokka more affected by what happened to their mom.

    Also they should have had zuko confront katara about what happened to his mother too and maybe about her blood bending too.. seemed appropriate.

    but overall it was a good episode. they've been talking about what happend to katara and sokka's mother for a while now but we never knew what exactly happened, so it was good to finally find out.
  • Basically, Zuko helps Katara find the man responsible for killing her and Sokka's mom. But, will revenge get the better of Katara, or will she become a stronger person by doing the right thing? Also, will trust finally be gained between Zuko and Katara?

    Overall, not a terrible episode, overall. I did think that Katara was letting the whole revenge concept get to her head, but it is understandable where she's coming from. I did think, though, that Katara was way out of line with her comment to Sokka about him apparantly not loving their mother the way that she did. It almost seemed to me that she was implying that maybe maybe Sokka didn't even love their mom at all, but this is just me. And, the fact that she's telling Aang that he doesn't understand where she's coming from with her revenge bit, that seemed pathetic on her part.
  • This is the part where it starts to go off Kutara, but still has Kataang.

    It was an alright episode, and I thought, it was well plotted. If it was longer, and if it was a two-parter just like "The Boiling Rock", theyre could have been more detail when Katara and Zuko were riding Appa.

    Sokka was kinda hilarious in this episode (but he was more hilarious in the next episode after "The Southern Raiders".

    I wish we could see more of Young Katara and Sokka. There so adorable. I know, I'm a boy... but they are :P.

    Until Avatar: The Last Airbender continues, it's still unknown if Kutara happens or even... Kataang. This left many excited for the finale, in where Katara, may have to make a choice.
  • All Zutara fans must be happy in this episode...

    In the 16th episode of avatar the last airbender, katara is getting bad at zuko, but zuko wants to be friends with katara. so he goes to sokka and ask what happened to her mother. Sokka says that they were taken away by a fire nation raid. Zuko knows who did it, it was the southern raiders.

    So he tells katara and katara wants to see him and get revenge on the guy who took there mother away. so at night they sneak out on appa on go to the southern raiders. but aang tells them to forgive and not take on revenge.

    So they find the southern raiders and katara bloodbends, but it's not the guy they're looking for. the other guy retired and is in another town. so they go for him, when they find him, katara does some fancy waterbending moves, but doesn't seek revenge.

    Overall, this is a really good episode and it really shows what happened in katara and sokka's mother. it's very well written too and with some nice bending moves.
  • It's a jam-packed episode, with flashbacks, revenge, and forgiveness stuffed inside, but it was well worth the watch. Well worth.

    This episode was really, really, good, in my opinion. I applaud the writers for fitting so much information and stuff in.

    Anyways, this episode was about Zuko wondering why Katara won't forgive him, even though everyone else in the gang has. He finds out from Sokka, who had this very humorous scene that involved roses in candles but that's not the point, that their mother has been killed by the Fire Nation. Zuko tells Sokka to describe anything about the ship, and he eventually realizes with the information Sokka gave him that it was the Southern Raiders who was responsible for the death of Kya.

    In an attempt to recieve forgiveness from Katara, he tells her that he knows who killed her mother, and can help her find him so that she can have her revenge.

    Not everyone is happy. Cue Aang giving some speech about forgiveness and letting go of anger.

    Anyways, to make this all short, they DO find the man responsible for Kya's death, but Katara does not kill him, but calls him pathetic and no-hearted. They both leave.

    Once they get back to where the gang is, Katara tells them (Zuko and Aang) that she will never forgive the man who killed her mother, but is ready to forgive Zuko. Hug. All is well.

    Once again, I think this was a really good episode. As much as I would've wanted a longer episode, like of Boiling Rock length, there is nothing I can really do.

    One of my favorite parts of this episode was when Sokka was in his tent, surrounded by candles, a rose in his mouth. It seems funny to kids, but in the adult's mind? Lulz.

    I give this an A, because it was enjoyable, touching at times, full of action-packed win, and sprinkled with a hint of humor.

    And blood bending. Heh.

    (Although something that irks me, but isn't really related to the episode, is the name of Katara's mother. Kya. But, it's pronounced Kee-yah, so shouldn't it be spelled Kiya? That's just me.)
  • Zuko and Katara set out to confront the fire nation soldier who killed Sokka and Kataras mother in order to get closure

    This episode gets very Deep and very dark, and was said to be the most intense episode in the entire series and be a real tearjerker by the creators. over all The Southern Raiders is a very well written, very well acted, and very well played out episode. This episode is one of the best episodes of Book three and of the entire series, which is coming to an end very soon. and now, I'm just stalling because I have to make this review at least One hundred words long at the minimum so, just a few more words, there!

