Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 4

The Warriors of Kyoshi

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Mar 04, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great Character Development, especially from Sokka!

    I love how the current Team Avatar develops in this episode, especially Sokka who learns from Suki that girls and boys can have equal abilities and that sex doesn't matter nearly as much as character and personality do!
  • The Warriors of Kyoshi

    The Warriors of Kyoshi was a really great episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Aang and the gang land on Kyoshi, an Island named after one of the past Avatars. I thought the elephant koi scene was fun and exciting. I also thought there was good character development for Sokka as he was humbled by the warriors of Kyoshi. Aang also learned a valuable lesson in this episode, that he can not put others at risk by staying in one place for too long with Zuko on his trail. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!
  • The gang goes to Kiyoshi island, but will the village be safe with the Avatar there?

    I love this episode... You already tell the problem from the beginning and that is Sokkas sexism, very common for a teenage boy. Aang and the gang take a break at Kiyoshi island. The scene where Aang ride the fish was enjoyable and fun and you sometimes even forget hes the avatar! After the gang get captured we get more rude remarks from Sokka, it was funny that Katara just called him an idiot. After Aang proves he is the avatar, the village is amazed. it was very funny that all the girls fell in love with Aang, and i liked how they copied off the chase scene from the beatles, classic. Another thing i like is that it wasnt all a waste. Katara and Aang get into arguments since Aang is being so concieted. It showed them more like brother and sister instead of friends.

    The funny parts of this episode were with Sokka. I was laughing out loud when Sokka got his butt kicked by Suki. He learned his lesson and i was surprised to see him come back to learn their ways of fighting. You can already tell the chemstry between Sokka and Suki. Finally the village gets attacked by Zuko when gossip spreads the avatar is at Kiyoshi. The fighting was entertaining as usual, Aang did the right thing by running away and Sokka and Sukis kiss was a very heartwarming moment. Very good epiosde always fun to watch. The only thing i dont like is the ending, seemed a bit random, I wish Aang had talked about waht he did instead of just jumping in, but im glad he was still able to save the town in the end. Avatars starting to look reallllyyyy good now.
  • Contains the whole package.

    Once again this episode of Avatar is engineered by some creative and witty dialogue, good character development, and some nice action scenes. This episode went through a bunch of stuff and was able to get through them all in just a matter of a half hour. There was Sakko's sexism towards the women warriors, Aang and his ego being fed by the girls of the village and letting it get to his head, and Katara's jealousy over Aang. There were some funny moments that occurred in all three situations and some recurring gags too, such as Aang's marble trick. As nicely developed as the three scenarios were, a half hour is still too short of a time to really establish a good sense of the situation. Still though a very good watch.
  • Aang and the gang arrive at the island of Kyoshi. There, Aang revels in the fame and glory and being an Avatar. Meanwhile, Sokka tries to impress a girl...

    I love this episode!!! Aang and the gang arrive at the island of Kyoshi and discover the people there honor a past Avatar. The island even has warriors who fight similar to the Avatar. Sokka meets and falls in love with a warrior named Suki. He tries to impress her by dressing up in their attire and learning how to fight with them. Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh discover Aang's whereabouts and track him down at the island. They set fire to most of the buildings in the hope of capturing him. To save the town, Aang and his friends leave immediately.
  • The very first episode i saw for this show, and it was great.

    The Warriors of Kyoshi! Aang and the reat of the gang: Appa, Momo, Sokka, and Katara, are out venturing to other parts of the world. They stop at an island where they get ambushed by stealthy and good martial arts warriors known as the Kyoshis. Next thing that happens the gang are tied to a pole (which i think is also the statue of a past Avatar of a kyoshi warrior.) Sokka doesn't think it was the female warriors who ambushed them and says "Where are the men that ambushd and captured us?" The kyoshi warriors say that there were no men. Sokka gets in trouble when he makes fun of the ladies! This was a funny and cool episode,a dfn my first. Zuko appears agan here and causes soem mayhem to the town. Sokka ends up becomign friends witht he kyoshi warriors and learns their techniques (which really helps in future battles for him.) Last interesting part to the episode was the Unagi! Aang says it is not fun to ride the dangerous creature!
  • A decent episode, with some insight on Sokka.

    Sokka is a pretty sexist character, and when the Gaang encounter a group of warriors, they get defeated. Sokka is outraged that he was defeated by women, but the longer he stays at the town the Kyoshi warriors reside in, the more he realizes that he should treat them as equals, and soon wants to receive training from them. I like how they changed his character throughout. In this episode, the popularity of being the Avatar gets to Aang's head, and only does he realize Katara is the only one watching him after all the other girls leave. I don't really like Aang's segments in this episode, and were not that interesting to me.

