Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 2 Episode 4

The Swamp

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Apr 14, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

A mysterious tornado pulls the kids into a supernatural swamp where Katara, Sokka, and Aang have mysterious visions. Meanwhile, Momo and Appa are chased by rogue swamp dwellers. What mysterious forces hide in this swamp, and will Aang get there in time to save Momo and Appa?moreless

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  • The Swamp

    The Swamp was a perfect, entertaining and haunting episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I enjoyed watching this episode because Aang is being called to a Swamp and a tornado splits the gang from Appa and Momo. I thought each had their own interesting adventure through the swamp. The little birds have a crazy scream, theres some sort of aligators, and a Swamp Thing! It was cool to meet new characters who were living in the swamp that turned out to be Waterbenders. I also enjoyed seeing Zuko and Iroh living as beggars. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • One of the better Avatar episodes.

    This episode is pack full of action and eastern ideas. This episode is a learning episode for Aang. Here he learns how everything in the world is connected (He also hears this from the Guru later on in the season). I really like this episode because it has many eastern ideas about how all things are connected and how the flow of energy is realted to the body. I think this episode is just shows the differnt people in the world and I feel like this is just a good episode. If I were you I would definatly try to watch this episode its and Avatar clasic.moreless
  • why do they ut fillers in a show thats only 65 eps long?

    wish they had done more with it. that ep and avatar day were useless fillers. Katara and aang could of at least stayed to learn how to bend water in the vines. Honestly it seems like aang is barely using waterbending at all this season. and we hardly see any training done since Aang is always fooling around. Aang- hey now that i've learned the basics lets go on mini vacations. WHATEVER if only they'd kill or lock up their opponents once in a while. Zuko Iroh and jun should of already been captured in the ep where they meet bato. Tylee should of died from sufficating when she was trapped in the drills sewage dispenser pipe. Zuko and Iroh should a stole Azula's ride lol.moreless
  • Meh.

    This episode felt more like a filler than anything. The message at the end wasn't really spectacular or interesting either; in fact it felt incomplete. There wasn't a really great emphasis on the whole "the swamp is one living organism" and so the episode feels like it is severely lacking. The action was pretty average; the fight with the "swamp monster" was all right, but again nothing spectacular. The only shining point of this episode is that although there were far funnier episodes in the past, the humour was still enlightening. Overall though the episode feels incomplete and lacking with some pretty average action scenes.moreless
  • Aang and the gang find themselves trapped in a swamp while searching for Momo and Appa.

    I can remember seeing previews for this episode. I hadn't started to watch Avatar yet, but I thought the preview looked cool XD Anywho, Aang, Katara, and Sokka find themselves trapped in a Swamp in the middle of nowhere. Appa and Momo are lost, and they are searching for them. In the middle of the search, they lose each other. And then they start hallucinating. Aang keeps seeing a girl with a flying boar in the trees, Katara keeps seeing her mother, and Sokka sees the Princess. When Aang chases the girl, he accidentally attacks Katara and knocks her to the ground. That part was funny! Another funny part was when the water benders told Katara they were sort of related since they were all waterbenders XD Katara looked like she would have rather been related to flies XDmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • After Katara breathes freezing air onto Sokka, the screen appears behind her while she breaks him free where you can see her bun is now part of her braid.

    • When Yue surprises Sokka before she disappears, you can see that her flowing hair is missing though it appeared when Sokka first saw her.

    • The cart carrying the masks in the beginning of the episode that passes by Zuko and Iroh has the Blue Spirit Mask in it.

    • As Aang's airbending charges towards the Swampbenders, Tho's right arm is missing.

    • The young woman who gives Iroh a coin is modeled after Dao Le, an editor for the show.

    • When we focus on Sokka fighting off the first vine attack, he's using his machete to slash at the vines. But after he tumbles down a branch to splash into the swamp water, he gets up to run and his machete is no longer in hand. Immediately after this we see the weapon again, but this time it has switched hands before we focus on Katara's battle with the swamp.

    • When Iroh stands up to sing, he sets his hat on the ground to his left. But when he dances, his hat has vanished. And when he sits back down with his hat, there are no coins in it anymore.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Tho: Where'd you say you was from?
      Katara: The South Pole.
      Tho: Didn't know there was Waterbenders anywhere but here. They got a nice swamp there, do they?
      Katara: No, it's all ice and snow.
      (Due and Tho stare at them)
      Tho: Mmm. No wonder you left.

    • Katara: But what did our visions mean?
      Huu: In the swamp, we see visions of people we've lost, people we've loved, folks we think are gone. But the swamp tells us they're not. We're still connected to 'em. Time is an illusion and so is death.

    • Due: How you like your possum chicken?
      Sokka: It tastes just like arctic hen.

    • Yue (to Sokka, in spirit cloud form): You didn't protect me.

    • Katara: So, who are you then?
      Huu (bends a vine out of their way): I protect the swamp from folks that want to hurt it. Like this fellow with his big knife.
      Sokka: See? Completely reasonable. Not a monster, (sheathes his machete) just a regular guy defending his home. Nothing mystical about it.

