Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 3 Episode 12

The Western Air Temple

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Jul 14, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • I always hoped Zuko and Aang would be friends, but this not the way I hoped.

    Zuko was told he could shape his own destiny. But this episode contradicts this. He tells Aang that it his destiny to help the Avatar. He never chose it, it was bound to happen. The character especially Katara act very irrational. Aang is Air Nomad, believes their is good in every one, completlly dismissed Zuko. Katara's angry towards him are somewhat justified but she doesn't take in account that Zuko wasn't involved in the war aganist the invasion. Their is couple of inconcisties Zuko never stole Katara's necklace, he even tolde her that in the episode "The Waterbending Scroll". When Zuko burns Toph's feet she doesn't tell her friends the whole truth, she doesn't really explain what happened. She does say it was an accident. The seem to ignore that and now believe Zuko is dangerous and were going to get rid of him. The battle scene was also lame. His death is also not definite. I also believe they toned down the seriousness of the show, because Katara tells Zuko "She will end him" who they hell says that, just say kill!
  • The Western Air Temple

    The Western Air Temple was an amazingly perfect character building episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we finally get to see the Western Air Temple which is unique from the other three. I found it fascinating how Zuko came to the Western Air Temple as well and presented himself as an ally to the Avatar, just when Aang needs him most. Zuko was in a tough position, and it was easy to relate to him as most viewers have probably been in similar situations in their own realities. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Great episode!

    The Western Air Temple, Chapter 12 of Book 3: Fire, was very interesting. In this episode, Zuko confronts the Group and tries to encourage them to take him into their group.Zuko even says he could be taken in as a prisoner, but they say to go back.Later on, Toph talks to Aang, Sokka, and Katara about who's really the blind one. The next day, Zuko distracts the Combustion Man from hurting them. In the End, Aang realizes that Zuko was meant to be his firebendeing teacher and friend. This episode was very surprising, especially when the Combustion Man appeared, again, and what happened between Toph and Zuko.Aahh. This episode was AWESOME!SO GO WATCH IT.!
  • Great episode to start of Countdown to the Comet!

    Zuko finally reveals, and decides to join Aang's crew. It was so cool, on how he said it. You know when he said "group". It made me giggle, real strange though :|. Anyway, had some funny moments; like Zuko talking to the frog/toad (I just don't get the difference between those). It had a few flashback moments, in where Zuko wanted to accutally track down the Avatar. And it was great acting on how Zuko was talking to Aang and the gang. "Aang and the gang, haha that sounds funny" :P. Overall, great episode. 10/10 for the first episode out of 5, on Countdown to the Comet!
  • Whoa!!

    This episode was amazing! The poor frog, having to listen to all of Zuko's speeches. (lol) I agree with most of the fans here, I was mad at the gang for just kicking Zuko out. Good thing Toph trusted him, but Zuko needs to control his firebending.

    Great way to start of the Countdown To The Comet. Sparky Sparky Boom Man returns! This episode wasn't as funny as I thought it'd be, wasn't as much of a filler as I thought it'd be, but it was still a great episode!

    I'm glad for Zuko, but Katara needs to cool down! Where'd that speech at the end come from?

    10 out of 10.
  • A great way to start off the last part of the season

    On the 12th episode of avatar the last airbender, aang and the gaang have to get to the western air temple and travel by foot. when they get there, they see it's in a valley, but following them there is Zuko.

    So when they are just talking a little, Toph sees that Zuko is here, but oddly, he wants to teach Aang firebending. but no one wants to have Zuko as a teacher, so they reject him. Later that night, Toph goes to see Zuko, but gets her feet burned by him.

    She goes back in mid afternoon, but then Sparky comes and attacks, but Zuko tells him to stop, but he doesn't listen. So Sokka gets his boomerang and throws it and hits Sparky. When he trys to attack him, he blows up.

    So then Zuko comes up to them again, but this time they all accept him as a firebending teacher for aang. overall, this is a really great episode and the ending of it was really great.
  • First episode of Countdown to The Comet.

