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  • Season 2 Episode 8: The Chase

  • When they all attack Azula together, they are standing in this order: Sokka, Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko. However, when the smoke clears seconds later after the explosion, Aang and Katara have switched spots for some reason.

  • At one point while Katara is confronting Toph (The first time), you can see the carving on her necklace. She shifts postion slightly, and the carving disappears.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Zuko Alone

  • When Zuko beats the thug leader and reveals his identity, a man in the crowd shouts that Zuko's own father burned him. However, in "The Storm", it was implied that this fact was not public knowledge, as Zuko's own crew, who had been traveling with him for nearly three years, did not even know the true origins of the scar.

  • The Fire Sage who gave the eulogy said that Azulon was Fire Lord for 23 years. However, other episodes of the series state that Sozin was Fire Lord during the first 20 years of the war, while Ozai was only Fire Lord during the last 5 years of the War, this would mean Azulon would have had to have been Fire Lord for 75 years, not 23.

  • When Zuko is first seen appearing to save Lee, the posts of the gate are situated on the mounds of earth beside the road but when Zuko leaves the town, the gate posts are now beside the earth mounds and are on the road.

  • When Ursa turns away from Zuko, you can see that the curtains in the hallway are gone.

  • When Zuko says "Dad would never do that to me." his pillow is completely white instead of having red compliments.

  • When Zuko calls Azula a liar, the red band on his pillow (seen behind his right ear) is white like the rest of the pillow.

  • Just before we see the package Sela hands to Zuko, we see the group from afar and can see that the ostrich horse's yellow beaks has turned the same color as its face.

  • There were originally four young turtle ducks in the scene where Ursa and Zuko were near the pound, later there were five small turtle ducks.

  • When Lee brought Zuko home, there were many livestock behind the fence, but later all the livestick disappeared.

  • When Zuko is travelling down the road in the beginning and he is having trouble keeping his eyes open, during an upclose shot to the side of Zuko's face, you can see lashes on his left eye, which are not supposed to be there.

  • We clearly see Lee tied to the water tower. But when Zuko is fighting the soldiers he is gone. Then he returns after the fight.

  • When Zuko was fighting the soldiers, his sword was gold at one point, although in the next shot, his sword is back to its normal silver color.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: The Blind Bandit

  • Toph's dad hires two skilled Earthbenders to bring Toph back to them, claiming that Aang kidnapped her.

  • According to the DVD commentary on this episode, legend states that the basis of Toph's earthbending style, Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, was created in China's Tang Dynasty by a blind woman.

  • When Toph taunts the Boulder, her headband colors switch for a split second.

  • We see that Toph is presented with soup for her meal, but as soon as Lao (her father) talks to Aang, it becomes rice; this change becomes very apparent since Toph is shown eating rice whenever Lao looks at her after something strange has happened. But her meal becomes soup again when Aang sneezes the food towards her.

  • Despite the explicit fact that nobody knew who the Blind Bandit's true identity, or that the Bei Fong family even had a daughter, Xin Fu and the others are able to locate Toph with little to no difficulty.

  • While Toph is shouting at Xin Fu while in the suspended metal coffin, it has three bars in the screen, but when the view zooms out, the coffin has four bars in the screen.

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