    Zuko finds Aang again, and once again attempts to capture him. The action in here isn't that good as well, either, and I wish I could have seen more of Sokka utilizing what he learned from the warriors, as well as more action from those warriors. It was cool seeing Aang control the Unagi and cause it to spray water over the town after Zuko sets fire to it. Overall, it was an enjoyable episode, but it could've been better.
  • Another grear episode

    Aang and his friends arrive to Kyoshi Island and Aang its treated like a celebrity for Being the Avatar and while Aang is running from the girls Sokka want to be train by SUki, the Warrior Girl that defeated him in the episode start

    While ZUko is on Aang's tail but the part when Aang fall to the water and grabbed the serpent to extinct the fire at the end of the episode was so great and when Suki kiss Sokka its was lovely

    Really this show is growing and growing episode by episode really good episode im keep watching the show
  • The gAang goes to Kyoshi Island where they meet up with woman fighters.

    This episode was very interesting and revealed a lot about Sokka and foreshadowed a bit. It was overall pretty impressive how Bryke sneaked information in.

    We found more about the depths of Sokka's disregard for the talents of the female gender. Although it was slightly touched upon in The Boy in the Iceberg, this really showed us more about Sokka and his personality. We learned that it takes a lot for Sokka to admit he's wrong and he's a bit over confident. This episode introduced Suki, a major character latter on in the series. Suki's character just went to show how she and Sokka were meant to be together. Suki puts Sokka in his place when needed, while still being a good friend. That's exactly what Sokka needs.

    Also, there was some foreshadowing. The fact that the gAang visited Kyoshi Island before we saw The Avatar Day episode told us we would learn more about Kyoshi in the future. And we did :D

    Overall, this wasn't the best episode, but it still contained a lot of laughs and surprised and tears and romances and, well, everything. I loved it; how could you not?
  • aang arrives at kyoshi island where he is treated like a celebrity

    This is another great installment in the series. aang, katara and sokka arrive at kyoshi island where they are taken prisoner by the villagers. Aang introduces himself as the avatar. This brings hope to the village, aang gets treated like a celebrity but gets carried away showing off to the villagers, katara becomes jealous of the attention aangs getting which leads to arguments between the 2.

    sokkas sexist remarks get him in trouble with the local warriors who happen to be ladies. sokka acknowledges their strength and the leader suki trains him. Prince zuko tracks the avatar to kyoshi which leads to a fight between the village and fire nation. aang defeats zuko in a brief fight and leaves. Aang feels guilty because the island is getting destroyed aang uses the unogi to shoot water and exstinguish the flames left by the fire nation.

    This episode shows the avatar's effect on the people he truly is the worlds only hope. the sokka and suki relationship is interesting and it looks like something that might develop. There wasn't too much action in this episode the zuko and aang fight was very brief aang winning it with literally one flap of a fan. However there was a few funny moments i laughed at the start when zuko was trying to track the avatars movements and said he was a master of evasive manouvering. this was kind of filler/character building episode but still a good episode
  • Cool episode.

    Another great addition to Avatar, the premier of Suki and Kyoshi Island. This did not have much action in this episode though, but it was a great episode. Suki was a great character development, she is a very skilled warrior, probably better than Sokka. Aang's marble thing was a little annoying. The Aang VS Zuko fight was alright, not as good as the other fights. Avatar Kyoshi is another great character development, a women earthbender who killed Chin the Great. As seen in another Kyoshi telling story, Avatar Day. This was a pretty good episode though. I give this episode a 9.2
  • Aang and the group visit the Island of Kyoshi.

    Aang and the group visit an island that is not known to them. They get ambushed by a group of warriors and get captured and tied up. When the warriors figured out that Aang is the Avatar, they treat him like he is famous. While Aang is enjoying his time around the village, Katara feels like they shouldn't overstay there welcome. Sokka learns some fighting techniques from the warriors. Meanwhile, word gets out that the Avatar is at Kyoshi island and Zuko and his fleet head to the island. I gave this episode a ten because Aang learns valuable information that he won't regret in the future.
  • A pretty good episode, with the introduction of Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors.

    Not a bad episode at all. It starts out with Aang riding the Elephant Koi fish on a place called Kyoshi Island. There, a group of women known as the Kyoshi Warriors tie up the Gaang, mistaking them for Fire Nation spies. There, Aang proves that he knows-and is, Kyoshi, by Airbending. They believe him and let him stay on Kyoshi Island for a while.

