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  • Season 2 Episode 14: City of Walls and Secrets

  • In the Earth King's palace, Sokka had food in his tray, but after Joo Dee found him, his food disappeared, and later the food reappeared.

  • When Aang approaches the Earth King, the soldiers immediately carry the pavilion away, and a line of 6 guards approach Aang. in the next shot, however, there are only 4, and then the other two reappear when Long Feng addresses Aang.

  • Iroh's apron is missing when Jet is arrested.

  • Just as Aang tells Long Feng he will tell the city of the conspiracy, the arrow on Aang's head vanishes.

  • Katara's shirt sleeves grow past her elbows while Toph tells Sokka that is being handled.

  • It would seem implausible that the government of Ba Sing Se would be able to keep the war a secret so effectively, considering the vast flood of people refuged by it who arrive at the city on a daily basis. It is implied that they use fear to keep people from talking, but the multiple lower-ring commoners, including Iroh and Zuko who know full well of the war, are never approached by the Dai Li or any other officials.

  • When Toph and Katara first present themselves dressed up to Aang and Sokka, their fans have yellow lining the edges, but when Toph requests a crab puff from Sokka at the party, her fan is green.

  • Although Iroh trims his beard in this episode, when Jet attacked him and Zuko, his beard looked the same way it did in the previous episode.

  • Pong is seen sliding to the left of his door's window when the gang spots him, but when he answers the door, he emerges from the right.

  • When the owner of the tea shop Zuko and Iroh are working at, he pours tea into 2 cups and gives it to Zuko and Iroh as he goes to get more string, Zuko does not drink his tea, but when he tilts his cup 180 degrees, the cup is empty.

  • Iroh cannot tie his apron around his round stomach. When the shop owner goes to the back to get some extra string, Iroh goes to dump out the horrid tea they'd been served. When he turns toward the window, his apron is already fastened with extra string.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: The Drill

  • As Mai moves to close the hatch of the slurry pipeline, her right thumb is as black as her glove.

  • Given that the Drill was a metal structure that is driven by a steam engine, why didn't Azula use her lightning to attack everyone? The metal would have conducted and spread out her attack, and given that it runs on steam, it wouldn't have affected the vehicle itself.

  • When Azula jumps off the edge of the drill, she falls a long way. Azula may be good, but she's not immortal, and that fall should've broken bones.

  • When Aang is being held against the wall by Azula and about to be blasted by lightning, the camera zooms into his opened eye, which is brown. But in numerous other episodes we see that his eye color is steel gray.

  • How could Azula possibly stop herself from sliding down the side of the drill? As we see before the slurry is extremely slippery, and she was halfway down when she stopped herself. Moreover, there's no way she could climb up.

  • When Katara asks Toph to help hold back the slurry as Toph approaches, Toph's pants are already covered in slurry but when she takes her stance to bend the slurry, her pants are suddenly clean before she puts her foot on the ground and dirties her pants.

  • When Azula is sliding on the top of the drill and crashes into Aang, they both go in different directions down the side of the drill. In the aerial view of them sliding across the top of the drill, Azula is nowhere near the edge, but in the next scene, she is already sliding down.

  • All the concentration of mud on the pipes, the pressure should have crushed anything inside them, especially when Toph and Katara bend it together. But when Ty Lee is pushed inside and then outside she just seems unharmed.

  • Katara shouldn't have been able to hold back all that rushing slurry on her own, let alone be able to splash Sokka and still keep it up. That stuff was coming in a rushing torrent, was the length of the entire drill and more was coming, and was mud, which is very heavy. Not to mention she should have been exhausted from cutting through the braces.

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