    • Huu: I reached enlightenment right here under the banyan grove tree. I hear it callin' me, just like you did.
      Sokka: Sure ya did. It seems real chatty.

    • Tho: Now what would a lemoo need a shirt fer?

    • Katara: Hey, you guys are waterbenders!
      Due (smiling): You too? That means we're kin!

    • Sokka (searching for Aang and Katara): Aang! (cuts a path in the vines before him with his machete) Stupid swamp! Dumb, ugly vines! Katara! (to another vine in his way) You think you're so tough, huh? (swings, misses, gets caught up in some vines, and falls flat on his face in the mud)

    • Due: What'd you reckon make a track like that, Tho?
      Tho: Don't know, Due. (points stick at footprint) Something with six legs. Pretty big'uns too.
      Due: Leaves a nice, wide trail to folla'.
      Tho: You know what's at the end of that trail? (Due shakes his head) Dinner.

    • Sokka: I think we should build a fire ... (runs over to a nearby tree and starts hacking away at it with his machete)
      Aang: Sokka, the longer we're here, the more I think you shouldn't be doing that.
      Sokka (sarcastically): No, I asked the swamp. It said this was fine. (to a nearby root) Right, swamp? (grabs the root and begins to shake as he fakes a reply in a funny voice) "No problem, Sokka!"

    • Due: Look at that, Tho. Is that little hairy fellow ridin' that thing?
      Tho: Naw, that's what they call a "lemoo," saw one at a travelin' show once. Real smart they say.
      Due: Bet he tastes a lot like possum chicken.
      Tho: You think everything tastes like possum chicken.
      Due (leaning forward and talking to Appa and Momo): C'mon now, fellas. Just a little closer. Nice and easy. Nothing to worry about. We just fixin' to eat ya.
      (Appa roars and runs away)
      Tho (angry): What'd ya say that fer?
      Due: Well, we are!
      Tho: But you don't have to tell'em that!
      Due (confused): Well how'd I know they'd understand me!
      Tho (exasperated): Come on!

    • Sokka (cutting through the brush): We better speed things up!
      Aang (concerned): Maybe... we should be a little nicer to the swamp.
      Sokka (continuing to chop through the vines): Aang, these are just plants! Do you want me to say "please" and "thank you" as I swing my machete back and forth?
      Katara: Maybe you should listen to Aang. Something about this place feels... alive.
      Sokka (slightly annoyed and gesturing with his machete): I'm sure there are lots of things that are alive here, and if we don't wanna wind up getting eaten by them, we need to find Appa as fast as we can.

    • Earth Kingdom Man: How about some entertainment in exchange for a gold piece?
      Zuko: We're not performers.
      Iroh: Not professional any way. (Iroh gets up and starts singing a song)
      Iroh: (singing) It's a long, long way to Ba-Sing-Se But the girls in the city They look so pretty--! Goatee Man: Come on we're talking a gold piece here. (pulls out swords) Lets see some action here! DANCE!

    • Iroh: Spare coins for weary travelers (pedestrian gives coins to Iroh)
      Zuko: This is humiliating. We're royalty, these people should be giving us anything we want. Iroh: They will if you ask nicely.

    • Iroh (to a girl): The coin is appreciated, but not as much as your smile. (the girl laughs and walks away, Zuko slaps his forehead)

    • Eath Kingdom Man: Nothing like a fat man dancing for his dinner here you go. (throws gold coin at Iroh)
      Iroh: Such a kind man.
      (Zuko glares at the Earth Kingdom man)

    • Katara: You have an elbow leech.
      Sokka: Where?
      Katara: Where do you think?
      Sokka: Why do things keep attaching to me?

  • NOTES (4)


    • The characters of Tho and Due are a obvious reference to Bo and Luke from Dukes of Hazzard. This is made clear by their first lines that are in the same style and mannerism of the Duke brothers:

      Due: What'd you reckon make a track like that, Tho?
      Tho: Don't know, Due.

    • When Sokka gets an elbow leech stuck to him, he screams "Why do things keep attaching to me?" He is referring to this, and in "Return to Omashu," where the pentapi from the secret entrance(the sewers) to Omashu attach to him.

    • When combined with waterbending, the skiffs that the Swamp Tribe used moved exactly like a motorboat would.

    • Although never mentioned in the episode, the names of two of the gators are later revealed to be "Slim" and "Derby." Both words correspond to the stereotypical southern United States theme of the Swamp tribe.

    • The last shot of the Swamp coming alive and actively swatting a bird is reminiscent of a similar shot of the Whomping Willow in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    • The statements "tastes like possum chicken" and "tastes just like Arctic hen" that were said in this episode are both takes on the old saying "tastes like chicken," commonly used to describe unfamiliar foods.

    • The huge tree that is "connected" to the forest resembles the tree in Miyazaki's, "Castle in the Sky." The tree in this movie was also connected to everything and all forms of life branched from it. Time being an illusion is also significant in the movie, for the flying tree city has old ruins and advanced technologies.

    • Huu reached enlightenment under the tree, just like the Buddha, Siddartha Guatama, who achieved "enlightenment," or understood the meaning of life, while sitting under a Bodhi tree.

    • The Swamp is a lot like the Fangorn Forest from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.