Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 9

The Waterbending Scroll

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Apr 29, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After Katara attempts to teach Aang waterbending, she is desperate to improve her abilities. When Katara inadvertently stumbles across a waterbending scroll that can help improve her ability while Aang is looking at a pirate’s store, she decides to steal it after she realizes that she couldn’t hope to afford it; but will she be capable of stealing from the pirates without causing herself and her friends trouble?moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The Waterbending Scroll

    The Waterbending Scroll was a really superb episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development for Katara who was struggling with advancing her Waterbending skills, Aang who learned Waterbending quickly, and Zuko in dealing with his Uncle Iro who through circumstance invents a great proverb! I thought this episode had lots of action, drama, intrigue, and character development. The animation was awesome and the over all production a great success. I think the characters are very easy to relate with for a wide audience range. This episode continues the main story lines along and I look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!moreless
  • A really great episode!

    I don't know why... but I actually really liked this episode, it wasn't realy too important, only for the water bending scroll Katara stole. Really good episode and I think it had good humour, especially when they each stole each others boats (Zuko laughs, its so cute, lol). Anyways, Katara steals a water bending scroll from pirates and Zuko and the pirates eventually find Aang. Pirates want the scroll, Zuko wants the Avatar. Thats what happens. The fight scene was actually pretty funny and I really enjoyed watching it over and over again. Oh, and Katara finds out that Zuko had her mother's necklace, hot! Awesome episode, loved it!moreless
  • Aang and the gang camp out by a lake and travel to an EarthKingdom dock. They meet a ban of pirates who sell stolen items. Katara decides to steal something from the thieves. A Waterbending Scroll. But Katara may end up regretting whens she becomes obsesdmoreless

    Not one of my favorites to tune into. The beginning started out well with Katara teaching Aangs the basics of waterbending. When he starts doing better than her she gets jealous. I never really saw Katara as a jealous person, and espicially a theif. Katara is supposed to be a strong independent character and now shes running around stealing things and being greedy with the waterbending scroll? Just seems a bit out of character for her.

    The good parts of the episode was the final brawl. I felt alot of tension between Zuko and Katara. And the mix with the pirates made things much better. There was alot of comedy mixed in the fight too it was chaotic and fun to watch. And the final part when they were on the boat was also cool. Another part i wasnt really buying was the ending where basically Katara got what she wanted and was kind of a jerk about it at the end. I dont like seeing Katara like that and she just seems out of character still. She got away with everything in the episode with zero consequences. As for Zuko and Uncle, they were also funny. Iroh is hilarious how he had his Pisho piece with him the whole time. Not the best filler story for a series that has the best filler stories. But it is still entertaining to watch and its not something i would turn frommoreless
  • Action packed!

    It seems that this episode traded off story for action, but you know what? The quality didn't skip a beat at all, and although it was mostly action, there was still some good character development, specifically between how Katara got jealous of Aang's natural knack for all elemental bending. Although the issues are elementary, the execution of it made it a decent drama to watch. Though it is the action that gave this episode life. The constant battles between the firebenders, Aang, and the pirates were very well choreographed and creative. What's really fun about watching bending at work is how the benders use it during battle.moreless
  • Arrgh! Pirates!

    Another great episode! Aang is an air bender, so he should have the most skill and have the element air best mastered for him now, so now next bending in line for him would be water bending. Katara tries to find a good spot for that, but then thye go to a village down by some docks first with some ships at the docking bay. How is this gonna get exciting? By them coming across pirates of course. The gang go around and buy some cool trinkets where they think they might turn out not helpful, but will save their hides in the long run. Once Katara gets that scroll, later on she suprisingly gets mad at Aang for being so good with it already where she has trouble getting the right techniques. But the trouble's only just begun, as Zuko finds them again! But the pirates are after them too! A lot of fighting and commotion! But the good guys win and safely leave the premesis, and best of all is Iroh got his Lotus Tile! This is also the first episode where the pirates come into the show.moreless
Jack Angel

Jack Angel

Pirate Captain

Guest Star

Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen

Fire Nation Soldier

Guest Star

Byron McKittrick

Byron McKittrick

Pirate Barker

Guest Star

James Sie

James Sie

Cabbage Merchant

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Aang buys a bison whistle, which allows him to conveniently call Appa from virtually anywhere when he is in trouble.

