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  • Season 3 Episode 11: The Day of Black Sun (2):...

  • The Fire Nation was under a total solar eclipse. As the sun was completely blocked out, it should have been pitch black, or at least very dark. Instead, the lighting is barely darker than normal.

  • It is shown that Zuko has mastered Iroh's technique of absorbing and casting back lightning by routing it through his stomach after he counter-attacks Ozai.

  • This is the first episode in which we find out what happened to Suki after her fight with Azula in Appa's Lost Days.

  • Sokka, Aang, and Toph run across a room with lava vents on the floor. Since lava has a temperature around 1,300 °F, the groups clothes, or even shoes would have caught on fire. Or in Toph's case, gave her burns on her feet.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: The Day of Black Sun (1):...

  • Aang kisses Katara in this episode for the first time outside of a dream. It's the first on-screen kiss between the two.

  • Toph and Sokka wear their regular clothing for the first time since "The Crossroads of Destiny".

  • When Zuko removes his armor, we can see him wearing the braces and longer shirt but when Zuko sits down to write his letter, he is wearing his eclipse outfit.

  • Before Haru's foot appears on screen and Aang, Katara, and Toph are conversing, Aang is seen wearing his complete uniform but when Aang joins Katara and Haru, his shirt is missing.

  • When Sokka is nervously waiting for his turn to speak, he is wearing his sword, but during his presentation, his sword is missing, but when Hakoda offers to present instead, Sokka's sword is back.

  • When Katara and Huu are moving the submarine, the beige piece on the back of Katara's palms are her skin color and her exposed fingers are beige instead.

  • As Katara is filling her waterskins- while we see her from the front and before the water streams are cut from the top of the screen- her thumbs are colored blue.

  • Wooden arm and leg guards, a wooden breast plate, a leaf hat, and loin cloths are incredibly poor choices for armor in a battle against the Fire Nation, especially since only some of them have the armor and even then it scarcely covers their chest, let alone the rest of their bodies.

  • While Due is scratching his head during Sokka's speech, his left arm guard is missing.

  • As Katara tells Sokka that she thinks he's crazy you can clearly see that her hair loopies are missing the beads at the ends which connect them to her bun.

  • Look closely:
    During the break for air before the subs land on the beach, Aang, Toph, Sokka and Katara all hug. However, before and after the hug, Toph is seen with an Earth Kingdom green shawl, yet during the hug, all that can be seen is her yellow top. It vanished for the closeup.

  • The Fire Nation seems to have a very egalitarian military. They have officers and foot soldiers of both genders in all positions.

  • When Aang and Katara kiss, if you look closely, Aang isn't exactly kissing Katara on the lips, but slightly higher.

  • Katara's hairstyle is very inappropriate for battle: It can get into her line of vision (especially considering that she spends most of time flying on Appa), catch fire, get caught on something (like Aang feared previously) and is overall a terrible choice when going into battle.

  • When Katara has her hand on Haru's shoulder, her entire glove is missing.

  • Katara's forearm guards disappear then reappear throughout the episode: First when Sokka realizes the fog hides the invasion force and then reappears when she hugs Hakoda (you can see her hands); second when she has her hand on Haru's shoulder and Tyro has his hand on Katara's and Haru's other shoulder and then reappears when she is filling her waterskins.

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