    "Western Air Temple" was one of the final episodes of the great show, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and it was pretty darn good if I could say so myself. It was the first episode in a week long event leading up to the finale, "Sozin's Comet" called "Countdown to The Comet" from July 14th 2008 to July 19th. It was a good episode overall, but I think Katara and Sokka should've trusted Zuko more. I'm gonna say that the episode was boring, but except for the end there wasn't much action, which is why it gets a lower rating. Ok episode, 8.8/10
  • Great Start off episode to the countdown to comet. PLus its a great episode.

    Well the Invasion was a fail, but they didnt die, thats a good thing. They retreated from the capital of the firenation and went to the Western Air Temple. This temple is differnt form the other ones. this one in under ground and upside down. Its so cool looking. The gang is worryed because they dont know where to find a fire bending teacher. Zeko comes and wants to teach Aang they dont trust him but eventual they trust him, and his now Aangs new firebending teacher. There u go the summary of the episode. It was a great story line and was the beginning to the countdown to the comet.
  • Fantastic episode.

    This episode was a very great episode. There was only one thing that I didn't like about this episode, the death of Combustion Man. The Gaang, along with Haru, The Duke, and Teo, arrived at the Western Air Temple, which is a bottomless pit. While Katara, Sokka, and Toph want to discuss what to do now, Aang goes having fun, as usual. Meanwhile, Zuko wants to join the gang. He meets the gang at the Western Air Temple and everyone doesn't trust him. Everyone, except Appa, who got set free by Zuko at Lake Laogai. Toph wants to give him a chance because she realizes that Zuko may be the only chance for Aang to learn firebending. When being declined, Zuko is angry and walks away. Toph goes to visit Zuko at night and Zuko burned Toph's feet. Zuko didn't know it was her. They also found out that Zuko paid Combustion Man to attack them. In the morning, Combustion Man arrives while The Duke, Haru, and Teo explore. He keeps having his third eye explode everything. The Gaang had to hide behind a wall. They couldn't get close to him because he was destroying everything. Sokka aims his boomerang at his third eye, and hits him. When in another attempt to firebend from his third eye, it explodes. Zuko gets accepted into the group after the fight after helping the Gaang. Katara tells him off at the end. I would have given it a 10 if Combustion Man didn't die. Overall, I give this episode a 9.6.
  • Mindblowingly awesome as always!

    The writing in this episode reminds me of the first season of The O.C; clever, witty, funny, and just makes you wanting for more! The whole Zuko reciting his apology speech in front of a frog is cute, amusing and really shows off how much he has developed as a character. The actual confrontations between Zuko and the Avatar's group is full of tension, witty comebacks, and drama that you swear the best writers in the business were hired to specifically write for this episode. The episode transitions nicely into the action with the reappearance of combustion man, but the writing never persists to be so excellent. One of Avatar's finest packages filled with drama, character development, and great action!
  • Whoa. *Warning spoilers...

    The Western Air Temple, Chapter 12 of Book 3: Fire, was very interesting. In this episode, Zuko confronts the Group and tries to encourage them to take him into their group.Zuko even says he could be taken in as a prisoner, but they say to go back.Later on, Toph talks to Aang, Sokka, and Katara about who's really the blind one. The next day, Zuko distracts the Combustion Man from hurting them. In the End, Aang realizes that Zuko was meant to be his firebendeing teacher and friend. This episode was very surprising, especially when the Combustion Man appeared, again, and what happened between Toph and Zuko.Aahh. This episode was AWESOME!SO GO WATCH IT.!
  • A turning point episode with 2 important events.

    The anticipation for this episode was very high. The aftermath of the failed invasion attempt. For The "gaang" they finally arrive at the Western Air temple. The buildings on the underside of the cliff was a nice touch. For Zuko, he confronts the "gaang" and hopes to join them. Obviously the "gaang" wants no part of it despite the fact aang needs a firebending teacher. From here the plot drags a little bit. Toph attempts to persuade the 'gaang" but fails. He goes to see Zuko and accidentally gets burned. From there the "gaang" is upset and formulates a plan to capture Zuko. However combustion man returns and attacks them. After sokka boomerangs him in his third eye he attempts to retaliate but blows himself up. Zuko tried to convince CM to stop but got backhanded instead. With combustion man gone the gaang reluctantly allows Zuko to join. The episode concludes with katara giving Zuko death threats. Now, the two important events were Zuko joining aang, and the death of CM. There is a shift in the characters personalities. Zuko becomes good, and Katara becomes borderline insane and has the desire to kill Zuko.
  • We have to start somewere