    Later on, Sokka, who was still mad about being beat by a girl, went to the place where Suki, the leader, and the other Kyoshi Warriors trained. There, Suki again beats him in a fight, and Sokka again gets upset.

    Aang was constantly being chased by a group of young girls, even though he said to Katara that being the Avatar wouldn't go to his head. Katara gets jealous of all the little girls constantly following him, and Aang points this out. This gets Katara very upset, but she later comes out to see Aang when he told her he was going to ride the Unagi, a huge, serpent-like fish that lives in the same lake the Elephant Koi does. Aang, while swimming out of the water, finds the Unagi attacking him. The Unagi can shoot water out of it's mouth. Aang gets water from the lake in his system and Katara swims over to get him. She Waterbends the extra lake water out of him and he wakes up, giving Katara the advice to not ride it, because "it's not fun."

    Elsewhere, Sokka again went back to where the Kyoshi Warriors train, saying that he acknowledged the fact that Suki could beat him and that he wants to train with them. Suki agrees and instructs Sokka of their style of fighting, turning your opponent's force against them. Sokka gets better at this fighting when a man comes in, telling Suki and Sokka that they're under attack.

    Who could be attacking? It shouldn't take you that long to figure out that Zuko, with the help of his other soldiers and rhinos, was attacking Kyoshi, looking for Aang. They set the buildings on fire and tries to get Aang to come out. Aang does and easily beats Zuko, but then he and the Gaang fly away on Appa, because Katara thinks that if they leave, Zuko will stop burning Kyoshi. While in the air, Aang jumps down into the water. He comes out riding the Unagi, the dangerous fish that shoots water from his mouth. Aang aims the Unagi at Kyoshi Island and sets out the fire made by Zuko and his soldiers. He then glides back up on to Appa, saying that he knows what he did was stupid and dangerous. Katara tells him that it was, but gives him a hug, and this episode ends.
  • sokka meets the girl of his dreams.

    aang makes a pit stop at kyoshi island only to ride the elephant koi. then aang sees a huge sea monster so he runs away from the water and they soon get ambushed by string warriors. they find out that it was girls who ambushed them and the villagers find out that the avatar has returned. aang gets treated like the hero and katara gets jealous. sokka tries to learn how to be like those female warriors. then zuko attacks the island to look for the avatar. but aang doesnt get captured easily so he runs away. zuko has destroyed most of the village so aang does them a a favor by setting out the fire with the sea monster sprinkling water so the fire will go away.
  • introduced some great minor characters and had a great backstory

    It's always interesting to see something you wouldn't see most places. The Kyoshi warriors: lean, fit, skilled and girls. Only very few female heroes have caught my interest and Suki does it. I like her. That's all I can say. She has basically a good quality to her. Maybe a little head strong, but it's needed when your a girl in armor. I orginally thought she might be a one time character, but I was glad to see her in future episodes. This episode itself is good and a nice introduction to new characters (and creatures if want to look at it that way).
  • funny little episode there

    As one of Aang's little detours, the group heads toward the island of Kyoshi. But soon they learn that the townspeople don't trust foreigners well at all; however, when Aang proves to them that he is the Avatar they are treated as guests of honor. Katara wants to get some supplies and leave as soon as possible, while Aang is enjoying his time as a celebrity, little do they know, though, that the Fire Nation has tracked them down. Also, Sokka meets and trains with a female warrior named Suki. Will Aang be able to save the village from the raft of the Fir Nation?
  • Sokka's sexist opinions are put to the test when the Gaang travel to an island where the warriors are all girls. Hilarity ensues in this slightly cliche girl-power episode.

    Aang, in one of his usual goofing off sessions, takes the siblings to Kyoshi Island to ride some giant fish, however things go awry when they are captured by a group of warriors. The warriors turn out to all be women, much to the surprise of Sokka, who can't seem to comprehend the notion of women doing anything but sewing. After the islanders find out Aang is the Avatar, they are given the celebrity treatment, and Aang is chased by dozens of fangirls all over the island with a funny montage.
    Sokka tries to prove he's better than the so-called 'Kyoshi Warriors' by challenging their leader, Suki. He fails miserably and is forced to accept that girls are just as good as boys. (there's always one girl power episode, isn't there?)
    Sokka decides to swallow his pride and apologise to Suki, who then agrees to teach him the Kyoshi island martial arts form.
    Aang is very reluctant to leave the island, loving the attention, however Katara insists that they need to leave before something bad happens. And because this is a girlpower episode, Katara turns out to be right, and something bad does happen, you guessed it, Zuko's back, again. That guy doesn't know when to give up, does he?