    • Katara steals the Waterbending Scroll from the pirates, and her and Aang use it to start their Waterbending training.

    • Katara finds out that Zuko has her mother's necklace.

    • During Momo and the parrot-lizard's chase scene, the yellow spikes on the parrot-lizard's back are missing when it's back is to the screen.

    • When Katara is suggesting to Aang that they leave the pirate ship, her necklace (which is still in Zuko's possession at this point) can be faintly seen around her neck.

    • At one scene when everyone is being chased by the pirates, one of the pirates hair is colored in all the way. All it is is a line in the shape of where his hair should be.

    • When Aang is in the smoke trying to find Sokka, he's shouting for him and finally bends the smoke away before pulling it back after seeing a bunch of pirates. Look closely at Aang's mouth as he says "Uhhh, never mind I'll find you." The words don't match up to his mouth movements.

    • The stick Aang gives to Sokka to clean Appa was not there until Aang picked it up.

    • In the smoke screen made by the pirates, when Zuko ducks back to avoid the pirate captain's sword, his burnt ear is normal.

    • Zuko places the scroll between his belt and his back, but while he is fighting the pirate captain and his back is to the screen, the scroll is gone. When one of the pirates steals it later, the scroll is again behind Zuko.

    • When Zuko kicks out at the retreating pirates, Katara is not tied to the tree. However, seconds later, she is once again tied to the same tree.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Sokka: Wait a minute. Sea-loving traders with supisciously aquired merchandise, and pet reptile birds?! You guys are pirates!
      Pirate Barker: We prefer to think of ourselves as high-risk traders.

    • Zuko: Tell me where he is, and I won't hurt you or your brother.
      Katara: Go jump in the river!
      Zuko: Try to understand, I need to capture him to restore something I've lost. My honor. Perhaps in exchange I can restore something you've lost.

    • Katara: Besides, who needs that stupid scroll anyway?
      Sokka: Is that really how you feel? (Sokka shows the Waterbending scroll but doesn't give it to her)
      Katara: The scroll!
      Sokka: First, what did you learn?
      Katara: Stealing is wrong. (After she gets it) Unless it's from pirates!
      (Aang laughs)
      Aang: Good one, Katara.

    • Sokka: Well let's see. You've pretty much mastered airbending and that only took you 112 years? I'm sure you can master three more elements by next summer.
      Aang: I haven't even started waterbending and we're still weeks away from the North Pole! What am I gonna do?!

    • Pirate: I hope that lemur of yours has nine lives!

    • Prince Zuko: (to his ship captain) What's the meaning of this mutiny?! No one told you to change course!
      Iroh: Actually, someone did. I assure you it is a matter of utmost importance, Prince Zuko.
      Prince Zuko: Is it something to do with the Avatar?
      Iroh: Even more urgent. It seems I've lost my lotus tile.
      Prince Zuko: Lotus tile?
      Iroh: For my Pai Sho game. Most people think the lotus tile insignificant, but it is essential for the unusual strategy that I employ.
      Prince Zuko: You changed our course for a stupid lotus tile?!
      Iroh: See, you, like most people, underestimate it's value.

    • (riding Appa)
      Sokka (sees Aang pacing): Would you sit down?! If we hit a bump, you'll go flying off! What's bugging you, anyways?
      Aang: It's what Avatar Roku said. I'm supposed to master all four elements before that comet arrives!

    • (Katara teaching Aang some waterbending moves)
      Katara: This is a more difficult move. I call it streaming the water. (begins streaming the water) It's harder than it looks so don't be disappointed if ... (looks at Aang streaming the water and doing fancy moves with it) Nice work, though the over the head flare was unnecessary. (gives Aang a jealous look)

    • Katara: I'm so sorry, Aang, I don't know what's gotten into me.
      Sokka: Hey, what about Momo? He's the real victim here.
      Katara: I'm sorry, too, Momo.
      Sokka: And me? I had-
      Katara: no more apologies!

    • (After Katara stole the Waterbending scroll from the pirates)
      Sokka: No wonder they were trying to hack us up. You stole their waterbending scroll!
      Katara: I prefer to think of it as high-risk trading.
      (Aang laughs)
      Aang: Good one, Katara.

    • (After Sokka sweet-talks the pirates by revealing that Aang is the Avatar)
      Zuko: Shut your mouth, you water tribe peasant!
      Aang: Yeah, Sokka, you really should shut your mouth.

