Avatar: The Last Airbender

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  • Season 2 Episode 17: Lake Laogai

  • In this episode, Jet has a flashback of Long Feng arresting him during the day. However, in "City of Walls and Secrets" Jet was arrested at night, and Long Feng wasn't bringing him down to Lake Laogai, because he was at the Earth King's party. And Long Feng didn't bring him down to Lake Laogai the next day, because Jet was already being Brain Washed that night.

  • When the Dai Li surrounds everyone outside of Lake Laogai, there are six agents on the side of the cliff. When Aang and Toph earthbend them into the water, there are only five.

  • After Jet's trance is broken, he throws one of his weapons at Long Feng and it sticks in the wall. When Long Feng retaliates, the weapon is gone.

  • When Aang and Jet confront Long Feng, Feng is depicted in front of the door Aang and Jet just entered through. But when Long Feng says, "Jet, the Earth King has invited you to Lake Loagi" the door disappears and does not reappear until the rest of the group returns.

  • When Jet attacks a Dai Li agent, the agent launches a rock glove at Jet. However, when Jet slides and sweeps the Agent's feet out from under him, the Agent is shown with both hands covered in rock gloves.

  • The posters that were spread across the city contain the group's address. This creates a plot hole, as when Zuko found the poster he should have been able to go straight to them.

  • When Aang hugs Appa's head, his face is directly on Appa's arrow, but when Aang says "I missed you buddy," there is no brown fur beneath Aang's face.

  • The mother and crying child who Iroh sang to in "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" can be seen walking past the alley where the group was hanging up posters in before splitting up.

  • The reed mat beneath the corner of Jet's mattress vanishes and reappears during the scene in Jet's house.

  • Why didn't Katara use the vial of water drawn from the spirit oasis that she received from Master Pakku to heal Jet?

  • When the gang finds out about Whaletail Island, and Aang says "We have to get to Whaletail island! Where's Whaletail island?". Look in the background at Jet. If you look closely you will realize that he has a piece of grass in his mouth like the one when the gang first met him. But he didn't have it before or after that.

  • The Appa fliers appear to change size throughout this episode.

  • In the episode City of Walls and Secrets, the Dai Li were able to take Jet down in seconds. However, in this episode, he has no problem with fighting them. Considering their outnumbering as well as their success against them in them in the past, the group is able to defeat the Dai Li a bit too easily overall, even after two of their best fighters have been removed.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Appa's Lost Days

  • According to Nick.com the female airbender we see is called Iio.

  • Precisely four weeks have passed since "The Library".

  • This is the first appearance of the Eastern Air temple. Unlike the Southern and Northern Air Temples which are situated on one mountain peek, the Eastern Temple is situated on three separate mountain peeks.

  • The Boar-Q-Pine while first charging at Appa has white lumps on its nose bridge, but later on they are missing.

  • When Mai jumps from her lizard's saddle, we can see she is missing her wrist harnesses and her gloves.

  • The audience members surrounding the Fire Nation boy at the circus constantly change.

  • When Azula disarms Suki of her katana in mid-attack, her wrist shield is missing. It then returns in the next shot.

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