    And so, Zuko attacks the village, almost destroying it, so Aang learns the hard way that being the Avatar is serious business. After defeating Zuko for the second and by no means last time, the Gaang flee the island, but not before Suki gives Sokka a peck on the cheek to hint at the romance that will soon develop between them.

    All in all, it's a bit silly, but it's a light-hearted, entertaining episode.
  • Aang tries to impress Katara by riding Giant Koi, but the gaang get captured by the Kyoshi warriors a bunch of fighting women. Zuko meanwhile continues to search for Aang.

    Aang tries to impress Katara by riding Giant Koi, but the gaang get captured by the Kyoshi warriors a bunch of fighting women. Zuko meanwhile continues to search for Aang.

    This episode gets this rating because I hate the annoying Aang trying to get Katara to notice him plot. I really like the Sokka Suki plot though. The kyoshi warriors kick major butt. I like how they show how the information travels to Zuko. Sokka in a dress lol. Aang is an idiot of course Zuko would find him + he nearly got eaten by the unagi. Zuko shows up burns the village Aang runs away. The end.
  • Aang and the gang meet the Kyoshi warriors.

    It's always interesting to see something you wouldn't see most places. The Kyoshi warriors: lean, fit, skilled and girls. Only very few female heroes have caught my interest and Suki does it. I like her. That's all I can say. She has basically a good quality to her. Maybe a little head strong, but it's needed when your a girl in armor. I orginally thought she might be a one time character, but I was glad to see her in future episodes. This episode itself is good and a nice introduction to new characters (and creatures if want to look at it that way).
  • A wonderful episode for character development, as well as excitement, and pure fun.

    The Warriors of Kyoshi is probably my favorite episode yet. Aang acts like a jerk in this episode and lets all the attention he gets from the little girls at the village go to his head. But later, he admits he was being a jerk. Katara acted like she didn't care if Aang rode the dangerous Unagi, but later apologized. Sokka, who was acting very sexist towards the Kyoshi warrior Suki, and the others, admitted he was wrong after Suki taught him a little lesson. Heh, served him right though. Later on, the Kyoshi village is attacked by Zuko and Aang feels guilty about it because he chose to stay when the gang could have left the island. There is a lot of apologies in this episode, as each hero did something they shouldn't have. That's the beauty of the characters. They all really develop throughout the series. When Aang jumped into the water and used the Unagi as a source of water to help the burning Kyoshi village, he really shined. I can see why Katara hugged him at the end, I would have too. ^^

    This episode is considered a filler, but it's a spectacular filler at that, and was exciting and really fun to watch. There were no boring moments whatsoever.
  • The gang stop off on Kyoshi island, in order for Aang to ride the Elephant Koi. However, their stay is prolonged when they are ambushed and captured by a group of female warriors.

    One of the great things about Avatar is that the characters are so wonderfully flawed. This makes them not only more realistic, but also more likeable, as the audience is able to follow their development and see them change and grow. The Warriors of Kyoshi is a good example of this. Sokka is show to have a sexist narrow-minded attitude. Katara comes across as inattentive and then jealous. Aang becomes overindulgent due to his "celebrity" status. In the first half, the characters come across as almost petty. However, this episode gives them a chance to improve. Sokka is able to respect Suki as a warrior, even though she is female. Katara regrets the way she acted towards Aang, and begins to appreciate him more. Aang realises that he has endangered the villiage by staying to enjoy their hospitality. All in all, a decent episode which contains ample amounts of character development.
  • Aang and the gang encountered with a group of girls on Kyoshi Island. The journey of the avatar travel around the world finally begins...

    The gang was landed on an island because Appa was a bit tired. Aang was going to have some fun by riding the Elephant Koi untill he met a giant Unagi, before long, they were all captured by a group of people on the island. Much to Sokka's dismay, the people who took they down was a bunch of girls. However, after knowing that Aang was the avatar, they were welcomed as guest. However, Aang was a little overwhelmed by the enthusiastic villagersand had a little fight with Katara. Sokka finally decided to learn from Suki the leader of Kyoshi Warriors after he was strucked both physically and mentally.
    It was not long before Zuko attack the village to seek the avatar, and Aang fighted him in a very special way when he rided the Unagi the last time.
  • Good episode to see the show for the first time.