    The Western Air Temple
    Finally after a long wait that wasnt need avatar returns. In this episode the gang can be seen walking after there defeat at the fire capital. They start to complain about themselves. Which i think was ignorant and dragged this episode down. Zuko is waiting and wanting to join their gang but katara doesnt want it so he go along. Toph on the other hand wants him but katara doesnt so he doesnt join. Zoku tries thinking they way iroh would. He by accident burns Tophs feat. The evil combustion man comes avfter aaang again. And is killed mostly from Sokkas club. Then they lef Zoku join. I felt this episode went by to fast and Katara was to pushy.
  • Aang and the gang escape to the Western Air Temple where Zuko attempts to join their gang.

    This episode was great! I'll admit that when I first started watching the series I thought Uncle Iroh would be the one to teach Aang firebending. I would have never guessed it would be Zuko. I'm glad it's Zuko though because the show is all the more interesting. It would be amusing to find out how Zuko interacts with the gang and how they react to him (XD) One thing about this episode that really got on my nerves was the fact that the gang wouldn't give Zuko a chance at first. They just yelled at him and kicked him out. I'm glad Toph had the common sense to realize he was true to his word.
  • Finally Zuko!

    Aang and the gang head to the Western Air Temple after their second defeat by the Firenation. With the new plan being the old plan of Aang mastering all four elements and confronting the Firelord before the comet arrives the pressure is on to find a firebending teacher for the Avatar. But little do they know an old foe is eager to be accepted by them. When Zuko offers his help, the gang doesn't accept him with open arms. But when Combustion Man shows up with Zuko's help the gang defeats him. In the end the gang recieves a new member and Aang has a firebending teacher.
  • we see the fourth and final air temple

    whoa this episode was great! zuko is now added into the gaang. the gaang is now bigger than ever and its still going to grow! zuko actually shows his loyalty to the gaang but at first they didnt trust him. toph kind of trustes him but not really. so she goes to find zuko but ends up her feet being burned. aang is kind of willing to let him in because he does need to learn firebending. sokka doesnt really care if he joins. katara really doesnt want him to join because she knows its a set up. but zuko ends up joining and everyone but katara trusts him.
  • Nice and silly also.

    This was a cool episode and is great to have Avatar back on Nick and I am so happy. First off Sokka is still funny and it was great to see him back how he threw the Boomerang at the fire nation guy and hit him in the head and he said something totally funny it was cool. Second Zuko is talking to a frog and practicing how he can get on the team with the gang that totally craked me up like crazy. I liked this episode and it gets a 10 out of 10 this was one of the greatestcoolest episodes.
  • This was an awesome episode!!

    I just got the DVD with this and other episodes, and I gotta say, I'm glad I did. WAT has everything a good episode should have: character development, humor, and a great ending.

    It starts out with the Gaang+the invasion children (from the previous episode) walking to the Western Air Temple. They couldn't fly because Appa got tired carrying too many people. Anyway, they found the Western Air Temple underneath a cliff. After settling in, Zuko appears, claiming he's changed his ways and wants to join the group to teach Aang Firebending. Obviously, this didn't go too well with the group, and after some pwnage from Katara's Waterbending, he left and went into a forest, where he tried to find how to convince the Gaang he's on their side.

    Meanwhile, Toph stood up for Zuko, saying he wasn't lying and could have turned out a lot worse. The Gaang disagrees and says that Toph wasn't there when Zuko did really horrible things to them. Toph gets annoyed and walks into the same forest Zuko was in. She then finds Zuko. However, he doesn't recognize her voice, and burns her feet by accident. Hurt and unable to walk, she crawls back to the temple, where she explains the situation.

    Combustion Man shows up at the temple and unsuccessfully tries to kill the group. Zuko attempts to stop him, but he couldn't. However, Sokka thinks of an idea. He throws his boomerang, which hits Combustion Man's tattooed eye. Dazed, Combustion Man attempts once again to kill the Gaang, but the shot backfired at him and kills himself.

