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  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Puppetmaster

  • Hama's earring disappears in the scene where she was trying to convince Katara it was safe to be in the woods at full moon.

  • When Hama was trying to teach Katara to pull water from plants, there was a rock beside Katara, but moments later the rock disappeared.

  • At the beginning the inn is located on the higher part of the village, but when it was daytime it was almost on the same plain as the rest of the village.

  • When Sokka was peering the box in the attic, we could see the face of the box is facing towards the gang, but when they got into the room, the box was facing another way.

  • There was a kettle on the table when Katara put down the stuff Hama bought from shopping, but a moment later the kettle disappeared.

  • When Hama and the gang is in town shopping, Hama says "Mysterious town for mysterious children", Notice one of Hama's lower tooth is missing when she says "town", but when Hama smiles after she says "children", that tooth is there.

  • There used to be a lot more waterbenders in the Southern Water Tribe until Fire Nation raids.

  • In the beginning of the episode, Toph's shoes are clearly shown with soles in place. In The Headband they are shown being removed by Toph so that she may "see" better.

  • At the beginning when Hama takes Katara to the woods, right when she first turns wacko, the length of her hair keeps changing.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: The Runaway

  • Look Closely: When the guy in the pebble scam drops the extra coins into the bag (already holding 20 silver pieces) that Toph is going to get if she wins, he only drops about five pieces. But Toph just said she would do it for 40 pieces so he didn't drop nearly enough in the bag.

  • At the end of the first try, the card shark attempted to stash the pebbles in his sleeves but he did so by just scooping the bowls backwards, flinging the pebbles into his sleeves with no attempt to hide what he was doing.

  • When Katara prepares to bend at the beginning of the training session, the dark red stripe at the bottom of the red skirt is gone.

  • As Katara uses her own sweat to break out of jail, notice that for the last move, Katara gets her water from her armpits.

  • When Combustion Man captures Katara, his metal hand is golden. As he attacks Aang and Sokka, however, it is gray.

  • As was brought to our attention earlier on, there isn't really any way to direct where Hawky sends his message. Yet, at the end of the episode he seems perfectly capable of delivering Toph's letter to a part of the world he's never been to.

  • While Sokka and Toph talk about Katara, we can see that the cliff is very thick, too thick for their feet to pass it. But when Katara notices them from below, she can see their forelegs and feet.

  • When Combustion Man chased Aang and Sokka, in one scene we can see that they were running away from the back of the Ozai statue, but moment later when Aang ran using the same route, he hit the front of the statue, which was impossible.

  • In the scene where Toph and Katara were arguing over the issue of scamming, there was a white paper scroll beside Aang, at first the scroll was behind the monkey statue (which is on the statue's left in the perspective of Aang), just a moment later, the paper scroll switched position with the monkey statue.

  • When Toph was in town scamming and rolled the dice like sticks, it was impossible for her to see what was on the dice since she was blind, therefore couldn't earthbend the dice into the right pattern so that she could win.

  • When Toph ate her apple after scamming in town, we could see she already had one bite on her apple, but later, the bite disappeared before she took another bite.

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