    This episode is good. It includes a fair amount of humor, action, and even some character development. It may be considered a "filler episode" to some people, but it is actually very important. It introduces us to the Warriors of Kyoshi, who turn up constantly throughout the show and play an important part. It also gives us one of the first true hints at how anxious Zuko is about finding the Avatar. It is hard to say whether or not the episode is directly associated to the main plot, but it was definetly not wasted. An all around good episode.
  • All it has is filler comedy and houses on fire. Terrible episode.

    This episode has nothing but comedy, jelusy, and terrible plot. As always, I like the animation, voice acting, and writing (most of the time) but this episode went way back to like 0 in score. This episode has nothing to do with the story. All it does is fill in episodes so that the season can have 20 episodes like season 2 and 3. But all this episode does is show nothing but sexism, jelusy, and not to mention Katara acting out of character. Aang was kind of out of character too, he was chased around by girls all day and night and loved it. I don't remember any other time in the show that this happened. Very dissapointed with this episode. But still, not the worst in the series like 111.
  • As Aang and his friends begin crossing the expansive Earth Kingdom, they are captured by the warriors of Kyoshi Island. Meanwhile, Prince Zuko learns of their location and continues his pursuit.

    As Aang and his friends begin crossing the expansive Earth Kingdom, they are captured by the warriors of Kyoshi Island. Meanwhile, Prince Zuko learns of their location and continues his pursuit. The Warriors of Kyoshi\" is the fourth episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender's first season.

    After one of Aang's little detours, the group inadvertently heads toward the island of Kyoshi. But soon, they learn the townspeople don't trust foreigners very much when they get attacked; however, when Aang proves to them that he is the Avatar, they are treated as guests of honor. Katara wants to get some supplies and leave as soon as possible, while Aang is enjoying his time as a celebrity, but little do they know that the Fire Nation has been following them. Also, Sokka meets and trains with a female warrior named Suki.
  • Exciting!!!

    The episode begins with Zuko's ship adrift at sea. Zuko is meditating when Iroh comes in with information regarding the Avatar. Iroh begs Zuko not to become angry and Zuko replies that he can control his temper. Iroh states that he has no idea where the Avatar is and Zuko becomes furious. Iroh then explains that there have been multiple sightings of Aang but that he is impossible to track, showing his nephew detailed map of where he has been located. Zuko quickly takes the cartograph and declares that, "he's a master of evasive maneuvering."

    Meanwhile, Aang, Katara, and Sokka are flying on the back of Appa with Sokka indicating Aang's lack of navigational skills. Katara is sewing Sokka's trousers, while Aang is trying to get her attention to impress her with his new 'trick' of Airbending three marbles in a rapid, circular motion. But because she's busy, Katara ignores him. Sokka then makes a chauvinistic comment, and Katara throws his trousers, which have not been completely resown, back at him. He quickly regrets what he said, telling Katara that he cannot wear his pants as they still have a large hole in them.

    Aang then lands on a small Earth Kingdom island with Sokka and Katara informing him that they have taken too many detours recently, which they cannot afford if they want to reach the North Pole. A large fish springs out of the water and Aang proclaims that that is why they came here, he then strips down to his underwear. As he tries to show-off his moves to Katara by riding on the back of an Elephant Koi, he is attacked by the Unagi, a titanic, gray eel that is native to Southwestern Earth Kingdom waters. Terrified, he runs back to land and redresses into his Airbender attire. Suddenly the group is ambushed by a mysterious group of warriors. The gang is then tied to a pole and after having removed the cloth from covering Aang, Katara and Sokka's eyes, Sokka utters a remark about how they could not have been beaten by a bunch of girls.

    They demand to know why they have come here and Aang clarifies that they just wanted to ride Elephant Koi. Ojayii, the island's leader, then implies they may be Fire Nation spies. He also commented that Kyoshi has stayed out of the war and intends to keep it that way. Aang quickly responds to the fact that the island is named after Kyoshi, revealing that he knows her. Head warrior, Suki then states that is impossible, with Ojayii stating that Avatar Kyoshi died over 400 years ago. Aang answers their questions by telling them that he is the new Avatar. The people of Kyoshi believe he is lying and want to throw the impostor to the Unagi. For proof that he is the long-lost Avatar, he Airbends his way out of his predicament and the villagers look in awe. The news of the Avatar in town travels from person to person, and news finally reaches Zuko and Iroh. Zuko jumps up in surprise and readies to depart to Kyoshi Island.Aang and Katara enjoy a delicious meal of desserts and treats, charitably given from the town while Sokka lies on the floor, angry because he was bested by females. In Aang's honor, the town's people clean up the statue of Avatar Kyoshi. Then later Aang shows off to the young women of Kyoshi as they chase him around.