    Qoute: " oh, you better remember me like your life depents on it! "
  • An excellent episode but have to admit was not quite as good as its predecessor (Boiling rock).

    First to get this out of the way, my rating of 8.8 does not mean I did not like this episode, on the contrary I though this episode was quite good just not a perfect 10 worthy.

    The beginning of the episode was absolutely great, the fight between zuko and azula was awesome and we were able to see that zuko is now able to fight toe to toe with azula and is just as powerful. In the following scene we see, with the exception of katara, the gang has accepted zuko and feel he is a hero for rescuing them from azula in the previous scene. Zuko reveals, after finding out about the death of kya from sokka, that he might know where the leader of the southern raiders might be, who is suspected of murdering kya ( sokka's and katara's mother). From this point it is Katara turn to leave with Zuko on a mission of finding the killer.

    Zuko personality in this episode did not seem to resemble his personality in the last few episodes. He seemed a lot darker and still filled with anger, and encouraged katara to seek revenge on her mother's killer. Katara also seemed out of character in this episode, not her usual calm and logical self, though it is probably understandable due to her closeness with her mother. Katara used blood bending again, which was a cool scene. The only thing I found weird was that she used blood bending so quickly on the fire nation soldier, considering that when the first time she used it she was so distraught.

    Other than that I thought the episode flowed quite well and was overall a very good watch and would recommend other to watch it as well.
  • Despite what others are saying, this is my favorite episode so far!!!! :D

    The Southern Raiders was one of the most kick butt episodes so far!!! It balanced humor, action, and emotion all at the same time!! And despite what others thing of it, I think it was just as great as it was.

    Many of you thought it was rushed, which is exactly what I first thought when I watched it the first time on TV. but re-watching it, I realized that it was at a steady pace, and got what it needed to accomplish in a reasonable manner. Many of you also said Katara should have killed the man who killed Kya. But, what would that do? Katara would become nothing more than Yon Rha, killing someone for not reason. And even though he did kill her mother, killing him wouldn't resolve the pain, it would only make it worse. So I'm glad she didn't (though it was obvious she wouldn't).

    The comedy was what made it. Sokka and Suki part was just..pure gold (my family was just discussing Sokka and Suki's intimate relationship just before it aired too XD). They are truely masters of the censorship to get that through!

    Oh and I want to mention how awesome it was to here their mom's name is Kya!! :D And finally know the reason why she died! Which I did not expect!!!

    The ninja mode was also pretty tight too. And the whole bloodbending, once again tight! Thought I know you all think there should have been more bloodbending, which I agree on that part. But it was very shocking and awesome to see Katara actually bloodbending, without any remorse! So, that settled me enough.

    And the ending, the very last line Zuko said to Aang, was great. Just a great set-up to the reality he'll have to face soon.

    All and all, this was one of the most mind-blowing episodes ever!
  • The episode was just GREAT!!!

    I've been waiting to see a new Avatar episode for GOD knows how long? But this episode was a great one just like every other episode in Avatar.
    But this episode was a bit different, cause the fact that in this episode Katara was mad and Aang was the one trying to calm her down. And she showed how much she has grown in water bending. She really showed her strength in this episode. With the blood bending and all. Then there was the funny part of Sokka, he was so funny with a Rose in his mouth and all. But the main factor is that Zuko also learned a valuable lesson that Uncle has been trying to teach him for a long time. "Anger is no good"
    This episode was just so funny, like always, but i didn't see Toph a lot in this episode. That was sad, cause she can also throw some funny jokes.
    So i can give this episode a BRILLIANT 10 for it's great story. Avatar never seems to disappoint us...
  • Don't listen to the bashing this episode received. Besides being somewhat rushed, it was still quite excellent.

    My big problem I've had with Season 3 has been the random plots placed into the season, unlike Season 2 which just flowed smoothly and beautifully. This doesn't mean however that each episode isn't good on it's own, because most of them are. In fact, I feel Season 3 surpasses Season 1 and 2 in more then one way.