    Zuko comes down and explains himself to the group. Reluctantly, the Gaang decides that Aang has to master Firebending and Zuko should be the teacher.

    After Zuko's in his room at the temple, Katara comes in. She states clearly that she knows Zuko has had problems doing good in the past, and threatens to kill Zuko if he tries to hurt Aang.
  • Response to one of the trivia on the main page to the Western Air Temple episode.

    Regarding the trivia quote involving when Combustion Man blew up the four pillars. According to the audio commentary to the Western Air Temple by the creators Mike and Bryan, it was said that the four pillars and the rest of the area were cleaned up and restored by Toph and Haru in their spare time. Mike and Bryan had of course heard of this pointer by Sifu Kisu and began joking around and laughing about this in their audio commentary on the episode. I'm dragging this review out because I need one hundred words in order to submit it. Finally.
  • i saw it on the internet. What a great episode.

    Everyone was wondering who Aang's new firebending teacher was going to be. Some thought it was Jeong Jeong. Others thought it was Iroh. Maybe even Azula. But few people would have guessed before the day of black sun that Zuko was going to be his teacher. I like the new Zuko, personally, because he makes an interesting character change and shows us some humor for a change. But after what Katara said to Zuko, warning him about his past and nature, I'm afraid of Katara. Of all the scary characters, I never thought Katara would fall in that category.
    Anyways, now that Zuko is going to be Aangs Firebending teacher, I think Zuko's Firebending is going to be a lot better so he can match Azula in Agni Kai.
  • I saw this online, and I gotta say, pretty good comeback for Avatar!

    Now, it was a while ago that I saw this episode, but I do remember that I really liked it. I mean, it was cool, but sometimes I think: what would have happened if they did defeat the firelord? Would the series end? Would Zuko still turn to the side of good? Who would have known?

    Anyway, I liked the fact that Zuko did decide to help them. Of course, after all the time he came after them to destroy them, it's pretty hard to convince someone that you've turned your ways. Oh, a spoiler: I hear that Suki is coming back later on in the series and so is Iroh, of course. I mean, they show wouldn't really be without them.
    So, I can't wait until it comes out on TV next month!
  • Aang and the gaang arrive at the Western Air Temple. Here they meet Zuko who wants to apoligize.

    This was an extremely great episode. It had action, emotional scenes, character development, and more, which is what any episode should have, with the exceptions of some. It is hard to wonder why so many people don't really like this episode. I had everything most other avatar episodes had and more. Peopl say that this episode was rushed and everything happened too quickly. But try to understand that we have like 9 or 8 episodes left after this one. You can't possibly expect Zuko to apoligize in the Firebending Masters or the Boiling Rock. What else was Zuko going to do? People were expecting some Kataang in there or some more info on the airbenders, but you have to focus on the plot going on now, on the A-story. Right now you have to focus on Aang learning firebending and defeating the Firelord.
  • Had me rolling on the floor! Nice to FINALLY see this!

    I really loved this episode! It was one of the funniest so far, at least when Zuko's the comedian. It was a little surprising of Katara's death threat at the end, but I guess we could see it coming. I'm wondering if it's just me, but Katara seems to be a little more dark-sided in season 3. I was happy to finally see this episode, I'd been waiting for a while to see Zuko join the gaang! The whole avatar crew did a splendid job on the script, the animation, and the way you could feel the emotions from everyone. All in all one heck of an episode!
  • Hi, Zuko here.... I am still laughing everytime I think about that.

    There were some funny moments from Zuko. He is trying to join the group and of course the gang does not trust him. They bring up five times he has attacked or tryed to capture Aang from the first book. In the second book he is confused and Azula becomes the bad guy, so there
    is really nothing he did bad to them except in The Crossroads of Destiny which Katara brings up
    later when she tells him "we both know you have strugled with doing the right thing in the past".
    When Zuko was talking to himself trying to figure
    out what "uncle would say" it was funny, or his
    imitation of Azula too funny. The Western Air Temple was a really cool place. I really liked the fountain which get blown up by
    Combustion man, but it still look neat after that.
    It is hanging under a cliff like a bee hive. I really enjoyed the comedy.
  • Zuko's Cool. Plot twist and direction.