    • Cabbage Merchant: My cabbages! Oooohhh... This place is worse than Omashu!

    • (during the battle with the pirates)
      Aang (to Katara): Hey! You did the Water Whip!
      Katara: I couldn't have done it without your help!
      Sokka (trapped by 2 pirates): Will you two quit congratulating each other and help me out!!

    • Pirate Captain: Shouldn't we stop to search the woods?
      Prince Zuko: We don't need to stop. They stole a waterbending scroll, right?
      Pirate Captain: Uh huh.
      Prince Zuko: Then they'll be on the water.

    • Uncle Iroh: Just give me ten minutes to check the merchants at this port of call. Hopefully they'll have the lotus tile in stock and I can get on with my life!
      (Zuko breathes fire)
      Uncle Iroh: I'm lucky to have such an understanding nephew.

    • Sokka: So, while you guys are playing in the water, I'm supposed to be hard at work picking the mud out of a giant bison's feet?
      Aang: Mud and bugs!
      Sokka (long pause): Okay.

    • Katara: Aang, this is all my fault.
      Aang: No, Katara, it isn't.
      Uncle Iroh: Yeah, it kind of is.

    • Pirate Barker (to Aang): Oh! You there! I can see by your clothing that you're world traveling types. Perhaps I can interest you in some exotic curios?
      Aang: Sure! What are curios?
      Pirate Barker: I'm not entirely sure, but we've got'em!

    • Katara: My mother's necklace! Where did you get that?
      Prince Zuko: I didn't steal it, if that's what you're wondering. Tell me where he is.

    • Prince Zuko: It's good to know this trip was a complete waste of time for everyone!

    • Uncle Iroh: Are you so busy fighting you cannot see your own ship has set sail?
      Prince Zuko We have no time for your proverbs, Uncle!
      Uncle Iroh: It's no proverb! (points to ship sailing down the river)

    • Prince Zuko: (about to burn the Waterbending Scroll) I wonder how much money this is worth?
      (the pirates gasp in fear)
      Prince Zuko: A lot, apparently.

    • (Aang Gets Caught in a Net by the Pirates)
      Sokka: Oh, I'm not good enough to kidnap?
      (Another Net Catches Sokka)

    • Prince Zuko: You will regret breaking a deal with me!

    • Uncle Iroh: Hehe, Prince Zuko, you're really going to get a kick out of this. The missing lotus tile was in my sleeve the whole time!
      Prince Zuko (Enraged, He throws the Lotus Tile into river and hits a pirate on the head)

    • Katara: Shoot! Come on water, work with me here!

    • (Katara hears noise; looks behind some bushes and sees a ship; she then backs up right into a pirate's grasp)
      Katara (to pirate): No, let go of me! (water whips him and runs away, right into Prince Zuko's arms)
      Prince Zuko (to Katara): I'll save you from the pirates.

    • Uncle Iroh (amazed by the ruby-eyed monkey statue): Oh! That is handsome! Wouldn't it look magnificent in the galley?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Many of the waterbending movements come from the martial arts style Tai Chi.

      Also, in Tai Chi, stances are very important just like how Aang told Katara to shift her weight through her stances. Some of the stances in the move Katara was trying to learn are the same stances in Tai Chi forms such as the Bow and Sit Stance and the Ding Bow Stances.

    • The sequence in which Momo is chased by the Reptile bird is taken from a similar sequence that occurred between Momo and a pet Dragon hawk in the unaired pilot episode.

    • When Zuko threatens to burn the waterbending scroll, it draws air to when Elizabeth Swann threatens to drop the medallion over the edge of the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of The Black Pearl. The intial exchange of dialog between Zuko and Katara regarding her necklace also quotes from Elizabeth and the pirates. Also, Katara tells Momo she owes him "a whole bushel of apples," another line from Pirates (where the pirate captain promises to "eat a whole bushel of apples," when he is free of his curse).

    • The parrot that the Captain owned had a striking resemblance to an Archaeopteryx. The Archaeopteryx was one of the earliest primitive birds, existing almost 145 million years ago. Its feathers resembled those of modern birds but it also had jaws lined with sharp teeth, three or four fingers ending in curved claws, and a long bony tail. To put simply, it looked more like a feathered dinosaur or a reptile bird.