    Sokka goes to the Kyoshi warriors and he is asked if he wants to show off some of his 'moves'. He tries to demonstrate his techniques but is brought down by Suki. He simply states that he was going easy on her and ultimately failed again being tied arm to leg and swung to the ground. He then leaves out of embarrassment.

    Meanwhile, Katara asks Aang if he could help her carry some supplies for their journey. Aang replies with no and inquires Katara if she would like to go with him and the pack of young Kyoshi girls on a trip on Appa, which she declines and walks off.

    Sokka returns to the training area and bows before Suki, admitting he would be honored to be trained by her. She makes sure he would not care to be trained by a girl. He accepts that he said some inappropriate things before. She agrees if he undergoes all their traditions. The scene skips to him into a Kyoshi warrior outfit. He complains about being in a dress and Suki calls it a symbol of honor and bravery. Aang then walks by, giggling, "Hey Sokka...nice dress."

    Suki begins training Sokka in the art of Kyoshi style fighting. After a little while of training, Sokka believes he is starting to understand the form but inevitably chucks his weapon out the door. Suki laughs, saying it is not about strength. It is about using your opponent's force against them and to wait until the right moment to strike. Sokka then knocks down, Suki, who embarrassed, says it was on purpose. Then she admits she was knocked down and asks him to try it again.

    Aang informs Katara that he is going to locate the Unagi and ride the creature. After the exchange of some infuriating words, Aang runs off to ride the beast. In the next scene, Aang is in water with the young ladies impatiently waiting for the Unagi's arrival. After what seemed like forever to them, they girls decide to leave and Katara shows up. After the two make fun of their behavior earlier, the Unagi appears and thrashing around, it threw Aang, and he fell unconscious. As the Unagi swims towards him for the kill, Katara rapidly swims to the rescue. She grabs hold of Aang and using her Waterbending to propel herself towards land. After a fast escape she hides behinds some rocks where she Waterbends water out of Aang's chest. Aang coughs and wakes up, telling her to not ride the Unagi. They see Fire Nation approaching and quickly take the offensive. Ojayii runs to Sokka, Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi warriors, urging them for help. The Kyoshi warriors make a good demonstration of their abilities and skills in battle, taking out many fire benders although outnumbered. The Fire Nation troops, led by Zuko, burn the town as they search for the Avatar. After Zuko sees Aang, they engage in a short battle. Aang wishes he could have prevented this destruction on the town and Katara tells him if they flee the Firebenders will follow them. Aang, with no other choices, agrees.

    Suki urges Sokka to hurry and leave but he says he would not leave her; at least without an apology. She asks why and he explains that he treated her like a girl instead of a warrior. Suki then kisses Sokka, telling him that she is a warrior but a girl, too. She then returns to battle giving Aang and his companions a chance to escape. Aang, Katara and Sokka leave as the town is being set on fire and Zuko and his followers pursue him again. As they begin to fly off, Katara tries to assure Aang that he did the right thing, as Zuko and his men would have burnt down the entire village if they had remained. Aang suddenly leaps down from Appa back into the Kyoshi's waters. A second later, the Unagi bursts out of the water with Aang clinging onto its whiskers. With some struggle, he manages to gain footing on the giant eel's head and directs it towards the burning village. The Unagi then spews a blast of water, extinguishing the fires. Aang leaps into the air, is caught up by Appa, and the three fly away.
  • The gang lands on Kyoshi Island, where they are captured by a group of female warriors. After learning that he is the Avatar, they are freed. Aang opts to stay because he has admirers that he wants to impress which threatens the safety of the village.