    Let's first say some of its cons. Lack of Toph, we really need more. It was rushed, being crammed in a half an hour. The ending itself didn't resolve to much either.

    Now the awesomesauce: Azula vs Zuko-What a cool fight. Zuko is now just as awesome as Azula in my opinion. Their evenly matched fight proved it.

    Characters-Zuko was not a dork at all in here, he was actually a bit dark at times. Sokka and Suki were funny too. And face it, Katara just isn't like she was. She was always calm and collect, but after Crossroads, she's found it harder to control her emotions and bitterness. If Avatar fans will just remember they actually love this show and they didn't want Katara to be a mary-sue, then this can be a good thing. Overall, great episode. 9/10.
  • Katara is told by Zuko that he can help her find the man that killed her mother.

    A decent episode in the Avatar series, this is by far the darkest episode for Katara that you will probably ever see. The story though is predictable. I've seen it before. Person (Katara) seeks out revenge or at least closure. Friend (Aang) calls out and says violence isn't the answer and neither is revenge. Person chases down villian (killer of Katara's mother) to seek revenge but instead doesn't, because they are too good at heart. That in a nutshell is basically the episode. I was even slightly put off with how Katara used bloodbending on the man she thought was the killer. Didn't she fear using the technique after the Puppetmaster? Well, some fans can argue on this, but it does succeed in showing how far she is willing to go down the dark path. The thing that really wrapped up this episode for me and decide to give it a good review might have been when Katara had let go of her anger and Zuko asked Aang, probably the most ironic question of the series: "If you're so against violence, then what do you plan to do to my father?" Also I enjoyed the action packed opening and comedy of Sokka and Suki.

    The Southern Raiders, Chapter 16 of Book 3 : Fire, was a tearjerker, sad, and very intense.IN fact, it was the most epic episode so far. In the beginning, Azula attacks the gang in their sleep, at the Western Air temple. The gang gets seperated, with Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph,and Suki on Appa and Zuko fending off Azula, the other escape through a hole. They manage to escape, and go camping somewhere else. Zuko and Katara fight. Sokka tells what happenede at the raid of the south.According to the info from Sokka, Zuko knows how to find the people that killed their mother. Zuko and Katara go and search out for him.After invading what seems to be succesful, it turns out the murdered has retired. Zuko and Katara finally find him, questioning him.Though Katara didn't hurt him, she wouldn't forgive him. But she forgave Zuko. Ah. This episode, Overall, was so intense. It started with a BANG, literally, and ended with passion from some friends.
  • Katara confronts the person who killed her mom!

    The beginning of this ep was good, i liked the fight Zuko and Azula had. It showed once again that Zuko has greatly improved in his firebending cause he held up a good fight against Azula. But i did notice that when Zuko fell of the balloon while facing Azula the music the Iroh has starts playing for a lil while. Then later in the ep Zuko says he knows who killed Katara and Sokka's mom. After this when Katara goes to get Appa Aang says something like "is it your turn to take a field trip with Zuko". He was referring to the fact the During The Firebending Masters Zuko and Himself learned to trust one another. In The Boiling Rock (part 1 and 2) Sokka and Zuko start to trust one another and become friends so in this ep its Katara's turn. Then person who killed their mom was a pathetic person and lives with his mom lmao. However i did notice in some flash backs. (Sokka has we never saw her again or something like that)and The dude who took her away sad that hes not taking any prisoners witch prob means He Burned HER ALIVE. All in all i thought this ep was pretty cool.
  • There were moments I enjoyed.

    There were moments in this episode I absolutely loved. Katara using bloodbending again was nice, and her emotional journey about finding her mother's killer was well done. However, overall I have to say this episode just didn't work for me. The initial fight proved to be pointless, and really felt like just a way to get them out of the Western Air Temple. After that, the events just felt too rushed. They managed to find the Southern Raiders far too easily for my liking. Everything went by too fast, and before something could sink in, we were already somewhere else. The main problem I had with this episode is that nothing happened. The main point of this episode, I thought, was that we were going to learn about Katara and Sokka's mother, but she only appeared on screen for about two-three minutes at best. The only thing we really got was that she lied to protect Katara. I was honestly hoping for something more. Like, if we had learnt something that would play out in the finals. I suppose Katara and Zuko's relationship was repaired, but even that felt rushed. Honestly, I thought this would have worked better as a two-parter so the ideas, which were good, could have been fleshed out more.
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