    Everyone was wondering who Aang's new firebending teacher was going to be. Some thought it was Jeong Jeong. Others thought it was Iroh. Maybe even Azula. But few people would have guessed before the day of black sun that Zuko was going to be his teacher. I like the new Zuko, personally, because he makes an interesting character change and shows us some humor for a change. But after what Katara said to Zuko, warning him about his past and nature, I'm afraid of Katara. Of all the scary characters, I never thought Katara would fall in that category.
    Anyways, now that Zuko is going to be Aangs Firebending teacher, I think Zuko's Firebending is going to be a lot better so he can match Azula in Agni Kai.
  • Zuko visits the western air temple to join Aang and the gang. Then an unexpected visitor arrives.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. The combustion man encounter I thought was good as well. Zuko has flashbacks three years ago when he was at the western air temple with Iroh searching for the avatar. He goes up to the gang and asks if he can join the group and teach Aang firebending. The group immediately denies and sends him off. Toph then decides to see Zuko, but he burns her feet by accident. When combustion man shows up, Zuko saves the grup, and with sokka's boomeraang, combustion sends a shockwave, and sends him flying off the temple, to his untimely end. Zuko then is granted to join the group.
  • The final Air Temple, the long-awaited epiphany of redemption from Zuko, and the most humiliating defeat of a promising hench-villain.

    This episode may pretty much be the most pivotal part of the whole series.

    As I sat and watched, it set me on the path of nostalgia, when Zuko was then a one-sided villain bent on capturing the Avatar and quote, 'regain his honour.'

    Then, slowly, his past is revealed, his mistake and his subsequent banishment, and I turn more sympathetic towards him, realising he is more of an anti-hero while Azula retains the title as true villain.

    When Book 3 started, all I cared about was Zuko redeeming himself. What we got was more of his rashness and even more revelations of his past. Truly amazing.

    And now, in all the build-up of 51 episodes, here we are at this turning point. The final moment. And it doesn't disappoint.

    Zuko comes with his heart sincere and ready to join the Avatar, but he doesn't come prepared with words. As he screws himself up in front of the gang, followed by an accidental display of hostility towards Toph, it seems he would never join them.

    And lo and behold, in comes Combustion Man, the undeveloped assassin with a deft talent but too little screen-time to play it around with.

    Rigmaroles ensue, chaos takes over, and then ending. . . well, I won't spoil it for you. Let's just leave it at don't underestimate Sokka's boomerang.

    The episode is filled with character development, comedy quirks and emotional build-up, the thing this series has been famous for.

    If it weren't for my solid policy that no episode is ever perfect, I give this episode a 9 and two thumbs-up.
  • As of this episode, all 4 Air Temples have been revealed.

    After a sore defeat at the Fire Nation Capital that resulted in the elders of the invasion force becoming prisoners, the gang travel to the Western Air Temple for refuge.

    Meanwhile, Zuko, who had followed the group to the Western Air Temple, arrives first and descends into the temple. He remembers the last time he had been to the Western Air Temple, a week after his banishment; during which a freshly burned and bandaged Zuko proclaims that he will scour the world for the Avatar for the rest of his life and calls his Uncle Iroh lazy when he suggests rest. Ashamed of the memory, his lament is cut short as he sees Appa fly by overhead. Zuko runs off to hide and later practices his speech to convince them to accept him into their group.

    While Teo, Haru, and The Duke explore, the gang discusses the next course of action. During the discussion, Sokka suggests they revert to their old plan of Aang mastering all four elements. Aang is less than thrilled at the idea, remarking that they do not know where to find a firebending teacher. Katara suggests looking for Jeong Jeong, but Aang doubts they'll ever see him again. Thinking it hopeless for the moment, he uses this as an excuse to run off and tour the temple while the rest of the group tries to think of a teacher for Aang.

    When Zuko appears to the gang later at the temple, Appa licks him in a friendly manner, remembering him from Ba Sing Se. The group, however, is mistrusting. He apologizes anxiously for many of his wrong-doings, and accidentally reveals that he was the one who hired the Combustion Man to kill Aang. Zuko offers himself to them as a prisoner, but they begin to threaten him if he doesn't leave.