    This episode is a bit more light-hearted than the previous. The humour is the strongest so far in the series. I really enjoyed that joke about Aang being, "a master of evasive maneuvering." Sokka finally receives more focus in the series. We can see that Sokka is a dynamic character as his chauvinistic attitude changes at the conclusion of the episode. The scenes where he is training, dressed as a Kyoshi Warrior, should give anyone a big smile on their face, along with the cult favorite, Foaming-Mouth Guy. The episode also developed the relationship between Aang and Katara very well. Aang's want for her to pay attention to him while he was riding the elephant koi and Katara's jealousy as Aang shows off to the girls of the village lays out future, sometimes more intimate, interactions between the two characters. Character development in this episode was the strongest it could be. The only character that is not static in this episode is Sokka. Besides the fact that he loses his chauvinistic behavior, he finds his first love interest, Suki. I would have liked to see more development of Zuko, but in this episode it felt like he was just a plain old same old bad guy. Aang's expression of guilt, when he realizes that it is his fault that the village was almost burned to the ground was the most powerful emotional scene in the episode. It reminds us that he is still young and still has a lot to learn. The ending, although abrupt, was the first to end on more of a sad note. I think it is good that endings don't always conclude happily because surprises keep viewers interested. Watching the same old sequence would become boring after a while. I liked how the episode started in a happy tone and gradually turned sad. This dynamic sequence was one of the episode's strong points. Overall, this is a solid episode with a bit of a different feel to it.
  • Book 1, Chapter 4 The Warriors of Kyoshi Aang goes to an Island to ride some giant fish. He then finds that he is a celebrity at the village.

    I thought this episode was very good. We see Sokka trying to show off to the Kyoshi warriors and getting beaten. After this, Sokka shows another humble side of him as he apologizes and asks to be trained by the Kyoshi warriors. He even manages to take Suki down after his brief training.

    Also, after this episode, Sokka stops being so sexist towards girls. We see his sexism in the first episode when he says Katara ruins the fishing trip because she's a girl. After the warriors of Kyoshi, Sokka stops being sexist and learns humility. He realizes that he isn't in his village anymore and he isn't the great warrior he though he was.

    Aang also learns a few lessons. He realizes that as the Avatar he has responsibilities to save people and stop the Fire Nation. He lets all the Avatar glory get to his head at first. However, he realizes that the Avatar has a duty to the people of the world. He also sees that by letting all that glory get to his head some people died in the village and if he wasn't careful more people could die.

    This helps Aang learn the seriousness of the war. He came to Kyoshi Island to ride the giant fish and have fun. Now he left more determined than ever to stop the Fire Nation.
  • This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.

    This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.This is a great non-oriental anime. The best part f this cartoon is the gestures of bending it just fill natural.
  • This review will consist of a General part, in which I will talk about the experiences I had while watching the episode. For those who don't like to read much, all Negatives and Positives will be put together in short after the General part.


