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  • Season 3 Episode 12: The Western Air Temple

  • In the last scene, Katara slams the door shut, but in the previous scene, there was no door present.

  • When Combustion Man attacked the gang, he destroyed all of the four pillars around the waterpool. But later, when Zuko met the gang for the second time, one of the pillars was intact.

  • In the night when Toph tried to run away from Zuko when she was burnt accidentally by Zuko's firebending, we can see that the dead tree Zuko talked to in the morning had shifted position, from one side of his camp to another side of his camp.

  • Katara had a brown sleeping bag in her hand when the gang first talked about if they should accept Zuko into the group, but after a little while her sleeping bag became white in color.

  • In the episode, when Zuko talks with the group, there are no ropes attached to Appa's horns, but later there were.

  • When Sokka and Aang put Toph's feet in the water, when she is put in the one on her left wears a glove, like Sokka's, but in the next screen it shows that Aang isn't wearing such a glove.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: The Day of Black Sun (2):...

  • The Fire Nation soldiers who looked at the eclipse were not wearing goggles which is odd considering that they were prepared for the invasion. The soldiers should have gone blind but they were apparently fine.

  • In this episode, it is revealed what War Minister Qin had in store for the War Balloon following the capture of it in "The Northern Air Temple".

  • When Azula taunts Sokka to the point that he ran towards her, Toph pinned her left hand to the wall at her left side, however when next seen she has both hands pinned to the wall above her head.

  • When Sokka took command of the invasion, there were several destroyed and frozen Fire Nation tanks. When the the Fire Nation air force attacks the submarines, the tanks are gone.

  • As Bato tells the gang to take the youngest and escape, you can see that the beads in Katara's bun are missing.

  • While Hakoda is talking as Katara sits him down, the gold bands on Toph's ankle bands are gone.

  • As Hakoda says that he suspects firebenders will appear any minute, you can see that the beads in Katara's bun are missing.

  • In Zuko Alone we learn the story of Zuko's upbringing. Specifically about the disappearance of his mother, Ursa. In this episode we learn that she is alive and that she was exiled.

  • In the episode The Blue Spirit, Aang has the ability to run faster than the wind, but he couldn't catch Azula in this episode.

  • When the swamp benders failed to defend the subs from the Fire Nation, Tho, Due and Huu appeared to be very close to the subs, but seconds later they all disappeared from the scene.

  • Originally, there was a cup on the little table beside Fire Lord Ozai, but when Ozai was telling Zuko about what happened to his mother, the cup disappeared for one moment, and then later re-appeared.

  • When Zuko first entered the Fire Lord's bunker there was a ceiling lamp hanging quite low to the ground on his right, but later the lamp disappeared and re-appeared later.

  • In the scene where the gang was planning for the search of the Fire Lord, at first there was no door behind Hakoda, but later it appeared to be a gaint door behind him.

  • When Aang, Sokka, and Toph are in the cave with Azula, Aang's new glider is shown with a very long tip while it is horizontal. A few seconds later, while Aang turns it vertical, the tip appears to shrink more than half its normal length.

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