Avatar: The Last Airbender

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  • Season 2 Episode 19: The Guru

  • While Mai is complaining about her outfit, we can see that Ty Lee is missing the fans from her belt though they reappear later.

  • When Katara is told by General How to deliver the battle plans to the Earth King, she says she will do it right away and it is the middle of the day. But if you watch closely the following scenes are at sunset, at night, day again, then at night once more when Katara reached the throne room.

  • In the part when the guru teaches Aang to open the 4th chakra, Aang turns his head to his left to see a woman Airbender statue, but actually, the statue is to his right.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: The Earth King

  • Azula, Ty Lee and Mai enter Ba Sing Se under the guise of Kyoshi Warriors, revealing the outcome of their battle in "Appa's Lost Days". However, it is still unknown what has become of them.

  • Before Zuko collapses and knocks over the end table and vase, we see through his eyes that the vase is actually completely yellowish-brown rather than brown with a white bottom.

  • When the Earth King is choosing who to trust, the gold design on Long Feng's right shoe is missing.

  • Mai can be seen with a large bun on the back of her head in addition to the three she already has though the strands of hair she wears over her shoulders are in no way shortened nor is her hair's size reduced, an impossible feat to accomplish.

  • Animation Error:
    When the gang hug each other in the middle of the episode, the blue arrow that shows on Aang's hand because he is the Avatar can be seen additionally on Toph's hand.

  • During the invasion of the Earth King's palace, Momo is sitting on Appa, but fails to appear in several shots.

  • When Zuko comments that he doesn't feel right, Zuko's burnt ear turns normal but has no ear markings.

  • After Katara asks why there's a Fire Nation insignia on the "construction project" and the screen returns to Katara after focusing on the drill, the grey wrap on her wrists extend to her elbows rather than simply wrapping three times about her wrist like normal.

  • During the upclose shot of Sokka as the large statues fall towards the gang during their invasion of the Earth King's palace, his boomerang is brown and looks like it's is made of wood.

  • The note Guru Pathik ties to Appa's horn is a rolled up piece of paper, but when Aang is reading it, it is a fancy scroll.

  • When the gang is running down the hallway leading into the palace, Sokka's club is incredibly small, and its handle is not visible.

  • When the Earth King asks if the gang knows the Kyoshi Warriors, Katara's braid is missing. Also, her right hairloop vanishes for a second.

  • When Toph comments on Long Feng intercepting their letters from home, you can see her bandana ends at the puffballs near her ears and does not continue past the puffballs and beneath her bun as it should.

  • When the gang enters the King's Palace, the Dai Li handcuff them with their gloves. While the gloves are still on the kids' hands, the Dai Li are still wearing them.

  • When Zuko and Iroh enter their apartment, Zuko just stands there while Iroh tells him that he did the right thing. Zuko's sword is visible on the floor. After the blur effect, the sword on the floor is gone, and Zuko drops his sword when he falls.

  • When Sokka is convincing the Earth King to take the offensive and invade the Fire Nation, his right glove has an extra finger.

  • When the gang hugs Sokka before they leave, the indent of the back of Toph's shirt is green like her clothes.

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