    So.. We see Zuko meditating in his room on his ship. Iroh comes in with news about the Avatar that he says Zuko will not like. Zuko says he will control his temper and Iroh tells him that he has no idea where the Avatar is. Zuko becomes furious and looks at the map where the area's where Aang's been spotted are all marked on with lines drawn between them to see which way the Avatar travels. But it's all zig-zagged... Zuko then says that the Avatar clearly is a master of evasive maneuvering. Which is quite funny, because after this scene, we see Sokka holding the same map, asking Aang if he has any idea of where he's going, while they all ride on Appa. xD Aang replies that he knows the place he's looking for is somewhere near water... And since they are flying over the sea Sokka sarcasticly says they must be getting close... lol
    So anyway after some argueing between Sokka and Katara about girls and boys, they land on some island, where Aang wants to ride the Elephant Koi fish. But when he does so, he is soon persued by a big Sea creature. Luckily, he escapes. But when he's back on land, he and the others are ambushed by a few warriors who quickly capture them all and take them to the local village.
    We learn that the Sea creature is called the Unagi and that this Island is called Kyoshi Island, named after Avatar Kyoshi. Aang and the others are suspected of being Fire nation spies, but they are quickly released after Aang proves he is the Avatar. When Aang performs a little airbending trick, the villagers are very excited, but one of them is really mad of excitement and faints after going crazy! XD really Hilarious to see! XDD
    It doesn't take long for the news of the Avatar's presence on Kyoshi Island to reach Zuko's ears. And, not suprisingly, he wants to go there immediately.
    Back in the village, Sokka is upset about getting his ass kicked by the earlier warriors, who appeared to be women. He's really funny when he angrily takes some food and eats it.. xD
    Aang doesn't understand Sokka's problem. He thinks it's great on Kyoshi Island. Katara warns Aang not to get to comfortable, for being in one place for too long is risky. But Aang likes it too much to be here and tells Katara not to worry.
    Sokka goes to the Kyoshi Wariors during their training session and tries to impress the girls with his moves, to feel good about himself again. His attempts all fail though... And he is quickly and humiliatingly defeated by Suki, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.
    Meanwhile, Aang enjoys his 'celebrity' life in the village and doesn't want to leave when Katara tells him that they should be leaving soon. Sokka goes back to the Suki and apologises for his behaviour and says he would be honoured if Suki would train him. She accepts his apologies and his request to train him, but he has to follow all of their traditions... So, a moment later, Sokka is seen wearing a Kyoshi Warrior outfit and make-up... xD Sokka feels ridiculous but Suki manages to comfort him, telling him that his uniform symbolises bravery and honour. Then Aang walks by and tells Sokka his dress is nice... xD very funny! Anyway, they start training and Sokka learns quickly.
    Aang meanwhile tries to impress his fanclub by riding the Unagi, but as he waits for it to show up, his fans get bored and leave. Then Katara shows up telling she was worried about his safety. Katara apologies for pretending not to care about Aang riding the Unagi earlier, and Aang apologises for letting all the attention go to his head. And as Aang swims back towards Katara, the Unagi suddenly shows up. It tries to eat Aang and he is smacked into the water, making him unconscious. Katara saves Aang from the Unagi but has to hide for Zuko, who just arrived on Kyoshi Island with a few members of his crew. After he is gone, Katara bends the water out of Aang's throat, after which he coughs and wakes up.
    Sokka's still training with Suki. Suddenly Ojayii, the leader of Kyoshi Island, appears and tells his girls to come quickly, for firebenders are aproaching the village. Sokka tries to tell him he's not a girl but Ojayii is gone already... xD quite funny to see =)
    Anyways, as Zuko and his man search for the Avatar in the village, they are attacked by the Kyoshi Warriors and Sokka. All of Zuko's men are easily beaten by the Kyoshi Warriors, but Zuko shows what he's made of. Fighting both Sokka, Suki and some other Kyoshi Warrior at the same time, and winning! With some impressive firebending low kick attacks he manages to stand ground. Then, Aang arrives and he and Zuko fight for a short while.
    While they fight.. we hear the AGNI KAI music theme!!! =DDD yaynessss!!!! xDD
    Aang manages to defeat Zuko and flies back to Katara, seeing all the houses of the village are on fire. He tells Katara it's all his fault that this village was attacked. Katara says that it's not his fault and convinces Aang that leaving Kyoshi is probably the best option they have now, as Zuko will follow them and leave the village alone.
    Back in the 'danger zone,' Suki tells Sokka that there's no time to say goodbye. But Sokka wants to say he's sorry for treating her like a girl, while she is a warrior, to which Suki replies that she is a warrior, but also a girl. She kisses Sokka on his cheek, making him blush. Aww I think they make such a cute couple together! =D
    Anyways, Aang and the others make their escape on Appa and as predicted by Katara, Zuko commands his men to move back towards the ship. Aang feels bad about leaving the village this way and jumps off Appa, into the water, where he uses the unagi to extinguish the flames with the beam of water coming out of the Unagi's mouth. While doing this, the Avatar- music theme is heard! Yay! =D
    It's really funny to see Zuko and his men sitting all sitting on one rhino, getting wet... xD lol!
    After extinguishing the fires, Aang leaps into the air and is caught up by Appa as they fly away.

    In short...


    This episode does not really reveal anything of the story, not many important things happened. Not really making it boring or something, but it doesn't give you that satisfying feeling after watching it.


    We got to meet Suki! Yay! xD
    It was fun to have the short Agni Kai theme in the episode again, the same goes for the Avatar theme
    There were some funny moments in the episode, but maybe less then usual.

    Favourite quote(s) of this episode:

    [Sokka:] "Do I really have to wear this? It feels a little... girly." [Suki:] "It's a warrior's uniform, you should be proud! The silk thread symbolises the brave blood that flows through our veins, the gold insignia represents the honour of the warrior's heart..." [Sokka:] "Bravery and honour!" [Aang:] "Hey Sokka... Nice dress!"

    Favourite quote so far:

    [Aang:]"This is Appa, my flying bison." [Sokka:]"Right... And this is Katara, my flying sister..."

    My grade for this episode:

    This is definitely not one of the better Avatar episodes... The episode was not that important and we didn't really learn anything interesting regarding the characters. The only real development in this episode was Sokka's growing respect towards women. It was fun to watch this episode though, but it didn't give me the usual satisfying feeling I get after watching a good Avatar episode.

    After some comparing, I think I will give this episode a 7,8

    Of you want to correct me on any errors I might have made or just tell me your opinion about this episode, or Avatar: The Last Airbender in general or if you want to tell me what you think of my opinion, all your responses to this are more than welcome and I'll be happy to read them. =)
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