    As Zuko laments over how terrible his attempt was, the gang ponders his motives, ultimately deciding he can't be trusted. Toph points out that Zuko was being sincere and that they need to consider him as they also desperately need a fire-bending teacher for Aang. Frustrated at the group's continued disinterest, Toph leaves.

    While sleeping, Zuko hears someone coming through the bushes. It turns out to be Toph, but, unable to see in the darkness, Zuko immediately fire bends at the intruder, burning the soles of her feet as she steps back. She scurries away on her hands and knees in fear and throws Zuko far away with earthbending while he attempts to apologize and help her.

    When the group wonders about Toph's whereabouts the next day, she earthbends through the wall of the cliff, falling to the ground, showing the group her burnt feet from Zuko. As Katara begins to heal Toph, they feel Zuko cannot be trusted and plan to capture him. Combustion Man appears on higher ground, ready to ambush the gang when Zuko arrives and prevents him from getting a clear shot at the gang. They find cover while Zuko tries to prevent the assassin from attacking them. The Combustion Man instead turns on Zuko and blasts him off the temple, though he manages to grab hold of a vine just in time. Aang and Katara use their bending to counter attack Combustion Man, but their lower position leaves them at a severe disadvantage from the barrage of explosions.

    While under cover from the attacks, Sokka estimates the Combustion Man's position based on the angles which the explosions hit the ground. Sokka throws his boomerang, curving it around a corner, and hits the Combustion Man square on his tattoo, blocking his chi and leaving him disoriented. Combustion Man tries another attack, which backfires and causes the building he is on to explode violently. His detached metal arm is seen flying away as the debris falls into the misty canyon below.

    Zuko climbs up and tries more confidently to reconcile his past meeting with the group, admitting he was wrong and that he has learned in his travels that he must earn honor by doing the right thing. He apologizes for burning Toph, stating that fire is a dangerous and wild element and that he must control his bending so that he does not hurt others accidentally. Reminded of his own fire bending experience that burned Katara, Aang decides to accept Zuko into the group as his teacher, but only if the others agree. Toph comments playfully she accepts Zuko just so she can get back at him for burning her feet, while Sokka accepts him only to help their plan of defeating the Fire Lord. Katara reluctantly agrees but only because it is what Aang wants, and Zuko enthusiastically promises not to let the group down.

    Sokka leads Zuko to his own room at the temple, where he unpacks his belongings. Upon taking out a picture of Iroh, Zuko remembers his uncle's advice about destiny. Immediately afterwards, Katara confronts Zuko and warns him that he may have the others fooled, but they both know this isn't the first time he has struggled to do the right thing. She makes a very clear threat to his life: should he give her any reason to think he would hurt Aang again, she'll personally make sure his destiny ends permanently. She leaves the room while a silent, stunned and reverent Zuko ponders her words.
  • zuko joins aang and the gang, ive bee waiting for this since zuko entered "ba sing se" and starteed to realise he was good.

    At the end of day of black sun episode 2 zuko is seen following aang and the gang on a fire nation war baloon.
    the gang is travelling to the western air temple which is built upside down in the cliff face,(now thats cool). later zuko arrives at the gangs camp ready to tells them he is sorryu for hunting them down all this time, and says he will teach aang fire bending, at this point i was out of my seat cheering, but as soon as heard katara reject zuko's offer because of him betraying his uncle and katara thinking he had changed. here at this point i was thinking oh my god you stupid woman, and like toph i said fate happens to drop a fire bending teach right infront of them and they cast him away im wandering who are the real blind ones here, (minus the blind bit) but after zuko helps save the gang from combustion man, they could finally trust him (sort of)i was thinking to my self ha! katara! zuko showed you. now i can't wait for the boiling rock to come out.
  • Good episode

    I liked this episode, there was some good plot elements. The writing, in my opinion, was a little juvenile, but as this is a kids' show...that was all right. Zuko finally catches up to Team Aang and after many trials, they give him a chance. I thought Katara's unwillingness to let Zuko come into the group was reasonable, especially since she's already tried to open up to Zuko and gotten burned by him (figuratively). I thought the fact that Zuko took out combustion man was poetic, in a sense, but a little predictable. All in all, it's definitely worth watching, but the next episode is ten times better.
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