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  • Season 2 Episode 20: The Crossroads of Destiny

  • It is revealed that Iroh got his nickname of "The Dragon of the West" not due to one particular incident or because of his ferocity in combat, but rather because of his proficiency with his "breath of fire."

  • As Iroh and Zuko turn around the corner to escape the Dai Li's fingers, we can see that Iroh is wearing green socks and regular shoes rather than brown boots.

  • Look Hard: After Aang falls, one of his shoes is missing and he has a small black wound under his foot. According to DVD audio commentary, the lightning that struck Aang had to exit his body, with his foot being the subject.

  • While Sokka argues with Aang and Iroh in their apartment, Toph can be seen standing behind Sokka in way of the door. But when Iroh grabs Sokka's shoulders, Toph suddenly appears behind Iroh to his side. But when Iroh approaches the door, he steps past Toph who is now in front of him again.

  • When Katara is knocked unconscious by Zuko and Azula's combined attack she lands right next to the crystal formation behind her, and when she awakens she is still right next to the crystals but when she stands up to fight the Dai Li, she is now far away from the crystals.

  • Just after the Earth King says that the Earth Kingdom has fallen, the green of Toph's wrist bands turns the same color as her skin.

  • When Ty Lee was attempting to disable Sokka, her gloves turned white, then changed back into dark green again after Sokka and Toph surrendered.

  • After Aang is shot by Azula, in the top view of him falling, you can see about three rows of four Dai Li each near Zuko. But when Katara's wave rolls over them, there are much more.

  • Appearently, Katara knew full well that the unique properties of the water from the spirit oasis related to healing. To an end, all this does is add even more confusion as to why she couldn't and/or didn't make an attempt to use it on to heal Jet's implied severe injuries in Lake Laogai.

  • When approaching the palace on their way to warn the Earth King about the coup, Sokka seems to sense the Dai Li agents approaching and pulls Toph and himself into hiding. Considering her superhuman perception and how close the agents were, Toph should have been the one to sense them long before Sokka.

  • Despite the fact that Guru Pathik openly stated in the previous episode that Aang would never be able to enter the Avatar State again for abandoning his training prior to the proper opening of all seven chakras, he does just that with little to no difficulty.

  • When Ty Lee is showing the king's bear how to walk on two limbs, you clearly see her 'walk' past him. When Toph traps her with earth shackles, she appears before the bear.

  • When Azula absorbs Katara's water attack it forms a big cloud of smoke, and then the camera zooms out. Then you can see there is a puddle of water around Katara. But when the camera zooms back in, the puddle disappeared.

  • When Toph hit Mai with her rock it is slanted to the right but later when Long Feng is talking to Azula it is slanted to the left.

  • After Zuko first fires at Aang, Azula fires at Katara which she blocks with some water, but the water magically appears from behind Katara as if it would come from her waterskin (which is not present) or from some non existent source of water behind her.

  • Toph's bangs momentarily stop shifting while flying to Ba Sing Se on Appa.

  • When Katara hugs Aang when he comes to rescue her from the Crystal Catacombs, his right hand momentarily turns the same color as Katara's skin.

  • When Aang and Sokka are flying back to Ba Sing Se, Sokka's ponytail momentarily stops shifting in the wind.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: The Guru

  • The flashbacks Aang has while opening his chakras are from episodes "The Boy in the Iceberg", "The Avatar Returns", "Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2)", his flashback in "The Storm", "The Blue Spirit", "The Fortuneteller", "The Deserter", "The Avatar State", "The Cave of Two Lovers", and the opening theme.

  • This episode marks the grand opening of Iroh's new tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon.

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